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    John Legend and Chrissy Teigen take a lie detector test. Does Chrissy relate with her fans? What are the secrets behind her marriage? Did she win a Mac & Cheese eating competition? Is John Legend his real or stage name? Was he popular in school? Does he think they would have dated in high school?
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    John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

    Published on 9 days ago


    1. ivie Adiele

      I hope so 🤣🤣🤣 so he is not sure if he is the father of his children.

    2. edward augustine

      You won woman of the year Her: AND I WON THE MAC AND CHEESE OFF

    3. K P

      12:44 Bro AHAHAH

    4. Anthony Fernandez

      I imagineThis is what marrying your best friend is like

    5. Michelle Seguin

      So intense

    6. Jose Aguilera

      John legends readers were going bonkers💀💀💀

    7. Rich Sage

      1:20 - 1:40 ⚰️☠️😂😂😂

    8. ddstgm


    9. Vilma García

      This was supposed to be longer!!

    10. John Pender

      Chrissy has a misshapen head.

    11. GC Arts

      i LOVE her

    12. Jessica Jones

      Why is no one mentioning- I WOULD DO SOMETHING MORE LEGALLY LIKE DONATE TO THE SCHOOL.....if your child is getting into the school for any reason other than their grades and achievements ....THEN ITS ILLEGAL!


      John looks a little scared of Chrissy when answering her questions 💁

    14. ॐ OM

      Stupid questions, ask her(any) does she make fun of you with her stupid female friends!

    15. Jason Spurlock

      Wish they’d asked her if she dislikes white people... but the needle went crazy

    16. Misti Rainwater-Lites

      They seem sincere. 🧸

    17. astrobabe

      i need adam levine and blake shelton

    18. alms baasha

      Sometimes it looks like Chrissy gets annoyed with how nice he is 😂 they are soo different and I love it 😄

    19. Sirisha Moodley

      If Chrissy Teigen was a lawyer I'd admit to things that I havent even done yo.😂😂 Her death stares loweky scared me. 😂

    20. nikunj Kumar

      Is he the sexiest man alive..??

    21. Chris Manning

      Who pronounces their wife's name wrong? A Legend does I guess.

    22. Janaya Charles


    23. BlackHammer007

      I don’t really feel the love here... :(

    24. Alma Puga

      Those babies look just like him, he can't even deny them.

    25. RT Jones


    26. Andrea Simpson

      They are so real and down to earth....beautiful couple!!

    27. Noor Ahmed

      Her questions were so deep/ thoughtful.

    28. R C

      Google? In light of the fact that I've bad mouthed your top brass mercilessly on your own platform and reveled in it, is recommending this channel payback? If so, please Google, Oh please have mercy on me!

    29. r385671

      Chrissy seems like she has a smelly snatch. Idk

    30. Noor Ahmed

      "And I won the Mac and Cheese off..." so cute "Are you the father to Luna and Miles" "I hope so... Yes" "Look at their faces" 😂😂😂

    31. Luv1234

      She's very exotic looking.

    32. Taylor Watts

    33. Luv1234

      Mariah C. is one of my favs., too

    34. Sumeela Jagtoo

      "I love everything you make" aaaww ❤❤❤

    35. D Storm

      It would be a lot more depressing to see them take an IQ test...

    36. D M

      The two of these elitists clowns need to be deported to Iran.

    37. bRanching Out

      They just HAD to put Donald Trump in there.🙄 Is there ANYTHING that doesn’t include politics?!

    38. louiethemouseful

      This is the worst lie detector etiquette ever. YES or NO QUESTIONS ONLY!!! and you cant laugh and you have to stay still!

    39. TheNormalOddball

      Bwhahaha HE was the one that kept asking dilfs of Disneyland to post him. I love him 😂😂

    40. saquoiag

      They are such a beautiful couple!

    41. Hand Meover

      Ask her....."would you bang some drunk in an old gas station men'sroom at 3:30am, out on the highway?"

    42. Ariana Cohen

      "Did you do Lisa Vanderpump's?" HAHAHAHAHAH YASS CHRISSY I am dead

    43. Paige Connelly

      She hates Green Light?! That's his best song!

    44. Jon Lipinski

      Nobody cares

    45. Grace B. Addey

      A lot of marriages would be saved if couples undertook this exercise at least every quarter.....

    46. Jeina O

      He is scared of giving honest answers.. The woman is overbearing and controlling ..moody

    47. Jeina O

      She has him by his balls.. She seems like she's just comfortable having a nice guy,thats why she's so reckless and sarcastic with him

    48. Marta Szarogroder

      Best couple in showbiz :)

    49. Embracing Duty

      I love how she has no makeup on, right tell me thats her bare face...

    50. Bailey & Addy

      I love them

    51. adfa 2

      Blake and Ryan please

    52. Destiny Love

      Her botox dont let her make any facial expressions like a robot

    53. FamousTina

      Did it say lie when she asked about the song All of Me being about her? xD


      It’s so definite that they love ❤️ each other 🥰😍

    55. Yumna Ali

      Why is John the best husband ever 😂💚

    56. S M

      Ayyyy this just made me sad...they look like they are tired and bored of being together but just dont know how to call it quits. This is every married couple in the world!

    57. pits pit

      amazing couple.

    58. Roy B

      This is depressing to watch as a man, this is what males have become? He's like the woman, and she's like the man in that relationship.

    59. Ashley Carts

      They are so cute I can’t, they need their own show

    60. Sullay BJ

      I love them awwwww😍😍 but two things rub me off a lil The cheat Q & Prenup 🤔