Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid Live!


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    Watch Auli'i Cravalho perform "Part of Your World” on The Little Mermaid Live! on ABC.

    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Asia

      That was the best performance I’ve ever seen

    2. Paul Alvarado


    3. Blaine Debeers


    4. Nicole 1994

      Better than Halle Bailey 💖

    5. Bruce Wayne

      She didn’t butcher it by any means but she didn’t nail it, either. Just shows what amazing vocal control the original singer has.

    6. Enn Najma

      This is the most satisfying disney live I've ever seen. Wow

    7. Asyria Faith

      What happened to Halle being mermaid. I was looking forward watching her. But good job young lady!

    8. Putri Nuraini

      Is it me or she does look like the one who sang 'How Far I'll Go'?

    9. Raii Baylon

      The secret is that flounder have already got on land and smoke a lot of weed.. 😂😂

    10. 桃子

      聲音好漂亮 ,好像回到小時候卡通的回憶裡了😍

    11. rob bown

      Ugh she ruined it

    12. G G

      Anyone else find Auli’i super hot?

    13. Soleil Smith


    14. Winter Cherry Blossoms

      The singing was beautiful and on point, although rushed 😛👌 I had to laugh though when they brought out Flounder; poor guy! 🤭 They should've pulled out Sebastian too while they were at it. 😁

    15. Lian Nancy


    16. älskling


    17. michelle stallone

      a couple of flat notes. lol

    18. Travis Clarke

      wish her vibrato was better ..... sounds flat af

    19. Julionne Simeon

      Mud potw uuuw feLiz 😄😄😄😄 kauuu wka metiste

    20. Mariella Nina

      Did she just balanced herself with that two wires while singing?!!!! Damn moana

    21. Chicoria da Sociedade

      Why did they cleared her skin? Seriously stupid

    22. Samuel Gomes

      She looks like Vanessa hudgens

    23. ᴍɪʀɪ sɴoᴡɴɪɢʜᴛ // 미인 ɞ

      amazing beautiful gorgeos i love this

    24. ariel


    25. cheristar

      I love this song but this performance is just ok.

    26. Andrea. S

      When she started floating, ngl i was impressed.

    27. Дарья dd


    28. luis ureña

      For a moment I thought it was Erin Robinson from Clevver. 😅😅😅

    29. glen judge

      thumbs up for Auil be better than Jodi Benson

    30. ChrisN

      Part of your world cover by Moana

    31. allison o


    32. Ha Vu

      That Flouder was pathetic. Look like something from Sesame Street.

    33. Leithel H

      she sings this beautifully!!

    34. Bondy Aliano

      That Flounder just came out from The Simpsons

    35. Sam Asher

      this flounder chuck-e cheese lookin ass creepy mother fucker

    36. Abby princass

      Her flounder looks like hay hay😂🐓flounder+hay hay =flouhay,moana+ariel=moariel

    37. Jayashina Parthiban

      3:06 - 3:08 sounded just like Ariel! As she's known for a melodious voice.

    38. Justin Hopkins

      Utterly cringeworth. She’s a mediocre singer, she’s constantly off key and fails to capture Ariel’s true essence.

    39. Ms1Lancelot

      Was she in a hurry? This is so cringe

    40. Tulasi Mukunda

      that giggle at 1:26 is the cutest thing ever aaahhh I love her voice so much!!!!!

    41. Pamela G.

      Omg flounder what did they do to you. Shows how much they love u.

    42. Maharani Apta

      Why they curse flounder

    43. Fatherken

      She is an amazing singer and also a good Ariel for this LML. I just can't get over flounder, why does he look like this.

    44. matthias ameen

      Should have cast P!nk to play Ariel. Just saying.

    45. NeighborhoodTolerance

      Flounder on that shit man. Seaweed don’t do that.

    46. Bee B E A U T I F U L

      She's such a good singer

    47. reyanime

      Too bad this tanked on tv.

    48. JULIAN

      Is she the one who voiced moana?

    49. Video Game Sanctuary

      Trash Fire...

    50. roia62100

      c'est horrible sérieusement, moi qui suis une fan c'est mal organisé pas synchro rien ne va et les effets horribles

    51. K J

      Lmao the comments to Flounder 😂😂😂

    52. Just another person on YouTube

      My inner H2O coming out: THAT IS NOT HOW A MERMAID SWIMS MA’AM!! 😂🙅🏽‍♀️

    53. MeganBear95

      Do you see this kids!?! This is what polluting the oceans get you! RIP Flounder.

    54. donLynz tapangtac

      Flounder looks like Dory from finding nemo. LOL

    55. ciel

      its way too fast :/

    56. Toffee

      She can't follow the music....

    57. Shannon Witt

      I hate it when they speed up the song. It makes it sound bad. I know she's got better vocal skills than that too. The end of her tail though, that looks bad as well. Yikes. Glad I didn't watch when it aired.

    58. Katie Williams

      I was disappointed seeing half movie and half live.

    59. Jean Mendoza

      Y’all really did flounder like that