Jason Mitchell Speaks On Misconduct Allegations, Leaving 'The Chi' & Lessons Learned

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    Jason Mitchell drops in to talk the sexual misconduct allegations that widely affected the former The Chi actor to the point where he's been looked at as a bit of a pariah.
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Kroger KP2

      If these allegations are false. He should definitely sue, because this affects his livelihood

    2. Chrissy b

      And he's still fine af

    3. Kroger KP2

      I think it's more to this than he's telling us

    4. Juawan Scott

      Man I thought his ass was lying too until I just seen that Lena interview and she said “she has to believe women”

    5. Mari Addis

      Horseshyte!!! So this ninja loses job(S) and is dropped from a major agency after he allegedly did what any respectful man would do in a similar situation. However, don't nobody know and has given any information on any events that led up to the actions taken against him.🥴😒 Damn! He's not even worth a more fathomable K.Hart set up.

    6. Tanesha Watts

      He is problematic af. I see right through his stories

    7. Quinton Colston

      If I’m telling truth I’m going into severe detail definitely when it come to stuff like that... and his interview makes me feel like he’s hiding something

    8. James Grant

      I'm with you my brother.. coming from New Orleans.. I totally understand him.. I knew he clicked out on all of em.. ppl view me the same at my work place.. and a lot white ppl, I've come encountered , feel if your not smiling something is wrong

    9. Shrimpchipz 11

      “She was listening too hard.” Da fuk does that mean. That’s no reason for putting hands on people.

    10. Kori Cammo

      Maaan y’all keep saying he dancing around these questions, but if he says the wrong thing that’s ammo for anyone to open a case , right now all they can do is accuse him and it’s only been 2 incidents and with some women if you snap on they ass they will quickly find a story to tell . I feel like he keeps trying to be a good guy in Hollywood but what he need to do is get that Samuel L Jackson and Wesley snipes attitude he doesn’t talk to anyone even if he’s on set with them

    11. smith housen

      for all of ya'll who clowned him for not saying much... now go and watch lena waithe interview.. still no clarity therefore he might be telling the truth. all you fake ass internet investigators..

    12. Bre Nospmoht

      Trevor said, "Call an Uber."

    13. BrownPaperDoll

      He doesn't come off like people have made him out to be. He seems really sweet. I also feel like he's saying very little because everything done and said as a celebrity seems to be scrutinized.

    14. Porsha Edmun

      For all y’all saying he lying. How? He doesn’t know what he is being accused of they just saying misconduct the only thing he thinking of is the last interactions with them when he got loud, aggressive and cursed them out etc. that’s the issue but he doesn’t know exactly what he being accused of bc Hr doesn’t specify that for retaliation. Case closed.

      1. MrReedStanley

        Exactly. In the entertainment industry so many are hit with "We've decided to go in another direction..." without any explanation required. That's the basis of at-will employment.

    15. Annette Parker - Haynes

      i call bullshit!

    16. Porsha Edmun

      I need to get that shirt dude got an IG

    17. JasmineSkyy

      Ole girl slapped you for NO REASON. Lmao come on Jason.

    18. JasmineSkyy

      Envy is asking the hard questions!!! And the buffoon Jason Mitchell said “oh I have to take the L”. Who takes a false L? Lmao shut the hell up.

    19. JasmineSkyy

      Where is Angela Yee?

    20. JasmineSkyy

      Tiffany Boone left the show because of you Jason!!!

    21. JasmineSkyy

      I’m disappointed in The Breakfast Club. Y’all should have had Marque Richardson, Tiffany Boone or anyone else but Jason on.

    22. JasmineSkyy

      Why won’t he speak honestly? It’s very hurtful. I can’t support this.

    23. JasmineSkyy

      How would he not know what the allegations are 🤔

      1. Porsha Edmun

        JasmineSkyy bc HR doesn’t tell you that

    24. Rikkie Reid

      $7800 for a plane ticket !!? I best be flying that mofo plane for that price or at least sitting next to the pilot. ✈😂

    25. James Ball

      I like when he says “if I hop in the car and someone commits murder, we all getting charged”. On that note, it doesn’t work that way when the cops do it. IJS

    26. James Ball

      I expect a lot of these comments from the Wypipo, but all you self-hating negroes make me sick to my fawking stomach. Do you hate what you see in the mirror🤔

    27. James Ball

      People that were wrong don’t get cashed out on they way out the door. If he was really guilty of anything, the company would’ve kept that money. Businesses aren’t in the business of paying people to go unless they don’t have any other choice. Keep your head up Bro.

    28. Reggie Phillips

      Hmmm. Iffy. $7800 for a plane ticket? Nah bruh.

    29. Neph Rasta

      Nyggas lie most definitely....but bitches lie and get away with it keep that in mind

    30. Pinkyz Up

      I wanna see a video of him reading the comments! Lol

    31. Sincerely Kearsten

      U think the most unfortunate part of situations like these is there is no direct intention of misconduct, just a lot of misinterpreted behavior. I wonder if the young lady ever attempted to approach him and have a one on one before going to HR. I’m not defending him but sometimes you may not know that you are making someone uncomfortable, especially if it’s unclear.

    32. Leondray Higgins

      I wish people stop saying Birdman from New Orleans. That nigga originally from New York then moved there in his teenage years.

    33. Jasmine Waugh

      I'm getting lying vibes

    34. Jay Johnson

      He did something lol 😂

    35. Indigo Mood

      0 accountability. You don't know what happen to your career? You didn't get an entertainment lawyer to ask for specifics. Fuckboy nonsense

    36. Robin Light

      Envy thinks he's lying.

    37. CaptainHappen

      He's lying.

    38. dtrent1218

      Dis nigga lying man

    39. M 617

      He ain’t talking around things, y’all just want him to spill the tea and y’all mad he not speaking on the situation so y’all wanna say he on bullshit. This shit is legal y’all you can’t just speak on everything. Just like Kodak. Which is why the world is the way it is. How ever audience views you is the picture you’re painted. Conformity is the devils gift....

      1. M 617

        NONE of y’all know and everybody THINKS they know. STOP ASSUMING...

    40. Jysanani Morgan

      I can’t believe they let him go in circles. This man definitely a bullshiter. The amount of eye rolls I did watching this is unhealthy. Tbh I’m getting R kelly vibes.

    41. Daniel O'Reagan

      Did Angela skip this interview on purpose? 🤔

    42. Amber Grant

      Question: How can someone look like they are lying or not creditable? 👀 👀 Please explain it to me because nooooooobody was there to witness any of these instances except him, the other person, and God. Just asking. This comment section is something else

    43. IYIZ Jewels Isley

      info control!

    44. MrAlex3132003

      This dude is SO FULL OF SHIT with his stories, LOL! Guess he just can not shake his Eazy E character. Its unfortunate though.

    45. Shaya Zachary

      He left out a whooooole lot. How he go from getting a drunk coworker friend home to getting accused of sexual inappropriate behavior n denying it to apologizing for some shit he saying he didn't do 🤔 WTF HE APOLOGIZING FOR

    46. fatimate traore

      How does he keep getting himself into these situations though? 🤔 however they do this to us all the time it's sad. We cant even be good people without getting attacked or ridiculed.

    47. Andful Logistics

      all of you out here in the comment bullsh*tting the real question is if you were in his situation, do you think everybody would've agreed with your story Just cuz you aint on the seat you think you're wise, get on that seat and we will see a lotta bs you will talk

    48. J.M. Harris

      This just PROVES to me that I will NEVER be ready for Hollyweird.

    49. J.M. Harris

      Yeah... buddy is... DONE. #StickThatForkInEm

    50. Derek Seignious

      he did say he was aggressive ... and I believe he scream on people to the point where it created a bad image for himself ... if he reported something to HR and someone comes back to him after being told not to speak to Jason ... I’m sure he had a reason to be upset ... probably threw a tantrum and handled himself unprofessionally ... Jason himself also said that he talks wreck less and aggressively ... so his behavior to how he handle things is what lead him to where he is at and he is still working on that and learning to express things in a more professional manner ... he apologized and admit to his wrong doings .... and is also receiving help thru counseling ... I wish him the best .. he is a talented actor

    51. Natasha Joseph

      We need Dr. Umar Johnson. This whole interview seems like a Black man suppressed.

    52. Natasha Joseph

      I don't think he's allowed to say but so much due to contracts or legal reasons. I'm glad to see him, now. I think he is trying to get his acting career back on. Its clear to me, that he isn't some dummy who going to be controlled by Hollywood, and that is a no no in their field. Much respect to him. One of my favorite actors. I would never watch the Chi without him.

    53. DreamWorkz Ent

      Everybody sayin he lying cause he didn’t answer the question by sayin, “yeah so iGot fired for grabbing her by the pwussy” 🤣🤣🤣. If he ain’t do it he ain’t do it.

    54. Safe mode Safemode

      wow this guy is the best dancer ever, lol...i'm surprised Charlamine sit there and fell for all that...lmao

    55. rey cox

      smfh the chi is about to be hella weird now.

    56. C&G Body Auto

      He got a raw deal! I’ve been there brother. You’ve learned, you’ve grown and now you know how to move. Salute!

    57. Yungen 87

      Dam I forgot Yee was there.. did she speak at all????

    58. Yungen 87

      Don't sound like he lying to me. Seem like he only allowed to say so much.. plus he got paid in full from The Chi.. seem like it might've been holes in folks stories.. he actually being smart to not throw the females under the bus while still denying accusations. Let's be real, ain't no winning against the MeToo movement so he was gon get fired regardless... Sound like he the one that got paid to be quiet tho

    59. rico mcclinton

      mane a good liar.. heard other vsitors heard a woman screaming, then yo ass took off...so u just took off on the youngings u were with? loo

    60. rico mcclinton

      lol dude gotta be lying... or just telling the story in a way it doesn't seem bad, on his part.