MHW: Iceborne - Raging Brachydios & Furious Rajang

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    Get ready for the most brutal brawls of your hunting careers... Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang will blast and punch their ways into #Iceborne this March for PS4 and Xbox One, and April for PC.


    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Brenton Taylor

      Everybody gangsta till Brachy's theme gets vocals

    2. VGE

      Rajang isn't they add another one. Yay. Here I am waiting for a fun monster, like Great Jaggi, or Lagiacrus. But no... *Rajang Two.* Ugh.

    3. ElektrozDynamix

      From 0:50 to 0:53 Not gonna lie, is it just me or did I just hear sounds of velociprey/giaprey? If it is then could it be a meaning of something to come to Iceborne?

      1. Qsdfgh

        Its you.

    4. QuadricKnight

      Will i finnaly get thoes Brachydios Duel Blades and LongSword?

      1. Alex Mercer


    5. Subham Munda

      Now only Bloodbath diablo is required to pissed world.

    6. Knight Noitxe

      We're 300% dead. I love you capcom xDDD Also please put Darkeater Midir or Kalameet in there, plz and ty

    7. Alexander Armstrong

      New event quest “Is that a jojo reference?” Objective: slay monsters Raging Brachydios Savage deviljho

    8. Thot Banisher

      2 really annoying monsters getting even worse

    9. Fieldy Snutts

      Thats great and all but the community has long been asking for mecha great jagras and proto dodogama

    10. Jack Nesmith

      I like it how raging brachy gets more time then furious rajang Also I wonder when we will get kulve turoth and master rank armor

      1. Qsdfgh

        Then furious rajang what?

    11. The Foil Demon Enraged

      *quest abandoned*

    12. Deathstocker EW

      "Anger issues" update.

    13. Samuel Baker

      I know my first game was World but I can still tell my days are numbered.

    14. Davilas Vas

      Looks like Raging went beyond Super Saiyan.

    15. Camste325

      Best birthday gift for those who have leap year birthdays

    16. Erich Johnson

      There's going to be tempered versions of these

    17. Bishop Holt


    18. Ambre Glorieux

      Quand est la sortie des 2 nouvelles variantes

    19. Derrick Haggard

      Furious Rajang is back "Starts having scarred MH4U flashbacks" Oh no oh no not him anybody but him suddenly my confidence surrounding hunts just went down to 0 real fast.

    20. bola shop


    21. Demagogines

      Awesome stuff. But I wonder if they will do another colaboration some time in the future. We had FF and the Witcher, but do you know where there are also hunters ? Indeed, Bloodborne . That would be something of epic proportions.

      1. Squigga tentacles

        yeah it would be cool but ya know, ps4 exclusive 🙃

      2. Sunbro Solaire

        That could actually work perfectly now that I think about it. Maybe the lore could be something like the Amygdala at the Cathedral Ward snatching up a beast like Blood-Starved Beast and bring it to the hunting world.

    22. DanielKzy

      MHW: prepare to cart

    23. Neos4500

      The cart felynes are gonna make a fortune next month.

    24. FrankyRos

      Ooo mierda voy a preparar mi culo para la paliza que me van a dar

    25. The Heat

      Rajang is going ssj3 fused with kaioken

    26. William Caesar

      Fuck them up with all safijivas weapons easily.

      1. Alex Mercer

        They'll probably be so strong that even with Safi gear they'll still be a hard challenge

    27. King of flames

      I wonder what Furious' theme will sound like. I'm imagining an onslaught of tribal war chants

    28. Anay Singh

      no body noticing how they also gave Furious its own theme >:c

      1. Anay Singh

        Oh ok, thank you

      2. Jinosakru

        @Anay Singh The small section of the Rajang theme we hear in this trailer plays during the cutscene with Rajang and Kirin. It plays when Rajang pounds its fists down. Raging Brachydios got a new theme, so I'm sure Furious Rajang will get one too, it's just that we've already heard that particular piece of music played at the end of the trailer before.

      3. Anay Singh

        That part of the theme for when Furious appears is not in Rajang's theme

      4. Sunbro Solaire

        No they didn't. Raging has one though.

    29. Gerardo Padilla Villarreal

      Me after the trailer: i’m going to die 😨😨😨

    30. Kanta

      all that rajang tail farming led to this? will we make it? was it worth it? did we win? will we survive the rajang rodeo?

    31. Ajukreyzi

      I don't think they will be well designed, most of the endgame monsters aren't. There are the really cool fights, like Odogaron, Savi,Jhiva, Shara Ishvalda, Namielle, Vaal Hazak, Velkhana to name a few. Then there are the normal, still very entertaining monsters like Rathalos and Rathian, Anjanath, Glavenius, Tigrex, Nergi and co. But then there are the joke monsters which have zero entertainment in fighting them. Gold Rathian (i do a 360 spin attack every 5 seconds to fuck melees), Stygian Zinogre (you can't see shit because everything is full of red lightning and then i do 360 spin attacks, or Body Bombs out of nowhere), Silver Rathalos (I only have 1/4 of the HP of a normal monster but i'm flying 90% of the fight so it's fine) Lunastra (friends call me Michael Bay). But most of all Rajang. Like Kirin he's not that hard to kill, but the whole fight just isn't fun to play. I mean you're risking your life to tenderize a part, and then you basically hope to get a 5 second window to attack that part before the tenderize wears off. Also he's in constant motion, 90% of the fight you're dodging attacks and chase him and hope for a small attack window. Same goes for the others.

      1. KFC finger licker

        I'm too pessimistic. Most ice borne designs are just like massive almost unavoidable hitbox fests with God damn AoE attacks that almost cover the whole god damn area. Seeing the two new monsters. I can already foresee the entire area will be covered with lightning or lava with giant unavoidable hitboxes that are combed every .5 milliseconds. Unfortunately, the Monster Hunter community is now filled with elitists and masochists. For you ever so dare to question the game, be prepared to be faced with the backlash that is the sound of an obese kid with the breath of Mcdonalds.

    32. UnoriginalBraker

      It's gonna be fun bodying these guys after I learn how they work.

    33. latinoheat612

      Im not worried about brach or rajang, im worried about those poor cats who will carry thousands of fainted hunters back to base

    34. rex flame vermillion

      Raging brachydios isn't charging up you fool that's his stand Za waruldo ! He's stopping time then makes a Roda Rolla da ! To smash he's victims to the ground !

    35. Bryye

      *E X T R E M E A N G E R*

    36. Wolfgang1804 Flory

      Me: Still having trouble trying to kill raging brach in mhgu Also me when I see he’s now in iceborne: 🙃

    37. Ross Kliebenstein

      yeah glad im done with this game, that doesnt even sound fun lmao

      1. TheBigMeech

        @Sunbro Solaire Imagine a USsel comment this seriously

      2. Sunbro Solaire

        You saw like 7 attacks and said it won't be fun. Your loss.

    38. NiaAlterEGO

      another 4U monster at this rate i hoped someday we could get Fatalis/White Fatalis in MHW

    39. sam


    40. Hadeshi.

      i hope they make a unique turf war between Raging Brachydios and Seething Bazelgeuse

    41. Guillolife

      Getting goose bumps from that Raging Brachy theme. I can't wait to have the full song.

    42. Toy Magmadon 07

      C()()L Music

    43. Brianna Fielder

      *Capcom* Yeah we're gonna add Furious Rajang too. *Guy who mocapped his movements* :D

    44. Mir Sodansky

      Raging Brachy's Ultimate Move is straight outta JoJo's Bizzare Adventures that Poor Floor got the "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA WRRRRYYYY!!" *EXPLOSION SLIME BUKKAKE ERUPTION*

    45. Justin Quiñones

      0:22 *when I get a 99% on my grade and I confront my Asian mom*

    46. Copper

      0:22 This Supernova attack is on par with the Safire of the Emperor in terms of sheer spectacle.

    47. Jim Y ang

      Muda Muda Muda Muda

    48. Takemikazuchi321

      no way variant brachyios and rajang is going to appear in mhw iceborn holy crap

    49. olivier gence

      Deja le brachydios de base est chiant mais la il balance de la lave je vais deceder 😭

    50. CaptainNoodle

      First timers on facing Raging Brachydios: "Oh it's just a recolor, this should be ea-why there are vocals in the battle music now?"

    51. Trevor Musser

      They should put these 2 in a turf war with seething

      1. Trevor Musser

        Leostar no I just mean I wanna see em fight I wanna See a interaction with brach’s Slime and bazels bombs And I wanna see rajang against bazel since he had one against jho and they’ll probably tie since both rajang and bazel tie with jho

      2. Leostar

        seething isn't that strong, he's just annoying compared to the "perma rage" monsters like these 2 and savage

    52. yung yeen

      so brachys nova blocks off the exits of the area and rajang has multiple grab animations. this isnt your old world kinda hunt is it

    53. Guardian

      Monster Hunter eventually just becomes Monster Survive at this point.

    54. NomaD87

      "No life" nerds jerking because they see a monkey in computer game OMG :D

      1. Sunbro Solaire

        The hell are you talking about, lol. This game was on console first and primate monsters have existed since the oldest games. I bet you haven't played a single one of these games.

      2. TheBigMeech

        Someone's cranky

    55. zu-me ganollo

      Me sees the new trailer Me: A fine addition to my hat collections

    56. Kevin De La Rosa

      0:40 wait, did rajang grab a hunter and smash him into the ground. Oh damn this going to be an epic cart!!!

      1. Copper

        Holy shit I didn’t see that

    57. Laughing Boi

      Hunter: * looks in general direction of monster * Seething Bazelgeuse, Raging Brachydios, Furious Rajang, Savage Deviljho: *THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SHIT*

    58. gage bowen

      This is gonna be a long night

    59. Unbound King

      what if you wanted to use Blast Res 3 but raging brachy said road roller da

    60. liam hopkins

      awsome vid I cant wait to fight them