I Tried the Worst Rated Amazon Nail Products

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    1. Giorgia Carter

      Maybe bananas is supposed to be like the inside of the bananas

    2. Nikki Seo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="546">9:06</a> the way she said "beeenn" is like a cat meow it was cute

    3. Short_psycho_125

      "10 minutes later" An advert came on just as I read it and there were these people putting there legs up. I thought it was part of the video 😂😂😂

    4. SugarCoder - DIY Desserts & Crafts

      you are always so hilarious! Have a nice week! :D

    5. brooklynn cole

      I'm so stressed about covid 19 the I'm checking into the hotel the second it opens

    6. Lizzette Sanchez

      I will forever appreciate the Nate Dog part of the video <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="911">15:11</a> 😂

    7. Grace Love

      She said her nails are too long little did she know one would die

    8. Lauren Robertson

      Ok the people who got mad about the 5 random picked ones shouldn’t be so mad because they did trust amazon to pick the colors out for them

    9. Lauren Robertson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="333">5:33</a> size:white

    10. Caitlin Slaughter

      Please start selling Holo Taco on Amazon!

    11. Raquel Saldana

      You got a vacuum for 15 bucks

    12. Theodora Evangelou

      I love your videos Christine ❤️ and holo 🌮 is the best

    13. scarlette

      *the strength is big*

    14. Light'em Up

      Bananas for you is the inside of a banana (the fruit inside)

    15. Demonic Potato

      Video: 10 minutes later Add: pampers- Me: SHE HAD A BABY?

    16. Elizabeth Bowman

      When I was watching this, she said it was nude, and my mind went to “nude for you” and then after I thought it... you know

    17. Oscar Sawyer

      this is a little extra says the one with 2000 nail polishes

    18. Jette Beeck

      Ah yes, big strength

    19. Josiee Gold


    20. WetTeaBag


    21. Waving

      All of the comments about the bananas for you nail polish were talking about how it might be the inside of a banana but I was sitting here thinking about how it could just be a phrase like crazy for you not an actual description of the color

    22. Manny Wannabe.

      Your neck and face don't match pls blend it down

    23. Katy Bauer

      Someone with a disability who can’t shake polish bottles well. I have chronic pain and can’t expert a lot of force to smack a bottle well against my hand or shake it. Would be helpful but not worth 40

    24. Katie Fletcher

      when you used the vacuum like thing my dog got scared of the noise and hid in the corner

    25. Grace Diseker

      Yes! Those Greenie treats are the best! My cats adore them.

    26. Kate DeSpirito

      Christine: sucking up cat hair Transition: 10 minutes later Then add... Yeah my hiney my clean, oh yeah I’m Charmin clean, that’s how l know I’m clean

    27. Gracie Gray

      Wait when she said dyson who who else got an add for dyson im creeped out

    28. Bianca Suarez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> who also thought she was ripping off her nails-

    29. Cassy Surrette

      The underwhelmed "ah" lmao

    30. SCUBA42

      Banana like the actual fruit not the skin.

    31. neversleepagain p

      The banana color IS the color of a banana. The actual banana not the banana peel. It says the color of a banana not the peel. Otherwise the polish label would say this is banana peel color. It does not say that. It just says banana. Peel a banana and look at the color. It matches this polish exactly. Check....I'll wait...see?

    32. Unicorn SkylerWalker

      Cristine, Suzie from nail career education tested your holo taco unicorn skin on natural nails!

    33. Slightly Distressed Slug

      Dude. The banana nail polish is 100% banana color. What kind of bananas are you eating? It’s meant to be the color of the actual banana, not the peel.

    34. Rockin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="775">12:55</a> hi I'm a fan of that green

    35. axamadison

      this channel called editing is everything made a horror trailer for you, she really really wants you to respond to it so please like this to get cristine to watch it, it is really funny. 👇 like to get cristine to see this

    36. christopher daniels

      I was looking at the desc for the first item and realized it said: “size: white” 😂😂

    37. Elrica Frank

      She should have used a sponge for the glitter polish

    38. _FStar Z_

      She could have gone back to wish (its all badly rated.)

    39. maddiemoiselle

      *the strength is big*

    40. Angel L

      44 db is about as loud as a library

    41. TheBrattyBiography OfPretty

      It’s <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a>am I’m 14 depressed and suicidal I have insomnia and somehow they only thin that’s bringing me happiness is a simplynailogical binge ... wow

    42. Riya G

      I'm just noticing that that's the Holo Taco nail file.

    43. Flammable Gaming

      Hiiiiiii I just want simpy to see my comment though it probably wont happen

    44. Eleven11_ _Eight8

      When it said 10 mins later I got an ad for a physic app😅😅

    45. Addison Henson

      Simply Nailogical most said word : Holo Taco

    46. Summer Jones Hughes

      bro that unicorn nail polish you can get from home and bargains in the uk

    47. Katie Campbell

      definately BANAnA

    48. Affaf Yaman

      Oh my god!!! Anyone pay attention to Christine's nail file, it's the holo taco nail file.

    49. Divasaur


    50. Acation x

      Christine puts on translucent glittery green, does not bring out makeup sponge. Why are you forsaking your own teachings, you gotta DAB DAB DAB

    51. Nothing Fancy

      New here. I have a confetti polish from 5 below that worked really good! It disperses a lot of the confetti! Why am I so excited...

    52. -millkies -

      is anyone here now and realises the nail file she used is the holo taco one??

    53. Cotton Candy

      Where is the peel?

    54. Rae Fitz

      People always view a banana color based on the yellow peal when really the banana is the fruit inside, so really (in my opinion) this nail polish is the perfect banana color

    55. Rauha Honkanen

      maybe the ''bananas for you'' polish was trying to remake what the inside of a banana looks like (off white)

    56. Burried Alive

      "never coming back down to earth" So you weren't on earth then???

    57. Aracelly Papas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="326">5:26</a> oh dear 😂

    58. buttxrflygardxn

      i think this is the least yellow cristine’s naild have been. it seems wrong

    59. Anjuman Prova

      The neck and the face looks like from two different people, kinda reminds me of James Charles.

    60. Lauren Stewart

      she used the holo taco nail file right before our eyes.. :o

    61. Bernadette Vanbommel

      Am i the only one who got a Dyson ad after she wrote Dyson who

    62. Lillian Lyle

      why wont you ship holo toco out im sad ):

    63. Colleen Harrison

      Dude, don't even start with the Karen shit...aside from it being ignorant as fuck, it's passe as hell man 🙄.

    64. Bubble Tea

      Everyone has a little Karen in them

    65. Bubble Tea

      How many Karen's out there???

    66. Bubble Tea

      Which ever parent names their kids Karen...


      i litterly snapped to the theme son at the begining

    68. Ryry Cartwheel


    69. Juzt Jassi

      yasssss who needs a dyson anyways lol

    70. Natalie

      Ooooo I LOVE THE CATS 😍😍😍😍😍

    71. Lara Koussayer

      I have the unicorn top cout but my one is not that bad

    72. Ozzy, Honey and me!

      I don't think Cristine really understands the Karen joke

    73. Kenzie Backstrom

      You could use the vacuum thingy to suck up glitter when you do something with holo glitter

    74. Cali Copper

      My friends and I went to a McDonald’s with a one star rating and they got everything right and quick also it was 5 star quality

    75. *Anonymous Nightmare*

      "if my nails get sucked up in this, im never coming back down to Erff! (Earth)"

    76. Mawa

      Did somebody saw the Holo Taco glass file?💅💿💿

    77. Eduardo Manrique

      Petition to start a GoFundMe to give Cristine a foundation that matches.

    78. Zoe cummings

      When she reli

    79. Nicole Kavanagh

      I know why Cristine never puts five stars bc the stars aren’t halo

    80. Zuri Magkawas

      So creepy that you dont blend your foundatio to your neck