Pillow Fort NERF BATTLE - Ten Minute Power Hour

The Grumps

The Grumps

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    War.... war never changes.................
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    #10minutepowerhour #nerf #pillowfort

    Published on 14 days ago


    1. atomic mercury

      10:22 the civil war

    2. Thomas Smith

      Dan gets me rock solid and this video is no exception

    3. Sotsu

      Dan: “shhhshsUT UP” *launches Orno at them*.

    4. Jessy Starr

      Okay, not trying to be weird but Allie is heckin cute.

    5. Lyndsie Wyckoff

      1:13 to skip ad

    6. dodiswatchbobobo

      Who’s the short fat guy? His confidence and fun loving attitude is very sexy to me. Also his face

    7. GoldenGengars

      Dan gives me good music and Arin gives me el funny laugh

    8. Michael O'Connor

      Please do another episode of this!!

    9. Julian Angulo

      Uu=uUhh..why are their eyes crossed out?probably shouldn't use those maybe...lol. I'm not too sure so maybe take it with a grain of salt...

    10. Julian Angulo

      hi. I hope you're feeling alright at least ... and I hope you're relaxed/chill... do you know what people mean by chill??no offense .I hope you're not offended. Love U or least I try... Have a great one(day or night) and I hope you have a great life. I hope to talk to you all again...someday...

    11. Bruce Watkinson

      Note to self: I need to get me a NERF Gun.

    12. Gabriel Smith

      who knew that a bunch of adults acting like a bunch of choldren could bring me so much joy

    13. Anthony Wurdock


      1. Anthony Wurdock


    14. Writers Blank

      This was a mess

    15. Captain Banner

      Dan's a sexy widdle baby... Edit: You can't escape Dan. I remember, the internet remembers. We won't stop until you say it again! Any video, any media, you! Are a sexy widdle baby.

    16. Not Lucy

      I've played games as an adult where we had to pick teams like this and let me tell you: EVERYBODY ALWAYS HATES IT


      Everyone else in America an the world: Wow, look at all of this rain Us Californians: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS FALLING FROM THE SKY!?!?

    18. Panda Max

      Bort is yellow Orno is orange

    19. Chris Tuten

      I'm still waiting for them to whoop each other with pugil sticks.

    20. LegacyOfCrimes

      1:39 *The Vrasing of Aaron’s comment was confusing.. weird*

    21. TMSGoodSir _

      8:57 I call it: DANdalf

    22. The Versace Life

      Ahhhh so many white men for me to watch

      1. J N

        Wtf lol

    23. bloodthirstydemon87

      War, war never changes

    24. FireStrikeAnims

      Ninja Brian looks like Arin but 20 years older

    25. Sister Fister 69

      Sometimes its hard to believe Ninja Brian has a PhD and worked as a researcher at colleges like Harvard, and then gave all that up top dress as a ninja and play in a band

    26. Tirks _

      Can i just say that dan looks fantastic in a tank top

    27. Sean of the Dead

      Throughout this entire video I have, laughed, then choked on popcorn, then shot root beer out of my nose, then I laughed till I cried, then thought about my life, then laughed some more. Perfect. Thanks Danny and Arnold.

    28. Notsure

      UNDER THE COVERS 3????

    29. Tricity the inkangel

      Im srry but.. *I love this guys shirt* 6:10

    30. xXWinterMoonXx

      G o d i e

    31. Jojo L.

      That seal is so cute

    32. doubleblade

      Ninjas arnt supposed to reveal there face if they do those who see need to die I guess ninja brian needs to kill all the comments

    33. Mister Dizzy

      I ain't gay but Dan Avidan is Dan Avidan.

    34. Johnathan Keeney

      Eric look like Arins second cousin

    35. Larz Blalock

      Where can I get Dan's tank top

    36. Lindsey Follansbee

      The 300 people who disliked don't like CHEATERS, DAN ;P

    37. Keiberry

      The "O!" I've been laughing for 5 minutes straight 8:31

    38. WonkaSweet

      I want more pillow fort content

    39. Erin Thomas

      Arin lookin SLIM THICC in this video. Good for you dude

    40. Ben McCoy

      im dead as hell

    41. Jaelon Olson

      Greg and Eric are discount Dan and Arin. Change my mind.

    42. Angryeddie14

      Kaws bort and orno?? Ok ok I see y’all

    43. Baron Von Kek

      Ally be lookin' hella cute in this video tbh

    44. Gonzalo Cornejo

      the same thing but with paintball or airsoft... uff, that would be awesome, to watch some real pain (not much, but some

    45. ThatShopOnThe Corner

      accidentally paused at 4:52 and it looks like a damn renaissance painting

    46. PerfectCell71

      What’s her name ? Allie?! She’s a smoke show

    47. ree balamaka

      Me: wait who won? My dog: Yip.

    48. Jessy Palmer

      jory has a nice buttttttt

    49. Fandom Smoothie

      I laughed every time they said "Bort" and now everything hurts

    50. chintsy

      This...is amazing fun. I want to try!

    51. Jade Winney

      I fucking love Ben oh my god

    52. Gabriel Diaz

      A popular game theory is that the sound quality dropped because Matt and Ryan’s former boss has a penis problem where his penis has a terrible scent and it actually eroded the sound proofing

    53. ModernC

      They replaced Matt with texas Matt

    54. michael

      This is like those kids that make nazi zombies nerf videos

    55. DrLipkin

      Idea for a Power Hour. Spend $100+ on lotto scratch tickets. Keep track of how much you win.

    56. Deadlined

      You know I never really considered the idea that dan has a house, I just thought he existed at the office permanently

    57. MightyNighty7

      Aw tails shirt

    58. The Verbal Asymptote

      “It hasn’t rained here in eight months” WHAT?!? 80

    59. ArmyofMomiji

      I like Danny and Arins dollar store stunt doubles.

    60. TheDoc

      "So what did you do today?" "I watched a group of grown-ass men fight to the metaphorical death in a 'Pillow Fort Nerf Battle'."