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    Published on 26 days ago



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      1. Maritza Roman

        THE PRINCE FAMILY subscribed..

      2. Geoffrey Mcnair

        Even she has a wig she is still cute

      3. Elxjiah ツ

        Team Damien She is a GOLD DIGGER

      4. Bridget Tenner

        THE PRINCE FAMILY is the best and I love the way y’all edit y’all videos

    2. Young Dno

      He was really mad over that sandwich

    3. Joshua Range

      Team biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca

    4. JaQuan Roberts

      9:14 that face expression and 10:16 had me crying

    5. angelica mejia

      I am team damien

    6. Ava Marie

      Team biaaaaaaaaaaanca I love you Biannca

    7. ps4 GOD


    8. Jaquan Stubbs

      Damien face tho when he pulled the wig off 😂😂😂😂🔥

    9. Serdar Altinoluk

      Team bianca

    10. Augustina Ntim

      one like= one sorry to god😥

    11. Khloe Sullivan

      ca all day every day i love ya videos team biann

    12. Emani Gardiner


    13. b cash basketball

      Team Bianca

    14. kielyah nothing

      B wig fell off

    15. Leasher Riley

      Team bianca all day every day

    16. Nadine Bell

      9:12 or 9:13 had me weak is eyes was like oh shit.

    17. Maia Yusia

      I'm worried about damien

    18. TRIPPY YEA?


    19. OMG_killakam509 Add me

      Team b all day everyday

    20. OMG_killakam509 Add me

      That’s tuff you feel

      1. OMG_killakam509 Add me

        Think you

    21. Johnnie James

      She must be mixed with Latina!!! She's spicy!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    22. Tino’s Life

      When he ripped off her wig I lost it

    23. King_Cale

      9:11 funniest moment ever 10:18 lol nvm this is the funniest moment he literally snatched her weave

    24. Shemarion Williams

      what the hell

      1. Shemarion Williams

        what the. 🤬

    25. Shemarion Williams

      you 😆 dude

    26. Riley Holz

      Bruh I’m crying 😂😂😂

    27. mariah ramos

      I’m ctfu omg I love themmmmm 🥰😘😂

    28. ArkzyAnimations

      I lose respect to anyone who sits through "Whats good youtube! You already know what it is, its ya girl Biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca!"

    29. benedicte pablo

      Team Biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca!

    30. benedicte pablo

      When daimen got stuck that had me dying,😆

    31. Tray Clark


      1. Rachel Marnell

        Team biannca

    32. Javier Godinez

      7:47 when a chicken sandwich is more bae than bae is bae

    33. Sam Train

      Her wig got "snatched"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    34. Ximena Sajuan

      Gross damen💩

    35. Anthony Clinkscales

      Lol that was funny when damien took b wig off

    36. Deziar Jackson

      10:00 that’s all I’m gonna say😂

    37. Maki Thomas

      That is

    38. Mike Thompson

      Damion gay as hell

      1. StrangerThings is life

        In litteraly what way?

      2. Noriah McKinney


    39. Pretty Girl J

      My 2nd mom Biannca ❤️ bro she is funny asf