Janet Jackson Surprises 'The View'

The View

The View

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    After announcing her “Black Diamond” world tour, Jackson celebrated the good news with the co-hosts.
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. blackstinger6363

      Noticed Megan Mccain wasn't really impressed? WOW! SHOW A LITTLE RESPECT!

    2. melody Melina

      This woman haven't aged a bit 😍👀

    3. Lisa Hudson

      They have no audience! They made an illusion of one. LMAO

    4. Lueann Walls


    5. Tmaziing Starrs

      💚💛💙 Janet Jackson

    6. chris Ez

      Janet Jackson deserves a chair “surprise” visit or not

    7. Gothic TDK

      🙀Any time you can make a room full of grown people scream like teenagers.....it’s called Power. 💪

    8. Uncle Ruckus

      I remember when Janice Jackson was one fine Mama Jama now she had too much plastic surgery and she's as big a Cow... What a day makes

    9. Larry Williams

      How can you not like this???

    10. Andrew Villanueva

      Saw rythm nation tour and she was awesome.

    11. Gunner apple

      Woofie wearing a mop lol

    12. David Merlin

      I’m a rock and roller But always loved Janet!

    13. sbearsy21

      Wow she looks GREAT!! She looks better than me and I am decades her junior hahahaha wowwww just beautiful!!

    14. Smile LOVE

      Poor thing she's on the view show . Janet has no idea how aweful those evil people are.

    15. Jaymee Woods

      Janet will go on the view and hasn’t been on the real??? Come on now

    16. Denise Jackson

      shes beautiful those cheeks look lil big though


      Very nice>>>>>>

    18. Tsvi Rozenkranzt

      What's with bear rug???

    19. patricia bryant

      Hi janet jackson she look so good go sister

    20. Margaret Hill

      She’ll always be sweet little Penny from Good Times to me. She still looks the same. Black beauty!!!!

    21. Shatoya Dozier

      Janet is so beautiful

    22. Adryan Baskin

      Janet is so cute! Her whittle face. She still has that baby face. lol

    23. Me 2

      ...Janet Jackson is not shy, she has never been shy. Such a beautiful Lady.

    24. Kimilah Dorsey

      I want to go so bad

    25. Nancy Nanc

      Janet is beautiful

    26. farel watts

      Slay Janet!

      1. farel watts

        That's great she gave everyone tickets!

    27. CLEONS Clothing

      I’m the Woman at 2:00 🙃 #janfam

    28. Kira Willoughby

      She's so beautiful to me.... I'm going to the Black Diamond Tour!!!

    29. Saundra Kielborn

      Still so youthful, love it🥰


      Black don't crack.

    31. crislissa

      Janet, i'm stealing that hairstyle! Side note: she looks so much like MJ.

    32. Cookie Woo


    33. Teresa Baker

      Color Mormon latter day Saints then

    34. Jessica DarknessTwin

      She looks like lil Kim

    35. Tutankhamun KING

      Janet Jackson is a diva for real who would ever thought the little girl from good times Wow

    36. 9th_Child

      Janet looks her age, a ponytail don't help

    37. Janet Cousins

      The one and only Janet!

    38. Tonya Moony

      man dem cheeks are KA-POW!

    39. pinksky ATL

      Yesssssssss luv me sum JANET🙏❤

    40. Trisha Sanguineti

      Hi Janet Jackson!! We love you!! Your soooo beautiful 💕

    41. Ashton Neveaux

      New Janet Jackson was on there

    42. bahamutskingdom

      When the love and energy in that room when she invites everyone is felt through the screen here. That is Icon power.

    43. J4yePThatIs💋💕🍷

      Ok I get it now.... maybe little KIM was trying to look like Janet JACKSON look now because she look like little KIM face like she had filler or something like her cheeks AR too tight

    44. Lee Grant

      Janet is a beautiful legend. She is very generous. I am going to.see this beautiful and humble entertainer.

    45. محمد حسن قاسمی

      آموزش نقشه کشی فنی رابه فارسی ترجمه شود

    46. Amelia Cowles

      Beautiful Lady

    47. lemmieatit

      She was married for about a week.

    48. Patrick Hyde

      Those blond dreadlocks on Whoopi and black face what's the difference

    49. Ton Bel

      She looks like a monster in that custom

    50. Jenny Chidi

      I love you so much Janet. I have always loved you and your family. My dream is to meet you in person one day.

    51. Just Me

      She looked scary in the 90's and she looks TERRIFYING now. Just go away.

    52. Tommie Brooks

      How nice!👍

    53. The Morrison Enterprise, Inc

      I want Janet to pop up my house and bring me tickets🤣

    54. Pam Majette


    55. Kim R.

      So the 589 people are big mad because they didn’t get 🎫 tickets???🥴

    56. Laquetta Abbott

      Who ever disliked this video is miserable person who is filled with hate. Smh the world we live in today is so hateful.

    57. manamedia

      ...and that! Ladies and Gentlemen, is a true Icon!!!

    58. lovejones1012ms

      Yes lord , I wanna go to Janet 😩😩😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭🧐

    59. celebgossip

      Megan McCain will sell hers on eBay. 😂

    60. Sparkle Semaj

      Look at lil Penny lmao