Meanwhile... Is It OK To Say "OK, Boomer"?

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    Meanwhile... Is it problematic for people to say "OK, Boomer" as a way to tease older folks on social media? #Colbert #LSSC #Comedy
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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. pcosta816

      Those opening McDonald’s jokes were really bad

    2. Devin Harp

      It's more of the fact that "ok boomer" is being used as an escapist tactic instead of acknowledging irrational and illogical mindset and behaviorism within the modern generation. That's what boomers are upset about.

    3. Smough Foe

      Ok boomer

    4. Tajai Calip

      People should be able to say the truth. What should not be accepted is imprisoning People who can say what their truth is and prove it. I want to know why are all these Men who keep the violence going still being able to go from one Woman or Man, and keep sleeping around with them. If a Woman does it once. She is the cause of every Man who was killed for having an affair. Not that I have ever caused such nonsense. America get a clue. The only ones allowing to keep assembling are the ones getting innocent People killed. We are being prevented from socializing for not being so destructive. I am not upset to NOT associate with the weakest Women and Men in this mess. I am upset that I have to be around them. I am ready to gather around People like myself who can care less. I don't have time to be imprisoned for weak Characters. President Trump needs to address who is who and stop violators from coming to my home. OR do not allow the four Government Agencies to call me crazy when I do something about it. Like unlawfully hold my compensation overdue.

    5. Graham Wilson

      Me: ok boomer Science teacher that is a boomer: get out now

    6. Staw

      Ok boomer

    7. Epic Fazlija

      Ok boomer

    8. Precise

      Before I scroll through the comments, I can only imagine what the majority could possibly say

    9. Tuii Yeah


    10. Mule The Donkey

      There has to be a ton of systematic oppression and extreme ageism for it to be the same thing.

    11. Mule The Donkey

      Oh stop being so soft

    12. Kevin Counihan

      OK, I'm a 'Boomer', so what. I have all I need, a house, a car, no debts, money in the bank, and I'm retired so I don't need a job. You all can blame us for what you now have to live with but I'm probably going to die soon and wiln't care any more. If you don't like the world we left you with, well then too bad, I don't give a shit. It's yours now, live with it or not. Blaming me for what you have (or don't) is not of my concern, and shitting on me wiln't make your life any better. And just so you know I didn't bring any kids into this world as I saw how crappy the world was turning into. If you have anyone to blame it is YOUR parents, not me. If you don't like the world you live in - then fix it for yourselves. I didn't make this mess, look to the wealthy raping the world economy, political and religious corruption and propaganda for the guilty. We've become the target for what is wrong, but we are not to blame as a generation. Deal with it. 11-18-2019.

    13. Mind_of_madness 515

      Ok boomer

    14. i drink tears

      ok boomer

    15. Michael Short

      There's nothing wrong with the phrase except that it's irritating. and I'm not a boomer, although I wish I was. bering part of the Australian National basketball team would be pretty amazing.

    16. Sad Peep

      Grandpa overdosed on pop tarts

    17. IamFirtyDucker

      Some of Colbert’s jokes here are awful and really not funny.

    18. JettTheWolf696

      Honestly whenever somebody uses "ok boomer" as a cop-out in a debate I just reply "ok, snowflake"

    19. MapleJokerRofl

      Ok boomer

    20. salty

      ok boomer

    21. MGR1900

      As a GenX’er when someone says “Ok Boomer” to a GenXer, I think to myself, “Oh, isn’t that cute?”

      1. Vegoid :D

        MGR1900 ok zoomer

    22. Doge Lover

      Think about this. He wrote out the full word Boomer while he just wrote the shortened phrase the n-word. I think that if Boomer was as offensive as the n word, why didn’t he just type the full version of the n word. it’s obviously more offensive if your to afraid to spell it or say it. Thank you for coming to my ted talk :)

    23. Avalautte

      Meanwhile in a parallel universe where “OK Boomer” is not offensive. It’s a compliment.

    24. The Late Night Documentary Channel

      Since saying "Okay "is a racist phrase liberals are exposing themselves as racists when they say "Okay boomer ".

    25. Adolf Hitler

      ok boomer

    26. David C

      I'm young but young people should open their eyes and realize this: Your precious cell phone, Internet, and apps exist, and hell, YOU exist at all because of the boomers. The Greatest Generation had been through WW1, WW2, the Great Depression and if they hadn't done what they had done, none of us would be here so I suggest you open your eyes and choose your battles. It was the Boomers and prior that led a society where you could leave your doors and windows unlocked, not worry about your kid being taken by someone or wandering 50 feet away from you in the store, and had made the greatest advances in technology mankind has ever seen. I fear the day the power grid goes down for 5 days, people are so spoiled and can't even handle being without their phone for a couple hours. Most 30 year old men can't even change a tire, we have become a nation of wimps. Now crime and everybody being so touchy about everything. Remember these other countries like Russia and China are disciplined, and most of their regular citizens know how to rough it when they need to. We are in for some bad times if we don't start toughening up.

      1. Vegoid :D

        David C We aren’t talking about the G.I. Generation. It’s the Baby Boomers specifically, don’t bring them into this. We acknowledge the achievements of previous generations, but we don’t appreciate the hypocritical bullshit they try to tell us sometimes.

      2. David C

        @ivan keep following the sheep ;)

      3. ivan

        OK Boomer

    27. Joseph Lawndale

      "iS iT oKaY tO sAy oKaY bOoMeR" as if boomers knew better how to tackle the issues this current generation face.

    28. Jared Houdini

      Cab boomers stop talking about the meme on late night please?

    29. Troy Roberts

      Ok bÖÖmer

    30. cdoep

      Yes, yes it is! Gen z and Millenials are united! Boomers fucked two generations. Fuck them and their snowflake insults!

      1. Walker Of The Skies

        cdoep What about sjws? Are they not snowflakes

    31. Secretly a celebrity

      I seriously think its crazy that the high up guy at mcdonalds got sacked for getting some.

    32. Jonathan Berman

      Humans Like Cookies!

    33. rDk2048

      What do they do to the crowd to make them laugh so hard at everything? Their laughs feel so fake.

    34. Blank Color

      Ok boomer

    35. TheReviewSpace

      Aa a Jets mark....he's right.

    36. nerd Surfer


    37. CringeLord21

      Ok boomer

    38. Sonic Eclipse

      Ok boomer

    39. Newo

      Kid: oK BOomEr Grandpa: REEEEEEEEEE

    40. the explorer

      Ok zoomer

    41. aaron leech

      This man needs to be on the no making fun of these boomers list

    42. leowo

      ok boomer

    43. Ernesto Orocio

      Ok BomMeR

    44. Gains

      Ok boomer , your show is lame and your not funny

    45. YPG Skylight

      Ok boomer

    46. Jackson Zongolowicz

      Ok boomer

    47. Dorcho gaming

      O K B O O M E R

    48. Diego Meza

      ok boomer

    49. Heather Allen

      I see alot of joke comments saying how old people say "oh we're not so sensitive" etc and then get offended when someone calles them a boomer. I don't think it's cuz they're sensitive about it, it's just how use millennials use it sometimes. Like when an elderly person speaks their opinion on a serious topic, and a young person thinks that's an opinion that shouldn't be thought in today's society. So they say "OK boomer". Its probably the fact we're judging them for their opinion on something they find serious. Like I'm sure if a young person had the same opinion as the elderly folk then they wouldn't be called boomer but instead called a bigot or a homophobe. And I've seen some, to be fair quite sad, millennials who have been offended when their friend jokingly calls them a boomer. It shouldn't offend people if it's apparently a "joke", which is why I think some elderly people find it disrespectful to be called that.

      1. BBlaze __

        Heather Allen ok boomer

    50. Alex Garibay

      ok boomer

    51. gothatway09

      A lot of the younger Millennials and Gen Z are actually calling Gen Xers "Boomers". Yes I know you guys are talking about "the Boomer mindset", not the actual age, but most of the people they seem to making fun of are 40 year olds. 40 year olds are Gen X. Baby Boomers are 60 and 70 year olds.

    52. road runner

      Orange man bad Audience : Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaahwaaahahwqhwhawhawhahahwhaha

    53. G C

      Colbert is a Bummer.

    54. JC Lingad

      OK Booomer

    55. Angel Sanchez

      ok boomer

    56. GARZ0 KONG

      Ok boomer

    57. Little Hawk


    58. Fate_Bound

      Ok boomer

    59. Another MGTOW Monk

      As a Gen X I find this very funny. Narcissistic boomers have destroyed the western world, selling out to China etc etc.