Making Custom Nail Polish Colors feat. Simply Nailogical

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    So a few months ago when Cristine was in Los Angeles for VidCon, we decided to drop by the Orly Color Lab in West Hollywood to mix up some custom nail polish colors (with a bit of adult supervision)! We got to make a custom nail polish for each of us as well as mix up a 3rd frankenpolish consisting of all of their polishes together! What do you think of our three shimmery creations?
    You can check out Cristine's collab video here!
    And Cristine's channel here!
    You can check out the Orly Color Lab here!
    Check out Erin Robinson's Orly Color Lab video here!
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    Colourpop Collab:
    Safiya's IG: safiyany
    Twitter: safiyajn
    Facebook: safnygaard/
    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden, Claire Wiley, Josie Latino, & Ben Chrobak-Prince
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Safiya Nygaard

      HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the delay here, we're in the last couple of weeks before our wedding and i am quite literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. hope you enjoy this lil video!! which polish color would you wear?? xoxo, saf

      1. -hxney. Mxlen-

        Safiya Nygaard I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤪

      2. Dakota Lymes

        S'all good.

      3. Almalki Linda

        I love your videos you’re so Maisie please shout me out

      4. Jessica Piggy Queen


      5. DragonWithCoffee


    2. wildflower Clouds

      Frankin-fora That would be a good name

    3. Djuanna Barker

      i think you should name the mix of all of the nail polish the franken berry

    4. Bianca Gudiel

      I just noticed it's the pan flag colors

    5. Laura Vaughan


    6. Not Botato

      I don’t Mouve

    7. Anna Fernandez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> I'm not gonna say anything else I'm feeling like it

    8. Gillian C

      through out you talking about the three colors on your fingers together all i could think was friends

    9. Arlette Casao Martinez

      You should have called the Franklin nail polish Franklin polish

    10. Andreas jones

      Can you tell Joey to try to add me to Escape the night Session 5?

    11. Nandini Devatwal

      Purple berries

    12. Cool. Sqaud

      Purple berry

    13. Grace and friends

      Move me

    14. Gayathri Seetharaman


    15. mimik604 Koehler

      I'm still wondering who took home the Franken nail polish

    16. Ridhima Singh

      Franken Mauve ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?

    17. tayla

      they’re like muted primary colors i love them together 🥺

    18. Izabella Mac

      You could of named it “the unknown” or something🤷‍♀️

    19. Saffron Singh

      Mauve Aside

    20. Aleena Wagner

      I would name it "franken mauve"

    21. Casey-jane Simpson

      You should name it that was a good mauvie

    22. Peyton Baune

      I think the name should be Franken-ora

    23. made in china

      Sumouve is the name

    24. It’s Aubree Your girl


    25. Lemon McCunt

      This mauves my heart

    26. Antoinette Marlow

      "Let's Mauve in together" would be my vote for names!

    27. *.artsy_alien.*

      Let's name it simplysaf simply is in and safiya is in too SIMPLYSAF hope you like it 😊😁

    28. Itz the Creepz


    29. Kara Dawson

      Frankly is the name

    30. ATM Sadder


    31. Sapphire Ruby

      I would make a teal one, an orange one and a purple/pink nail polish. My favorite colors. Also I have insomnia and autism,which means my schedule tries to flip so I am awake at night not day, along with various things that cause mood swings.

    32. Puja Gupta

      Ohhh heyy Mauvyyy

    33. Toxsik

      Moave along now

    34. Fire Rockin Jones's

      i think it should just be called "Untitled"

    35. Gracie Elizabeth

      If I were Christine I would have named the nail polish BENana power

    36. Chuck Youngman

      I know that you are way past the naming of this. But it should have been called Into the un-mauve!

    37. Henry Tran


    38. Forest Dragon

      Frankensteins Mauvester

    39. Charlie 123

      frankenorly should be the name

    40. Alex Smith

      I love when Emma just deadpans “party”

    41. H u e

      I’m *mauved*

    42. Cupcake Sweets


    43. Erica Allen

      Name it mothers mix franken style

    44. Bella E

      Safiya describes the blending as a cat in heat. I have a cat that’s in heat and it is SO MUCH WORSE

    45. Thervil Arianna

      Frank in nail.

    46. Liliana Marie Escamilla

      The First Mauve

    47. random_ queen

      I'll name it "bury me in nail polish"

    48. Crystal Spice

      Mauve To The Beet (bacause its the color of a beet)

    49. MarianaAmazing101

      Art teacher; "If you mix all the colors in the rainbow you will always get black" Me; *shows video*

    50. She's So Random

      Omg please release more lipstick, I have been trying to get a hold of since it came out and still till now I cannot ever get :(

    51. Emiko Park

      frankin nail!!!!

    52. Little Sim Master

      cAn we qUit tHE moaVe. Name it frankenolish

    53. Maria Gyurik

      The name could be "Simply Frankon" I'm probably spelling that wrong.

    54. Yesenia Barron

      Frankin polish

    55. Sarah795Lopez

      Cristine shoulda named it "Benana Ooh Na-Na" I honestly thought that was what she was gonna call it because of the clip that played before she named it, but no I was wrong

      1. Sarah795Lopez

        Btw of the comment suggestions I've seen I liked "Frankenstein's Mauvester" best for the franken polish. Also "Teal Safolding" woulda been cool for Safiya's polish.

    56. Ninapavlova julia

      You should name it franken- mauvie

    57. RedDemonTM

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    58. Crystal Chalmers



      I love how Emma is so understanding about Cristine and Safiya.

    60. Chloe Swanson

      Omg you should do “MAROON MOON”

    61. Louise Carroll


    62. The GachaBunnies

      Name the nail polish Benana teal.

    63. Mary Kalina


    64. H.C. Iblings

      Mauve who must not be named

    65. Wes McCall

      The simply Nygaard.

    66. Alessandra Mitolo

      Everywhere I go I see his face: Franken-phora color

    67. Ayanna Watkins

      Mauve-vid 19

    68. シ Å r i e s シ


    69. Mr. Bun

      I'm thinking something like "Mauve Moment"

    70. Natalie Stapert

      Frankin nail.

    71. Reese Whelan

      The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the colour brown.

    72. Jessica Gamerschlag

      The colours are all just dark shades of the primary colours

    73. Gacha Weeb

      Freakin mauve

    74. Ella Johnson

      I like the name unmauve like unknown hahahahahahaha

    75. Hollie rose

      You should call it "I like to mauve it,mauve it!

    76. Husseina

      I would probably name it Simply Frankenstein

    77. Miracle Bugs

      When it's 6 months later but you have a name idea "Pour-n"

    78. Welsh_ llama

      I like to mauve it mauve it

    79. Kasey Chambers

      I know safiya only wears black but I love all the clothing she wears I also like to look like a bat so anything in black with long sleeves is my favorite clothing piece TwT

    80. Minette Swanepoel

      Miss Orley Franklin