Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

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    Published on 13 days ago



      Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

      1. Traxsh Asta

        Can you do a TATSUMI from akame ga kill vs issei from high school dxd?

      2. DUQ MAN

        Ur data is wrong

      3. Brad Hedgehog

        DEATH BATTLE! I got one. How about another power ranger one? This time A putty patrol one. Zed’s Putties vs Rita’s Putties.

      4. Xavier Tirado


      5. A Dirty Muppet

        Pretty sure we all just did watch the bloopers. More and more often you guys are disregarding your own analyses and rules, then handing it over to the underdog.

    2. Alexander Bourns

      Ryan Renalds vs. Ryan Gosling

    3. Alexander Bourns

      Mars attacks vs. Destroy all humans

    4. Alexander Bourns

      Martians vs. The harvesters

    5. Alexander Bourns

      Vision vs. Martian manhunter

    6. Alexander Bourns

      Galactus vs. Imperialix

    7. Alexander Bourns

      Ewoks vs. Navi

    8. Alexander Bourns

      Klingons Vs. Wookies

    9. Alexander Bourns

      Engineers vs. Predator

    10. Alexander Bourns

      Mobile infantry vs. Colonial Marines

    11. Alexander Bourns

      Troll vs. Leprechaun

    12. Alexander Bourns

      Micheal Myers vs. Chuckie

    13. Alexander Bourns

      Pinhead vs. Candyman

    14. Alexander Bourns

      Freddy vs. Jason

    15. Alexander Bourns

      Spawn vs. Ghost rider

    16. Alexander Bourns

      Savage Dragon vs. Hellboy

    17. Alexander Bourns

      Xenomorphs vs. Arachnids

    18. Alexander Bourns

      Alien vs. Predator

    19. Alexander Bourns

      Grifter vs. Cable

    20. Alexander Bourns

      Spawn vs. Hellboy

    21. Alexander Bourns

      Rocky vs. Randy the Ram

    22. Alexander Bourns

      Swartzenager vs. Stallone

    23. Alexander Bourns

      Van Damme vs. Segal

    24. Alexander Bourns

      John Wick vs. Leon

    25. Alexander Bourns

      Rambo vs. Kasey Ryback

    26. Alexander Bourns

      Dirty Harry vs. Martin Riggs

    27. Alexander Bourns

      Punisher vs. Red Hood

    28. SR J

      Katara from Avatar vs Elsa from Frozen

    29. Alexander Bourns

      Roy Baddie vs. Bishop

    30. Alexander Bourns

      I'd also like to see Judge Dredd vs. Robocop.

    31. Alexander Bourns

      Here are a few death battles I'd like to see: Shadow vs. Darkman, Tank girl vs. Barbwire, Alita vs. Mega man, Ultra man vs. Gyver, Iron man vs. XO manowar, Black panther vs. The shadow, Green lantern vs. Silver surfer, Rocketeer vs. Black Hawk, Cloverfield vs. Mothra, Mellinium Falcon vs. Enterprise A.

    32. Zomagedon

      22:06 you could just put Deadpool up against spawn

    33. Teague Vox


    34. Le Boss Gaming

      Ok would win statistically speaking

    35. MrThegio65656pl

      This fight was awesome. So glad Tatsumaki won tho. Can't believe people thought mob would win lol even tho it looked like he almost did XD

    36. DBZ Guru

      I wouldn’t even say psychic energy is comparable to TNT at all. So that’s wrong already. In any show/anime I’ve watched, psychic abilities almost make it seem like an object is weightless. Like it’s not even there. Comparing abilities like that to the force of TNT, which actually uses force, is un-comparable.

    37. DBZ Guru

      So. Mob destroys her the entire fight. She summons a meteor and wins. But prior to that he blocked multiple buildings and a giant rock that was at least 50x the size of that meteor? Ok

      1. DBZ Guru

        SonicNTGD Because it’s called sarcasm

      2. SonicNTGD

        Why are you taking points from the animation? And he didn't block the meteor, she broke his shield. That wasn't enough to kill him, THEN she Thanos'd him via Mini Psychic Tornado.

    38. LuXsTaR LoNeWolF

      Ok they are making one punch man characters way too strong. But im no expert so... But i cant wait for the next one... Deadpool wins again... Lol

    39. Tori Aoi

      Brocoli Math Never thought i'd see the day.

    40. Traxsh Asta


    41. Ricard Josse

      please just accept that tatsumaki wins

    42. Talon Kenway

      17:45 when jotaro uses road roller on dio

    43. Talon Kenway

      17:23 when dio awakened Jotaro

    44. Raiko Seria

      Really? LOL...

    45. Space God

      damn i wish mob won. His character is so much better than tatsumaki.

    46. Unknown Weeb

      Guys,try Izayoi vs Rimuru Izayoi Light Novel vs Rimuru Web Novel My vote is Izayoi

    47. upstsrtfan gaming

      18:17 Tatsumaki you should have aimed for the head Mob i dont fell so good

    48. Hiyori Tokisada

      Actually, ONE has say about this. Normally, Tatsumaki > Mob. However at a certain point, Mob ??? can overcome Tatsumaki.

      1. flameknightdragon

        nope. He said he had no clue who would win between ??? mob and Tatsumaki. but feat wise ???% gets stomped.

    49. derek osgood

      Katara - Avatar VS Elsa - Frozen

    50. Michael Diaz

      You should do all might vs escanor

    51. Kai Graham

      Ever since y’all said android 18 could absorb....your results mean nothing at all ....and your research has no real credibility...regardless

    52. Bubba King 13

      Mob has too many forms. There are Forms that are much stronger than others. I think ??? form has different levels of ???? Cause I mean there was one where Mob was fighting what looks like a celestial being and he was completely black with white glowing eyes and when one of the beings caught him and wanted to eat him. He turned from Black to White and he became like a Nuclear BOmb destroying everything in it's path. Mob is much more OP.

    53. Семен Лепешкин

      Death Battle : Kratos vs Asura Kaneki vs Slenderman Raiden MGR vs Dante Zeus vs Deus Gaara vs Crocodile

    54. [O].[M].[A].[R] 20

      El mismo one el creador de one punch man y mob dijo que mob le gana a tatsumski

    55. mr inferno

      One punch man vs seven deadly sins escanor

    56. Joshuazilla 2015

      It should have been Joshuazilla Vs Deadpool because Joshuazilla killed him before.

    57. Mryummysushi

      By now you've probably heard of Blu ..*click*.....*click* aaaaaalte *SLAM*!!

    58. Jonathan Cedrick

      You don't know who is Mob Psycho 😂, Bug on your Video😂😂

    59. Mw yrt

      They should do Dracule Mihawk VS Kirito from sao

    60. Cloude Maxuel

      Meh... Why did I even bother thinking deathbattle was credible...

      1. Jaden Glanton

        Cloude Maxuel give me ONE reason on why mob should have won this