KSI CATFISHED ME! **embarrassing**

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

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    I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Lol Yay

      I live there please I can’t come to we’re you live I born in Batam I am half Indonesia and British

    2. Taco Maro

      0:23 forshadowing of the fight

    3. Ramenrice69420

      New video title: KSI KILLED ME LIKE THE COYOTE TO KONG *embarrasing*

    4. Cringey Me

      Send her down

    5. Bec Farrell

      Oh happy birthday to you

    6. Kamran Farinpour

      Get this video to half a million likes so he can fly that chick out to LA if you know what I mean? 😉😂

    7. Michael Lopez

      Who miss The old Logan paul

    8. Patty Gonzalez

      Tell me why me and logan Paul got the same birthday

    9. Adamthe_KarateKid

      Logan gets all this for my birthday, meanwhile my parents forget about my birthday.


      Happy Birthday 🎈🎂🎁🎉🎊



    11. Eliot Beckman

      She said gender fluid what😂😂😂

    12. Bryce Foster

      I'm here on the 30th of November and only just realised that ksi is the only one with a brown plate at the dinner

    13. Guadalu Diaz

      Do it

    14. Guadalu Diaz

      Don’t it

    15. Brad Asher


    16. Brad Asher


    17. Brad Asher

      You better smash her if you don't I'm going to tell her to have s## with you

    18. Lucia Lopez

      Video : catfish Dectective Logan and mike 🙀

    19. Monty Gulati

      She sounds like siri

    20. ZipZap Zack

      happy bday logan

    21. Kevin DA Savage

      Happy birthday logan

    22. We Do pranks

      Happy birthday

    23. Coosibe Herfst

      This is how much Logan likes boxing 🥊 👇🏼

    24. Laint Kaint

      Me and logan has same month on birthday I'm on 25th

    25. Adam Robnik

      Anyone 2019

    26. KK_Keziah

      Happy birthday 🎈🎂🎉🎁🎊

    27. Jason Hamm

      What ever happened to this girl

    28. Rohan Journey and Vlogs

      Happy birthday lorgan Paul

    29. Myia Morris

      HAPPY b DAY

    30. Michelle Barrett

      How do you birthday Logan Paul

    31. b_ezy 96


    32. Unspeakable fan


    33. MushyPlays

      your birthday is on April

    34. StopSukkinMe _

      Why did u delete the video of u and that kid who u gave a new life

    35. David L

      After Rematch??

    36. Cayce Tittle

      Excuses Excuses your just mad you suck

    37. Rodolfo Garcia vera

      She cool she’s funny she’s hot and......... Logan Paul:she whiteeee

    38. Striker

      Jake got injured on this day right

    39. Yousif Alazzawi

      Who is watching this after the rematch?

    40. Gavin Belk

      Happy birthday I dare you to smash 24 plates