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    John Legend and Chrissy Teigen take a lie detector test. Does Chrissy relate with her fans? What are the secrets behind her marriage? Did she win a Mac & Cheese eating competition? Is John Legend his real or stage name? Was he popular in school? Does he think they would have dated in high school?
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    John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Bubba


    2. Bubba WHAT A PIG SHE IS

    3. Bubba

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    5. Bubba

      Chrissy is a fat hog .//

    6. Maureen Wagg

      This is not just a good marriage. It's a great marriage. Cutest two people.

    7. giofyr


    8. Chip Van Winkle

      Wow no wonder you’re bailing out protesters you don’t want your husbands trips to epstein island exposed do you? Lunatic

    9. Julianna

      “I’ll do more if you want🥺” “tf is more?🤔” johnnnnn noooo😂😂😂

    10. Mhemjitop Reeves

      So cute and sweet of them...Love&prayers everyone❤❤❤

    11. combo b

      There's so cuuuuuutee!!!

    12. ga_sweetie


    13. Tarrah


    14. Andrea Andrea

      I don't think I am honest enough to take this test when I have a partner 😂

    15. Abeni Valdez


    16. OkpetOritse Akperi

      I love them so much this isnt even fair

    17. Lorraine O'Donnell


    18. Simon Ketpimon

      I think I like this couple!

    19. Artic Designs

      Boys and Girls now in this cage is an example of a girlie man trump hater eunuch and a flat pie face cigarette box body trump hating out of touch goon.

    20. in-tro- vert

      johns voice always sounds so calming

    21. Namgyal Bhutia

      Choooooo cute3ee3

    22. on the rocks with salt

      John, the lie detector are NOT the father!

    23. Indira Ortega Sequeira

      John is amazing 🥰

    24. 박은지

      I love them so much like omg 😭😭🥺😩

    25. Jonny Weeds

      God, he is so cute

    26. Alexandra Lynn

      They are such opposites lmao

    27. Alexandra Lynn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="755">12:35</a> "what are my imperfections?" It's a trap John!

    28. Vy Dang

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1430">23:50</a> >>>>

    29. El Chingon

      This talentless, virtue signalling, attention-hungry thirst-machine must have a well-paid publicity management team that sticks her into the news, and shoves her in our face, each and every week. Ugh.

      1. DollFace5412

        Oooooooh somebody is jealous

    30. J Marie

      Ugh she is hideous 😩 and he is an ignorant black man to lay with something like that🤦🏽‍♀️ she is scary looking dude!!!!!!

    31. WHUMXN TV.

      Chrissy is a narcissist

    32. Maia

      all 3 dif brands of toothpaste i own have a snap top! screw tops? what old outdated brand is this?

    33. Tima

      i love her lmao

    34. Isabella Valdes

      If my relationships aren’t like this then I don’t want it 😌

    35. Libby Marie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="571">9:31</a>

    36. Bubba

      TRUMP 2020

    37. Dosh Potion

      She sounds just the same as khloe Kardashian and it's annoying asf lmaooo

    38. Jad Zan

      her faces just kill me bro

    39. Gabriel Agbagidi

      If u take one of my money's I will kill u 😂😂😂

    40. Glox Ali

      John laughs at everything she says. It seems like he adores her 😂 but the laughs also seem a little nervous/forced

    41. joojookills

      The most passive aggressive argument I’ve ever seen in my life

    42. Nathaly Acevedo

      John si sweet and cute with his beautiful wife 🥺🥺💕DEFINITELY GOALS

    43. Glowgirl

      If you take one of my monies, I will kill you. ----respect Chrissy XD.

    44. surferdjnj

      She's impossible to deal with .

    45. Yukita Luka

      The way he looks at her!!! It’s so adorable

    46. Yarnball G

      Lmao Chrissy just felt extremely petty for this entire video

    47. Sanai And the fun tv

      “Haha No”

    48. 2AwesomeHippos

      Slob kabob is my new favorite thing

    49. Annia Murillo

      Lol the Arthur pic had me😂😂😂💀

    50. RoAdWoRkAhEaD iSuReHoPeItDoEs

      C: Are you the father to Luna and Miles? J: I hope so- I mean YES

    51. MaryAnn '

      I came because of TikTok 😂

    52. Holy Namjoon give jimin some jams

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="920">15:20</a> that line went 📈📉📈

    53. Alissa B


    54. brissa mejia

      This is the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen

    55. Rachel Dawe

      Chrissy is the greatest

    56. Junique Robinson

      She does not look happy like at all. And I think he cheated ,when she asked if he ever cheated and said sge was joking that laugh was fake.

    57. Gabriella Lambert

      My favourite Celebrity Couple! Soulmates! If they ever break up I will never believe in love!

    58. Shytaysha Chavez


    59. poppy paul

      i hope they were asked if they financially supports illegal immigration, like so many of the entertainment celebs. read michelle malkins book "open borders inc."

    60. Lisa Jackson

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂These two are so funny!

    61. Daniela

      The lie detector lady was so in love with the answers john gave her hahaha

    62. Maribel Luna-Buenrostro

      They are so Freaking cute... they make me laugh so much...couple goals for

    63. W Galeano

      I love it....... they are divine!!!

    64. Hangouts with Mikina

      I was watching Kristy and I am like she acts like me...and then I checked her Zodiac sign and boommmmm... she is sagittarius.. LOL... brutally honest and care free spirited

    65. Lone Note

      What's a spoken word album?

    66. makeupxt.d

      They crack me up ahh I love them

    67. cecilia cambier

      This is my fav so far, you can see the energy and love between each other.

    68. F C

      Go President Trump GREATEST President EVER!!

    69. Michael Jaeb

      They compliment each other so nicely because chrissy is so energetic and john is so lay backed and relaxed!

    70. Latoya Bembry

      This is the balance I need in my life, a man that is waaaaaay nicer than I am. See, proof it works.

    71. Farrell Deebach-Carpenter

      I love John's laugh and how incredibly sweet he is Christy can be a bit bitchy to him

    72. UNbowed62

      You two are wonderfully meant for each other. Love the humor! So adorably compatible & sweet! Blessings! 🥰🎶

    73. Olivia Benoi

      holy crap, shes soooooo annoying looking

    74. Emilee Pankow

      I think my favorite part is at the very end when he's like "you turned out to be a lot richer than I thought you would be." Your response was epic and it just goes to show how much you guys love each other. To be able to be honest that way and still have the humor is amazing!!

    75. Jane Life

      John and Chrissy dated for so many years before getting married. If she really wore the pants she probably would've forced a marriage way earlier lmaoo

    76. Asmilez22

      It's weird to me that everyone felt like Chrissy wears the pants based on this video. I think he does. His personality just seems more mellow and calm but I get the vibe that he's also not someone to be played with. I think the loudest ones can sometimes be the soft ones and that's how I feel about Chrissy.

    77. Kian Kanhai

      Does anyone find Chrissy resembles Chucky's wife

    78. Michael Tamares

      these two are starting to look more asian each year...doesn't anyone notice?

    79. Tony P.

      I just love them together they bring the fun out of each other. That look Chrissy gave John about touching one of her monies was so wonderful, it made me feel that John better watch his back if he even if he just thought about it. 👏👏👏🤔

    80. Flojona Sanon

      I died when she was like “what tf is more?!” 😂