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    Yup, you read the title right, we FLIPPED the world’s smallest car! Aside from being extremely sketchy to drive, the Peel P50 has a very cool and odd backstory. And believe it or not, you can still buy one.
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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. AppleBottemGs

      Who else skips the sponsorship sections 😜🤣

    2. jjme_ king

      Im actually sittin on the toilet

    3. casper aalders

      Dem my scooter has 0,5 more horsepowah baby

    4. BALDO

      7:42 look at the left mirror xD

    5. Tyler r

      Ur right im siting on tolit

    6. stough77

      Need more air in that rear tire there bud.

    7. Eiy Zyiel

      Somebody make a gif out of those clips ... hahahaa

    8. velislav ivanov

      Can i swap it with 2JZ ?

    9. Scottie Johnson

      You'd be better off buying a side by side ATV.

    10. Rishu Gupta

      Keep growing my man! I love you!! 🤩

    11. Rishu Gupta

      Keep growing my man! I love you!! 🤩

    12. grapeface

      0:39 link to sound effect pls

    13. Jason Dupree

      Not gonna lie...James be lookin cute in this 😍 Also rest well james, you work so hard on all of donut media and we all love you

    14. Dragon killer

      James had a heart attack yall

    15. Fishin' with Nic

      I'm actually on the toilet

    16. Zane Murcha

      Who also loves the Peel P50, I saw one on Hollywood Blvd, and I thought it was the greatest car in the world. Now go watch Top Gear's segment on the P50.

    17. Emil Johansson

      1) Buy the Standard 50 Kit version 2) Put a 2JZ in it(or more likely, *around* it, considering both the size of the car and the engine) 3) Go out in a blaze of glory You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Go hard or go home, people.

    18. Christian Peele

      But can you daily drive it?

    19. Efren Corado

      This will be a good car to have in San Francisco because it will be a little bit easier to find parking

    20. narlycharley

      Rod Millen's Pike Peak CELICA please!

    21. Kev Kevin07

      It sound like my dads lawn mower

    22. EclipseFox31 Show?

      🙂 🙃

    23. Miko Rzhea

      Do an up2speed on this

    24. Pemma Nissanka

      Hello boys. Greetings from the isle of man

    25. Miko Rzhea

      Is this the car that always falls from Mr. Bean?

    26. Wilkurr

      I would buy Peel Viking

    27. Victor Haunstrup

      Who in on engine swapping a 2jz inside this little tractor?

    28. ChastBlind

      LMAO my chainsaw has more power than that. 4.4 herspers

    29. Isaiah Garcia

      Peel p50: legal in America Skyline r34: illegal 🤦🏽‍♂️

    30. Kurtis Corcoran

      Ok boomer


      still faster than a miata

    32. Trace Kure

      The back tire was so squished when he was sitting it it I thought the tire was flat😂

    33. Mason Crowell

      I would slap some training wheels on the sides of that so it doesn't flip easly

    34. Quentin Brady

      2:39 I'm actually taking on the toilet rn😂

    35. Redneck Ricers

      You can design them and have them ordered and shipped to your door brand new

    36. Ezekiel Prophet

      @donut you should do the VW Microbus! Plz

    37. Cyn Hicks

      Hahaha! You called me out. I am in deed on the toilet.

    38. Matthew Galpin

      Well that sucks.

    39. Bryan Pascual

      Tesla swap “Peel P100”

    40. Evman T

      I actually am pooping while watching this😂

    41. Josh Clary

      You had me till they raced the Isle of man at speeds of up to 130....haha maybe in the 70's they now go over 200 on the regular. I liked your videos, but get it up to date bud

    42. ND Official

      I promise this is my first time watching these videos on the toilet

    43. XboxHours

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    45. Daniel Drake

      Oh my god im sitting on the tolit right now

    46. Cas inc.

      So what your telling me is I should buy one and put a blown 426 Hemi in it and take it to the dragstrip?

    47. Big Mo

      I lost my sh!t when the train took out James 😂

    48. Patrick Kennedy

      Imagine doing a hayabusa swap on this

    49. Mr.Dr.ProfStonerman

      i think my dog koda weighs more than the p50

    50. 86Drifter

      where the forza horizon bois at?

      1. 86Drifter

        @General lee Fan01 sad part is I dont have fh ._.

    51. Benjamin Verduchi

      Who threw that red shell?? 5:34

    52. michael o'mahony

      I fucking want one

    53. Just Another Car Enthusiast

      With the dog bit, tall could've totally done a little more homework, theres the Giant Alaskan malamute, those freaking bear dogs, and any animal that's even remotely loved by an elderly lady, all can weight more than 250lbs lol.

    54. Joan Gallaron


    55. Cody Smock

      God damnit. Who threw that blue shell?

    56. Cartz S

      Its an peel its on roblox car crushers 2

    57. Louis Dubois

      I was actually on the toilet

    58. Jason Wang

      its p45

    59. Logan MacNeil

      vvvv This is how many people instantly liked this video because of the Newfie reference: vvvv

    60. BeginnerTeddy

      LS swap it