Irish People Try The Paqui One Chip Challenge

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    Irish people try The Paqui One Chip Challenge! Did they survive? MERCH MADNESS:
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    A couple of years ago, The One Chip Challenge by Paqui spread like hellfire as many people tackled the Carolina Reaper tortilla chip. This year, The One Chip Challenge is back and the people at Paqui sent us some of these chips to try. Each of our TRYers tried to last as long as they could before taking any relief of ice-cream, milk etc. Did they survive? Let's find out...
    The Tryers featured in this video:
    Colin Regan: TRY.Media/Colin
    Justine Stafford: TRY.Media/Justine-Stafford
    Justine Halpin: TRY.Media/Justine
    Seán Connolly: TRY.Media/Sean
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. Shpetim Berisha

      Why do i enjoy the suffering of others?

    2. Mgtow Mike

      Haha that’s just the first burn it’s still gotta come out

    3. George Today

      "Nobody wants a saggy willy straw" 🤣🤣

    4. MYdodgeCharger

      Burning in. Burning out. 😉 just wait till they take a shit.

    5. Whattatwist

      Im thai, i ate 2 of these before cuz i thought my first chip was faulty and yeah it was spicy.... moms normal food is spicier.

    6. Jason Cr.

      Her hands turned red🤣

    7. F1rst World NomaD

      My brother grow carolina reapers and I can tell you 2 things. 1) if a glas of milk helps, these chips are weak in comparison. 2) if it takes less than 30 minutes before the burn starts to fade, these chips are weak in comparison. There is no saving you, all you can do is controle your breathing and ride out

    8. muhamad harith

      4:56 it's because you touch you face...

    9. stevebrownrocks

      Nobody eats these because they're tasty, that's for sure! They're meant to burn you up plain & simple!

    10. Rita Barker

      Butter is the best pepper heat protection of the tongue while milk helps tone down the ph in the stomach. LoL at the rent crisis in Ireland your Landlords have been praying to our mother mary for a 270,000 k $ Ferrari. May God have mercy on your grocery & medicine budget

    11. JAKRZ

      “Its not that bad” proceeds to lose first

    12. Helena Gatti

      Skim milk 🥛 nasty 🤢

    13. Helena Gatti

      They are crying and shaking that shit must be death by chip ouch 🤕

    14. Helena Gatti

      He is turning red omg lol I would so try this ... try Doritos BLAZE

    15. neo217041

      They should vigorously rub this chip on a rapists penis.

    16. Limen

      I would wear gloves or wipe my hands off right away. Nothing worse than getting the pepper in your eyes by accident.

    17. Rebecca Velazquez

      Wow you should checkout hot dam show. He eat 32 chips and didn't drink anything until he finished all 32 but he couldn't form sentences 😂😂😂😂

    18. PumpkinJack88

      Love that pineapple shirt.

    19. Mud Sticks

      These vids used to be cool but they have too many adverts now and it ruins them.

    20. BwareOf Koko

      I've had Carolina Reaper wings like on hot ones, it's hot..... But I didn't cry or anything

    21. activated won

      The funniest videos had us dying laughing in New York last night with some of the shit you have tried. The jelly beans and dorian hilarious.....been to Thailand i couldnt even taste that crap the smell was so rancid......Fucking brilliant commentaries

    22. J Balaris

      For me it was a couple hours later that true hell hit. No one ever has the videos from that time.

    23. Mace S

      I did this challenge and I often eat very hot foods. It was very hot but not overwhelming. The next day was much worse even though it was only one time it was bad! My mouth can take the heat but not my AZZ 💀.

    24. Isaac Ruberte

      I ate the whole bag it was the big one to it’s also good with guacamole

    25. David Pasteelnick

      Hats off to all of you. I would not do this in a million billion kajillion years.

    26. Djobo Kuwali

      Why are Irish people the default “tryers” on USsel lol

      1. Severn Forward

        Gamers try?

    27. Joe Culbreth

      I did this challenge with the old chip, the worst was in the end. Passing it was terrible...


      Where did she get that virgin mary shirt???????

    29. brandon whitehead

      That's Peter Parker from Spiderman with the F.U.N.H.A.U.S 👕

    30. RastaSaiyaman

      You guys should have played "Don't fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult as background music for this.

    31. Sigillum Militum

      For T-Shirt insulting Catholics BIG MINUSE and unsub


      Sissies lol reaper isn't even the hottest thing to eat

    33. Steve Kitzel

      Irish people are my favorite kind of people haha

    34. Liam Munholand

      I've had Paqui's chili pepper chips before... they're hot and linger. They have a weird aftertaste that made me want to throw up. So I can't imagine how much worse these could potentially be.

      1. gebs123

        The worst part wasn't shown. About 2-3 hours after you eat the one chip, it feels like someone wrapped your intestines around your stomach. It's similar to the cramps you get when the chip hits your stomach, but about 10x worse. Might have just been my stomach the day that I ate it.

    35. TheMaxthesis

      Her actual face is pretty nice.

    36. Kate Hawk

      I like hot spicy food, and even I wont do this. Hats off to all of you.

    37. chloe devereaux

      i ate 2 of these chips.... they're not even hot and molly schulyer did 2 and they were not hot....

    38. chloe devereaux

      does the guy in the black tee huff glue or paint???????

    39. Bill Chamberlain

      It was so spicy that half of them lost their accents for a moment 🤣

    40. Jacob Macpherson

      hows the poo after tho?

    41. Tittus Sethsen

      2:25 ⏩

    42. Noodles

      "You a little merry prankster right now...You a lil tiny jester." That's what an angry 85 year old says...Lol.

    43. Noodles

      Love Irish Women!

    44. majinkaos

      Lol just wait till it comes out.....round 2. Fight!

    45. majinkaos

      Can this actually make a medical emergency happen. If not I would like to try and describe it.

      1. Shannon Okum

        I did it! The flavor sucks but that is not the point. I think it depends on your preexisting tolerance for capsaicin. My boyfriend and I did it at the same time. The burn was short for me (about 12 minutes of pain and then I felt fine) but he was in misery for hours with a horrible headache and stabbing stomach pains. I do constantly have stomach issues though so maybe I was just used to the uncomfortable feeling. I say go for it. Give yourself a little spice high.

    46. John Robinson

      Nice Funhaus shirt!

    47. Purple Nurple

      Love the Shrek impressions. 👍

    48. Brandon Okkers

      Irish women are so beautiful

    49. Reaper Redni9e

      Should do a follow up on they're arse

    50. Christopher Russell

      TRALOLOLOL!!! 4:29

    51. Jeseph Willis

      The actual pepper is hotter

    52. Alexandro Hdez

      more chili fun

    53. R B

      Don't fear the reaper...

    54. Darrin Rivera

      I always get hiccups after eating something super spicy

    55. B-Town Klown

      What I hate about this show is they never bleat out the cuss words. It's an entertainment show that kids can watch but they don't have morals.

      1. B-Town Klown

        I agree that generally u shouldn't really be too overly worried and vocal about ery'onez bizzle wizzle-tru. I'll gid dat tuh yuh.BUT, Absolutely nothing wrong with a polite suggestion one time with a take or leave mutual expectant respect. Number 2, u doing the same n u don't even see it. Diff is I'm calling som'n real, u call'n out the actual clean minded, hearted do gooders of society. Which is more evil? 3- Every thing has an equal counter part, listen carefully; if u value one penny, when they add up to millions u deserve their amount. if u don't realize the significane of the ONE" or small item, u can't appreciate anything. The point is friend- yes it's their show, but they, and u supporting them, and condemning the dogooders over the actual godless foulmouths of influence this world is sweltering in just adds 3 more evil little insignificant pennies to the big pot of millions and u don't see that yes they add up, so every little tiny DO-GOOD that one can, shouldn't recieve ur great example of authoritative shut downs cuz u all upset someone calls someone out, when ur just as comfortable doen tha same thang. Get wit me....

      2. Melissa Wiek Harvey

        Police your children's media consumption if it concerns you. Don't tell people they cant have an adult show because some people have children.

    56. Dead Inside

      Justine Halpin is a damned beautiful lass. I wouldnt mind havin a few pints with her.

    57. Harpal Chauhan

      😂😂😂 well done 👏👏👏

    58. Ricky Mellottsr

      This gonna be hilarious.

    59. molon labe

      The real pain is when it comes out the next day and you can’t wipe your ass because the toilet paper bursts into flames before even making contact with your volcanic starfish!

    60. JustinChristoph

      Their second mistake: No one wore gloves.

      1. Kristen Heuer

        Ya, that's gonna suck later.