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    1. xXbriella_EXx 1234

      Yo no ablo muho spanish pero me gustaía que iscieras one video in spanish plissss and i love you

    2. Zahra Rahman

      I have baby names they start with G for a boy it’s Gabe for girl Gillian or Gabriella or Gabi

    3. Ariadne Boyce

      Imagínense las pedas que se pusiera uno con los galindo

    4. Darlene Aguirre

      Where did you get the grinch cutouts?

    5. Johana Mendoza

      No one : Laura: Can I twerk to this?😂

    6. Johana Mendoza

      "Shows camera in face" lol everyone throws up a piece sign🤣

    7. Dontay and Kenetra Tv

      This was adorable. we just posted our baby shower on our channel it was so beautiful ❤️

    8. Lil.go4t Productions

      The way she threw it back😳

    9. Julian's Journey Down Syndrome

      Follow and Subscribe to my son's account: Julian's Journey Down Syndrome

    10. Miriam García

      Omg you were looking so cute in your baby shower love you dress well your always looking so cute ♥️♥️ baby G couldn’t be more lucky to have you as a mom and Alex as a dad love you hermosa 😘😘

    11. Leeann Gomez

      SUERTE hermosa 🥰🥰

    12. Tokyo Soto

      Fanaminal !!!!!

    13. Arely Ocampo

      Okay but like why was there bigger than my quince😂

    14. Adyy Hernandez

      El de blanco con tejana cafecita que está bailando con el mariachi (13:22) pincheeee papacitooooooooooooooo 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🥴🥴 I hope you come across this comment and Find me ...

    15. Milka’s Sweets

      New to your channel. Everything was beautiful, your friend did a really good job and your cake came out awesome. Congrats

    16. Lucy Marlene Peña

      What camera does she use ?!

    17. Kimberlee Selenaa

      I would have loved to be at your baby shower because I am so obsessed with the Grinch. Literally want this for my baby shower 😭❤❤

    18. Lissie Santiago

      Beautiful baby shower

    19. Misty_ Angel.

      Fuck this made me cry bc ive never been to a party

    20. Misty_ Angel.

      Green is girl???

    21. Helen Falcon

      Is a girl or a boy???

    22. zaira gonzalez

      I want a grinch bby shower know! 😍😍😍😍❤️

    23. Dr Scolopmpeyo

      Your hair is so beautiful what a neat idea, I love it. Such a Fun concept. So nice all family was included not just the ladies.

    24. Dezmadrez

      Damm watching this video it feels like I was in the party and I helped u organize ur cake sience I saw ur last video lol 😂 I felt part of the fam for a second 😂

    25. Melissa Olivares

      Most beautiful baby shower

    26. Denisee Guzman

      I swear Nobody parties Like us!!😂😂🇲🇽🇲🇽

    27. andrez juarez


    28. Vanessa V

      Bro I know all the senoras were fighting for who got to take home the grinch centerpiece 💀😂

    29. Sammy Calderon

      Does anyone know where she bought her dress from ?!

    30. Queen Lol

      You have nice videos💕💙

    31. Guadalupe Madrigal

      That’s so cute 😇🥰❤️

    32. Sylvia Martinez

      I’m surprised y’all aren’t married already... get married 😫

    33. CKarina Acevedo


    34. Sonia Lujan

      From ept

    35. Iza Martinez morales

      Tu familia doin the ✌ 😂😂😂 Your bs (baby shower)turned out great!

    36. Yadira Chávez

      Me súper encantó tú baby shower 😍 😍😍💞💗💖 todo estuvo al 💯 y de ti me encanta tu manera de ser.

    37. Janielle Martinez

      I like the song La Puerta Negra

    38. Megan Kister

      Cute idea

    39. Linda aguilar

      Les: Ummm these look good These are who Mostachones , what the hail!!! Lol hilarious love you Les!!! ❤️

    40. احمد عبدالفتاح

      Tickle me a copy and pasted on top and a great weekend as I am looking forward and pasted on the last time for 😍😍