Last to Stop Jumping Wins $10,000 - Challenge

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    3 people jumping on a trampoline for HOURS.. If you get off, you lose. But there were some crazy challenges to make it harder...
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. FaZe Rug

      like & subscribe if you think you would win this challenge

      1. Ana Pena

        I want to be in a challenge

      2. I-Mist ツ

        I would win



    3. Maitlynn Stevens


    4. Biro Bhadra

      i liked and subbed ! ❤️❤️❤️

    5. Exunis

      5:13 damn you really cheated that man

    6. Hugh buggy

      Go Molly 😋😛😛😛🤪

    7. Production Boy

      Tryna be mr beast I see

    8. Tyne Trujillo

      At the count of 3 when the other person jumped of the trampoline, I would have just stayed and win😂

    9. Tyne Trujillo

      Why tf do they end up with splitting cash?? That's so stupid

    10. ReeceBeast27

      I would’ve been jumping until my calves were the size of that guy that was a biker on the liberty mutual commercial


      I would have jumped 10min

    12. edgaa.r r

      3:39 why cover ur boob?

    13. Cottages

      we all know they dont get no damn money

    14. Mustafa Khan

      How did Jessica tie her hair while jumping

    15. Clorox Bleach

      Dude I would of jumped for 3 days

    16. Orel Cruz

      I want money

    17. Strawyツ

      Faze rug where is Mike and can you make a video with him

    18. Usman Waheed

      Last one to be die wins 10000000$$

    19. Donna Arguello

      Druh O would have quite 20 minutes in

    20. Max Norlund

      Anthony that took papa anomaly. My brother

    21. TGP Plays

      apple saids its the most strongest glass and it cracked with a case on ahahha

    22. JellyBeanz Tv

      “ hold on cause this guy wants to fly a plane “

    23. Bridget Nanziri

      I think Jessica is going to win

    24. Elizabeth That Youtuber

      I am so entertained by your videos!!! faze rug!!! Your the best!!!!❤️

    25. MR Dip

      My best friend met your dad

    26. Hard Remix

      I hate Junior he blocked me on instagram 😡

    27. Ruben Ocampo

      Good throw

    28. Anthony petrella

      No bad toss

    29. Spookyman 42

      12:57 one of many reasons why apple is trash lmao

    30. spongeboy me bob

      Since when did Anthony get so fat

    31. Dark Prince


    32. Pro Gamer

      Bro just by watching them getting off my legs started killing me

    33. OGG Llopofrito

      funny how junior says that he's the same height as rug but him on the tramp is the same size

    34. Marc Espino

      Milk is actually really bad for you, do your research

    35. ann matau

      I love milk and im ten have drank a hole gallon of milk in one minute.😎😎😎😎

    36. Jose Hernandez

      Did any one notice that rugs brother looks like klay Thompson form nba

    37. thebeast2768

      What are the chances of me drinking milk while clicking this

    38. Roberto Gonzalez

      12:56 he got the 11 pro

    39. Xentraction

      dude i would’ve jump 3 days 😪

    40. Luxity Sweats

      Faze rug if u look at it in slow mo Anthony won by like a milisecond

    41. Sid

      I can do this all day

    42. CoDe sWe4T

      I drink a lot of milk

    43. Francisco Flores

      Make more of these videos and donate to cancer

    44. Telu

      “Dude I would’ve jumped for 3 days”

    45. Singing Calmer

      Jessica , that's what i think Edit : I could jump for thirty months

    46. Kiko Playz

      2:50 yoooo im drinking milk niceeee timing :D

    47. Tbeast Axis

      No wonder moly ain't part of this challenge

    48. Shazia Qaisar

      Lol at the park I sat on a rock and thought of this challenge and now faze rug did this challenge

    49. Typical Waves

      Jessica can get the work ngl

    50. Mistery BOX

      Who else is taller than rug?XD

    51. Noah Svenningsen

      Doesn’t had them the money

    52. cristina meza

      I love milk

    53. Lilymae258

      Anthony..where's my money

    54. Trent Entertainment


    55. William Bennett Sieck

      for the bean bag shot jessica was closer!!!!!!!!!

    56. Evelyn Castillo

      I thought it was mr.beast

    57. NASCAR king

      I would of tricked one of them

    58. i like random

      i would give up right as the challenge starts if i drank milk

    59. AYE ISSA KID

      dang mane you 5’6 at 20 sum and I’m 6’2 at 14

    60. Snake Snake

      To be honest I would have jumped for like 3 days