P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020

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    Day One of my 9am daily workouts


    1. fa aiz

      who else noticed the constant voice cracks

    2. fa aiz

      joe: Hit the turbo button! everyone: ... me: Why is he slapping his ass

    3. Sandra


    4. Angelique Umutesi

      I'm 25 min in and I'm just so tired I can barely run on the spot. But I really want to get fit and actually get healthier by the time quarantine is over, rather than just putting on weight. So I'll do my best for the remainder of the video and hopefully, tomorrow will be easier.

    5. Suzan Ayyoub

      it is such good exercise with good communication

    6. cii cii monkey

      This is so helpful god bless you :)

    7. Olivia Gregg

      thank you for getting me pumped up

    8. Cristina Melendez

      it sucks

    9. Sarah Bolton

      I did this once and have injured my knee (and yes I did warm up) . Maybe I should have started with yoga🧘. can he do easy /hard options a bit more. 🦵🤕

    10. Kate Gaston

      Amazing workout after a long shift in A and E Bath. Thank you for uploading these videos.

    11. You ate all my beans

      Who else's teacher sent them this during quarantine?

    12. lbloulou


    13. Hannah Sherry

      That was brilliant

    14. Toasty the cat

      this is really exhausting

    15. Toasty the cat

      day 2 for pe homework

    16. Naadia White

      from hwai

    17. Naadia White

      I have to this everyday

    18. Amie-leigh Savage

      My brother is a gymnast and he is very flexible


      I AM IN USA

    20. Sheila Chirino

      I am from Miami and my Teacher sent my class to do it for P.E and all of my classmates and i are doing it because it is so nice to finally relex during quarantine. Thank you so much for helping us be healthy durring quarantine.

    21. Brittany Wente

      (my brother:) I loved it Joe. I had sooooooooooooo much fun!

    22. Brittany Wente

      I loved it Joe! I have already subscribed, clicked the bell, and liked the video!

    23. Chrissy Lynn

      What is the best way to tone a stomach doin basic workouts

    24. Justin Diaz

      yeah he's my homework (PE TEACHER)

    25. טל רוזנברג

      Who else does this during quarantine?

    26. Sienna Whelan

      my pe teacher thinks im gonna do this-

    27. Alfredo nut guy

      This helps me so much can you heart my comment

    28. laurajmyl

      Laura and Nell (bat girl) Cheshire not missed a day x

    29. Ruth Davies

      Knowles family in Norfolk aka the Queen of Hearts, Mr Mistofilease, Mrs McGonacle, GI Joe and the Gingerbread man!

    30. Ruth Davies

      We are all joining in for a full house of two weeks. The Knowles family in Norfolk!

    31. Matt Gold

      Sid and Willow From Peckham love it


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    34. Isabella Bradley-Labra

      this has been very enjoyable 😁😍

    35. Isabella Bradley-Labra

      thankyou joe

    36. Jia Cheon

      I am Lia Yuna Melody

    37. Jia Cheon

      I am 10

    38. Jia Cheon

      This man must have at least 3333333333333333$

    39. Jia Cheon

      This is the best it is so fun and awesome

    40. Gabriel Wood


    41. Gabriel Wood

      👊👍👎🖐✌️🤞👌🤙🖖 la la la Tik tok

    42. Rubik’s Noob

      Anyone here from online homework?

    43. Afrin Afzal

      This only has so much views because every PE sports teacher gave this as quarantine homework

      1. Cristina Melendez


    44. Frank Yu

      i have never done a single workout

    45. Liam Denniss

      I came from google classroom. 😂😂😂

    46. Gracie Murray

      thanks a lot now i have a headache

    47. Barbara Shuck


    48. Amy Renata

      Exercising with you in New Zealand Joe! Thank you for this. I'm so excited for you that this has taken off! My Mum, sister and I are all doing this with you in our three different households. :D

    49. NippleNightmare

      who else literally didnt watch 5 minutes of this. just tryna get the hw done😂😭

      1. Rainbow Heart

        NippleNightmare same

    50. Krystalina Cerron

      Krystalina 10 years old

    51. Zorica

      exactly the type of exercise we used to do in my PE classes at school...it feels great to do some of it again

      1. Toasty the cat

        we had to do the go noodle high velocity

    52. Anthony McDonald

      canada andrew

    53. Maria Muzaffar Gyal

      How to have a webcam with Joe Wicks? #StayHome #ProtecttheNHS #SaveLives

      1. Maria Muzaffar Gyal

        On a Saturday.

    54. ivan cruz


    55. ItzWolfii

      I didn’t get an pe homework

    56. Becky Suess

      my school shut down and I have to do this for homework. who else had to do this for homework?

      1. Anna

        me 😭

    57. Darcie Wells young

      Who got this as their homework like this if u did this😩🤣




      im from america and my name is autumn shout me out please


      can you shout me out


      lol his accent

    62. بشارة حامد

      You're reallly good teacher, thanks man

    63. WeeDefault

      Joe please shout me out

    64. meiying chen

      I love you Joe

    65. Gareth Lee

      ITS FORTNITE JOHN WICK !!!!!!!!!!!!

    66. meiying chen


    67. meiying chen

      I like it

    68. Upstairs Post Production

      we are doing it in South Africa!

    69. Mila Yau

      Great warm up

    70. Hollow Sicle

      just finished the whole 30 min workout... .. ... .... holly did i move this much during PE on my school days?

    71. Furiousity

      Who else got this as homework for physical education.. 😒

    72. Kaleb Rhodes

      Kaleb Rhodes pie with joe

    73. ruphina onuoha

      joe wicks is the best

    74. Jane Beer-Jones

      Thank you so much Jow, I am 53 years old and missing my HIIT classes so will do yours every day. Stay safe x

    75. Ahmed amor

      This is so good thanks joe

    76. official_dxggy

      This is the only time in quarantine where I wish this channel didn’t exist. I love it but not in quarantine😂😂

    77. aymona begum

      hi joe

    78. Kabak


    79. Kwame Lutterodt-Clottey

      Good execicse

    80. AlAyham Ahmad M. Zeer

      He is really good and i actually got warmed up