KSI and Logan Paul Reveal BIGGEST Mistakes: 40 Days | Ep. 3

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Jonah Silver

      KSi is a walk meme

    2. Erica Lynn

      I swear to god I wore that same Halloween mask when I was ten lmao 🤣 he’s so fuckin creepy af looking it’s actually scary he’s so ugly ksi yuck 🤢

    3. Erica Lynn

      KSI crying at home right now in his wheely chair fuckin FAF and plump looking like a fuckin gooblin crying cause he thought he ended Logan’s career but saved the f out of it looking at Logan’s vlogs everyday whining look at what I’ve done mateeeeee

    4. Erica Lynn

      So this is Logan’s channel and ksi got in on his doc?

    5. Ybk Xay

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a>

    6. Kevin Avila

      I hate KSU I don’t like him

    7. ice

      logan: he is a dirty fighter fight: logan holding the back of his head illegal uppercut, 2 back of the head shots while down

    8. Kye Okeny

      Your 🗑 logan

    9. Collin Walker

      Jake is gonna fuck ksi up

    10. Anderson Bully

      Lol ksi I'm not even gunna capitalize that you have the maturity of jojo siwa.

    11. Craig Drake

      Ksi's nightmare is about to come true November. Logan paul is going to knock Ksi out.

    12. Craig Harvey

      Ksi is a bitch Logan should of won jake Paul will win who agrees

      1. Evan Malcolmson

        OrienKeon well you clearly don’t know shit about boxing and only care about being a ksi fan then

      2. OrienKeon

        nobody agrees

    13. Cortex Og


    14. Minsung Kang

      Ksi can’t box but if he gets lucky and maybe gets someone with that overhand it will HURT logan or any youtuber. He should learn how to box if he wants keep fighting which i don’t think he will cuz he don’t need to 😂

    15. Owain Roberts

      This is amazing to watch after the second fight because KSI did exactly what he said he was going to do. Massive respect 🙏

    16. Rei Ackerman

      Logan "what happened " God's will happened ma dude

    17. TommyGun

      This is jOkEsSssS

    18. King JAB7

      Brooo Logan choked the rematch soo hard 💀

    19. STR8.OG.RIDERZ

      Yous both can't fight for shit hahah

    20. Rosco Andersly

      Next fight- MrBeast Vs PrestonPlays

    21. Adam Joseph

      Look at ksi punches they are so bad

      1. OrienKeon

        @Adam Joseph Yea and logan did the dirtiest move 4 illegal moves = 2 point taken off

      2. xxxlh 52

        @Adam Joseph Are we talking about the same match cause that was the first one

      3. Adam Joseph

        xxxlh 52 yeh well ksi did the dirtiest move and punched logan after the bell and nothing happend?

      4. xxxlh 52

        @Adam Joseph so? Thats the game, Logan did something illegal and he got punished. You Are acting like it aint allowed to take away points,

      5. Adam Joseph

        xxxlh 52 he One because logan got 2 points taken off

    22. alex

      Viddal: muscles dont give power Science: yea they do **before the jake paul v gib fight** logan averaged 848PSI of strength and jj averages 750PSI of strength

    23. _frahmani.10 IG

      Don’t talk about his mistakes talk about urs

    24. Václav Šálek

      Big props to JJ for the win, but both of them talk so much shit about knockouts and nothing happened of it

    25. True_ Cardo

      Vidal: "muscles dont equal power" this nigga stupid😂😂

    26. Lucas 91

      All of this trash talk feels stupid as fuck now.

    27. xXThunderGamerz Xx

      plus...the stupid judges

    28. xXThunderGamerz Xx

      that's bullshit...logan could've train harder...I'm not blaming shannon but I'm blaming Logan...he could've set up the bars even higher and potentially fuxk the opponent up

    29. Ken Purackel

      Its 03/20/20!

    30. Ken Purackel

      20.9M subscribers

    31. Ken Purackel

      I have 20,960,235 subscribers!

    32. Thomas Bius

      Dude KSI’s coach needs to shut the fuck up what does he do

      1. Lui

        @Thomas Bius I box 2. But unlike you i respect both fighters. Viddal knows what hes doing to KSI.

      2. Thomas Bius

        @Lui nah I have been boxing entire life so really you can't be talking

      3. Lui

        Hes has more boxing IQ then u lmaooo u cant be talking.

    33. gemini gameing

      ksi is a b***h

      1. Lui


    34. Ian Frank

      watching this back it really clicked in my head how much of a yes-man shannon was. i would love to see logan in the ring again with a different trainer

    35. SAM AHMED

      “What was that” that’s the thing Logan lost too

    36. LIL_ KRILLIN

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="421">7:01</a> -<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a>

    37. Yamahagangsta 69

      I’ve lost track just hire Eric

    38. حسام الطارقي

      هل يوجد سعودي مثلي يطغط ليك

    39. Stevo Canuck

      I think people are forgetting that KSI single handedly save Logan Paul’s career if not his life.

    40. Fernando Prado

      well hopefully commenting on 12 videos could help me reach out to you. man, you’re really a great dude. no one should blame you for being you. many people don’t know what it’s like to be young and to have success, you just want to do the best you can for people, because it benefits everyone. you were young and you got focused on creating extreme dope content that you kinda got blind by what’s actually going on. i know if you understand you’ll get that, because i understand bro! to me you never lost, not back then, not even now. i know for you logan, you needed to go through something like this, not to get to into it but you and i are a lot alike man, and we’re hard headed as fuck, it takes a lot to get to guys like us. i’d for sure hope you allow everything that comes in life and allow it to be a perceived lesson, so that anything that comes, you will persevere. man, idk how to ever get into contact with someone like you one day, but i really hope one day we can grab lunch and i can just grow off you and learn something from you and who knows maybe you’ll learn something from me. haha, the percentage of you reading this and actually really low but man i’m going for it. much love man!!! LOGANG FOR LIFE

    41. Keerby

      what the outro song? i need it soo dopee!

    42. Charles Montgomery Mikayla

      You are better than KSI because he is the worst boxer in the world

    43. G R A V I T Y E D I T S

      It's the same thing as KSI is one

    44. Firas Eljechy

      I'd rather watch Beavis & Butthead fight over a nacho

    45. Sjhnae'zja Stringer Williams (421SjhStri)

      Have you ever noticed KSI dread locks look like paint brushes

    46. Sjhnae'zja Stringer Williams (421SjhStri)

      The only thing scary about KSI is his face. You Funny looking dummy

    47. Neon Boy

      FUCK THE PAULS!!!!

    48. Zest

      I love watching logan talk about how hes gonna win after knowing ksi won

    49. Star block

      lol, u lost

    50. EmreKocabey 28

      I felt like logan won the first fight

    51. Ken Purackel

      It’s 1/1/20

    52. Ken Purackel


    53. Shoop E

      Shannon: he hasn't landed a punch Also shannon: sees logan being punched

    54. Royal Highnesses

      I don't like ksi

    55. Xx_ lazy_ potatoXx

      i hate you ksi so much

    56. بني ادم مش انسان


    57. Brandy Bishop

      KSI looks like juice wrld RIP:( 👇 Like this if u Like juice wrld 😭😭😭😭

    58. Evan Sideris

      Logan got tired after KSI punched him after the buzzer he would’ve and should’ve won the first fight

    59. 蒼空ラン

    60. ConsentZeuz

      KSI is kinda like deaontay wilder when it comes to personality in the ring

    61. Opposite

      I wanna watch Logan Paul Vs KSI 3

    62. jacqueline almanza

      KSI has a weird laugh right?????????????

    63. Liam Hunt

      Logan: I am going going to knock this kid the fuck out on November 9th Also Logan: (Loses fight)

    64. Kenteloupe P

      Title: KSI and Logan Paul reveal their biggest mistakes Logan: iM 10x bEtTeR oF a BoXeR KSI: iM jUsT eVeRyThInG bEtTeR tHaN hIm

    65. X MSTRO X

      My best ksi

    66. Frost Loffty

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> No one : Shanon brigs:oh he CrazzY

    67. Stitch

      Yeah that’s right, you lost to the guy who’s trainer was a youtuber

    68. Yannick Lecompte

      He should have won

    69. JEYZUS

      Logan Loses: Logan Appeal Gets Declined Logan: I Made a continued lapse of my judgement (True Ones Will Get It)

    70. Ahmad Jamal

      Spoiler KSI won

    71. Krista

      Logan trying to make a excuse, "i got cocky" no you just suck ass

    72. Jarlath McGinn

      Logans biggest mistake was starting Professional boxing

    73. Lightingblitzle 》 blite

      Wtf this looks like a street fight lol

    74. _RS_

      Who else goes on logan Paul’s channel to see what he gonna say about ksi n also ur not subscribed so u have to acc type his name in da search box to see what’s he up to

    75. Pure Gaming

      "This is not going to go 6 rounds" -Eddie hearns

    76. Extinct II

      If he never taunted he would have won Who wants to watch Shannon vs ksi or is it not fair Lol

      1. Søren Peter

        That is the dumbest matchup ever🤦🏻‍♂️

    77. İbrahim Asadov

      Logan Paul Azerbaijan hello 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    78. ABALAKY_ YT

      He does not know how to fight 🖕🖕

    79. FakeSpag

      I kNoW iM gOiNg To WiN -Logan Paul

    80. Boof Filmz

      KSI got his ass whooped

      1. Coyote that devoured Kong

        He got his a.ss whooped in training since he was getting prepared which he obviously didn’t beat Logan He destroyed Logan