Jason Mitchell Speaks On Misconduct Allegations, Leaving 'The Chi' & Lessons Learned

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    Jason Mitchell drops in to talk the sexual misconduct allegations that widely affected the former The Chi actor to the point where he's been looked at as a bit of a pariah.
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Settboy

      Dj Envy STFU

    2. J D Smith

      Great talent, but Mitchell, nobody want your hands all over them. Even serial rapists have had girlfriends, but they still commit rape. Yeah, I bet you did try to make sure she got home. Hell, there were 3 women that made accusations against him. Tiffany Boone had to bring her boyfriend to the set because of Jason's inappropriate behavior.

    3. Joen Vazquez

      He’s being genuine about the situation and you can read between the lines. A black successful man on the rise. The media wants to bring individuals down. The fact of the matter is. He contacted his boyfriend and reached out on how to go about the situation and how her other wanted to handle the issue.

    4. S D

      That man said “everything is going fine” I feel like the lion king” and these fake ass niggas straight went in on that man

    5. Tamika Parker

      I met him at my job in Chicago. He is very cool & down to earth guy. I love him in the Chi. I bet the ratings dropped tremendously! Keep winning Jason

    6. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

      You what. F-ck Hollywood. Some in Hollywood pulling the strings are drug addicts, racists ir pedophiles. Jason Mitchell didn't need a major film studio to make movies. He can go independent, go overseas or straight to Netflix. I will support any movie this man puts out.

    7. musicmaniam2009

      J is my dude and I’m rooting for him but this some BS. You need a better publicist bruh

    8. Nod Johnson

      He must have denied the diddy party parties,the way he's being treated.

    9. ON HN


    10. Fourthgirl

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">3:58</a> I call bullshit. Too long of an explanation. All one sided. Don't date where you work.

    11. Kevin Flowers

      No one is perfect, we all deal with some type of demons. Now this young man I absolutely was looking forward to watching him in The Chi for season 3. He was one of my favorites. I hope he has an come up later on in his career I want to see him in future films.

    12. Sanni Sheriffdeen Abiola

      Will this series be fun anymore, He as to be there to complete this to the end 😔

    13. Bruce Craig

      Boone is claiming something different. She says she shared "her truth." Never understood that phrase. Either a thing happened or it didn't. Somebody is lying!!

    14. ALFJAMXA James

      I haven't seen this much lying and BS since the last drumpt rally lol

    15. TheSimplysexy1000

      Real Women don't get drunk in these streets knowing what can go on ..Do better and get your lives

    16. JDub 44

      He's blackballed. He's a total liability. Nobody will come near him for years. He sounds like a creep

    17. Shakela Bryant

      Give this young man a second chance " The Chi"

    18. Vivian Greene

      Lol?? Why won’t we hold black men accountable?? His energy says he’s lying LMAO y’all are not as spiritual as you say if you can’t read the lies he’s spewing come on now. He’s a master bullshitter tbh look at his body language! If that bw had a bad experience! Then she did! PROTECT HER. HOLD OUR MEN ACCOUNTABLE period all of y’all in these comments are SAD get your shit together and stand up for your people.

      1. Vivian Greene

        Stand up for all of us tf

    19. GTech8088

      Loved his character in The Chi. He carries himself the same way in real life

    20. Manny G

      You can tell this nigga is a problem And yes he can could have talked to the woman before snitching to HR

    21. Ayana Vega

      I’m about to make up my own season 3 of the chi in my head. 😂😭 like what I want to happen... cause... I’m mad him and Barton(Reggie) are off the show. 😩🙄

      1. Tianna Hill

        @Ayana Vega yeah i was reading up on it last night and I think I was something about him not wanting Reg to be with a transgender person or something heres a video ussel.info/video/video/tnutaYagl6B9rIU.html

      2. Ayana Vega

        Tianna Hill he was killed off I’m not exactly sure why. There’s rumors on why but Idk exactly why he was killed off but it’s related to real life issues. Like on how his character was gonna be portrayed on the show.

      3. Tianna Hill

        What happened to Reg??

    22. The Sutton family

      All his responses are strategic like lgtb ,me too, i promise to be a good nigga. He will be back in a dress. They are punishing him, they wanted him to do some foul shit. Watch.

    23. Victor Ortega

      This dude said a whole lot and said absolutely nothing at the same time.

    24. kendra p

      Where there's smoke..... but I don't know. Both sides sound very strange

    25. Rob G

      50 mins of interrogation lbs I wanted to hear about the positive he's doing.

    26. Rob G

      Shouts to Envy for pointing out injustices

    27. Randall Parker

      His interview full of b.s who else could read between the lines?? Dude danced around questions, now is it because he guilty or an NDA idk but this wasn’t a good way to clear his name

    28. Reesy does

      New Orleans checking in !

    29. New: We Busy Ent Channel

      Win King, Win, I know how is to be lied on and try to be stopped from living your dream

    30. Mohammad Jawad

      I'm watching this video like, 'STOP LYINNN" ..... "Jason Mitchell Arrested for Drugs, Weapons in Mississippi"- April 2020

    31. Levi King

      Bullshit. Dat nigha know wtf he did

    32. Bohemian Chic Vibe

      I really have a hard time believing that he is telling the whole truth. For two reasons. First: I've read several interviews that pretty much use all the same clips of his interview and the first red flag I noticed was he said when he took the drunk female co-worker home he said I got her home and "nothing really happened..." The phrasing of that word nothing "really" happened...is SUSPECT AF! What does he mean? Did something..anything happen OR NOT?? It triggers me bc it makes me think something DID happen...he DID so something/say something that was reported the next day.... Secondly: look at his how he answers the questions on The Breakfast Club interview . Hes avouding definitively saying "NO ".. It was like " well... When Charlemagne asks him if its true they had to mediate. He said NO. In the interviews it was said that after the Tiffany accusations came out at the end of the wrapping of the first season of The Chi. That Tiffany told Floyd....who then reported it to HR as a showrunner should!! SHE could get fired for NOT reporting it! As a superior she isnt supposed to withhold allegations of misconduct. So yes, he's right Tiffany may have never directly said anything to him BUT she told a superior so apparently she DID have issues with him. He's trying to debunk the Tiffany accusations by saying that because she seems like the type that would tell you if something bothered her ,the fact that she never told him he was doing anything to make her uncomfortable simply proves that it was really about Floyd trying to throw him under the bus...that's called denial. He finds it impossible to believe that " strong" women might feel intimidated or worried about reporting a colleague and never do it directly but instead go directly to HR. He doesn't understand truly what the #MeToo movement is about. Many women DON'T confront the men. They just dont for a multitude of reasons that are irrelevant. The fact that she went to her boss is ALL that matters!! That being said I feel he's not being 100% . He knows EXACTLY what got him fired. He just doesnt like that the landscape and the good ole boys culture that allowed whatever it was he did to slide in the past is no longer acceptable and that the consequences can cost you your career. You would have to be living under a rock at this point to not know that you can NOT do what used to be considered harmless flirting or making a pass in the workplace anymore... many businesses are adding " no fraternization" clauses to their employee contracts or relationship disclosure agreements to protect the employees as well as the company from lawsuits. He also made a comment to make himself seem like he was a "victim" which was annoying with a lot of the anti #metoo men saying they can't talk to women and how they can't do anything now ...boohoo!" He said that clearly he "just can't hang out.." as if it was the very act of hanging out that was misconstrued. NO! it was whatever he DID or SAID during the time that he was "hanging out" that got him in trouble! He needs to own it!

    33. rgtowns

      Once he said he paid $7800 for a plane ticket, his credibility was out the window...and everything is out the window. A lot of we black men grew up in violent cities. That can't be your excuse. $7800 for a ticket would cover everyone in coach, bruh! From Chi to Vegas? Come on.

    34. Deja

      The Chi won’t be the same ...

    35. Jonathan Ortiz

      You cant bullshit a bullshiter he a terrible liar,like envy said why you ain't suing 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

    36. JAB Legacy

      I like buddy... I don’t think he was down with the industry games. Then mansion parties. Hold ya head Jason, it gets greater later. Integrity is honorable

    37. Jameisha

      And now he’s in trouble for having drugs and guns on him smh I really hope his career isn’t ruined

    38. Bernard Talbert

      He just got arrested today in Mississippi for drug distribution after being found in possession of 1300 doses of ecstasy and 2 lbs of weed individually wrapped for sale. He also had an AK-47 and a 9 mm Glock pistol. Game over for him. He's done unless he able to cut a deal to snitch on somebody higher in food chain.

      1. Bernard Talbert

        @Daddy O He may be the fastest rise and fastest fall I've ever seen. He was in a string of decent movies so he had some money. He reminds me of Nate Newton who also was from Louisiana. Nate was a superstar for Dallas Cowboys had three Super Bowl rings. After he retired he was busted for trying to distribute 200lbs weed. While out on bail got busted again with another 175 lbs!! He did 2.5yrs. His ex-wife later revealed he was beating her etc. Sometimes these guys have personal demons that make them self destructive. Hope he gets help.

      2. Daddy O

        But why sell drugs??? Was he making enough money as a actor????

    39. Tremayne Wilson

      I didn’t do anything...But if I did I apologize 😂😂😂

    40. rico pesos

      Why tf he waited so damn long to defend his self its crazy to me smh i lost all hope and faith in this guy as a fan i was rooting for his stardom and success Rotimi going to take his spot now if he dont get his shit together or Lakeith Standfield will because they just as a impactful young black actor and Michael B Jordan miles ahead of all these niggas.

    41. Justin Bates

      Who's here after seeing he got arrested in Mississippi??

      1. Poe_Boi_ Q


    42. Dwacia Ancrum

      And now he just got arrested for illegal possession of ecstasy, marijuana,and gun possession 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Daddy O

        Was he making enough money as a actor????why sell drugs

    43. D'heireea Torres

      Hold up, I feel like they did something, I'm sorry. Idc relationship or not, they had to do something with each other and no one is saying anything to make it clear, he is saying ummm, she saying ignorance and the creator is making one story alive and it's making me feel like they did something just didn't want it to air out, but it backfired to him being the bad guy. That's just my opinion, I think they messed with each other and now it's something really serious.

    44. Youlanda Anderson

      This man is an amazing actor frfr

    45. Christy Johnson


    46. PasSion Waldon

      For the record, that girl that slapped him shoulda been locked up. He didn't press charges. Like you said Jason, don't trust these hoes. 😂😂

    47. Mrs. Fleming to you

      I was born in New Orleans and my husband is from New Orleans and most of those men are aggressive in their flirting but they mean no harm, it's just their country boy swag. If you're not use to it, I can see how it can offend someone. My husband offended me with his approach but when he told me where he was from, I gave him a pass and here we are 🤣🤣.

      1. Mrs. Fleming to you

        @Daddy O He was in my personal space telling me how beautiful he thought I was and I was like damn, can you give me 50 ft 😆

      2. Daddy O

        How did ur husband approach u...wat was his flirting words??? Hey wats up baby?????

    48. Ronda S

      He assaulted her, I'm telling you, that's why he's going around and around! When ppl lie, they never give straight answers. He actually keeps skipping the question, dude knows what happened. When he apologized, he's guilty. No one innocent ever apologizes.

    49. The Dred God

      Not watching The Chi without him or Reg!

    50. Daniel M.

      “We’ve never been the best of friends” says a lot and he’s leaving a lot out.

    51. Denise Johnson

      I don't watch the chi anymore I loved Brandon 😭

    52. Tiffany Black

      I'm willing to bet money that the coworker that got drunk and he made sure she got home, doesn't remember what happened and rather than taking accountability for being reckless under the influence, she'd rather him be removed from the equation. I am sure she is the bigger asset to production and they know if they cut him with little to no explanation and compensation to go with it, it can lead to deeper consequences legally.

    53. T Echols

      They should replace jerricha on the chi and just keep brandon. Can't replace brandon or reg.

    54. Fah Blizza

      Gotta respect accountability.

    55. Mister Official

      Still confused sounding like he say she say..He just took the blame for it.

    56. Shannon Minor

      Money money money moooooney money!!hopefully this will shall pass and everyone move on this is kinda serious 😒

    57. Ultimate Warrior

      Dam he fucking up just like the character he played its very ironic

    58. rosemary mays

      Jason has the cutest smile

    59. Cynthia Casey

      Miss U!!! Loved the show!!!

    60. Brittany

      This nigga lyin

    61. Dee Hardin

      Charlemagne :your hair shifting.Dj Envy: this real hair😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    62. Dee Hardin

      When cus said I gotta control my inner nigga, I flatlined that was funny as hell

    63. Darin’s Lady

      He was really good in "The Chi" I don't know if the series will survive without him

      1. Chucky Black

        @KevinWhittingtonAka Marvilloso the show

      2. Chucky Black

        @KevinWhittingtonAka Marvilloso you think so? I was thinking the same, but I hope the show can survive

      3. ON HN

        Brandon 🤦🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️

      4. Robert Taylor

        He was the show!

      5. Chucky Black

        Real shit

    64. supremejoseph

      He you didn't do anything wrong you need to say i didn't do anything also you should be taking them to court I think he's lying after watching this interview.

    65. Robert Rogers

      1 lesson here fellas ....never offer to take a drunk girl home..just leave her ass and save yourself the headache 🤣😅

    66. kingcook 1988

      He's a liar.. I feel it everytime he lies.. he breathes in and out and then proceeds to lie.. then he uses a situation to talk himself out.. also he uses negative voices when talking about women.

    67. kingcook 1988

      He is full of shit.. something isn't right.. he won't bounce back if he keeps lying.. when someone says EXACTLY.. they are more than likely being manipulative.

    68. Bran Pie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="885">14:45</a> the dude in the back of DJ Envy is sleeping

    69. K B

      Jason needs to get his act together. He obviously has a problem. He so talented and deserves more roles. Resist those nigga moments and be the amazing actor that we all now you are.

    70. Nicki Nicki Nicki

      The chi will def be garbage without him

    71. Sheila Davis

      This is tough. He is strategically answering these questions, which makes you kinda wonder. (Tisha Campbell from the Martin Show didn't want to do Martin any more because he kept trying to kiss her frfr. Then TuPac got accused and did time for some date rape stuff; that according to him never happened...I believe him) I am no judge or jury, but I DO know that black men have to tread water, lightly, in our society. They are already under a microscope. We have to teach these baby boys to think twice and act once in all situations. These allegations and public scrutiny is the modern day Public Lynching. He needs good counsel and good friend(s) for helping him make the right choices (and as witnesses to his tales.) I really hope he learned from this, and not have shot himself in the foot, while navigating in this wicked industry. TALENTED BROTHA....GONE TOO SOON...FROM SHIT THAT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED....SMDH! Play the role. Go sit in the trailer between scenes. At the end of the day, take yo ass home. Once you've been elevated in life, all types of oppositions and adversaries will arise. I pray he keeps his focus and keep his head out of his ass. Blessings to that brotha.

    72. Asim Nyc

      He could be a politician with all the spin. Unfortunate because he’s a very talented actor.

    73. Jay Thomas

      Why bro in the back w/ the grey jacket look like beetlejuice 😫

    74. ahseadalg

      I think he’s confusing real life & there acting

      1. Due Better


    75. King Q

      I like how he so humble about everything that going on in he’s life about being fire about he’s family and he’s co workers he not letting nothing gets under he’s skin

    76. Yasmin Dee

      Seeing these comments...smh there’s no wonder R. Kelly was allowed to do what he did. Anyways, he’s being sued and karma is going to keep coming for him.

      1. StopBeingRacist

        Yasmin Dee I’ll never understand why some people get so passionate about situations they clearly don’t have all of the information about. It’s okay to reserve judgement and leave your opinion at that.

    77. Michael Paiva

      Today reports are comin out that Jason Mitchell defaulted on a $60,000 loan. The bank said he stopped making the payments after June of 2019. He goes on breakfast club sayin " its all good cus i still got paid in full after they let me go"..but my man not payin all his bills. Im a huge fan of J.M. so after i saw that story i then heard about him bein cut out of " The Chi" . He haa a big storyline and he's one of the main chatacters. Him and his gf on the show ( who is one of the women who throwin allegations that he was inappropriate with her and thats why SHE left the Chi). So season 3 is gonna not have Brandon and his girl?!??... damnnn "the Chi" is gonna take a hit losing Jason Mitchell imho.

    78. dinerøø

      why ang didnt come

    79. James Johnson

      Anybody see tiffany post bout it

    80. One18

      “Other than that nothing REALLY happened”