KSI and Logan Paul Reveal BIGGEST Mistakes: 40 Days | Ep. 3

Logan Paul

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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. FakeSpag

      I kNoW iM gOiNg To WiN -Logan Paul

    2. Boof Filmz

      KSI got his ass whooped

    3. Simon Walsh

      I'm 10 times beater logan paul 2019

    4. Erin Baftjari


    5. Fatimah FC


    6. lol life

      Ksi he said he was gonna KNOCK LOGAN out he got KNOCKED OUT

    7. Gabriel Galvan

      Fuck yea ksi won the fight take that Logan you are bad

    8. Bianca Kemp

      the funny thing is that nobody even New who ksi was Intel Logan mentioned him.

      1. Cokie

        Tell that to his 20 mil subscribers

    9. Kelly Morales

      Logan had to win that

    10. A human

      Wasn't this supposed to be uploaded before the fight?

    11. Ritwik kr.

      can anyone tell me name of music in end credits

    12. Bawar Saeed

      Who are these two fighters? They can’t fight for shît, why are they famous? I’d have them both out cold in a minute wtf

    13. shaaahin m

      u just lost u meme lawd

    14. skapes182 gaming

      Logan lost 😥😭

    15. Josiah Gill

      The shit ppl do for money.

    16. Josiah Gill

      I came for the stupidity, stayed because of the incredible stupidity.

    17. Mackenzie Lehmann

      Why does KSI sound like one of the hyenas in the lion king. 🤣🤣🤣

    18. FLWR Beats

      Brooo you suuuuuuuuuuuuck

    19. I Am Kyran

      What's 3 × 8? 😉

    20. Kredible

      Honestly shouldn’t have been KSI’s win, it was definitely Logan getting most of the hits

      1. zidescope

        Are you good bro

    21. andrej todorov


    22. Josh Crouch

      We all kno Logan won

      1. zidescope

        I saw that he lost to ksi

      2. Bang Bang Bong 12345678 lel

        nah man logans a wimp

    23. Thecjclan

      Lmaoo logan still lost

    24. Flakke


    25. Cricket Lover

      Logan is 24 years old KSI 26 years old Lets just realise that logan calls him a kid

    26. sham sham

      تمام ♥♥♥

    27. Jack548

      U lost what a joke u are

    28. Pim A

      Haha, you lost

    29. Pbl Gaming

      Who’s here after Logan Paul lost?

    30. MT. Tube

      Shut the fuck up KSI'S brother, Jake Paul is way better than u

      1. Man city Ballers

        MT. Tube stfu u Jake Paul ass licking son of a bitch

    31. Jyoti Sharma

      I just am so angry😠I just want to put my foot on the head of ksi idiotic psychic man just go to hell no there is no place for him in heaven nor in hell

      1. Jyoti Sharma

        @zidescope never he is just a loser for me

      2. zidescope

        Facts ksi won so just deal with it

      3. Man city Ballers

        He won round 1,2,3,6 the only reason everyone thinks Logan won is because he got KSI with a good uppercut even after that KSI went on to finish him in round 6

      4. Man city Ballers

        Jyoti Sharma where does he go then 😂

    32. PuffMaster420

      Logan’s biggest mistake was the first fight, or probably the dead body thing

    33. steven campbell

      So who’s here after Logan got yeeted

      1. Man city Ballers

        He didn’t win he lost and KSI deserved to win

      2. Watch4Hours

        he won though

    34. kirsty _

      Ummm excuse me tell me how people have commented on this 4 hours ago if it was posted 10 mins ago

    35. Lil Cung

      Another L for the Paul fucking no bodies

    36. Abdullah Alhosani

      Who's here before the video gets deleted? 👇🏽

    37. yooWrx

      Haha! You lost to an superior opponent! Lets go tramp!

    38. Herro Stfu

      Classless dick, glad you lost, loool everyone at staples booed your ass, nobody fucking likes you, not even in your own country, pathetic

      1. zidescope

        @Man city Ballers how did ksi turned the crowd on logan?

      2. Man city Ballers

        Herro Stfu I didn’t want Logan to win KSI turned the full crowd on Logan and picked up the win KSI has humbled Logan after all that talk

    39. Kara Read

      Ksi won let's go U suck Logan

    40. Fatal_Siggi __

      stfu champ

    41. Mr_BigForehead

      Bro why is this guy calling KSI a kid? KSI is 2 years older than him Guess some people are just born retarded

      1. Man city Ballers

        But he knows his maths

    42. Wisconsin Channel

      ты уже 2 раз этому негру проебал чтоли?


      Dude.. you just lost the match... Why......??

    44. Lil Tecca

      Logan just took an L Shannon Briggs: LETS GO CHAMP!!

    45. Matthew Pritchard

      Logan you lost bro so what about this mistake of jjs you was on about 😂😂 go back to sleep kid

    46. Mollie Cleary

      when Logan says he is a ten times better boxer and athlete than ksi and then ends up losing.

    47. Kwabena Prempeh


    48. David Picazo


    49. J. Roberts

      “First round decapitation” - Logan 2019 *Loses the fight because of a two point reduction*

    50. Pain Uzumaki


    51. George 2004

      Suck your mum you lost and you still talking

    52. Nathan Felix


    53. RollyPolly 411

      Someone tell These bitch ass brothers to GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KSI

    54. Jonathon Aguiniga

      King ksi

    55. king _tripx

      Logan: im sleepy Shannon Briggs : let's take a nap

    56. Moraq209 ::

      Logan in the third round remember this

    57. G virus

      I do not care about ksi or logan not a fan of any of them. who ever wins wins all I am going to say is it is going to be a good fight

    58. シリルShiriru

      I think it's draw because they do some illegal shit

    59. Swordser 12

      4:34 “muscles doesn’t equal power” but it does isn’t that why you build up your muscles ?

    60. Conner

      😂 when KSI said Logan has a maturity of a 12-year-old. Like what does he call when he said shit to Chole. dumbass

      1. Conner

        Coyote that devoured Kong really? You stupid?

      2. Coyote that devoured Kong

        But everything that he said about Chloe was true