I plant 20 000 000 Trees in Minecraft (Not Creative)


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    I plant 20 mil trees epicly in minecraft now go donate: teamtrees.org/
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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. LuckyShrimp

      Is this the guy who made "Minecraft Series Epic"


      15:00 this man literally has no friends

    3. Penguin :3

      Me: Hears Donkey Kong Country music☺️ Also me: Realizes that Nintendo probably Thanos snapped his revenue😔 *checks to see if the vid is demonetized*

    4. DHV Vlogs

      I watched this vid for the content then for that farm because it’s so much easier than tutorials with dubstep intros.

    5. Jessie MacDonald

      YES SVEN IS ALIVE and well done feigii When ever I try build with red stone I usually put two pieces down and go ‘ THATS Enough Minecraft for today!’ ;-;

    6. Arting Is Mapping

      0:44 ukraine... (Казалось бы...,/

    7. Ricc__ 91

      Ma quando parla in italiano

    8. penny loafer

      donkey kong on the super nintendo

    9. Joseph Creamer

      They should just do this in real life then there would be less deforestation

    10. davidjohn long

      Is this a mod???

    11. Alpha Wolf

      Funziona im italian

    12. Clotho Fate

      I got a PewDiePie add on this video!

    13. Alexandre Lafrance

      Haha u old boomer

    14. Just_a_çänńøłi _

      Beetroots: to save your friends u has to frick a creeper Felix: ya ok Fegi: to save your friends you must do something good for our planet and plant 20mil trees Felix: *THATS THE DUMBEST THING IVE EVER HEARD*

    15. Reltic

      Clickbait it was actually 21 million... SMH

      1. Braiden J

        Reltic ok boomer

    16. Δημοτική αστυνομία Ελλάδας

      +1 for donkey Kong music

    17. Suzanne Jensen

      Big brain

    18. Gaming with liam

      I love this episode just for the donkey kong country 2

    19. Ralsei da fluffy boi

      This is the last episode.

    20. vinasu maaj


    21. Sara._.blank

      if watching someone play minecraft doesn’t trigger a primal need to play minecraft as well then why are you watching this series

    22. • Rukkis •

      Nice ad man xD

    23. The Name

      Fagey was kidnapped and pewdiepie just killed him ;(

    24. Huzaifa Amin

      Mrbeast in 50 years: *"Visiting all the trees we planted 50 years ago"*

    25. -_-

      Anyone is gonna tel him that the point of growing 20 million trees is for the Oxygen and for that the trees need leaves...

    26. Nobody Important

      I got a pewdiepie ad during this

    27. niilo domzalski

      Clip bait

    28. HZA Langel

      Smash like if you watch PewDiePie video before 80m subs

    29. MyXy

      Plant 20 million trees in minecraft.... *THATS USELESS*

    30. Nota Realperson

      Somebody remix Felix singing

    31. XL_Tibo Azoulat

      Your takeing mrbeast content and puting it in minecraft

    32. Im Perfect Mars

      Title:Planting 20 million trees Pewds: Making 20 million trees naked

    33. Gurkis cooling10



      15:29 1:14 15:44 16:01

    35. Spade011

      Why are you doing this? You said you don’t care about the environment (which is just stupid) You capitalizing on mr beasts good morals maybe?

    36. Ian Johnson

      This is great and all but maybe take away the "story" for a bit to just play? Lol

    37. Sarah Vella

      **pewdiepie ad on pewdiepie video**

    38. SkyWin

      Great video!!! Ps:Sub to my channel I begin on USsel👌

    39. Daniel Gaming Indo

      Idk its more like i plant 20.000.000 Wood in Minecraft

    40. RevolutionINC

      Dk music in the background. My mommy would love it

    41. Odyssey kayn

      Freak a despencer in minecraft

    42. Stay Metal

      SVEN DIED?! I knew I shouldn’t have skipped the last few videos :’(

    43. Silverlynx 022

      *When a Swedish youtuber is more kinky than you* Evolution 100

    44. Lyn Rachelle cruz

      You need BIG BRAIN

    45. Jiyo Namekawa

      pewds that not an old safe file you make that at the same day but not same time

    46. 1000 subs without videos challenge

      Happy birthday

    47. Minecraft Redstone Z

      1:37, PewDiePie: that's the dumest thing I ever heard. 4:32, PewDiePie:which make perfect sense. Lol , that part kills me 😂

      1. sehhi vooty

        Stop copying mrbeast kid

    48. Nathan Kaus

      You boomer are fake news

    49. Manifold Flame

      I got pewdiepie ad at start

      1. sehhi vooty

        wait is that legal? play your save file after sven death? it's like going in the past

    50. Jorge Sanchez

      Gkhjlk jornadas khh g yo kjvvdfuioo

    51. SaphiralFox

      Loving the DK country 2 songs

    52. A Middle School Reader

      Okay but pewds actually killed original Sven and everyone else and that hurts my soul

    53. ShortJackie ̊

      I just got a pewdiepie ad about his merch before the video started & I didn’t skip it... *real gamer moment*

    54. running carson

      Pewd: bone feast. Me: that's really weird



    56. Bossman Horseman

      Dinnerbone was just chillin through all this

    57. Rage_Force

      Clik bait

    58. Keelie Arnold

      When you realize all this Minecraft stuff was just a joke at first and now he’s planting 20,000,000 trees lol

    59. Fire_ FrankyI0

      Doouu hablo español

    60. Alex Rahman

      What is that song I swear I heard it before 2:09