Leroy the Savage at World Cup Finals 2019!!! **EXTREME Bald Eagles ALERT**

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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. Cleetus McFarland

      For those of you who waited out for our video, I sincerely thank you 🙏 ❤️ with so many people uploading at the same event i simply can’t post before everyone. Wanted to make the vid a good one, hope you guys enjoy!

      1. DrHavok1

        i know this is late but cleeter....the moment i seen that 7.80 time i started to tear up and clap...and then you got the time ticket and held back the flow and i watered my beard bro.....i am so extremely happy for you and the cleet crew man....well done guys...well freakin done

      2. lance wier

        take your time to make a good quality video

      3. Justin Maas

        Fastest 40 minute video I’ve ever seen

      4. joegreene23

        You should try to make the car all wheel drive

    2. Kevin P

      Leroy got taken in the top end, need to put some of that 'Wind Tunnel' technology to work.

    3. Squill brock

      19:27 When you launch so hard the smart water goes dumb

    4. Blake Hutchison

      She’s running good! Can’t wait to see it run low 7’s 👍

    5. Zayne Hanke

      You almost got him bro in the finals so awesome jeez man

    6. ktpatriots12

      Why doesnt cleetus flatfoot shift?

    7. adriana martinez

      You have to beat that 4 banger do it for dale 3 fuck imports hit the 6s

    8. Eduard Šajgalik


    9. Mac mall500

      Hell yea brother your on the cleetus show

    10. doen johnjo

      Love you guys but Leroy’s burnouts are lame, if u wanna hook u gotta smoke em good. Your not giving enough time to get the tires hot.

    11. Manpreet Singh

      Congratulations bro stick shift ain’t easy under soo much pressure 🤗

    12. Jesus H. Christ duh Lawd

      Way over corrected on that slide

    13. Tucky2012

      I can see the emotion in your eyes once you got that slip 😁

    14. Marcus Mendoza

      19:35 the water bottle


      you gotta hold your head high, you beat him at the tree and the shifts were dead nuts. poor Leroy just needed a tit more go-go

    16. Larry Ganz

      Why not use what you learned in the wind tunnel and add a little bit of aero? You could beat them all.

    17. Clayton Wheeler

      Those Supra's are overrated

    18. Justin Cavinder

      You almost ran as fast as I ran on pro stock motorcycle(different strip, not there) lol. I'll give you props, That thing is faster than I thought it was! Side note: when the hell are you going to make fiberglass mold for this car, we all seen how bad the drag is lol

    19. Justin alexander

      21:35 “who put this bowl of onions here”

    20. BLSdesigns

      Most amazed the water bottle stayed in than the 7.80 pass 😂

    21. Adan Sotelo

      Those shifts at 28:48👀👀Keep up what your doing man. I pray Leroy makes it to 6’s😂💯

    22. SPARE Phone

      That must be the fastest bottle of water to ever do a quarter mile without being secure.

    23. THigley02

      26:59 “CLETUS IS THE FUCKING BEST” on the live video😂💀

    24. Joseph Guthrie

      Cleetis’s mullet is top notch, brother!

    25. Stephen Alcorn


    26. dM velocity

      Lol turn on captions when ever you see the intro its different on every video and I love it.

    27. Smackeddie

      I've never been into cars and barely see what is so enjoyable about them as i've been riding bikes all my life, but fk me man i reallllly want a go in that thing!

    28. Brandon Reese

      so happy looked like he was gonna cry

    29. AllXDup

      First of all, Nice work guys, the low 7's are in there. Have a listen to what a silly old Ausy racer has noticed through your progression with Leroy over a couple of years. You were always too far from the steering wheel to be able to manhandle him effectively when he gets a bit hard in the bit.. Your first 7 was in a heavier trim, but with power steering, which was likely also a lower ratio- so more direct. Now that Leroy is lighter and softer he has become even harder to tame, takes more turn on the wheel for the same response, and throws you back into your seat like a bag of shit with your shoulders pinned back so hard on launch you can barely reach the wheel. Shout Leroy a quick release steering wheel hub with a 6" or more extention on it so that you can get more control of his BRUTAL launch capability. Most racing disciplines would advise to aim for 90degrees at the drivers elbow for maximum purchase on the wheel. If you want to make it easier to manage, fit electronic power steer that is at least as direct as what you started out with when he had OEM power steering, or, maybe train an Orangatan to drive for ya haha. Have a look at some of your in-pass footage to check my comment about you gettin thrown around like a bag of shit mate.. Good to watch your progress, I just know low 7's are there with some package honing, practice for consistancy & data. Data will guide you to your best results, it takes time & focus to get all your shit together. Keep up the great work guys, the best is yet to come, but I can smell it.

    30. Modfyd GARAGE

      That water bottle at 19:35 is the real champ. How TF did that thing NOT fly out on the track with 185mph winds???

    31. Makumaku

      We ALL agree the only reason he lost is because of the DCT advantage right ? those transmissions are a damn insane piece of technology, being able to lock next gear before shifting then just by switching between clutches you send it to the wheels ..! kinda wish to see Leroy with that, he wouldn't lose to any GTR !

    32. OnlineCarShow

      lol water bottle all flying around when you made the 7.8. If you would have caught the bottle in your hand it would have been epic! Congrats dude. Look on your face when seeing was pure happiness.

    33. Benji The Bobcat

      If you had a body on that car you probably would have won. You have so much wind resistance on that car it's unbelievable. Have you ever done a wind tunnel test on that car? I bet not. You'd be surprised how much that slows you up.

      1. That Blue and White V6 Stang

        Yes he actually has a whole 40 min video on his channel

    34. Chris Poindexter

      The look in your eyes when you saw that slip that is a look I’ve seen so many times before, growing up in a family that loves fast cars and racing in “Mexico” I know that look all too well. That’s the look of determination and victory. God bless you and Leroy man.

    35. Daemion Barrera

      is that a supra

    36. stoner times

      You should sell your racing slips in your store

    37. Rick Martinez

      Hell yeah

    38. K Doggo

      See that water bottle at 19:30 ... hung in there like a champion!!!!

    39. John Padilla

      If that water bottle had fallen on the track, would you have been disqualified?

    40. Matthew Koma

      Leeeeerooooooooyyyyyyy Jeeeeennnnkkkkiiiiiinnnsssss

    41. Ben Wachtel

      19:25. Poor water bottle. Went zero g for a second.

    42. SupermanMoto

      Don't turn up the boost at the end of 1st. go back to what you had before.

    43. Jesse Costa

      i actually teared up...

    44. Matthew King


    45. Nightdweller1961

      Fuckin badass

    46. Ismael Durazo

      19:25 the water bottle had me on edge The Whole time 😂🌊

    47. Danyal Marwat

      Did somebody see the g force working st 19:30?

    48. Gulten Pan

      19:26 that water bottle really felt the torque. On the other hand you have the Mountain Dew which wasn’t even phased

    49. Rich Silva

      Just losing time in betweens shifts that all

    50. David W211

      The water bottle haha ! Good plan on slipping the clutch a little bit

    51. Kenneth Pauli

      Yes power wheels build!!

    52. Jason Bolka

      I wanna see what ol Leroy can do on a set of big tires

    53. Joe Weeks

      that poor water bottle

    54. Cranky MotorSports

      @21:37 that is pure happiness right there!!

    55. Cranky MotorSports

      I was cheering at work when you ran the 7.80!!

    56. Cranky MotorSports

      awesome vid drop!

    57. miranda

      ig thats why people are srtarting to switch to auto instead of stick shifts

      1. Rusty K

        They're not just starting to switch now. I raced a Muncie Rock Crusher M22 4 speed in 1980 and was getting edged out by Turbo 400s. They had it figured out a long time ago, but I just had more fun stick-shifting. And I was only racing for fun, so that's all I won, Lol. Me and my '67 Camaro SS.

    58. Matthew Fricke

      Congrats brother!!

    59. Worksgr8

      You know something you should put a tubed front end on Leroy with it having leroys name in it or savage

    60. Jerry Martinez

      i need a shirt that says “hell yea brother”