Melanie Martinez - Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) [Official Audio]

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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Sorka Lee

      Wanna get that A plus Smart people: y u struggling it easy

    2. Alex Viramontes

      Me notices video has 5.1k Dislikes: WHYYYYY?! Me: this is to good to have so many of le dislikes RIDICULOUS!

    3. Valen 7w7

      Si no hay nadie que hable español acá me largo a llorar Ok no

    4. Edgy Alex

      Omg that kitty is so cute

    5. lps I am a nerd _ BOI

      You copyed Billie eilish's song name

      1. je nn

        Many songs have the name copycat that doesn't mean she copied billie lol

    6. YourLordAri!

      this is nurse's office jealous sister !!

    7. Jacqueline Silva

      stop talking about Mel and Billie lol I just need the lyrics

    8. charlotte's _world

      Everyone: "Stop saying she copied Billie!!" Me: *Listens to this song on repeat for an unhealthy amount of time each day*

    9. Autumn The Demigod

      Guys, stop comparing Melanie and Billie. They’re completely different people and genres. And neither of them copied eachother. There’s a vocaloid song called copycat too so why y’all not bringing that up. This song is a highkey bop btw.

    10. Imperator Subira Abel

      So this cat "blinks" but is not moving trough whole video. I mean, you could just put cat, why make it "blink"? By "blink" I mean that this cat is closing its eyes in 60% then going back. Btw eyelashes.

    11. well that sucks

      I dont see any copying?

    12. Jessica Barradas

      Bro can u please stop saying that Melanie copied the song "copy cat"

    13. Soliloquio /


    14. Haruka Mitsuki

      Tbh that cat is creepy and ugly :|

    15. Itz Tiny

      El comentario en español q estabas buscando xd

    16. Miguel Gonzalez


    17. Mrs.Spicer

      Tierra Whack did GREAT!!!! Nobody gonna talk about that huh?

    18. KEIRA :3


      1. Billie xox


      2. stream goblin - sulli

        im confused?

      3. stream goblin - sulli

        how are they related?

    19. Brandee Nicholas

      Over my shoulder...... I love all Melanie's songs especially this song it's good!

    20. Luna_Cookieee 24

      She made all of this song she made a.... *comeback* stop saying things pliz she made it when everyone thought she was dead about 2 years ago...

    21. Gacha Kitty

      Love u melenie Martinez is the best

      1. Gacha Kitty

        Who love melenie Martinez sing copy cat

    22. Zepeto dancer girl

      I love you're song I'm a big fan my favorite is copy cap and in k-12 my favorite song is recess my second is show i have more song i like that you made is fire drill in k-12?

    23. Typical Taylor

      Another good song by Melanie!! This is amazing I love how you collaborated with Tierra Whack! Keep it up!!

    24. luciana contreras

      Copycat you just wanna copy the glamour of Billie

      1. Noob Rekt

        @•mercury the planet• eh, none of them are better, personally they're both equally great. Have you heard the 'No Time To Die' song? that's for james bond! Melanie made a movie herself!

      2. •mercury the planet•

        Melanie is better anyway and melanie wrote this song way before billie did

      3. Noob Rekt

        Sigh. How does in any way, *ANY* way does this sound like the song? The only way she copied the song is if she copied assets from the song, not the title.

      4. Zoe The_Potato UwU


    25. Taylight Swiftie

      This comment sections is worse than Pewds’s 💀😭

    26. ok Boomer

      Omg how are you so talented 💗

    27. luciana contreras

      She is a copycat

      1. •mercury the planet•

        @luciana contreras she wrote this song way before billie did

      2. luciana contreras

        @Zoe The_Potato UwU and i didn't say that Billie invent the word copycat

      3. Zoe The_Potato UwU

        Bish shush. Billie didn't invent the word copycat

      4. love blue Gacha

        I know right??

    28. The_Haramboy_ 420

      ShE CoPiED BIlLY!!!!

      1. luciana contreras

        I knowww

      2. love blue Gacha

        I know!!!!

    29. Definitely not Makayla

      I think melanie and doja cat would make a really great song

      1. Abbey Swaim


    30. Víctor Manuel Ballesteros García

      I LOVE THIS SONG. Es más que fantástico.

    31. Renhiac

      Why are people talking about Billie eilish, I just got reminded of the Gumi song lol

    32. Ashbuggy

      Am I going crazy or is Thar is something in the cats eyes reflection??

    33. zorrita 71


    34. XiXi Gonzales

      She cute tho..

    35. love blue Gacha

      melanie I love you but you are a copycat dont copy billie

      1. love blue Gacha

        @Random Noodles I like it but I feel she copied

      2. love blue Gacha

        @• G O O S I E • brooo billie is beautiful and malanie too I just feel like she copied billie

      3. Copy Cat

        @Random Noodles well said

      4. Copy Cat

        Guys lets just let this off. There's too much hate happening here. If y'all wanna talk shit or spread hate about her, i not here to stop u. Im just trying to let you understand that people can have the same idea( by not copying duhhh ) because Billie didnt invent the word 'copycat'. I dont hate on Billlie, i listen to her songs too(which is amazing too). There are many more artist that uses the term 'copycat' for their songs too. If yall hate on her why bother even listen to her songs.. I really hope u understand that. Idc if ure still think Melanie copied Billie but i wont stop you too frpm think like that. :)

      5. Random Noodles

        I honestly didn't want to get involved in this but 1. Just because songs have the same title doesn't mean it's copying and 2. If you don't like the song then don't listen to it and go listen to someone you do like.

    36. Unknown_Potatoe

      No one: Me: I just wanna know when the official music video coming out

    37. emanuelly diniz

      Melanie gostei muito da sua música copy cat não para de ouvir e nem de cantar sou sua fã a 4 anos e se pudesse eu iria morar do seu lado,queria pelo menos te ver Sei que eu não ia me aguentar e ia correr para te abraçar.Eu sei,sou pequena mas sei me espresar a quem gosto... Sou nova mas sei amar a quem me ama... Te amo muito Melanie martinez Já ia me esquecer não se esqueça que todas suas músicas são muito melhores que da bille O nome da música pode ser o mesmo mas a dela não chega nem perto...

    38. qwakxox

      wow this comment section is a mess

      1. Abbey Swaim

        For real😂

    39. e-e- exxi.

      I've been listening to snippets of "where do babies come from?" n i really want to hear it as a whole. the covers i find on yt is good n all but i really want to hear you sing it. if u see this Melanie plz heart this, just let me know u see this comment.❤️❤️

    40. ItzAlanaa Videos

      People saying she copied Billie how she copying Billie she didn't she nothing that Billie said in her song🧐🧐

      1. •mercury the planet•

        @luciana contreras lmao do you realize what you just said

      2. niah pjm

        @luciana contrerasoh i see... your brain must be on your ass

      3. luciana contreras

        Brooo you are sooo wrong she said copycat and Billie said copycat too

    41. GustA

      She keeps it :v

    42. GustA

      After all the originality she has proven...

    43. Jackson Silva

      "Femanista" 1:40

      1. • G O O S I E •

        God? Is that you??

      2. Canal da fã


    44. 5ANA

      If someone really said she’s copying billie eilish then just comment in their replies

    45. Honey _safari

      I would kinda like it more without tierra but the songs still bomb (no hate it’s still fire,sry if this offends anyone its a personal opinion x)

      1. Abbey Swaim

        It ruins the whole vibe!!!

      2. Abbey Swaim


    46. Smurfzinha chan:3


    47. Cori Quillen

      I thought this was a mix of billie ellishes cover copycat


      This is not Billyelish

    49. Fran454lc YT

      and seen this before copycat has already been the title of the billie eilish song

      1. Noob Rekt

        ..and Cooycat was already the name of a Vocaloid song before Billie Made it. None of these people copied anyone.

    50. Leticia Rodrigues Schmitz

      1:40 Melanie falando feminixxxta = tudo pra mim

      1. Canal da fã

        siiiim ♡

    51. Victoria sejour

      Just because BILLIE and Melanie Martinez both have a song called copycat DOESNT mean they copied each other I mean at least THEY BOTH HAVE DIFFERENT LYRICS

    52. Rubys_Gaming 35

      Nobody: Me: iS thAt a FeAtuRinG?

    53. Pea Pod

      She's not copying Billie eilish sounds nothing like Billie plus I luv it

    54. aaliyah.uwuowo

      Can everyone enjoy the song? 😂

    55. milena


    56. Gicelia Souza


    57. Marla May

      i love this song but i hate that stupid "OOHO OHOOOH OBRROOOO O" background noise at 2:34