Kiss Land Fall Tour 2013

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Jad

      1 MORE DAY !

    2. Mia Bork

      still here in 2020. Xotwod🖤

    3. horrorgami

      can we bring this back please dad?

    4. jrp gamer

      Who is see in 2025

    5. ikspeep

      Займу твое место в корей

    6. Paulina Kubak


    7. Ananya Sharma

      Just randomly came to this video and found 5-6 years ago comments on top oh man says a lot about bandwagons

    8. Drew Foo69


    9. Nicoya Diaz

      God I miss this set

    10. Jad


    11. Irrelevant Jenny


    12. Emraan Noor Fahad


    13. Nico Ollech

      Articial lighting damaged animals ! :(

    14. JAY

      Abel needs to go back to this USsel channel and @ abelxo 🙁

    15. Ernesto Zambrana


    16. Avinash Mihindukulasuriya

      holy fuck the feels man thank u Abel for creating this fucking masterpiece

    17. nicolebriii

      Ugh this song is my orgasm

      1. Bryan Ramos


    18. Togzhan Mustafina

      please tell me what is the song called. wanna to hear it :)

      1. Yung S

        it's called Wanderlust

    19. Mahindra Ramcharan

      I remember when I first saw this I was like "Ay cool" *Abel and his hair pops up* *lost in a trance cause of his hair* And it still happens

      1. Astro

        Shagun Sharma oh I wanna see that now lmaoooo

      2. Shagun Sharma

        I think I'm going to get his hair tattooed on my skin 😍

    20. Big Tiddie Goth

      Best concert I've been to was abels3 he is good to his fans too signed a bunch of cds after the show :)

    21. Zayda Hilario

      This never gets old to me. I love TheWeeknd.

    22. nicmaarie

      Right!! It was honestly the best experience of my life!

    23. jaidsalgado

      His show at Detroit on October 15 was amazing! Did you know that they threw out kissland condoms? I got 4 of them haha! XO TWOD

      1. Chakra Zero

        Did you use them?

      2. Bilal M.

        I hope you didnt use them

    24. ChulaBby Bestes

      see you in chicago babe! :-)

    25. ZomGirl

      I went to a dance last nite and I was 'dancing' like he did lol it was great X'O love ya abel!!!!

    26. itzchel Alvarez

      3 more days till his concert #Houstontx


      lmao its dreadlocks.....

    28. Jo Flo J

      His show in Seattle on the 10th was bad as fuck !! My nigga had everyone rockin . He did sing most of the Kiss Land album an his best cuts from his mixtapes plus he sang my jam ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS too . Unbelievable performer don't miss his show if its close to u .

    29. Vincent Brown

      This was fucking sick. I LOVE Abel.

    30. Mika D’Amico

      he sings all the songs off kiss land except maybe 2 of them, and his most popular songs from the mixtapes!

    31. Bianca Razooky

      Does anyone know which songs he will be singing!?!

    32. Cookie Amber

      9 people had a bad acid trip at his show.

    33. wh0knowsmarz

      Friday the 13th

    34. AnotherOiseau

      can't wait. 24nov manchester

    35. zach alvarado


    36. KSJ0723

      "The Weeknd" always doest it like a fucking boss!

    37. DJLEE

      you that nigga

    38. The real battlecat

      Damn, can't wait to see that stage setup live

    39. officialBIGjono

      So sickkkka

    40. A. peacemaker

      You so weird but you make good music

    41. 143hardkaur

      Can't wait to see you on the 16th booboo

    42. 143hardkaur


    43. nicmaarie

      Come back to AZ :(

    44. nicmaarie

      Cons back to AZ :(

    45. Sky Stewart

      I wanna go soooo bad! Ne one wanna take me?? :)

    46. manjot bajwa

      hes growing dreads

    47. freshandclassy

      who brought you here?

    48. Josephus Young

      ATL September 30th...

    49. stephanie gonzalez

      Im going on Sept. 17th :) My Bday gift from my bf! So excited!

    50. Dalton Setzer


    51. Android #18

      The 24th needs to hurry up and happen

    52. hellraiser585

      There was no more V.I.P tickets for Los angeles!! D,x

    53. jazzimay

      T W O M O R E D A Y S!!!!

    54. Jacob Zuniga

      2 4 T H !!!!

    55. Jennifer Julian

      p.s that lil guitar intro was fuckin SICK!! :]

    56. Jennifer Julian

      I just previewed Kiss's jaw dropping good!!! (in my opinion) I loved the Trilogy so this album will be no different lol :D Some sound really slow with emotional-ish lyrics and laid-back in a way, but can also have that let-loose dance vibe (e.g wanderlust). I seriously cannot wait till the album drops and his ATL performance on the 30th!!! This month is just getting better lol xD

    57. Matt Pablito

      you insulted him btw :) I only asked you if youre retarded or not :) if thats an insult then you are retartded nazi ;) Adios

    58. Sleepy Forest


    59. oimt21

      10/8 New York

    60. MutedThoughts

      this whole album is the was leaked..and the whole album is in sync..I'm buying it no matter wat

    61. MutedThoughts

      wanderlust is the shit!!

    62. Matt Pablito

      what bout my profile? since when uploading lyric videos make me stupid fanatic? are you retarded?

    63. Chabo Babo

      In Swiss is the Album out now !!

    64. Sleepy Forest

      Profile *cough* Btw i can live with the fact that he wont visit Germany in his Fall tour It's a shame that's true but still i can live with that you freaking douche

    65. Jxnny O

      Yes I'm soo excited!!! Cant wait for September 22. Dallas,Texas Baby!!!!!!

    66. acio cero

      Good girls go to heaven, and bad girls go everywhere

    67. Anthony Williams

      Def, showing up

    68. Matt Pablito

      Ohh we have a butt hurt person here :3 thats cute. you're angry bc he wont visit your country :) awwww Stupid fanatic? lets have a look at your other comment "PS: I love u and your music" ;) haha you're are Sir and idiot :)

    69. M Gilbert

      Ok, I hope stating the obvious makes You FEEL smart.. Genius....

    70. markia

      Wanderlust .

    71. Patrycja a

      what the hell is wrong with you?

    72. Dilara Y.

      what the hell is wrong with his hair?

    73. MyWisdomTeethHurt

      epic hair

    74. Crystal Rose Brock

      The song is wunderlust....gee albaboss chill im sure he will visit everywhere soon enough...

    75. Daniel SLL

      Why not in EU?

    76. Ahriana Edwards

      What is this song.!

    77. Sara Abraham


    78. Jessy Tran

      aus plz

    79. Mikailo Momati

      oh. my. god.

    80. Luka Magic

      Good girlsss go to heavennn~