james charles WAS RIGHT

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    james charles was right! james tweeted back to keemstar yesterday about a situation that went on with Kaitlin Bennett and the tweets were quickly deleted. in other news Nikkie tutorials uploaded her review of the blood lust collection from jeffree star and she addressed some drama about morphe and people saying that she was sponsored by jaclyn hill to do her video. let me know your thoughts down below.
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    1. Kira Schuler

      _reads titel_ *record screech* _opens red bull_ Okay, now this i gotta see!

      1. illidelphian1

        Can someone explain this comment to me? I don’t get it at all

      2. A Round Orifice in Nothingness

        @Kira Schuler Also you little twit I am Canadian not American. So not my education system either.

      3. A Round Orifice in Nothingness

        @Kira Schuler Welcome to the internet where people don't say things in the exact way you want to hear them. My recommendation to you is to grow up and stop expecting people to cater to your delicate sensitivities. And for the last time bitch it is spelled TITLE. Titel is a goddamn town in Serbia so unless your dumbass meant that then yes you are 100% wrong on your spelling. My lord.

      4. Kira Schuler

        @A Round Orifice in Nothingness ok, last response because this is getting real old real fast and even james Charles career is at this point more interesting than you and your stuck up ways. So sorry to lecture you on your own language but "correcting" would have been something along the lines of "hey, maybe your not a native speaker, its okay, just wanted to tell you that a better word would be caption for example ", you know like pointing out the mistake and offer an alternative(side note, titel isnt even wrong completely, so what was your point to begin with?!). But you came in catty on your high horse and immediately started with a comment which could also have been "omg someone used an other word than i would have, people are so dumb, my countrys education system failed everyone but me." its just like with our little gun girl, if you come in catty, dont be surprised if people are snapping back instead of bowing down in front of you and kissing your feet and thanking your for your precious wisdom. Got it now? Great. End of conversation.

      5. A Round Orifice in Nothingness

        @Kira Schuler You know next time if you want to grow as a person you should probably appreciate people who correct you and learn to admit when you are wrong. It helps develop character which you seem to be lacking to the extreme. If correcting someone's spelling is now considered "bad behaviour" then I dunno what to tell you. I never said I am perfect but at least I am not a whiny baby when someone points out a mistake I made.

    2. The Hall Family

      No, she goes to colleges and interviews people. She is not offensive, they are just stupid and get angry by any question and because they know she is a Republican. She does NOT carry an AR15 😂 holy hell. You're just against Republicans and will find anything to fight and start drama about.

    3. Send Help

      If Trump supporters were throwing stuff at any minority group you would be LIVID. But this is ok since she asked for it? Wow. Bye.

    4. Jack Simmons

      I think the police should’ve arrested her concluding guns aren’t allowed on school or college campuses unless you’re a security guard/cop 🤷🏼‍♂️ That’s the only thing they did wrong in this situation, everything else she deserved

    5. Haley Logsdon

      Another person who didn’t watch the full video at all and uses out of context videos to try and tarnish someone’s reputation nice 👍

    6. Jessica

      Okay full disclosure I usually LOVE your videos and this one I just feel like the effort wasn't there... Maybe because its close to home for me 😂 I went to the school... Idk there were more videos of her at OU and a police statement etc you could have brought up.. She asked a black individual is he thanked white people for his freedom!!!!! And then said the school was harboring terrorist... She did deserve it 😂

    7. Amy Welch

      I think anyone who cuts downs one believes....is not right.....everyone has a right to live their lives on how they see fit....someones sexuality is none of anyone's business period.....love is love and it comes in many different shapes and forms...

    8. Abby_Ave

      I miss these tweets.... keem not surprised. James response was a bit of a shock. Not a fan of his, but good for James!

    9. Abby_Ave

      You may not like politics.... but it likes & effects you. VOTE!!!

    10. Kim Bombardiere

      I think it says a lot about the beauty community that Nikki had to spell it out... Love you Dustin!!!

    11. Leah Rose

      D-Did I hear domestic terrorism and keem star supporting it.

    12. Samantha Patterson

      People that talk negatively about the LGBTQ+ community make me sick. #noh8

    13. Dognyres Mother of Pitbulls

      "Where I'm from assault means ya gotcha ass beat" I don't know why this made me giggle but it did.

    14. JessTheGlitterBoss

      This was not a riot. And I’m so tired of seeing ppl defend her ... if you think it’s ok what she does then I’m losing more and more faith in man kind. Yes everyone can have their own opinions but some need to be kept to your goddamn self. You don’t like trans, you don’t like gays ? Hmm sadly some still are not with the times but doesn’t mean you need to go up to people and put them down Bc they think differently than you. She’s playing a victim and going to milk this shit.

    15. Lee Lopez

      Miss Kaitlin Bennett has been in your comments trying to argue with everyone ^ Now to your video . I’m surprised that worse has not happened. She goes around with malicious intent and one day she will find the person she’s looking for . 🤷‍♀️

    16. Martine Andrea

      I think you’re cute Dustin!! 😊

    17. Fiona Goode

      Her resentment towards LGBT community is really weird. She was definitely bullied and clearly hasn’t gotten over it. She goes in wanting reactions to what she has to say and she got what she asked for 🤷‍♀️ The “you know I carry, right?” comment shows how much of a coward she actually is. Girl bye

    18. yescandles

      Nikki-Good K.Bennet-Bad James Charles-Good and Bad

    19. Lyssa Marlow

      I fucking hate this chick. She's gonna get herself killed. She starts shit then threatens with "you know I carry, right?" Like bitch, what are you gonna do? Shot someone, in public, with witnesses that hate you?....... Girl fuck off with your bullshit

    20. Elvisneedsboats Bennett

      i think when she said that guy was '"giving out blowjobs for free, not even asking anything for them", he should have asked her what her going rate was so he could adjust his prices accordingly.

    21. Melody Mitchell

      First time I've ever watched you. But I gotta say I have now subscribed and clicked the 🔔 😊

    22. Samantha Bamantha

      Responding to ignorant people with hate, violence, and threats is not the way to be the bigger, better person. Doing so is just giving her fuel.

    23. Deena Jensen

      I rarely comment on social media but I just have to on this one. I’m seeing a lot of comments saying that Kaitlyn deserves whatever she gets because she says things that a lot of people disagree with. So with that logic in mind, does that mean that black families who fought and marched for their kids to have the right to go to “white schools” in the 60’s deserved whatever they got? Does that mean that people chanting and protesting for equal rights for the LGBTQ community deserve whatever they get? What about women in countries where they’re oppressed, boldly standing up for their rights? They deserve whatever they get too? I can give countless examples of people expressing opinions that may be unpopular to those around them but I can’t think of any examples where they deserved to be touched in any way. That is simply never ok unless they are trying to physically harm you or those around you. It’s great if you want to disagree with someone’s beliefs, but it’s never ok to channel your anger through physicality. We should all challenge ourselves to remain calm and use our minds and facts to debate. Protest and intelligent debate are among the most important cornerstones of American culture. Freedom and particularly freedom of speech are the reason our forefathers founded the US to begin with. So the next time you want to say that someone deserves whatever they get, even if that means assault, remind yourself that only fascist tyrants will use whatever means necessary to shut people up. Instead, celebrate the fact that America is a country where we can all think differently and freely express our opinions and freely debate and disagree with one another. But honestly, if we were to spend less time focusing on our differences and only spending time with people who think like we do and more time finding common ground and reaching out to try and understand each other, we’d have a much happier society. In this divisive political climate that we live in, we need less violence and group-think and more critical thinking and individuality. Freedom of speech is uniquely American and we need to put preserving that freedom above wanting people we disagree with to shut up. Also, Dustin...you are too cute! You’re adorable! ❤️

      1. Peach Tea

        I’ll try and be polite because I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t think you understand what this implies. The Civil Rights Movement was for people of color protesting against discrimination in public areas and in segregated neighborhoods because of laws deeming the unequal circumstances they faced during separation from white society acceptable. The Stonewall and protests for the AIDS crisis were for LGBTQ+ people whose pain in medical cases was denied and whose identity or love for another person was met with dismissal, disownment, or violent interference. The present issue of religions and laws justifying sexual assault and abuse in relationships, unequal opportunities for education and social capitol, and strict dress codes that even apply to women who don’t follow a religious belief with said dress code must be protested so these countries can finally treat women like people instead of sexual objects for men or products of religions. They didn’t/don’t deserve this treatment because they didn’t ask for their biological sex, religious upbringing, skin color, culture, or romantic/sexual interests. To suggest that the dismissal of protests against the unfair institutional struggles that are still present for those who just so happen to be female or Black are equal to the protests against a privileged girl who verbally harasses people, breaks into private events meant for people of color and people of the LGBTQ+ community who don’t have spaces to express their grievances, insults people because their beliefs differ from hers, and who literally tried to separate a child from their father for the sake of telling them about abortion, is not the same thing. Kaitlin Bennett has the right to say whatever she wants...except things that defame people’s character or elicit hate speech, (two things she does constantly even to people who don’t want to be a part of her interviews). The First Amendment only allows for people to express their opinion without government meddling, but it doesn’t allow complete agreement or even respect for people who’s beliefs condemn the mere existence of people who differ from you. The water and toilet paper throwing wasn’t the best option, but less peaceful methods of protest have existed forever. For example, during the Civil Rights movement, besides Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches of white and black unity, there was also Malcom X criticizing white people. There was the Black Panther. Even some of the slaves before the eighteenth century would burn their owners houses down to plead their case against being literal objects of labor. We need to stop with the, “both sides are equal” argument because there’s a huge difference between a gay person holding a protest for equal representation in the workplace and an ignorant girl bullying others. Because protests are for conversation, and as we’ve seen constantly, Kaitlin doesn’t want a conversation. She wants attention, and after months of her behavior she got what she wanted and, yes, she did get what she deserved.

    24. Judy Cash

      You said it PERFECTLY...👌🏼 If you kick a bee’s nest and then run into the swarm... your ass can’t get surprised if they swarm ya and sting! ( or however you put it) She doesn’t look stupid... she’s not. Best thing the media could do is IGNORE HER. That would kill her

    25. Aviance Williams

      I don't condone violence, but that bitch can get beat up

    26. Erin Queen

      She makes me sad to be a Kent state alumni

    27. Valkyrie

      Im not saying that "Gun Girl" deserved it, but she definatly brought it on herself, whether it was just her questions on that particular day, or all of her past actions leading up to that point. She is trying to make it look like liberals are not the people say they say they are, but the fact is, everyone has a breaking point and you can only push a person so far before they go off, in her case she pushed a whole group of people. To add, I'm not the most political person but just watching a few of her videos and comments really pisses me off.

    28. Charlene Robles

      Here is the thing with Nikki, I love her and I believe that she was NOT sponsored to do the video. But given that she is an affiliate with morphe, it’s human nature to perhaps develop biased to a company that is helping you make coin. When it comes to Morphe products, I do not trust her opinion and simply do not watch those videos. I have yet to see her make a video really disliking a Morphe product. I think she plays it safe and only reviews what she likes which will appear she likes most of the things she uses from Morphe. I love her and support her, just not on Morphe stuff especially with they way they treat people.

    29. Alexis Carroll

      I've seen Kaitlyn's full video she posted of this situation. I don't agree with things being thrown and what they did to Joel's truck (if it is his) getting physical with someone who has not been physical with you first is wrong. Defending yourself and or someone else is well within the law. I carry a gun on me every single day. I haven't had to discharge on anyone and I hope I never have to, but with that being said it has saved me quite a few times having it on me and or having to draw my weapon. NOT once in any of those situations I've been in did it actually need to be fired. Just drawing it got the person to stop what they were doing and run. I don't agree with hate speech, yes we have freedom of speech but there are limits to it; I think she exploited these limits and still continues to. Civil, cool, calm and collect conversation on controversial topics can easily be had but some people like are little Kaitlyn here like to "poke the bear" for reactions. I would definitely say she is an instigator and likes to get people rilled up so it looks good for a content page, and that I do not stand for.

    30. BeeziBree

      I’ve got the same stance as you about gun bitch. Yes. She’s fucking awful. Protest her. If she wants to be a proponent for her second amendment rights, she better step up and stand for people acting on their first amendment rights, but people need to do so PEACEFULLY. Don’t give her the fuel she needs to start her fire.

    31. Ron Burgundy

      Kaitlyn has literally been assaulted on camera 3 times. Throwing anything at someone IS considered a crime. Instead of watching clips why don’t you actually watch her videos in full


      You support assault on someone over political opinions? Kick rocks Dustin. James charles was not right. Oh and yes her hair looks beautiful. UNSUBSCRIBED BYE BITCH.

    33. One&Only Lonerr

      If you ever see Bennet in person recordingx BLAST DISNEY MUSIC!! Its going to get her copyrighted!!

    34. Carolyn ‘Carye ‘ Sellito

      She’s a POS, and I abhor everything she claims to stand for. The right to free speech doesn’t mean the right to say what you want without consequences or retribution. While I don’t think she should be assaulted, I don’t think I would be too unhappy about anything that happens to her, short of her being physically hurt. But honestly, I’ve thought about shoving a literal sock in her mouth if ever I should come across her. Assault? Who knows. If this makes no sense, I’m sorry. I get so angry over close-minded, ranting raving assholes who intentionally bait them cry or whine about the treatment they receive. Have a good day Dustin. Looking good btw! Looking good!

    35. Fizzing Whizbee

      Yeah james was wrong.

    36. Rose Gail Peirson

      Before you make a video on the subject, you should have watched her whole video so you actually have the facts. It’s funny that James Charles says someone should be bullied, as he was just recently bullied. See, you are allowed to have your opinion about Her, and nobody has the right to yell in your face and assault you. Then you go on to repeat the rumour started on Twitter about her crapping her pants at a college party she was never at, it’s ok for you to do this? But someone else can’t say anything you don’t like?The problem is people need to grow up, now I know you make videos before even knowing any facts.. I get it, you are a drama channel

    37. Gabi Pierson

      Kaitlin literally said trans people dont deserve basic human rights. She is disgusting

    38. Gabi Pierson

      I actually like James Charles more now!! He held to his beliefs and chose not to defend this hate monger Kaitlyn Bennett.

    39. Steve Howes

      Ugh James Charos 👎👎👎 No sister go sister.

    40. Mia Sancto

      Gun girl should be locked up for being a homophobe, however there is a celebrity from England called Caroline Flack who just committed suicide because people were harassing her in the papers, online, in magazines and on the news after she was arrested for assault on her boyfriend, now while these two cases aren’t link, sending this girl hate could lead her to do what Caroline did. #bekind

    41. TessaDorito

      Whoever Miss Kitty is... she’s BIG mad 😂

    42. Nanette D

      I'm with you Dustin. Where I come from when you intentionally talk shit, especially what she is, you better be prepared to pay the consequence. If that means getting something thrown at you or a good ole fashion ass whoopin then so be it. If you spread hate, then don't cry about. Suck it up little girl.

    43. Michelle Littlefield

      Taft got stuck in the bathtub they he to butter him to get him out lol

    44. Caroline Edwards

      James is wrong for saying that she deserved to be assaulted. No one deserve to be assuaged for having different opinions. I don’t really agree with her but she doesn’t deserve that. Plus you guys are giving her what she wants.

    45. yvonne savoy

      Aren't the majority of blow jobs free??

    46. Donna

      James didn’t delete the tweets lol

    47. SmittenKitten

      This woman will never know what it feels like to be loved for who she is instead of what she says. She doesn't believe half of the things she says (she just wants a reaction), but she will draw people to her that DO believe in her rhetoric; she will be constantly surrounded by hatred, bigotry, racism and misogyny. She will never understand what it feels like to connect with someone on an emotional level. Perhaps that doesn't matter to her now, but one day it will and she will mourn for all that she missed.

    48. Valeriekxoxo

      dustin !!! please release the deva curl video because I've been seeing that brand everywhere

    49. Cassia Alexis

      In regards to Kaitlin Bennett, my opinion on the matter is that in general, no one should be assaulted or harmed in any fashion solely because of things that they do or say in a situation. However, i agree with James in a sense that if you have a reputation of constantly saying racial/homophobic slurs out in the open to random strangers that you are intentionally bothering, then you do deserve the backlash is coming for you. -And then for her to use her “right” to carry and insinuate that she will essentially bring a riot of guns to a University aka a SCHOOL. that is so disturbing. People can try to defend her and claim that she is the way she is because of how she was raised and who she was influenced by as a child, but I honestly find that argument extremely invalid. I grew up with family who is very religious. Like strict strict strict; always follow bible principles. I find comfort in what the Bible has to offer and still believe in the teachings brought from it. Yet, I’ve never adopted the same view points on homosexuality as most of the folks within the religion. I’ve never had any ill views or opinions towards anyone who happened to be gay, lesbian, bi or trans; I do not practice the same interest as those who are but I also do not judge other people or the things they decide to do with their lives unless their words and/or actions are affecting other people negatively, THEN it becomes an issue in my eyes. So, KB is a very big issue in our very wide spread social media society right now. But again, just my opinion on the matter 🤷🏻‍♀️

    50. Molly Crabtree

      The questions were actually aimed at Presidents day. A STUDENT started running her mouth and it went from there. I have a CCW. I'm damn sure not gonna have anyone assault me in any form. Why is assault okay to do but guns are bad to stop it or keep it from happening? I'm sorry yall but he doesnt have the full story.

    51. Molly Crabtree

      As someone from Ohio near the place of action. They did more than the car thing and it was assault. She may not have all the same views as me but I wouldnt do that to ANYONE no matter what.

    52. Isabella Castile

      Here's the problem, it's NEVER ok to promote violence and that's what Jame's was cheering for and that's horrible, especially considering he was crying all over the internet, not to long ago, because he was the one being harassed. I find it funny that these videos are popping up suddenly but nobody makes videos when it's the leftist liberals attacking conservatives for no reason other than knowing they're conservative. Where's the video of the attacks happening in LA when Blaire White went to speak and the #walkaway crew was cleaning up all the needles and shit from the streets. A gay man with them was assaulted for PICKING UP TRASH. This isn't some random or rare event. This is how all conservative speakers are treated on these campuses and it has to stop. I can easily post 100+ recent videos of anybody associated with Republicans being attacked (even children) while minding their own business or being called racists, homophobe etc for simply being affiliated with a particular party. If we're gonna do this, let's keep the same energy for both sides or is that too much to ask? If your response to disliking what someone says is to act like a bunch of lunatics then it's time to grow up.

    53. Victoria Holland

      Kaitlin Bennett is Holocaust denying, racist commenting, homophobic, nationalist trash. Not to mention bringing a gun to Kent State proves she's just insensitive and hiding behind the constitution while being completely ignorant of it.

    54. Meg

      Oh this girl, didnt she shit everywhere at a kent state party?? Oh boy

    55. Casey 5SOS

      did she even go to college

    56. Shannon Murphy

      I do not agree with you at all. Kaitlin is not as bad as you think and if you actually had a conversation about her views then you would realize that a lot of people have false information. She was assaulted because they threw hot coffee on her and vandalized the car. I do not agree with all of her views, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and shouldn't be called names or yelled at to be silent. If a women was walking down an alley half naked deserves to be raped? No. So Kaitlin Bennet did not deserve the harrassment. 🤷‍♀️ I really like watching you I hope you watch the videos she shares the whole videos or even ask to talk to her and see that what you're saying is wrong about her character.

    57. Jamie Kaufman

      Kaitlyn is trash. NEXT

    58. Kelsey 23

      That Kaitlyn girl is not a good person, then she wonders why ppl dislike her

    59. Elizabeth Johnson

      James Charles is absolutely not right and that’s disgusting to ever condone. I don’t like her nor do I agree with how she does interviews or most of her beliefs but this physical abuse and people calling for actual harm on her is nasty and should never be okay . People poured hot coffee on her, threw toilet paper with objects in them supposedly and cups at her which is most definitely assault. They wouldn’t let her leave while still telling her to leave? If you don’t want her there why are you blocking her way to leave by holding your arms together and blocking their vehicle ?!? While she says annoying and awful things she’s never physically hurt anyone or literally called for violence on someone she doesn’t like or disagrees with from what I’ve seen. Saying she carries is dumb but she said that to a girl who was being a bit agreesive and that is not assaulting someone by saying you carry. It’s just stupid You know how she will go away .... DONT GIVE HER CONTENT OR ATTENTION , ignore her 🤯

    60. Shawna Keating

      I lean a little more conservatively, but she's straight-up trash. But I will say, I don't think anyone should throw things at someone else and shit like that. You can protest all you want till your heart's content, but I think a line is crossed when you start attacking. You're not making your "side" look good, you're making it look like violent babies. Again, she's straight trash, but stop giving her content. If everyone just ignored her, she would have nothing.

    61. Cameron Rasmussen

      So... because she has an opinion you don’t agree with it’s ok to bully her. Wow... good to know. I don’t agree with her, but I still believe she has the right to say what she believes. Just like all of you.

    62. Al Fresco

      Dustin: does this girl deserve to be assaulted? Me: y- Dustin: no, but

    63. MegHere!

      Kaitlin IS the bully.. Society is just reacting to her behavior.

    64. Mind Over Madalyn

      I go to OU and I’m so proud of my school. Also her claims to come to a college campus with guns, in Ohio, where there are actually laws about guns on illegal campuses, can actually be taken as a threat of violence with an armed militia not affiliated with the US Army. So that’s not good 😂😭

    65. Michele Bostic

      Ugh why won't the video play? Just set there and keeps loading. Been doing this since yesterday with a few videos. I have signal so it's not that.

    66. Raven Chopowick

      Pretty sure she is s Troll.

    67. Agency in Repose

      Someone poured hot coffee on her so yeah it was assault and the cops refused to even help her. Plus they keep making up a lie about her pooping her pants and they do it everywhere she goes. I don't know what she says on twitter but I agree with her on gun rights.

    68. MoonKat

      Kaitlyn Bennet does get attacked a lot just for asking normal questions and that’s not right. I hate two parties I think Democrats and Republicans are two wings of the same messed up bird. But I do agree she does go into it hoping to upset liberals for content which is upsetting to people and that’s not cool.

    69. Kristýna Tauerová

      She is the actual bully, not the people protesting.

    70. Maryam Dadar

      The only correct response to fascism is anti-fascism. Gun girl is goin straight to Hell.

    71. MiSti

      In Cali.. spitting on someone is assault... So if we are questioning what is classified as assault... Anything... Sadly.. anything. CuZ I am like minded.. assault=ass whooping.

    72. Arianna Knowles

      So many things wrong about what you said.. did you even watch the video? She went to ohio to ask trivia questions for presidents day! And eventually it came to people not want to talk to her because "shes racist" this word is just thrown around, and you are condoning that?? You should really do your research and not take clips out of context to make someone look bad. Calling her "borderline racist"??? She has never said anything or done anything racist. Seriously, you are just another person who doesn't like her opinions. She wasn't crying in the video, you mention how you dont like her hair?? Not sure what the point of that is. Then you talk about her "shitting herself" which actually never happened, if you watched any of her videos you would know she's never drank in her life. What a riot. Do society a favor and go back to your cave, and quit encouraging division.

    73. Jessica Edwards

      “Where I’m from assault means you got your ass beat” I couldn’t agree more. But I am from Louisiana so maybe that’s why 🤷🏻‍♀️love you Dustin!

    74. Kepler 66

      Ok- I’m gay but I’ve never been part of the lgbt community though, I’ve never understood it. Katlyn Bennett has a right to say whatever she wants, idc how bad it is. Free country y’all

      1. Kepler 66

        Whatever happened to the sticks and stones saying... ppl get offended waaaaaay too easily nowadays

      2. Kepler 66

        And no one deserves hate or having stuff thrown on them for expressing their personal beliefs

    75. Savannah Tatianna

      Homophobes and racists are usually one in the same. 🤮🤮

    76. JayyDee

      I agree with protesting but when it becomes physical that’s an issue. She shits her pants and sucks yea but like don’t let yourself get so low to the point you wanna hit someone who can’t hold her poopoo in. You’re better than that bby.

    77. Miss SouthernGal

      You are such a bitter whiney person.... if you and you're little buddy would actually watch Peters video, you'd know he didn't even concern the likes of you and your BIASED buddies. Lots of respect was lost for you and your..... "friends". You're gross and bitter, stop it lol. Why you always get so butthurt over PR ?? You don't wear it..... so why whine EVERY time someone mentions it!? Wow just wow. Also, Peter told everyone that he didn't want to get PR so stop being a whiney child tweeting like some idiot. I used to like you but fam.... you done lost it. You're a hypocrite. Why Jeffree sends you anything is beyond me. Peter didn't even mention you! So sit down

    78. Cyber Fire Tiger

      The tea is a bit cold, but delishious.

    79. Brittney

      I go to the college that she went too! She arrived without letting any staff at Ohio University know that she was coming. Then she proceeded to be her normal (trash talking/backwords comments) to people and students started getting upset. She came onto our university property to start problems. The campus police had to figure out a way to make sure they were able to leave safely

    80. Justine Freund Xox

      She needs her ass best to be honest.