My dog Thurnis

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    My dog, his name is Thurnis. He's sux but I like him

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    1. Kim Debs

      He’s an idiot and should not have a dog. He should not be pointing his finger at the dog either.

      1. Eluxria

        500th comment yay

      2. NinjaCraftzYT

        Kim Debris.

      3. Madi Pate

        I’m the 500th comment シ

      4. Mrpollo

        @SomeThingElseYT2 ooo

      5. Mason G

        **** off Karen

    2. Jin Ishibo

      That’s adorable

    3. Katina Jones

      Adam: Because I'm a responsible adult Me: Is he though?

    4. Morgan Martin

      Thurnis: *smell feet* Also Thurnis: XP

    5. Nia Wildewood

      he only has 2 videos but he has like 340k subs

    6. FanGirlNation

      Awwwwwww what a cute puppy 🥰

    7. Dead Box

      Adaaaaam can u look at my drawing I’m trying to see if it’s good also I love ur way of drawing :0

      1. Dead Box

        I’d be surprised if u answer this question I might even die :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

    8. RED FOX GAMING 2000

      Yo Macke more

    9. Ziyu

      Adam: You can only be a buttface! Also Adam: Uses his foot to poke Thurnis' nose Even Me, who doesn't have pets, knows you shouldn't do that.


      Osino your pants will fall off I loved it is a song hahahaha

    11. Victor

      I thought I was gonna get rick rolles

    12. Leo Vermillion

      Owo somethings never change💘

    13. Christopher Falcon-Molina

      This dude wants to eat his brother and his dog..... NANI?!?!!??

    14. Bambastic Foxxy

      I loved his flop at the end

    15. Sasha Heart123

      I have a dog She’s 7 and she’s a morkie

    16. Valentina Lobo

      Hey I'm thinking to buy your action figure but I'm not sure how mush is gowing to cost because I live in Canada and things are different here so yeah I'm still gowing to try to convince my parents to buy me it

    17. Valentina Lobo

      Your dog is so cute and funny

    18. LilBlueberryYT

      What ever happened to this channel

    19. mocha plays_11

      Dogs are supposed to be feed twice a day in the morning and want night unless there a puppy and still growing then until they are full I have have 15 dogs my first had 12 puppy and then we gave away 10 than when they were 4 one of mine died than last year I got two more so right now I have 3 Dogo's

    20. Kinseing

      Bro the last second the dog bit him lol😂🇦🇺

    21. ellie Dewbre


    22. Kathryn Lundgren

      You should do some gaming video's on this channel

    23. joe mama


    24. Santiago Garcia

      Adam:I am a responsible adult Also Adam:I wiLL DeSTRoy U anD ur FAMilY

    25. Sophia Alera

      Adam: I'LL EAT YOU ME:Yeah sure whatever you say Adam:Also your an asshole cuz now everyone thinks that i have smelly feet Me:( laughing my ass off in living room)

    26. Xx loser xX

      My dog is kinda overweight and we see dogs that are literal twigs... and my dog isn’t fat cause we fed her a lot... She stole all of the leftovers we left on the table

    27. Sonic Maniac

      4 minutes of this...I want more

    28. Joshua JACKSON

      i love this XD

    29. Lori Sakakihara-Chavarria

      the things ppl do to ruun away frum ther pup i dont think he will stop at feet

    30. Everything YouTube

      James: I love you floof! Adam: ILL FRICKEN EAT YOU ALIVE KID!

    31. jptheking op

      Did I jus watch 4 minutes and 11 seconds of an adorable dog and and one of the best USsel have fun yes, yes I did

    32. Finley P

      Hahahaha you made my day!!!

    33. Geoff Willoughby


    34. the alien

      i will eat his dog for him

    35. the alien

      Pee pee ❤ Poo poo

    36. the alien

      hello adam

    37. MManMan The Animator

      Dog:”if I start from the shoes and work up to the shins and then shorts I should get what I want. “MY FFFOOOODD”

    38. Mozzie

      How to take care of thurnis. Step 1. Make sure to play with him all day. And feed him everyday to make him obese. Finished!

    39. Kaycee Cain


    40. Growable_moms 19

      I like the part where Thurnis barks

    41. Olivia Kolar

      Your dog would get along SO well with my Dalmation - Chippy. Chippy is Crazy, weird, cute, and odd

    42. gloom karma

      So we will ignore the fact that adam looks like Robert Downey Jr.

    43. Dreamer Gacha

      Probably you need ceaser millan...

    44. Gabrielle Walp

      His dog is cute

    45. Daniel Kennedy

      Adam: *puts up three fingers* Thurnis: oo a snacc

    46. TTVFreddy

      Thurnis is like omaiua mushin dedu

    47. Rodney jr Robles

      When the f4)& are you going to post a vid? I’m bored

    48. •Honey Peach Gaming•

      puupy =3

    49. Ivy the ventrexian

      First his brother, next the dog

    50. MAD player

      brah the dog is the boss here 🤣🤣🤣

    51. A random guy with no dreams :D

      Does anyone else realize that Adam had suicide threats in this video


      what kind of dog is he? cus is it just me or does he kinda look like a hyena?

    53. Carl Metcalf

      train the the dog

    54. Miya Y

      I am a RESPONSIBLE dog owner * Five seconds later * *I WILL EAT YOU ALIVE*

    55. Micah Animations


    56. Penny Kellogg

      @ kim debs what is going to happen that is so terrible if he (gasp) points his finger at the dog?

    57. Tati Perazzo

      Bty give the poor thing food!!!

    58. Tati Perazzo

      Can I have your dog plzzz ! I also like anoying peopel sooooo...

    59. Loma Abdallatif

      So is this why my mom doesnt like dogs?

    60. Hellshark34

      This is the best lol

    61. Jake Capon

      The dog doesn't care and will probably eat you all day

    62. Super Quacks

      Can you give us a tour of your apartment

    63. Bonny ùwó

      I wish a dog :'v

    64. Imaginative Light

      He wants rubs!!!

    65. Marky3TV PlayZ

      My other dog cade use to bite me a lot. He ran away 😭

    66. Shea Mc Grath

      Adam has smelly feet

    67. Haleigh Gutierrez


    68. The lyrics Of this song

      upload more stuff no matter whether boring or not just upload some stuff on this channel pls we need to suffer through this lockdown

    69. Pups Lord


    70. D-DAWG Morales

      I love thurnis

    71. Itz Zai

      (To Kim Debs) If you care about that dog so much why don't you marry him? (lmao like this is a joke but like lmao)

    72. Ella Sievwright

      I'm scared for Adam to be a dad

    73. Anna Aleshina

      haha!!! your dog is funny!!!!!haha!!!

    74. Weirqueen

      Adam: I WILL EAT YOU! AND DESTROY YOUR FAMILY! Doggie: awww he’s saying he loves me :D he must wants to play!

    75. kyriekitty Meows

      U eat dogs that’s cool (I have a German Shepard mix)

    76. Rainbow The Toon

      I cant stop laughing XD

    77. Awesome Dawg

      Bbq. B

    78. Mr._logan _

      Just wate till he bites his feet

    79. LP SDOOW

      Kim Debs shut the freak up god your such an asshole