OUR WINTER WEDDING | Lydia Elise Millen

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    This was hands down, the best day of our lives to date, we have both never felt more love and had so much fun with our amazing friends and family as we did that day and we feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to share our forever with them.
    I can't believe I got to marry my best friend.
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    Published on 2 years ago


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      Helo thắng đình vlogs đã trỡ lại

    2. Judy Ann

      Can we say this is a good man!

    3. lavrose

      What a perfectly gorgeous wedding.

    4. dg e sxsgza _

      I just love the woman dancing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a>. She is having a blast. So cute!

    5. ella dawson

      WOW this has not aged well.. Sooo tacky, yikes!

      1. dg e sxsgza _

        Are you serious? Maybe thru your eyes... but I've watched this over and over again because it's so beautiful. I can't imagine what else you think is tacky. Making comments like that about ones wedding day video is horribly tacky. I only hope someone says something like that to you about your wedding. Karma needs to find you. Lydia, this video is beautiful.

    6. Fearless 12

      The most beautiful wedding video i have ever seen. Well done. Your wedding is what most little girls dream of.

    7. Ellie Ge

      I love going back and watching thsi video

    8. Bridget Ofodile

      Beautiful wedding. More videos on what Lydia Elise Millen eats please. She is so beautiful and the husband is handsome. Lovely couple. 2yrs ago. Wishing you continuous God's blessings 🙏 , love and happiness.


      Wow I'm so amaze, best wishes God bless ang Conratiolation to this couple

    10. Martha P.

      I just crying xo

    11. Gulderaiym Orazgali

      So you feel if it is HIM right away when you see him?

    12. Jilliance

      I am JUST speechless. Everything was so incredible beautiful and funny and so so full of love. You are the one in a million couple and I hope you two will never forget how unbelievable lucky you are!! It seems that you have what all the movies,books and all the poems are about. Everyone would give everything for that! Im mean this video is THE dream!

    13. Hazel Needham

      Where is this? It looks beautiful :)

    14. Courtney5cents

      Okaayyyy song!!

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    16. Michelle Lindemann

      Thank you it was beautiful! xx

    17. Glenda Lentz

      The most beautiful wedding!Ali and Lydia wonderful couple!

    18. Ali Kovacs

      Omg lydia babe you look absolutely stunning stunning wedding gown such a stunning couple and a beautiful wedding congratulations ali and lydia xxx


      As a person who doesn’t gel well with romance or even marriages, this...made me feel soft inside!🥰 you two are truly a gorgeous couple! Even thou this was from 2 years ago, I truly wish you the best in life and many happy years to come😁


      They will make some beautiful babies

    21. Sereniitee


    22. Mishia Lee

      Real life Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele ?

    23. Monique Lehnhardt

      Gorgeous wedding and she looks lovely. But he’s going to look back on that hair cut and wonder what that was about.

    24. Jackie Fogden

      Amazingly beautiful.

    25. Aya Ahmed


      1. Aya Ahmed

        اهم شي اهم شي بس انو احنا نفرح ونعمل كل شي بنحبو وشايفين انو جميل ونكرم ضيوفنا بالبنقدر عليهو ونحترمهم وبسسسس.

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        والله والله مهما تعمل في عرسك ولو قلبته الارض ودفعته مليارات وماخليت شي.. الناس الما بتحبك حتقول ماحلو العرس.. او يطلعو يقولو ما اكلنا وما اخدنا الشوكلاته ديك بالذات والخبيز الشكل العلاني ما قدموهو لينا وقدموهو للتربيزة الجمبنا 😂

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        ماعجبني الفستان مابحب الموديل ده.. لكن طوال الفيديو انا كنته مبتسمة والله حسيت بيها فرحانة من جوة قلبها.. مامهم رأي انا في الفستان المهم انو ده يوم العمر ليها وده الفستان الكانت بتحلم بيهو طول عمرها وهي كانت سعيدة وطايرة من الفرحة.

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      What a beautiful intimate wedding

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      WOW! Your wedding was esquire! You were breathtakingly Stunning ❤️

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      My gosh, I smiled ear to ear thru this whole video. What a gorgeous bride 👰🏻!

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      Check out this stunningly looking wedding! miniurl.pw/WNTz

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      Absolutely Stunning

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      Awww Lydia!! Iloveit! Congratulations to you both...❤️

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      So beautiful , I love you guys!

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      Congratulations💑👀👣🙌 ussel.info/a/9Jdz1TAR6vxt7GQl6OVXiQ

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      You look amazing!!! I don’t know you saw you the first time 😍

    36. Butterfly

      He looks so British why is his name Ali?

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      someone help me find her dress

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      Everything is absolutely beautiful!!❤️

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    40. lydia gacha


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      they seem like such amazing teammates and you can tell how much they respect each other😭

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      I got goosebumps 😍 the ending was beautiful!

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      I remember the first time you showed us your beautiful wedding, I had to watch it again, you looked absolutely stunning most beautiful wedding 👰 mashaAllah xxxxxxxxx

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      Superb gowns and wedding video

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      OmG He is so handsome and you are so beautiful. Lord have mercy

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      I can't believe it's been a year, or so....! I just love coming back to take another look at this beautiful wedding.

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      Hii Im from Armenia ❤❤🇦🇲

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        do you know the name of the dress?

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      Traumhochzeit !!!!

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      I want my wedding to be like this!!! Im watching this video for 10000 times and still makes me cry everytime..❤️

      1. Saumya Snehal


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      My name is Lydia lol

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      I simply love this video! I keep coming back to it. Everything was so beautiful. The flowers and candles and wedding outfits. Just so lovely and perfect!

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      Won’t last more than 5 years

      1. meborelol

        Wow why don't you judge your own life instead of commenting on others. I noticed you don't have your face in ur icon, i doubt ur married or even have a man in your life. Show us ur pic :)

      2. ce collie

        Who would you say something so awful? Do you think you're being funny? Or are you just so miserable you hope others will be as well? This is really twisted

      3. Gesa Marie

        Mandy Uk why would you say something like this. Hopefully you find happiness in your life so you don’t lash out to people online.

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      Oh wow how many tears did I felt ruining my makeup that is amazing

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      one of them comes from money

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        And yet you gave me them your money with the click and comment, thanks for your contribution :)

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        And why does that matter?

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      Beautiful wedding,beautiful people,congratulations!!❤️It made me feel emotional and believe that love still exist,I wish to find love too! Wish you lots of love and happiness 😘

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