Mary Cain wins US Women's 1 Mile Indoor title - Universal Sports 2013, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, National Indoor Track and Field Championship, The 16 year old phenom Mary Cain finished with a time of 5:05.68, winning the race by nearly a second. Cain waited till the last 200m to pull away from the pack and easily take this race. (Watch the full event at

Published on 6 years ago


  1. Adam Levine

    Katelyn Tuohy later set the mile high school record of 4:33

  2. ratliff2006

    And then she joined the Nike Project and her career was ruined

    1. soufi laou

      @HB Net The NYT piece is very disingenuous, she had her biggest and best results/records while being coached with Salazar.

    2. HB Net

      You don't see she is already coached by Salazar in this race (the guy with chrono in his hands). What happened to Mary Cain is a bad transition from puberty to adult age in terms of Tracks & Field standards.

  3. Danielle Kearns

    Whose watching after the interview?

  4. Sydney Broberg

    I’m confused- I ran with several girls in high school that had faster mile times

    1. Sydney Broberg

      sarah marshall no i understand that. It’s just shocking that this is a race for a US title when their times don’t reflect that

    2. sarah marshall

      this was a tactical race lol.. her best is 4:24

  5. Jeff Toreson

    sub 2:10 last 800m

  6. run Caz

    The video starts at about 2min. They are all jogging. NEXT VIDEO please.

  7. Linkmon99

    They ran a 2:55 then a 2:10, unless you're a 4:3x miler that would burn you too haha

  8. A-Frame-Wedge

    Katelyn Tuohy a sophomore in HS ran a 4:33 outdoor mile.

  9. Robert Clint


  10. kg062007

    And now Mary Cain is irrelevant in running. Just because a person does something great at a young age does not mean they will keep doing it.

  11. Skyelight

    This really isn't slow, especially for a 16 year old girl. When I first started running, I was doing 15 minute miles because I had to walk on every curve. With lots of hard work, I got my time down to 6:46. I was around her age when I did that. It's really difficult.

  12. annihilationHaven

    Can't watch this.. too attractive

  13. Jarret Heller

    "...she is absolutely the future of American distance running." Eleven yr old Katelyn Touhy said "Challenge accepted".

    1. KOMROOK

      Future ? LOL......she is done.....have a look at this corpulent cherub.

    2. Chika Efobi

      @speedrunner784 you gotta chill out.

    3. speedrunner784

      Really bitch? Neither are the future, I beat their times with my 4:28, 15 btw.

  14. Paul Blaha

    It seems that any race over 800 meters is the same...jog until the last lap...200 meters left... it's time to move out...

    1. god don 1

      There jog is like your sprint you fat ugly slob

  15. tman2469

    Mary is AMAZING!!!!

  16. Robert Clint

    I wonder if Salazar gave her drugs

  17. I question everything

    Even though the pace looked slow the pace they were running would have killed the average person--like me

  18. joe pelly

    this is a joke!!! disqualify all of them!!!

    1. Baker4life777

      Watch the 4xmile when Edward chessereck was in college. It was the funniest anchor leg I ever seen

  19. Carl Mape

    5:05 is a weak time for this.

  20. Randall Hill

    She certainly flamed out. Whitney, Baisden, Cain... they can't all be Allyson Felix.

  21. Carl Mape

    This track is weak

  22. Carl Mape

    Why are they running so slow? 5:05 for a mile is NOT good at all. Girl at my High School ran 4:50 at CIF Southern Section

    1. Brendan Berney

      Maybe it's great for the average person, but 5:05 is a time that many high school freshmen achieve. We're talking national champion here, which is kind of pathetic

    2. phoenix21studios

      HAHAHA. a 5 minute mile is not easy in any way shape or form. Most people cant even run an entire mile. Many people can muster a 9 minute mile and an 8 min mile is fast for just an average person. 6 minute mile is average good for normal casual runners.

  23. Justine Kiprotich

    Well she quit, soo

  24. LIKEABO$$

    wow her standing posture is horrendous.

  25. Tone202

    This time was nothing to brag about in the diamond league but it was fast for a sixteen year old. She's going to have to run 4:20 or less to beat the very best so good luck to her.

  26. Abbie Suarez

    Why are they running so slow

    1. LIKEABO$$

      leading drains more than following. they were being strategic.

  27. Martiea Hill

    she certainly has fallen off the face of the earth as it pertains to middle distances.

    1. Im Champ

      It's sad, I was just wondering what's up with her afternoon USA's last week and came to watch some old memories

    2. Britain Reynolds

      Seriously, where did she go?

  28. Emily E

    She didn't purposely elbow someone, she always runs with her elbows jutting out.

  29. Latrell Hunter

    all these negative comments but as a middle distance runner myself I acknowledge that no one wanted to take the lead. I've been in 1500m races in college where no one wanted to take the lead and I refused to be the rabbit so we went out 2:26 first 800 and finished 4:12. stuff like this happens all the time. and I'm a 3:53 guy for the 1500. most of the guys in that race were decent sub 4 guys but it was conference and it turned tactical.

    1. cyoungrun1

      You ran the last 1/2 in 1:46, but your PR is only 3:53? Something's not adding up!

  30. Johnny Robinson

    that's what happens when you don't run to win

  31. paparon90fon

    Did Dana Meckie think the race was over at 1400 meters? 2:52

    1. phoenix21studios

      she didnt equip an after burner it seems.

  32. Vanessa Jiao

    lmao too slow, nikki hiltz has a 4:43 mile, she ran that at age 16 as well

    1. Cofresh

      TheIrishrogue68 for dumass ppl who didn't know lol

    2. TheIrishrogue68

      Mary has run it in the 4:20s...this indoor race was a race of strategy not for time

  33. HuMuSuX

    lmao women running ahaha, i can go faster than that

    1. Amber D

      4 minute mile, doubt that... and these are women not men haha

  34. Jenna

    If you know running then you know this time is extremely slow for a race like this

    1. Brendan Berney

      Men's world record is 3:43, high school men's HS champion level is 3:59-4:05. That's the equivalent of a woman's 4:28-4:34

    2. phoenix21studios

      not really. the world record for women is 4:12.

  35. Matthew Rocha

    I do repeats this fast

    1. cyoungrun1

      Not impressive. Come back when you can do 6 times a mile at 4:30 pace with 3:00 rest between.

    2. Matthew Rocha

      More than 4

  36. Rose Wu

  37. clairebearbeauty8

    the high school indoor mile was won this year in 4:43 and cain ran a 4:28 in high school. honestly, it's just pathetic

    1. Azaming Xzc

      clairebearbeauty8 they don't have to do their best, they just have to win. Sometimes I guess those aren't the same thing :)

  38. firstbornjordan

    I'm perplexed. My 10 year old aussie daughter ran 5.30 and has exceeded winning over local women in 3km and 5km. She hung the boots up a year ago ... I did like the last two laps however, a taste of things to come. Good finish 16 yo.

  39. Tiffany Farfan

    My gosh people they are supposed to go slow so they set the pace and then outrun them. No good in making it so fast that you burn out.

    1. run Caz

      Tiffany Farfan "they"? Who are "they"? The entire field? I understand there will be those who feel like a slow 3/4 is to their benefit. But the entire field using this tactic is absurd, unless they all made an agreement to take it easy because they were doubling up in the 3,000 or 5,000 or whatever. Otherwise your comment makes no sense.

    2. Carl Mape

      Um no. They are running REALLY REALLY SLOW!

    3. Laney Owen

      not that slow

  40. Diego Solis

    Maybe if she wasn't tactical and just took off at the beginning at race she might have subbed 5 min.

    1. Greg Howard

      She could probably easily break 5

  41. randall hill

    She's a pro now and finding out it ain't always this easy.

    1. Dovahkiindoesstuff

      This comment did not age well

    2. Im Champ

      This was a pro race

  42. ImGheyBro

    Damn, I thought she was going to beat my time, what kind of title is this.

  43. Artur23

    jajaja yo hago le mismo tiempo en la milla solo hay un pequeño detalle soy hombre XD

  44. Ruby Jones

    All of them are such great runners, especially Cain, but I'm kinda surprised they didn't go faster tbh

    1. Memphis Applegate

      I think future races with Cain may be faster, especially after the World Junior 3000 victory. Running slow until the last 200 is a bad idea with Cain running. However, it is a non-issue with some professional races, as they hire good pacers to lead the race.

  45. Memphis Applegate

    This is why they have pacers in races. If you take out in a fast pace, in a race without a pacer, then you become the pacer. They even have paid pacers in big marathons now, as world class runners know the person in the lead is a sitting duck. This is why world records are rarely set in distance events at the Olympics; winning is much more important than a fast time, and going for a fast time will likely set you up for failure.

  46. MarvelousLunatix

    This is so crazy... I used to run cross country with Cain, not that I was any good, but it's just weird to think about how far she's gone

  47. Nicolas Cage

    good god that is slow!

  48. Aaron Kincaid

    know her sister! great people! hope she continues moving forward

  49. Kimberly Batdorf

    All these women are great runners of course, i'm just extremely confused why none of them put forth 100% effort in this race

  50. KevinMustard

    She is really goofy if you've ever seen an interview with her. But, what distance runner isn't..?

  51. Joshua Hyland



    think about this first 800-2.55 and second is 2.10 big pick up

  53. Lehmann Peters

    Oh my. You really don't know very much about track, do you?

  54. JeffersonDinedAlone

    A 5:05 mile? Fucking snails.

    1. Awesome Adam

      And what's yours lmao

  55. Emanuel Ibanez

    Yeah!!! I agree, they said she elbowed that woman but that's just Cain's form. Once that improves, wow!!! She'll be awesome

  56. Madi

    championships aren't about fast times you can't just try to gut it out when you're with this type of competition because they will hang on and can out-kick you if you arent careful.

  57. sbtbfanatic

    Cain has some wheels. I wonder how much time she could drop simply by improving her upper body form.

  58. Refined Reviews

    Know what a tactical race is. You start slower and finish stronger

    1. Awesome Adam

      Yes but the pickup was way too strong they just straught up started slow af

  59. Refined Reviews

    Obviously most of you don't