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    Since the release of the band’s debut album 'Oracular Spectacular' in 2007, MGMT has become a fan favorite for both casual music fans as well as a number of rappers. The group’s psychedelic sound and experimental music choices are a staple of their tracks, and show up in hip-hop as direct samples and clever interpolations.
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    1. Danielle Boyce

      the nostalgia is real

    2. Bentley Azure

      The marathon continues RIP Neighborhood Nip

    3. Jozey Lagoy

      Searchin all day in the streets for DMT!!!!

    4. Shahinur Miah

      Ohhh shit I loved that opposite of adults song as a kid man and subsequently all the other songs in this like cudis and franks and of course the original

    5. icemygooch

      Wow I’m so happy y’all noticed mgmt been rocking to them for a minuteeeeee

    6. Uno• •

      Who else played FIFA 09 and used to hear Kids in it all the time 👇👇👇

    7. Jake Esco

      Use someone else for the VO

    8. Preston Rutherford

      *Little Dark Age* is my favourite album of the decade.

    9. cashmere official

      Fucking love mgmt and love how all the music i like all is connected in some way

    10. Alan Adan

      Nipsey Hussle Samples Electric feel in Call from the bank 🏦 The Marathon mixtape

    11. 2% MILK

      This band is awesome

    12. Wickedkitty9856

      I always just listened to them they are a really good duo but I never new they how influential they were - wow

    13. Thatgirl Courtney Harris

      NBA Young boy made wipe

    14. Sundeep Pathak

      Agree with this 100%. I've been listening to MGMT and preaching this for the longest.


      I👻See👻MGMT👻GHOSTS👻In The😱Hip😱Hop😱Machine😱

    16. Watery Reptile

      Lmao I found Kid Cudi cause I liked MGMT and Ratatat.

    17. Asia Smith

      Electric feel will foreva hold a place in my heart

    18. Jesse Gonzalez

      Yo if you haven't listened to MGMT ,you gotta do it it'll change your life

    19. Tate Fitzgibbons

      I always thought of the Pursuit of happiness chorus to only be cudi singing

    20. Wadud Khan

      Time to pretend was used in the Spider-Man homecoming trailer ❤️🕸️💪

    21. Herbert Ngoge

      oracular spectacular only went gold?? wtf

    22. I Cypher


    23. rickmccaw

      it would suck to name your band something cool only to have everyone pronounce it wrong. Its THE MANAGEMENT. Not Em- Gee- Em- Tee. damn these dudes been around a minute too... fucked up

    24. Elle Hogg

      me and michael feels like having a bonfire on the beach in the middle of summer in montage form but also the season finale in a murder mystery show and i can’t explain why

    25. Elle Hogg

      mgmt just throws me back to different times in my life and hits me in the feelings

    26. Kana Beats

      mannn that chiddy bang song was my JAM in middle school

    27. VVl


    28. Yohance Brown

      Still listening to MGMT in 2019 who with me

    29. ActIgnorant

      ah that mac part had me sad...

    30. Iris Kiflom

      One of the best bands ever

    31. Dog Fella

      Love MGMT, great video

    32. Nathaniel Hudson

      Legends in their own right.

    33. oWayWard -

      I didn't even know they had any influence. I listen to them and others when I get bored of listening to rap. Which is often. Niggas need to tighten up and stop sounding the same. But MGMT the truth. The little dark age album was lit, climbing to new lows issa classic.

    34. Kaivon Longmire

      So MGMT had no impact on rap or hip hop. No one remembers chiddy bang, Frank and Kid Cudi dont make hip hop or rap. So new MGMT Album in the works?

    35. mynameskyla


    36. Markel Payne

      “Do what you feel now !”

    37. Semi-Relatable Rants

      MGMT’s Self Titled is still their best album tho

      1. Preston Rutherford

        Understandable, I personally have Congratulations and Little Dark Age tied for No. 1

    38. Marvin Rodriguez

      Kid Cudi 4 Life

    39. Heidi G.

      Honestly how could you not love their sound

    40. Always_Serpico

      Electric Feel is still the shit.