Neil Diamond “Hands.. washing hands”

Neil Diamond

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    Neil Diamond sings “Sweet Caroline” with updated lyric for safety during Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe out there!


    1. The Philippine Info Channel

      We love you and thank you for doing this for us !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🇺🇸🇸🇽Thanks from the Philippines!!!

    2. Karen Adkins

      let’s be honest: everyone did the bum bum bum bits He’s still brilliant! Love him and miss his presence.

    3. fyyhj u

      Made me smile in a time of need :)

    4. Thomas Dives

      fuckin amazing

    5. Alois Schicklgruber

      #BoomerRemover It will all be over soon sir, rest assured you music will live on in the zoomers. We will use it as a cautionary tale about liberalism and ita cause on the western world. Rest assured your memory will live on, for future generations to listen too. With us teaching them all about it. Step down, let it take you. Pass the torch we need our chances to rules now. Your memory will be eternal with us but dont wait too long, others with greater ambitiona are coming and we cant guaranteee our offers can stand too long. Go out in your own terms

    6. tonyo otog

      Please Stay Home

    7. stumpr1

      How many of you sang/said, "Ba, Ba, Ba" to this song?

    8. Richard Naughton

      What an absolutely wonderful experience. So uplifting to see that Neil Diamond is still out there and performing for us in his own very special way. May he live forever !

    9. Clyde Barrow

      This is what makes USsel great again.

    10. Toni Reeves


    11. Kenneth Regester

      May the Good Lord Bless and keep you. Coming To America still puts a big old lump in my throat every time I hear it.

    12. Jesus is the only way

      Diamond = 33 Another one of those masons

    13. Robert Ure

      What a tremendous talent Neil still is. You can see he's not letting Parkinson's get the best of him. As a person with ms he is a big inspiration for me to keep fighting.

    14. Sharon Nicholson

      Thank. You Mr diamond my father was. A fan of. Yours sing keep well.

    15. bodge6886

      ❤️❤️Not as much as we love you bro❤️❤️

    16. bodge6886

      Loved this guy since 1974❤️❤️ Huge fan of his incredible songs 👍

    17. Sandy Allen

      Stay safe Neil. 💗🙏💗

    18. Joanne Fasola

      You have always made my heart sing, Neil. THANK YOU!

    19. Denny Terry

      LOLOLOL...Thank You Neil...You Are The Best !!! Stay Well...God Bless..

    20. Benjamin Grant

      thank you Sir

    21. Maria Candelaria Núñez Herrera


    22. Macky McGuinea

      "Hands.. Washing hands.. Reaching out! Don't touch me! I won't touch you!" Ha... I want to party with him, he's so damn cool and funny. Thank you Neil Diamond. I wish you and yours the very best. We love you too.

    23. Nancy Bourland

      We love ya Neil! Thanks for sharing this funny version of Sweet Caroline! 🥰 Your music warms the heart no matter what’s going on in the world! Hugs! 🤗❤️

    24. Terence Cottington

      I came across this purely by accident this evening as I was practising one of your songs called "Play Me". Its a song I have loved for years along with a quite a few others which you have written and I was totally blown away by this You-Tube clip. Its so refreshing to see and hear you again. I hope you can continue for a long time to come. Your music has inspired me in so many ways and it's still a privilege to hear you play and sing. I only wish I had the talent to play the guitar the way you do. I am at that age now where I am happy to lay the guitar down and just listen to the master at work. Thanks for sharing these moments with so many of us. Thank you.

    25. Bruce Downunda

      Corona crap.....

    26. JoJo/Clem Kadilihopper

      Thank you Neil😇

    27. Scotchland

      thank you mister diamond! the greatest singer was , is , and will be!!!!!

    28. Kathy S

      Named a daughter after this song. Neil Diamond, you're the best!

    29. Andreas Mathios

      Neil you are my absolute hero WHAT IF WE CHANGE THE lyrics slightly to Please Sanitize instead of Sweet Caroline,...

    30. Sight Eternal

      Neil, your songs are some of the fondest memories of my childhood and growing up years, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the great music you have given us! Great rendition!

    31. Dirty Burger

      Hey Neil my man! Sweet Caaoliiinnnne

    32. Zoey Kitty

      Neil Diamond brightens my day no matter what he sings, God Bless

    33. Carina Taz

      Who else was adding the harmonies? So good so good so goood! 🎼❤️

    34. Kristin Brown


    35. Uranium Rabbit

      I love this guy. Always did. Grew up with his music.

    36. Margaret Wade

      Thank you!

    37. anchornaturals

      We love you too Neil 🤗🤗🤗

    38. Boppie H

      Man. You still got it Neil. Was never fortunate to see you in concert. You were always on my radio as a teenager though. You’re awesome.

    39. cat

      Man's still got it. My parents played his Vinyl Records when I was a kid :D This is awesome, thank you!

    40. Mohisbathan Colony Goverbment Primary School

      Please Help Us. We are starving............

    41. Itz_Alex

      Anyone here from school ? No just me ok But if u are 👇🏻

    42. Jos van den Helm

      So wonderfull Thanks Neil

    43. Jo Walker

      Wow, that voice - class! ❤️

    44. fox

      Neil we love You !!!

    45. useless eater🥣

      Bill Gates and Fauchi are deep state operative s

    46. useless eater🥣

      Corona virus outbreak is democratic false flag

    47. Priscilla Peiser

      Thank you Neill I’m an old fan beautiful to hear your voice You haven’t last the touch ♥️🕊♥️

    48. Charlie Gilg

      Niel... Good to hear you are still punching it out. In 1969 when I was 19 I first heard your music; Shiloh was and still is my favorite. Been lovin EVERYTHING you do. Keep strumming!

    49. Barra Mundi

      Brilliant! Love it.

    50. rrrusty49

      Here you go, @StudeSteve62: Rob & Liz Foster's version -

    51. Frank Grimes

      After I heard Neil sing I knew it was all going to turn out okay.

    52. Frank Grimes

      Still got that awesome voice!

    53. KimTinh Tran

      Thank you Mr. DIAMOND. We love you too.

    54. Becky Cole

      You still have that Beautiful voice Mr. Diamond........thank you so much. May God Bless You and Yours.

    55. Janet Arnott

      So glad to see Neil looking so well and not lost his talent to inspire and entertain. He is greatly loved. Janet UK

    56. The banana vlogs

      This just put a smile on my face

    57. David Blake

      Thank you x

    58. Martha Laxdal

      Bravo 👏 Neil.......always loved this song, especially at a party 🎊

    59. Helen Witherspoon

      Thanks, Neil. Memories and humor are a nice welcome. I hope you are doing well with retirement.

    60. D

      thanks neil

    61. Lynda Faye

      Neil---All the roadies I knew WORE GLOVES, after they washed their hands! Shouldn't this be stated as "Sweet Home of Mine?" We all quarantined now, back AT HOME, right ? VERY NICELY DONE!!

    62. Lynda Faye

      Very Clever Adaptation Neil! Would you like to narrate l a story to " Empower the Children ? "Such as they welcomed the" Circus back to Town" in 1922 after the influenza ? Breaks into "The Devil Virus on the Flyin' Trapeze"...Get it ? Need an up version-LyndaFayeSmusic@gmail. On You Tube it's titled "Devil, be Gone With the Wind". You could tell the story so well ? I tried!

    63. Mark B

      You still have it!! Thanks Neil!

    64. Paul Barret

      I’ve always loved Neil. He inspired me so much in my youth. So much so, that I recently adopted a rescue Japanese Akita and named it “Shiloh.” One of Neil’s most touching songs AND one of the most wonderful dogs I’ve ever partnered with. Thank you, Neil. Respect and Love! I pray you and your family remain safe and healthy.

    65. Mike Osborn

      Thanks Neil, we all need to smile more in this trying time. Whether in song, skit, or meme, just gotta find a way to stay happy. It's been shown that we ape related creatures don't do well in captivity and especially not in reduced space. If anyone is beginning to "go over the edge," just tell them to take a look in the mirror, it's always good for a laugh. God bless.

    66. Barbara Kalos


    67. Gregoria Rodríguez

      Thanks Mr. Neil. Good night, precious moments. 🚴‍♀️

    68. Elizabeth Gerow


    69. Dark Truth

      Loved it!! You did make me smile 😊 my heart was smiling too! 💜❤️💙 Much love and favor to you and your family. Stay safe and healthy!✨

    70. Frank Leccese

      That was an unexpected delight!

    71. Lars vonrinpoche

      Why do I not believe this is really Neil Diamond? Ii t looks nothing like him! Does it? Anyone?

    72. Cynthia Aiken

      my bestie shook your hand at a concert many years ago & didn't wash her hand for at least a week! True dat!

    73. J Tremblay

      Bravo! MDR! Un grand chanteur qui n'a pas peur d'avoir un peu de fonne avec ses paroles!

    74. summer45able

      Thank you for helping us get through this suffering. God bless you

    75. Cooking With Missi

      Lol Good one

    76. 808steveA - BUSKERS.

      Always been a massive fan of Neil Diamond. He's such a legend. Stay safe everyone.

    77. DanjA zonE

      💓 loooooove me some Sparkling Diamond 💓

    78. Bernadette Korey

      I love you

    79. Bernadette Korey

      I love you

    80. Laetitia Latham-Jones

      Love you Neil