James Charles on Post-Scandal Clarity, Tik-Tok Taking Over, & More | A Conversation With Ep. 23

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    1. limedesi4

      I find James to have an annoying personality usually but I think he did a great job on this podcast of showing a more natural interaction. Phil is a great interviewer!

    2. Lou

      "Quiet stroke technology" I beg your pardon?

    3. Lou

      I don't know about Tik-Toks algorithm being a fair platform There have been some voices complaining that certain minorities are noticing sh*t So allegedly, there is discrimination Also, the origin of the app... I have to confess though, I don't know if the claims have been validated

    4. Juliana Carney

      the fact that james didn’t want his series to have to be paid for shows how much he’s grown.

    5. Study Buddy

      Michelle Phan is a goddess

    6. Sammy Tweedy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a>:00

    7. Naomi Dark

      I really like these videos, these people aren't performing a role on their channel anymore and I have the chance to get to know them.

    8. Stephanie G

      I feel like that friend he was talking about was emma

    9. Stephanie G

      James has such a good spirit

    10. Selene



      I’m mad he’s never experienced a Karen while working

    12. Shea Massie

      James Charles applying for a job: “hi i have 17 million followers, hire me and I’ll give you a sister shoutout 😘💅🏻💁🏻‍♂️”

    13. blockedtt


    14. James Mifsud

      James Charles is actually quite smart, I'm pleasantly surprised.

    15. ALO

      Balenciaga was founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga in Spain. Now is owned by Kering, a french brand and since then is just expensive trash LOL

    16. Michael Saliba

      When I saw how long this video was, I initially told myself I wouldn't watch the whole thing in one hit. But here I am, having just finished it all in one sitting. None of it was boring and I do really like James because of his personality and knowledge.

    17. Ankita V

      What was his appearance rate?? Not hating just asking.

    18. Poi Lethe

      Gawd that Tati scandal really infuriated me. I was one of the very few people who wasnt subscribed to either of them that stayed mostly impartial throughout most of it and then started leaning towards James side as much to devils advocate as because I hundred percent believed him. It drove me up a wall. I had heard his name before, not Tatis, I'd seen videos of his mostly through Jenna and Mykie, two pretty respectable and wholesome youtubers. And it was like this thing that spiraled out of control where you could clearly see the benefit it had on the accusers, and the fine line and careful speech where there was no receipts, just very careful interpretations. I knew it all was a possibility, but I knew the hate was as much a brand of Twilight hate or TikTok hate. It was a giant everyone wanted to fall and so they encouraged it, whether or not it was the truth. (If Billie Eilish isntcareful, she will be next). Logan and Jake Paul were similar, but they were giants that needed to be felled. But people felt like James Charles was just another Paul brother type celebrity that needed to be cut down. It was pretty disgusting. And I was glad Pewds backed him up, but even with that giant it didnt entirely quell the bullshit, though it did pave a less dense path. And it's amazing. I remember seeing something on reddit at the end of last year where people were discussing the scandal, and people still thought JC was a compelte POS and believed everything that came out at the height of accusations. Like I know he has Ego, I know hes probably reckless and brash and as a young adult he probably gets into a ton of grey areas, like most young adults that age. And sometimes theres branding fuck ups, but that's a fuck up, not a cancel, and you gotta have hard receipts before canceling anyone, otherwise it's better to give people a change and be better.

    19. Scarfum Munchum

      Hearing how he was modeling for cover girl in his senior year makes me feel like my current senior year is being wasted lol

    20. Dawn Lehnerd

      James charles sold an instagram account for $50,000... that’s the same amount as my entire student loan debt that I’ll be paying off for the next 30 years... I did life wrong 🙃, don’t go to college lmao

    21. batate

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2870">47:50</a> não acredito que james charles ta copiando diva depressão e o lendário corrida das blogueiras que já tem duas temPORADAAAAAS

    22. Miha Štern

      This is crime! #pedosgoesviral

      1. w

        Miha Štern huh?

      2. Erika Rodriguez

        Miha Štern What are you talking about?

    23. Hailee Rolofson

      I took a break from watching James. The Tati drama made me actually think about why I watched his videos and I realized that I wasn't clicking with the super-fast, energetic vibe in his videos. But now I'm starting to be more open and tolerant to him

    24. HalfADecade

      Phil looks like he works HR at a rubber factory

    25. Melissa Autism Mom1

      First of all I'm not being a troll because if u were his real fan.... until you have that experience one on one with James telling his random fans that they have stupid questions about MAKEUP, than don't fucking put ur 2 cents into what you don't know. Being called stupid is unbelievable and unforgivable

      1. Erika Rodriguez

        Melissa Autism Mom1 Lol seen you around trolling- this isn’t your first time. Shame I can’t find the other comments and screenshots them because you are most definitely a troll, at least the other comments you’ve written are a troll feast. You seriously dislike the guy yet you still come to say you’re not a troll..smh

    26. Lauren Issabelle

      I want Shane Dawson on here

    27. tiffany wolf

      my takeaway from this is that James is smart af

    28. Michael

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a>:00 Sorry but someone call Morphe for a Part 3...

    29. brr.its.cold

      I have a new-found respect for James.

    30. luvfitall

      I am LOVING this channel Philly D!

    31. luvfitall

      Props to JC's teachers for real tho!

    32. Phil Mphela

      If I never get to hear the word LIKE in the next 5 years i would be okay. interesting conversation though.

    33. Isaac Jenkinson

      Sorry. This is the first one i cant make it through. Everything about this kid is ott and irritating.

    34. QueenBee Buzz

      Being like a slave driven employee sucks no matter who you are

    35. bass kitten808

      Though I enjoy beauty videos.. the beauty community is extremely vapid, superficial and cliquey. But what do you expect from a community that revolves around such a surface subject such as physical appearances? Physical appearances and social status are what a lot of these beauty youtubers lives revolve around so deep, intellectual personalities and thoughts aren't going to be very prevalent in this scene.

    36. Authentically Alissa

      Have a conversation with Kian and JC !!

    37. J

      Man of vrou?

    38. Da Boyz

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1885">31:25</a> yeah even in regular non youtuber life this really holds true. People will really ditch you and pretend like nothing happened or give no reason for treating you like you are a piece of garbage that only causes problems. Personally when this shit happened to me i re-evaluated my whole self and life trying to figure out what was wrong with me. This happened to me over 2 years ago i still feel like i have to always be on edge and waiting to get stabbed in the back by people who i think i know. I couldn't imagine what james went through with this in the eyes of the whole world. (also one of the people that were involved in this later told me it was actually another person in the group, who i told them was the issue, actually was. People don't give a shit about being genuine they just want to be at the top of all the attention and of the "friend" group)

    39. Colin Hermans

      Please make highlights!

    40. Kaj Te Briga

      I find it interesting how he talks like a 40year old.

    41. Steph

      It still bothers me that Grayson never publicly discredited what was alleged. Saying ‘yeah that was a lie’ wouldn’t hurt his career.

    42. Mileva

      where can i get this jaket ?????????

    43. Lepidoptera

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2603">43:23</a>

    44. Kadyn X William

      is that tFue's new boyfriend?

    45. cdirtt

      Everything he said about TikTok is true.

    46. liam spruyt

      james charles you still look like a gay ken doll xD

      1. liam spruyt

        @Erika Rodriguez wasn't saying he was ugly or handsome! i just find him looking kinda plastic :p

      2. Erika Rodriguez

        liam spruyt Ken is hot af

    47. Fritte _

      I like how he is actually a semi pro PvP Minecraft player, and did charity videos with Pewds doing Minecraft PvP. That completely blew my mind.

    48. Lucy _

      Really like this side of James

    49. spacetypo

      i think people shit on people who like makeup as being shallow or stupid but if i was around james irl, i'd feel like a dumbass. dude's had a lot of screw-ups in his career but he's still crazy smart.

    50. Jonas Christensen

      This is not meant to be mean but those nails give me anxiety. I would get caught in two seconds on something stupid and break that s**t :(

    51. knory123

      Challenge: write a text to someone you know everytime you hear the word like XD

    52. Ryan but with a big gun

      he said "like a meet the team video" and im just like, tf2 but its MEET THE SISTERS

    53. Sarah's Spare Corner

      Lol I think through that big scandal I ended up subscribing to James. No one deserves that much hate.

    54. S Bear

      He didn't do a PDS into.... wtf! >:/

    55. Deanna Troy Travels

      James during an interview: "Period! ✋"

    56. Amy Chapa

      Does James have a Shane Dawson pig tumbler?! 👀

    57. Dankley

      He's a 20 year old kid, I cut him some slack, still find his voice really annoying.

    58. Xemera

      wow james is actually a lovely person wth

    59. Hannah

      Technically Charlie damelio did do something. She’s credited for the renegade dance and has said nothing about how it’s not her original dance and she took it from a young black creator who has reached out and asked for credit and she’s done nothing. So I mean while she’s young and a good dancer it would make me appreciate her content more if she credited the most popular dance on the app. Could be a way to give a smaller black creator credit and help boost their socials and give her a chance to build a career.

    60. mademoisellesss

      I'm not a fan of James Charles, he's kind of annoying and his content isn't for me, but this podcast did make me know him a little better and he's clearly very intelligent and aware of this scene and the industry. Interesting guy.

    61. Jaymi Leigh

      “ I love arguing, I’m good at arguing, I’m good at proving a point, I’m good at convincing you I’m right even if I know I’m not....” 🤔

    62. Jessika Miner

      Could not get through this episode. Can’t wait until next week Phil

    63. kristie kane

      So glad I clicked. Great interview and wish the best for James. He’s a hustler and very bright.

    64. N

      I went into this interview already annoyed by his voice. I'm leaving subscribed to the channel and less annoyed by James :)

    65. Sayned

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3289">54:49</a> James: "can you swear on that?" and he has sworn like 69 times prior to that lmao

    66. 박큥닠

      fun drinking game! .... everytime james says "LIKE" take a shot

    67. gabe wasson

      We need like a theme song or something to end the podcast to us just listeners

    68. James Day

      He cuts James off at least 20 times, can he let him finish his sentences please?!?!

    69. Alex Kess

      In reality he's such a kind, normal, silly, business-minded human being. And he's one of the biggest victims of bullying on all of USsel.

    70. Ellie Wombwell

      He has a big ego sure, he is confident and well spoken. But for some reason he just doesn't come across as cocky. He is just good at it and that's totally ok to own.

      1. Aatikah Al-thani

        I think its because he can make fun of himself. I don't necessarily love him- I think he's funny, but from watching a few videos, it nice to see he is able to make fun of the Drama situation. He is what I like to call iconically cringe, I mean his tik tok dances speak for themselves, but he can laugh at that and it's a positive personality trait.

    71. Evie Parrott

      House hold name for real not at my house

    72. Tzo Chatz

      what mic is this?

    73. Jordan Gray

      I had more respect for JC after the first part of this conversation but jesus he’s boring/annoying 🙄 I’ve tried to finish this three times now. Give us the Jenna/Julien podcast already!

    74. Mia Sabathy白彌兒

      Awesome video, really enjoyed this! Good to see a different side to people. Be kind y'all

    75. Stephanie Arcadia

      Such a great interview!!!

    76. Rtytanicj

      I’ve never been a huge James fan, don’t think I’m his target audience, but after this, I do have respect for him. People have to keep in mind he’s still such a young kid pretty much. And he shot to fame fast as hell, and that is SUPER difficult. Respect James.

    77. Redbaby

      Phil, how long did it really take you to do that ad for Manscaped? I loved it, it was hilarious hearing the nervous chuckle.

    78. Brenda Romero

      Who are you? What do you do? How wouldn’t you explain that in 30 seconds?

    79. Tania Bee

      He thinks he's a "household name" hahaha....I had to stop listening at that point. He's absolutely insufferable.

      1. Erika Rodriguez

        Tania Bee He’s a smart cookie. He’s his own brand and that’s amazing.

    80. Katie Robey

      I know a gap in the market. We need a baking powder for people with dry skin. With pigment