Logan Paul - FULL L.A PUBLIC WORKOUT ahead of KSI Rematch Clash



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    Logan Paul - FULL L.A PUBLIC WORKOUT ahead of KSI Rematch Clash | #Boxing
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Lakshyaraj Sonowal

      That Maverick Merch was so fucking goood😍😍

    2. Shane Striano

      logan should have won

    3. JadeVoltage

      If he fought how he trained ksi would be knocked out don’t argue

    4. Shahriar Nafees

      Name of the song?

    5. Mehmet Yildirim

      Bro the song sounds like it belongs in a fucken porno.

    6. Team FuZix

      How long was logan running like An hour or so?

    7. Ronin _R

      fk u logan

    8. XxxfuzionXxx

      Who finna win Like for manny pacquio Comment for Logan Paul

    9. Cadi llac


    10. yourefat andlazy

      this generation is so sissy gay they dont even watch real boxers lmao

    11. Lweh G Htoo

      Let go camping

    12. Emily Burns


    13. famous13

      Who's here after logan paul lost and started making excuses

    14. Stevengallo'syoutubechannel

      Who’s here after KSI won?

    15. MyNameIsNotJan

      Manny Pacquiao vs Logan Paul lol

    16. Mother ofdragons

      Logan has composure it seems. I expect to see him win by KO

    17. Giselle C

      The guy that was hitting him with that green foam are training him like ksi will swing his punches like he did last match. I promise you ksi isn’t going to be fighting like that this year. He’s going to be in form.

    18. al bo

      Complete dog shit

    19. Evil

      Tell me why logan looks like the iconic skin from fortnite lmao

    20. twist games

      why the hate i think logan will win rip the fan boys

    21. Dice Ap

      Coming from experience as a 2 time aba champion and still. From what I have seen ksi dont stand a chance good luck champ

    22. ADZ Andy diamond zee

      That is not training

    23. Ghost_JeffyYT

      Logan has really good feat

    24. Off Hills


    25. Roddy Rod

      This guy ain't a fighter hahah...poser

    26. Megan Watson

      The music is actual trash

    27. K Y

      Bro it’s crazy to think that everyone thinks he’s scared just cuz he didn’t wanna do much can’t wait to see him destroy🤯

    28. 7Seven7

      I think itll be close but Logans gonna win, im fans of KSI too but Logan Paul is a big guy i just think he'll win.

    29. Julian Ramirez

      Tell me I’m not the only one looking at his shoes does anyone know if you can buy them

    30. KingEdgarPvP

      Music is so annoying

    31. Killer Kupid :3

      I dunno about his boxing abilities but I know he got jump rope skills...

    32. Joanna

      This fight is actually going to be insanity, like honestly both of them have just reached another level.

    33. Bailey McLeod

      I have a discord server called General chat. There are daily Weather reports, news reports, fun facts, jokes and memes posted every single day. I am looking for a advertiser, joke maker and admin! discord.gg/aUhHh7j

    34. D Brown

      Looks weak and slow.

      1. Joanna

        Just love 😍 the way he jumps the rope!❤️👊 Let's go Champ!❤️

    35. Lawrence Lavon

      That foot work from Logan is key bros. I don't think KSI has foot work like that

    36. Tronny

      NGL Logans looking like a beast, ksi will have to outsmart him out on the ring to have a chance!

      1. Rush Coc

        @Tronny not really he just did better in the fight

      2. Tronny

        @Rush Coc So it seems he outsmarted him as I said :D

      3. Rush Coc

        Ksi won

    37. godam gg

      TEAM USA

    38. Emelia Onichi

      1. Emelia Onichi

        Training hard is the best part =)

    39. Baron Von Balls

      Logan’s a douche

    40. howie

      what an absolute fuck head, mega douche

    41. Deep hug

      Imagine all this hard work and time And One of them gets knocked out in just 10 second

    42. Owg Megatron

      Logan Paul looked like he was doing the blood walk while on the jump ropes

    43. Narcissus

      This dude really thinks he could beat AJ with a few years of training. It's sad that 0-0 guy fighting at cruiserweight would think that

    44. joey marler

      Jake is woundid dat the lime light not on him hahaah

    45. Jimmy .L

      What I got from this was KSI seems to have stopped punching like a girl and Logan has been working on stamina, guy didn't stop moving the whole time. Logan should win this, I hope he doesn't.

    46. Muff Daddy

      As much as I hate Logan Paul I think he may have this in the bag who is this well focused fighter in the ring 🤔

    47. Mekazu Rin

      KSI is gonna win because..... he isn’t LOGAN IS!

    48. Aashish Tmg

      Just love 😍 the way he jumps the rope!❤️👊 Let's go Champ!❤️

      1. Aashish Tmg

        @less kiss Wait what??????🤨 His technique is poor?????😂😂😂 You'll see!!! Even if his techniques are poor he'll make it better by time!!!!!!! And Shannon is just doing his job, motivating his fighter!!!💪

    49. Oak

      Bro he looks like the ikon skin from fortnite 🤣

    50. Frankie Sanchez

      What the fuck was this?

    51. sP0NgEb0B

      Everyone looking for the “lets go champ” comments

    52. Chris2003FN

      Imagine Showing Up With Creased AirForces💀💀😭😭😭

    53. DopeyClown 24

      Dafuck is this

    54. gunaputra wardhana

      Looks like logan upgrade his technique, this time they act well in mocking each other the last fight and converence. Whos gonna win???

    55. R3L4X_0K4Y _

      Wasted the audiences time, and you call that a workout

    56. wuullt

      That noodle work is an actual joke

    57. Vervito United

      KSI vs LETS GO CHAMP after he finishes Logan

    58. Kailen Missen

      Wow this guy is so spoilt he could become a really successful USselr for 10 year olds.

    59. m cc20

      Running in circles the whole time

    60. H. I

      Standing real square when he was shadowboxing

    61. C Dreezi

      This nigga has 0 reflexes if ksi is a speed demon it’s wraps lmao

    62. Like A Sambu D

      Stop making these faggot vloggers famous

    63. Indextrading EB

      Logan is too concerned in making his moves look better than actually doing them good , his technique is poor , and you can see that Shannon has tried to coach him Things that a well established boxer would need to do but not someone who’s beginning and Logan will get lost in the ring as ksi has way way better fundamentals to the game of boxing and he doesn’t look to reassurance from his coach to let him know he’s doing it right when carrying out training drills,, Shannon has put Logan in deep trouble..

    64. Chystal

      Lmfao none cares anymore

    65. kausar Jehan


    66. j.erwin_

      Why Tf do they have to put background music 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    67. Qwickie Gaming

      Isn’t that the guy who made fun of dead bodies in Japan?

    68. Karolis Oskutis

      Logan Paul looks like he’s on coke

    69. HentaiSenpai

      I don’t really like Logan Paul but I honestly think he would win the fight.

    70. funny électro

      Well that was hella awkward

    71. Jake Paul

      I lean to more on Logan’s side. He looks really good this year. Like if agree

      1. Vegeta

        He "looked god" but wasnt i guess lol.

    72. Vasim Ibrahimi

      Logan got to win this once and for all!!!

    73. Carlos Alberto

      Dis guys on another level

    74. Rock girl

      Amazing, didn’t throw a single punch Shannon: Lets go champ!

    75. SLiMMY

      Who wants to watch a bot workout

    76. MrRushFilms

      Only time im on Logan's side man. Knock KSI out. fuck that guy bruh

    77. Brian Deleon

      Next up, Logan Paul v. A bowl of Nachos!

      1. Rock girl

        This is corny af.

    78. Bindii wyatt

      Even I’m an Logan’s hate fan and a ksi hate fan I know Logan is gonna beat the shit out of him

    79. Dope Carlozzz

      We all know Logan is winning fuk ksi

    80. Payday.

      I really hope that that’s not Logan’s hook defence, see how slow, thought I was in for an exciting fight.