Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...

Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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    Lemonade Mouth Disney Channel Movie Reaction
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. tiffany hallow

      Alex: 12:04 Me: PFFT...I know, this is my favorite Disney channel movie! *Besides Cheetah Girls*

    2. Zx Falci

      The teacher: you break a rule I BREAK YOUR BONES

    3. Mayowa Adedokun

      Please do the movie ‘Let it Shine’

    4. Mandie Rushforth

      I’m feeling like there’s going to be more reviews of older DCOMs coming with Disney+ being out. Rip Girls, Smart House, Zenon, The Thirteenth Year and more and we all will be living for it.

    5. Jonathan Barton

      Have you reviewed Princess Diaries?

    6. Moon Kirin

      is that hayley kiyoko my lesbian jesus

    7. Nakita Rice

      I love Disney but this movie was a little stupied but I loved all the music on this movie

    8. Winston Quartero

      Am i the only one who doesnt like lemonade mouth??

    9. apology89

      Care to try...The Color of Friendship?

    10. 2theOmega

      I've never seen this.... but Gina did some weird things after Martin.

    11. Smitsulz !


    12. HarestarAnimations

      Hot take but I'm so glad I didn't grow up watching Disney Channel lol

    13. Cherry 10030

      “This is one of the best.” Title: Lemonade mouth Me: your just realizing this!?!?

    14. ppeachy. yoonmin

      Why does the teacher kinda look like Trisha paytas? Anyways stan lemonade mouth it was my favorite movie and still is

    15. Fries Lover

      The Mario music in the background makes this video 10x better.

    16. Asiel Nickson

      wai people like him

    17. Cody Blakeley

      I would have cussed out the principal if i were in that room

    18. Mr.Narwhal1208 R

      That red flag think gave me a genuine belly laugh!!

    19. Jordan Miller

      Ok boomer.

    20. Tineka Palmore

      It's a modern take on the breakfast club..

    21. Midnight

      Yeeessss 6:44

    22. Jasselle

      lol the drummer in the "big ol' red flag" band was so serious lol

    23. Courtney Cadogan

      On a totally unrelated note, wow, I never realized how much Naomi Scott (Mo) sounds like Jennifer Gardner, especially at the end of her sentences when she adds a little distortion in her voice.

    24. Jennifer Mommy

      Soooo...this is "breakfast club" crossed with "highschool" musical? Does hollywierd have none left who can come up with an original idea? 🤔🤨😐😑

    25. Hassan Khan

      Bruh i totally forgot about this movie i used to love it

    26. thefaceofinsecurity

      I choked when the principal sped up on a fucking segue to break up the fight

    27. Zupergurkan

      Didn't realize it then but as a queer little girl I def had a crush on Stella/Hayley Kiyoko! ...Have*

    28. Zupergurkan

      Lemonade mouth is one of my favorite movies, but the beginning and some characters is just like ??? But I'm glad that even though Charlie and Stella's issues is feeling less important than their siblings, while Olivia lives with her grandmother cus her dad's in prison and her mom is dead, that they all can still be friends and be there for each other.

    29. am a llama

      please do Reign next

    30. Alyssa Ramah

      I see Hayley Kiyoko, I click.

    31. Farhah A.

      I just found out naomi scott and hayley kiyoko was actually from this

    32. Dakota Ortega

      Not related to the video but I got the Charlie plush and it's so cute! I want to order like two or more but the campaign finished. Did anyone buy extra to sell?

    33. iluvart1482

      *Squidward is actually an octopus*

    34. As

      Aawww .. I watched this as a kid and liked it very much :/

    35. Lucas Kuyava

      Hey I really enjoy your videos, I love your insight into these and the way you approach every show or film. That being said I think you should take a look at Daybreak on Netflix.

    36. ShadowWolfGirl 4

      can you do "10 things I hate about you" please???????????? :) i love u btw

    37. Logan O’Connor

      Do a video on minute men

    38. Jadio uwu


    39. Ismael Ruiz

      Aye yo do “let it shine”

    40. Jade Coles

      omg wait do an atypical video

    41. Dria Woods

      Can you do a video on Victoria Justice’s movie A Boy Who Cried Werewolf

    42. Cykä Blyät - Mizore

      I miss lemonade mouth so much mannnnn.

    43. Gloriana Cortes

      Do creeped out

    44. Jenni Annelieze Mellow

      LE GASP naomi scott is in itt??

    45. Tyler Ruotolo

      Anyone else kind of annoyed at the fact that Stella’s mom had a fucking Prius?

    46. Charlotte Sliverstone

      Yas time is getting all weird now

    47. Foxychu / • v• /

      I agree that the movie wasn’t the best, but is no one going to acknowledge the book?? The book was so much better!

    48. Melanie Flores

      Can you watch zombie land

    49. Shaney Cadet

      If you think that was nice, you should watch Radio Rebel and you should watch Let it Shine the Truth.

    50. Phoenix

      Can you do cloud9

    51. Tim Rider

      Do ned's declassified

    52. SwissSabre

      You should watch Disney Smart house it's interesting

    53. Jillian Elise


    54. hee hee

      i thought the girl in the thumbnail was keith from stranger things

    55. Peanut Butter

      Windy Wu!!!!!!!

    56. Autumn Peacock

      Why does every girl in these movies wear cute matchy outfits with bright belts? Every outfit looks like it was bought in a pack!

    57. Swoogty Woggoty4875

      Do daybreak pls

    58. Randapanda 1022

      Am I the only one who just wanted to drink the lemonade...? Yea...? Alright-

    59. clara

      can u please do mean girlssssss

    60. Luke Lichtenthal

      Better review than Nostalgia critic.