Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...

Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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    Lemonade Mouth Disney Channel Movie Reaction
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Madison Carpenter

      “Olivia gets detention for reading a book” umm..😂 no. She had to be at class but she was reading a book and then the brooms and stuff fell

    2. KiwiCow

      Alex enjoys something?! Crazy.

    3. CosplayDreams 413

      The only memory I have of this movie was watching this on a Disney cruise while waiting for my lip to stop bleeding after I ran into a wall playing gaga ball

    4. Rachael Lefkovic

      you should do I Am Frankie. it was such a great show.

    5. Jacob Lackey

      love this movie

    6. Anesia Johnson

      I think that he really hated the movie but didn't want to say that cause of the fans but he didn't have to we live him anyway

    7. Cody Blakeley

      legally he can't tell them they have to stop playing music because that statement violates the 1st amendment

    8. Top Selenator

      Me: THIS MOVIE RAISED ME DON'T YOU DARE TALK SHIT Also Me: I have to watch this

    9. Dorian Varney

      It was based on a book smh

    10. Leon Howard


    11. Oyska_G

      Can I please have that "big ol red flag" on a green screen?

    12. Jermiahj 81

      U can’t tell me lemonade mouth aint goted or ill beat u like a drum

    13. Legate Lanius

      This was a movie I wanted to watch when it came out but every time it was on TV I always watched something else

    14. Nick Bacon Master

      this movie sucks balls

    15. Krazy Killer2200

      principal Dum Dum ha

    16. Krazy Killer2200

      I don't wanna remember any of that. 😂😂😂 never related to anything so much

    17. Floopus Doopus


    18. María Martín

      Please tell me Olivia said "Good luck Charlie" somewhere in the movie-

    19. Adriana Claudia Mendoza Cuellas

      I bet you don't have the same opinion about 2019 now...

    20. social addict

      mo is fro aladdin live acion olivia good luck charlie stella scooby doo the other one dog with a blog and the other one i dont remember the tv show

    21. amelie holst

      “Who is average in every way, just like me!” *and me* Who else can relate?

    22. cecy campos

      The lizzy Mcguire movieee!

    23. cecy campos

      Minor details!!! Hahaha is a forgotten movie but it was ridiculous. Radio Rebel, 16 wishes...

    24. Regina Velazquez

      Stella was fucking annoying, period. 😂

    25. Leyla Ouro-Koura


    26. Føxy Gløwwÿ

      Dooooo SAM AND CAT PLZ!!!

    27. kawaii catalog pancake queen

      Stella is me in a nutshell well a part of me

    28. Keziah Joy Tarin

      It was still a good and nostalgic movie f off

    29. Gage-Allan Hill


    30. itzTreazure

      Do freaky Friday or cloud 9, also bad hair day, adventures in babysitting

    31. Cipher Skies

      Sounds familiar, kinda like *Breakfast club* and *School of Rock* 🤔🤔 but who knows

    32. Charl Barnard

      Could you do one about Rick and Morty

    33. MoonOrchid 1689

      This is my fave movie 😂

    34. Zoe Nightshade

      Lol if u thought 2019 was long, meet March, April and may of 2020

    35. Aurelia Singh

      I don't think I have ever seen lemonade mouth.

    36. X Æ A-12

      The detention teacher is both the best and worst character *C H A N G E M Y M I N D*

    37. Deprimada

      Why is there a sarcophagus in the detention room.

    38. Normani Jáuregui

      I wanted to see Charlie and mo together

    39. Izuku Midoriya

      how could you disgrace one of my favorite childhood movies i-

    40. Hoohieokala

      you forgot to mention the whole "she's so gone" song, which had major character development in Mo, and was also extremely iconic.

    41. Cait Elizabeth

      am i the only one that can't get over the fact that the actor who played charlie was 14 like how does he look 20

    42. Ravin X9

      I feel like they ran out of ideas for the movie title so they just went with “lemonade mouth”

    43. megan

      mo's boyfriend looks like jaden hossler

    44. Shellkit Of_bushclan

      Yo.... is Mo jasmine drone the new Aladdin???

    45. Yoda

      Ah yes the land of Disney! Where rock music is pop music and drummers are completely obsessed with their instrument and carry drum sticks everywhere they go.

    46. Oven Water

      I once got detention for reading a book

    47. elijah oye

      It’s a good movie, better than both Camp Rock’s imo, but I’m still not putting it above starstruck. Starstruck was 🔥.

    48. Mojay

      You should review Cloud 9 cuz it's actually kinda good

    49. saoirse cox

      bruh the only thing i didn't like about lemonade mouth was stella she was so irritating idk why 💀💀💀

    50. Aspen Moriarty

      Listening to the epilogue on this video. That reminds me-- can you roast some of the OG DCOMs? I feel like it would be a great way to introduce them to the current generation. Luck of the Irish, Double Teamed, Under Wraps, Brink!, Zenon (I still know all the words to Supernova Girl heh), Smart House, Johnny Tsunami, The Colour of Friendship, Halloween Town, Quints, Motorcrossed, Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire, Cadet Kelly (LEST WE FORGET CHRISTIE CARLSON ROMANO IN UNIFORM), Get A Clue, Stuck in the Suburbs, and of course the 1998 classic with baby Eric Matthews/Ron Stoppable... My Date With the Presidents Daughter. ...........I would watch the SHITake mushrooms outta those roasts.

    51. The Little Unicorn

      Yall remember Starstruck? That was a masterpiece, and the music in it was sooo good!

    52. The Little Unicorn

      I'm still mad asf that Moe doesn't end up with Charlie...she really took her ex back like tf.

    53. Makroglouu

      So no one is gonna talk about "Cut my cake into pieces, this is my last dessert..." mkayyy

    54. iz a

      "they can't tell me what to wear!" *Laughs in uniformed school kid*

    55. velly the activist

      You will not trash lemonade mouth 🍋👄 you uncultured swine

    56. zahra rezai

      Why is this Chanel the best ever!!!

    57. Paris Arts

      You just hate everything don’t you

    58. bri wilson

      love this movie but stella is the most annoying person in the world

    59. josephine f

      u should do the disney show Lab Rats :0

    60. Leona jean Fuscablo

      Hey Alex, try to watch FREAKY FRIDAY Beacause it's crappy

    61. Addison Halverson

      you dont want to be in 2020

    62. definitely not isaiah

      why was charlie black in this vid

    63. X Æ A-12

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>

    64. Evan Rhys

      Adam Hicks is in jail for a string of armed robberies right now😂

    65. GamingWithAri LOL

      I had to watch this movie for homework and I like it but almost fell asleep🤣

    66. Svmmerx_ days

      The name of the movie already sound dumb

    67. Pendle Taxis

      you are dumb!!!!!

    68. Fancy Tuna

      Im olivia in this movie on 1 million levels

    69. Scott Summers

      so this is breakfast club but terrible? gotcha

    70. Owethu Myeni

      Another childhood movie ruined,thanks Alex really appreciate it🙂

    71. 4ndyy

      PLEASE REACT TO "LET IT SHINE" it's not that bad

    72. Dustyjack

      IT'S STEVIE!

    73. Diane Roberts

      Stella look like Velma from the live action scooby doo

    74. 제니정

      This just basically The Breakfast Club: Modern Day

    75. bluehorribledarkness

      The only thing I liked about this movie was Stella because she's kinda punk and there clearly aren't enough punk characters in modern movies.

    76. Amara Harvell

      Like other comments yes please cloud 9

    77. StrangeViolette

      Squidward is an octopus. That is some subversive shit ;-)

    78. Sasha

      Loved this but too many of your animated characters were brown when the actual characters in the film are white as hell :/

    79. Cosmic Dragneel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> it's simple actually, if they're a main character then they get detention.

    80. Little Eimi

      Random thing: All these characters have nicer hair than me... Yep, that's it... That's the comment. :/