Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Talk Inception Mugs and Wedding Improv

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    Jimmy and Justin Timberlake continue their bonding session over video chat as they recall how they ended up pranking each other with "Inception mugs," discuss Jimmy's antics at Justin's wedding and remember the time they jumped on stage together at someone else's nuptials.
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    Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Talk Inception Mugs and Wedding Improv

    Published on Month ago


    1. R C

      One of the cutest bromances for sure, because they’re both such damn likeable people. 😍

    2. R H

      That's so funny people tell Justin "Jimmy had so much fun at your wedding!"😂

    3. Sallie Moon

      The Jimmymug™️

    4. M F

      They're genuinely nice and beautiful and perfect guys! And friends!

    5. Marcus Jaanz

      This is such a great, genuine conversation. Make this a regular podcast on the side permanently.

    6. Dave Johnson

      All you people sitting there talking shit..give some of your money up and here..we the people made you all ..now its time for all u to give back

    7. Katelyn

      dear beautiful soul reading this, you are so beautiful and brave and strong and loved❤️God loves u and He has big plans for u, we’ll all get through this and everything, always!🙏🏻✝️💗

    8. Charlotte Maipauw

      Continuing this interview is also so much fun 🙂!

    9. Kyle Graham

      Damn rich talk , talking coming for the weekend breakfast and all that I can’t relate

    10. Jeff Mullins

      One wedding our table made a bet how many beers the huge flower vase could hold. Then we found out.

    11. Castillo

      Jimmy please do a house tour.

    12. Laurenn

      More Jimmy/Justin bits!!!

    13. DinoHF79

      It sounds like you two bring out the best in each other. That astronaut bit with the vase😂

    14. Tiff

      Justin was so confused talking about the coffee mug. 😂☕️

    15. just fun

      I am not ok at the moment .i will spare the details but just wanne say thank you for making me smile guys♡be save

    16. Trixy P.

      They always talk about their funny, unique memories from a recent time or a long time ago ...just picturing them as they talk about it is so funny! 😄 That's a good friendship right there! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Love them!! ❤

    17. elementree81

      The fella's are fooling each other as much as us.. Come on guys it was a joke... 🍄🍄🗿🗿

    18. Grant Richardson


    19. mamii007

      Pleaaaaase share footage from this wedding 😂😂😂

    20. Mario Lerma


    21. allen kuester

      House that Americans got ripped off for.... hey failing u get married yet it better be American sow u can stay in America.....

    22. Josie Malone

      Sing! Don’t talk about coffee cups!! WTF?

    23. Allison Coppola

      when you're so famous, you "think" it was Gucci's wedding, in France or something....😂😂😂😂

    24. Dharmodaya

      You guys had pizza, hot dogs and what not!!!

    25. AdeleiTeillana

      Just casually dropping that they were at Gucci's wedding like it ain't no big (cuz it isn't to them!)

    26. PurrimaDonna

      Ok seriously u guys just need to start broadcasting ur bromance chats every other day cos the world needs this during the shutdown

    27. Jody Burke

      Love watching these, more personal and honesty.

    28. Cat Sasser

      I just need you to know that when the inception mug episode happened-I got a hold of the picture and had it put on a mug and it is the mug that we all fight over in our house! 😆 We came to see the show for our 10th anniversary a few months ago and I very seriously considered bringing my mug so that I could ask you to sign it. (I chickened out)🙈 Everyone needs an inception mug.🙌🏼

    29. Annika K.

      Jimmy could do interviews only with Justin and I would watch it every single time. I love these two together.

    30. Baba Yaga

      This is like the perfect time for Jimmy Fallon to do skits by him self like honestly rather see him doing skits

    31. Orion 84

      This is so dumb and drawn out. You got mugs with your faces on them, great story.

      1. sparklesandseahorses


      2. bklynkat23

        They are best friends reminiscing. Not sure about you, but when I reminisce with my best friends We normally are talking for a long time.

    32. Uri Nation

      Nice to see Mr Alba

      1. JB

        That's the wrong Jessica. He's married to Jessica Biel.

    33. Jennifer Jones

      Jimmy and Justin, I love you guys soo much! 🙏🤣❤✋

    34. Sarah Lynn Sovilla

      Lol seriously could watch these two talk and tell stories all day everyday :)

    35. Ariel Dorsey

      I have that mug and dead ass I was drinking out it as the video started and that realization was the joy of a lifetime.

    36. Niels Christian

      Who loves my name?

    37. 1YangYing

      Once a cheater always a cheater lol

    38. Arthur Chickering

      Who the f*** cares about celebrities at this point time

    39. P.C. H.

      Jimmy, how about talking to nurses and Doctors, the real heroes of society, I honestly don’t care about celebrities.

    40. Sacerdotisa Carnera Tarot

      We all wanna visit the fallons house!! Use the inception mug and go down the slide...yep already on my bucket list. 😚

      1. Rox Fio


      2. bklynkat23

        Yes I can spend the weekend in the guest house

    41. Niek01097

      Why he looking like a russian soldier

    42. Cyndi Gomez

      I could watch them all day!!!!

    43. Bae BRAVO

      Just adorable. Love their bromance..🤗😁

    44. Ren Martt

      We need to see the inception mug

    45. Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández

      Jimmy & Justine Wedding Crashers Movie

    46. Evey Ortiz-Martinez

      It’s so hard not to laugh when these two get going. They have such an amazing and funny friendship.

    47. Robert Brown

      I'm Flabbergasted

    48. Martins Danisevics

      millions of dollars and cant buy normal cam and mic, streamers even have better setup

    49. Martins Danisevics

      who is this homeless guy?

    50. Júlia Souza

      Ok, we all NEED see a drunk Jimmy..agreed?

    51. Catalina Montalvo

      I have that coffee mug!!! I don't know how the person who got it for me got it but I have it and I'll cherish it always!!! ❤️

    52. Michelle Martin


    53. Warwagon

      from the thumbnail I thought it was Hugh Jackman

    54. ed rage

      i feel like for a mistake we are breaking in a private conversation but in a good way

    55. Ryan Sweeney

      Sooooo boring

    56. Rather12 Than6

      Seth is making me a mug. Seth don’t forget bro please papi

    57. Raging Gamer

      I was under the impression stole the mug. Ha

    58. DarthVader20201


    59. MrAyas13

      He looks like Hugh Jackman. He might be next wolverine.

    60. uollɐℲ ʎɯɯıs

      mugception made a come back

    61. Ta Na

      Look shit as hell when he got old.

    62. Deborah Krasniqi

      Yeah Aussies call it vase to cause there's no gooddamn r in it

    63. Deborah Krasniqi

      So it's a mug you don't want dirty up?

    64. Ted Moallem

      Jimmy, how would you feel knowing that I someday intended to wear your clone as a sleeve?

    65. Linda Gautney

      Illuminati pedophile

    66. Onan. O

      they said this story a million times, and i love that, they remind me of my best friend. every time we meet we recall stories that we talked about a million times.

    67. Anjei Sapkovski


    68. Rhonda R.

      You guys should do the camping skit again. Especially times like this . The world needs so much laughter.

      1. BOLTON K Habib

        Rhonda doesn't Justin b look like Taliban?

      2. Ice cold Vodka

        You need Jesus in time like this. World isnt gonna get better.

    69. stanislav ivanov

      We are great

    70. boost::it

      Ah that macbook webcam I can feel it

    71. Erik Ruiz

      Soo you where so drunk that you don't remember most of it.? Or eny of it lmao you confused the bedding lmao 🤣

    72. Yisroel Weiss

      Jimmy Fallon is so cool. He lives in a wooden barn house, although he can afford a few mansions, and even if he has a few mansions,I don't get then why he would want to live in such a house. You're so cool,man! JT and Jimmy ironically connect so well together,they're like brothers. I love it. Also, I love how JT is FaceTiming from Europe feeling like he's at home. I love you guys,you guys are the best!

      1. Rox Fio

        That's only a part of the whole property. I don't think they are filming inside their actual everyday living space.

    73. Scot Harkins


    74. Tanyahachi 07

      Not only you Justin, i wanna visit Jimmy's house too, his house is something else

    75. Cheyenne

      That wedding video please one day lol

    76. mario hernandez

      He’s drunk once again jimmy jimmy

      1. Dawny K

        Who? Jimmy? He is grieving and exhausted.

    77. Kayla Schulz


    78. Holly Stiener

      The original conversation about the mugs, with the mugs! ussel.info/video/video/q5rJn2GJu6ibqGw.html

    79. Anna

      I'm supposed to be studying but this is great studying

    80. New Message

      Aww.. all my wedding stories involve vomiting, falling on a table, hitting on the bride, or hitting on the bride's mom. Gonna ty the vase on the head thing at the next one.