Pelosi says Trump's actions with Ukraine amount to bribery

CBS News

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    Lawmakers are responding to the first day of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett and New York Times congressional correspondent Sheryl Gay Stolberg join CBSN's "Red and Blue" to discuss the latest.

    Published on 28 days ago


    1. David Parker

      And yet its Pelosi's son that worked for a energy company in Ukraine just like Hunter Biden. What BS.

    2. John Rogan

      Great idea...pick Ukraine...glen beck proved the Bidens laundered 1.8 billion into a Ukraine bank run by Barisma ceo M.Zlochevsky.

    3. Nicky Chuaybamrung

      how long lines for whole damanage information impeachment public hearing ? still neccessary for the security and house keeping going testify the movies name The hunter and the witch

    4. BDW31983

      Deep State going down! TRUMP2020!

    5. Dale Gervais

      Deamoncrats are the “do nothing” but hate and hoax humiliation party. Trump2020

    6. Todd Miller

      Democrats moving the goal posts once again. First it's collusion, then QPQ, now bribery, tomorrow being mean.b

      1. Todd Miller

        @Russ K quit writing me books. Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country for the past 16 years, at least. And he will be re-elected in 2020. We will hopefully see Democrats go to jail for their crimes and ultimately the Democratic party fail and fall apart.

      2. Russ K

        Todd Miller... I think you must be feeling lonely. Once again, not my job to educate you and certainly not my job to keep you company all day. You should go to the ASPCA tomorrow and get a dog. Maybe the dog will have time to listen to your BS. Frankly, I don't care who you voted for, will vote for, if you're old enough to vote or if you're a Russian troll whose job is to waste everyone's time. It doesn't change a thing. Trump is a criminal and the most corrupt president in American history. I wish Trump supporters would wake up and realize they've been played. Will they? I seriously doubt it. Finish that homework and get a good night's sleep.

      3. Todd Miller

        @Russ K who said I voted for him?

      4. Russ K

        TheGreatest Quest...You should have hurt feelings since Trump played you like the fool you are and conned you into voting for him.

      5. Todd Miller

        @TheGreatest Quest yep. These are the people that made our country 2nd to china. With hurt feelings and everyone is welcome to take what we have (while they get rich) policies.

    7. Collin Daugherty guys are the clown party

    8. alanshadyvally

      It's ok for Congress to take bribes by lobbyists ? It's not illegal for potus to attach strings to foreign aid,it's been done forever. Yes biden and coke head jr and a bunch more demotards that were fleecing ukrain. Will come out and Americans not demotards will see how crooked they are. Then they will really scream at the sky while they are standing on the gallows with a rope on their necks.

    9. Linda Spencer

      This old battleax needs to get some therapy.... Surely a CATHOLIC that believes ripping unborn babies from the womb has mental issues... She could't tell the truth if her life depended on it. What a PIG.

    10. Chucku Farley

      Crazy Greedy Nancy. All you pelosi fans...check out her district. If you still support her, you should be forced to live in that district.

    11. Chucku Farley

      TREATY BETWEEN UKRAINE AND USA. You libtard dummies should educate yourselves on it.

    12. jpcyphers

      Trump is above the law, he's a dictator, nothing can touch him, which is exactly why Putin put him in the WH.

    13. GDPops

      *The dishonest dems like the word "bribery" because that word is used in the constitution's impeachment criteria **-BUT-** the constitution references a president that HAS BEEN BRIBED not if a president offers a bribe. PLEASE vote all democrats out of the House & Senate*

    14. Nick Machiavelli

      Pelosi needs to be charged with bribery... She setup her son in a $50k/month job (same as Biden did for his son) to get his/her kickbacks from Ukraine Gas and Oil.

    15. Pasha Pindrik

      Demo rats so stupid. They keep saying that Ukrainians had to be dragged to investigate Biden kicking and screaming. When in fact Ukrainians wanted to investigate Biden and Burisma all along, except Biden threatened them. Trump simply gave Ukrainians ok to investigate anything they needed to.


      Does anyone remember what reason it is that Trump is getting the impeachment inquiry???? I'm confused as much as the dems....

    17. Miss Kimberly

      I seem to remember the Clinton Impeachment. Clinton still got a lot done.

    18. joe momma

      As an American...i am embarrassed and ashamed of the democrats. They have literally done nothing for this country..nothing at all. Every Democrat ran in complete shambles and failing at an alarming rate.

    19. scrub44

      or, its she wishes it would, anyhow.

    20. Dan Alan


    21. amy sterling

      No. They don’t. This is total bull.

      1. Kelby Hinton

        Total BS. Dems = 1984

    22. DangerDave


      1. TheGreatest Quest

        Love what she's done with California... oh wait. 💩

    23. beachz101

      Nancy is unstable.

    24. Eric Claey

      No amount of hearsay witnesses are going to save the Democrats on this one. The Ukraine phone call transcript completely exonerates President Trump, showing no "quid pro quo", or bribery. The impeachment hearing, or attempted soft coup, is unnecessary, and a waste of time and tax dollars.

    25. Askar Niko02

      N they can leave me with japan n democrate .

    26. Askar Niko02

      Mr frank j grass n dona trump csn process they are own vaccien with they are own name with my clone . All about produce on market i m n japan will not reponsibility with people life insurent life . Nothing to do with us .

    27. Maina Fridman

      Pelosi your action in Congress constitute to a stupidity and open war against our elected President.

    28. Askar Niko02

      I m not buy my princess name frim uk royal family . N will not buying from uk royal family n will not work with uk royal family . Uk royal family n mr frank j grass n his black witch are one team . What they had been done on me . Until now . Now how i sick n how i get what kind of sick . Unforget n unforgive .

    29. Tim J

      So quid pro quo is the same as Bribery?? But the quid pro quo never happened so is this A BACKUP in case that argument doesn't work?

    30. Jackie Kershaw

      We all know everything lol so why are they lying to us. Do they think we are STUPID? They have something very big that they are hiding from us. They are TERRIFIED

      1. TheGreatest Quest

        Democrats haven't done anything the last three years except try and convince everyone that Trump is evil. Meanwhile the economy is doing well and the average American just wants to be left alone instead of being beaten over the head with impeachment nonsense and told how "racist" they are if they don't care. And yes, they think we are stupid.

      2. Chucku Farley

        Hopefully it gets televised when the Dem Party starts literally eating each other.

      3. scrub44

        they dont have a decent candidate.(again), ewe get these levels of desperation.....all on your dime(s).

    31. Mike Perkins

      Abominable lawless administration and staff.

    32. Olds 68

      Only you would think Nancy is brilliant, Nancy and Donald share the same entertainment Gene! Come on man she learned a new word from her lawyer Buddy’s, “Exculpatory”. (From Nancy) Mr President that means if you have evidence that your not guilty than you should produce that evidence. This is a perfect example of why she is a failed speaker ! Nancy! it is not up to the Knuckle head that is the president to bring evidence that he is not guilty of crimes that you claim against the Constitution! The BURDEN OF PROOF is on you and the House of Representatives.

    33. zak ortega

      Technically he didnt do anything illegal. Come at me neoliberal trolls.

      1. zak ortega

        @Chucku Farley it's no different than Clinton and Obama withholding aid repeatedly within Ukraine and others. How about you question your own intelligence.

      2. Chucku Farley

        Treaty between Ukraine/USA signed 1999. Maybe educate self before commenting?? Cnn wont tell you about it.

      3. Patty Kelly

        @Jackie Kershaw That's right Jackie. Were all baby killers. And you're certifiable. Take your meds

      4. Jackie Kershaw

        @Patty Kelly ok baby killer, you are defending the undefendable demonic Demonrat party. Shame on you.

      5. Patty Kelly

        It doesnt have to be illegal. Abuse of power is not a chargeable offense in a court of law. But it is an impeachable offense. Luckily, he also committed bribery

    34. Milagros Suva

      Now it is bribery

      1. Milagros Suva

        It was quid pro quo initially, make up your mind Pelosi. Stop this delusionary quest to get rid of the President! Why can you not accept the decision of the people? You are wasting time and tax payer money on this farce allegations and inquiry. Get to work on matters that affect us directly , like poof crises. Health care etc! Resign if you cannot do this job.

    35. Askar Niko02

      I m not interesting about trump impeachment and other plan all . I did not know them .

    36. Jestermon1

      How do you bribe someone without a bribe?

      1. Mercury KT

        @TheGreatest Quest dude. Did Biden explicitly ask foreign official a favor in return? Trump has 3 yrs watch that Biden clip yet trump has done nothing to even start investigating Biden until Biden I running for president. Like trump care about combating corruption? Like u have a strong argument? Bottom line " I want you to do us a favor though" is Trump own words to get dirt on Biden that seal the deal. The folks who wrote the Constitution must have been fully aware is such bribery circumstances bc they were up against Britain. They were not super human, they were simply aware of officials who could turn back to collaborate with Britain for personal gain. Trump thinks the Constitution is a joke and unrealistic? Obviously Trump is too greedy/desperate of power to void indicement that he let it consume himself. A person of Trump character has no biz running a government. Resign!

      2. TheGreatest Quest

        @Mercury KT You realize, they (nor any country for that matter) are entitled to our aid or taxpayer money... right? Trump is allowed to NOT give stuff to another country. And Biden bragged about doing the exact same thing. And what was the "bribe" that the democrats have started talking about? He wanted them to admit something? Very weak argument.

      3. Mercury KT

        Trump withheld the aid without Ukraine knowing or not does not matter. He must make ukraine worn off waiting. Then talked the condition to them. Clever eh. This showed his intention and bribery plan. Get it dude? Or keep drinking trump the koolaid. I'm out.

      4. Mercury KT

        @colette s dude, he can withdraw or approves aid all he wants but he got caught doing that as a bribery act to a foreign country so that foreign country could return him a personal favor. Gotcha for trump. Trump is being chessmated thinking he can control the game. He's thinks this is a easy drug deal. That's how Trump rolls in his stinky biz world but not legit when it comes to running the fed government and us policy. He thinks the Constitution is a toilet paper to him? Not so fast. You should use your brain to be on the Constitution side, not Trump's side man. I'm not even a dem or rep. Trump can throw you or anyone under the bus or make u corrupt like him. Your choice. I'm done.

      5. colette s

        the president withholds ALL foreign aid, it's his job to approve or veto. He didn't do anything different with ukraine than all presidents do, or should do, when giving away billions upon billions of borrowed money that loads our debt and should not be given away in the first place. It cannot be even remotely be called a bribe when ukraine didn't know it was withheld. No matter how they wring it out, there is NOTHING there.

    37. Ms Fisher D

      Quit demeaning the public. We are VERY smart people, capable of finding out what something means. YOU are not smarter than us. The amount I have learned since tRump has been in office is second only to what I learned in 9th grade Civics class. Perhaps you are thinking of tRump's base- gullible, unmotivated to learn, and ignorant... and pretty apt to stay that way. Go ridicule them.

    38. Bonnie Nall

      Pelosi the TRAITOR

    39. Miles North

      Pelosi's Nothing Burger recipe: Add ground Russian collusion hoax Saute (3) frivolous "mean tweet" impeachment attempts Add 1 (Adam) schitt :: serves millions of groupthink idiots

    40. Joellen Wortham

      She's a lying scumbag.And she bloats everything.To try and make people believe everything.He does is a crime.What a loathsome person.She needs to resign cause her minadbis going from her stage 6 dementia ughhhhhh.