kissing women prank but the only woman i kiss is my grandma

Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson

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    in this cool prank i kiss a lady
    Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to shooting videos with his mom to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast, come on.
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Gus Johnson

      nobody better kiss my grandma while i am away in LA or i will cyberbully you on my twitter account which is @Gusbuckets

      1. Ulfric Stormcloak

        U should make a vid about a k-9 officer deathly allergic to dogs

      2. Cyphero2

        Is that your real grandma? She's so cute.

      3. Marie van der Linden

        I love how you threatened us and plugged your twitter at the same time

      4. Petra Jungwirthová


      5. Andrew Lukkuz

        Yo i dont even care, Imma be smoochin all up on your grammy (with her consent ofc)

    2. A Lynn


    3. Hot Pocket Master 69

      This is the most pure thing that I’ve ever seen and I would gladly lay down my life for your grandma

    4. Joshua Choy

      Used to be a big fan, but this time, you took it took far man

    5. Cody Rileywilliams

      You gotta take care of your granny no matter where u live!!!

    6. Bean Bean

      Your grandma... *cries* just.. just an A+ grandma.

    7. perhaps Music


    8. WYXTT

      The gmoney pranks intro gets me every time

    9. R2D2 from Star Trek

      I was expecting a man dressed as an old lady and Gus kissing him, but this is really wholesome holy frick

    10. Feared Goblin

      Wholesome af

    11. ajasioux bea

      Can you PLEASE tell your grandma we all love her nd that we are all wearing sweaters so thats he can be extra warm ok ok

    12. Trav

      Ah Man... This made me Miss my Gran so fkn much.

    13. Kawaii Desu-chan

      Dude you just pranked the SHIT out of her

    14. ohnobro

      U can physically see him turn mushy and cute when he was with his grandma

    15. lilouelle love

      Wow gus, officially cancelled 😤❌

    16. Envy San Diego

      Gus’s grandma is the sweetest human alive, change my mind

    17. 0 fks Joey

      Such a wholesome prank video

    18. Fritz the Cat

      With this video, a trip home for Gus = A tax wriite-off. The IRS sees what you are doing.

    19. Mhd. Yousef Attar

      Gus Johnson: Grandma kissing prank CalebCity: I'M GONNA PUNCH A GRANDMA

    20. Nyappy Nippon


    21. NuttyButtuski

      What a great video! Tits!

    22. GiftKid

      totally fake how did they get the shot from inside the house if his grandma didnt know he was coming in yet

    23. Cathy

      What a stud...

    24. Leah Naomi

      this is currently the purest video to ever grace the platform of USsel.

    25. Jon McGee

      Ryan Creamer be like

    26. Debapriya Kar


    27. Dolan trumpf

      Very wholesome

    28. iam3point14thon

      Hey anyone I was wondering what the outro song is? The guitar is dope and I’d love to learn it

    29. Emma Laus


    30. Riley Larson

      I can’t believe you’d rip off Comedy Central like this

    31. Neo Gaming

      god bless you two

    32. Dark

      gus looks like a dad from the 80s that try's to act cool with the kids

    33. Laurence Beaudoin

      When are you going to the wendy william show

    34. Amir Abdurahman

      Why was that so wholesome

    35. TreTre McBongrips

      Aw that's sad. She's already wearing a sweater, but she thinks she isn't.

    36. Ulfric Stormcloak

      Make a vid about a k-9 officer who's deathly allergic to dogs

    37. Dodobirdeth

      Eat your cereal

    38. Ryan Hummer

      Physically and mentally abusing that like button right now. Just completely assaulting it.

    39. Prime The God

      I don’t know why, but this dude reminds me of Kanye

    40. tukang blink

      Dayum thats swaaaaag dude cool skrrt skrrt skrrrt

    41. BethAnn Mayberry

      Sorry, but the wholesomeness of this video is too pure. You are going to shatter our protective shell of negativity and leave is exposed. STOP PUTTING US AT RISK, YOU BIG SWEET DUMMY!

    42. solidraven

      i love your grandma's north midwest accent.

    43. Jason Martin


    44. RockTheMoose

      This is Gus's 607th video. :O

    45. Shem Pen

      this is actually hialrious

    46. Seán McGovern

      This = The most wholesome video the internet

    47. ultimate destruction Gaming

      God dayyym this guy is a level 100 alpha male I need to be like u g money teach me da way

    48. nate kilmer

      this g money pranks have gone, too far!

    49. TheAtomicLizard YT

      Did you get the Wendy Williams tickets yet

    50. Lil gok

      Gus listen to me. Remember a year ago when you made a video about what you do every day? At one point Sabrina is really close to the lens and you say she looks like a kid asking for candy. Make a whole sketch in just that close up and that weird voice Sabrina used

    51. How AreU

      Beat the crap outta that like button! Gus-you so funny!

    52. madcat

      Just how wholesome was this shit

    53. Dominic Arkenburg

      I had a dream that Gus Johnson was a teacher at my high school

    54. Taylor Vasa

      That was the most adorable thing I have ever witnessed.

    55. RedDraganGaming

      This is disgusting Look how he kissed her against her will

    56. mitchell hale

      You look like lary bird

    57. Evercreeper


    58. Noa Daryn

      g-money pranks- my fav channel

    59. Clarissa Lin


    60. Soren