I Bought My Budget Dream Car!

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    New project cars starts now! I bought one of my absolute favorite cars for under $20k.
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    I went shopping for an Acura NSX. I found one from 1992 in red; it was absolutely gorgeous, low miles, and had a two-owner clean history. I went for a test drive, and that's where things fell apart. I had in my head how legendary of a car this was, but it unfortunately didn't live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, the NSX is quite good. The shifting is absolutely perfect, the torque curve genuinely impressed me for a relatively low powered engine, and the handling was without a doubt quite solid. However the steering and the braking left a lot to be desired, which I was shocked by, considering the manual steering rack. Perhaps I just caught a lemon, but left a bitter taste that turned me away from the car. So to my true love I went, and I absolutely love it. Check out the video for the full breakdown!
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    1. KW eightthree

      Na, 124 Spider Abarth is more better. TURBO!

    2. it's raining

      an rx7 2021 under the blanket!!

    3. A-Frame-Wedge

      Should of directed that $1500 to WHO and give it to an organization that isn't a propaganda arm of the CCP


      why not a cayman?

    5. egxxx

      S2000 > Del Sol > Miata

    6. Rick Ensink

      But if you want to supercharge the car with a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="781">13:1</a> compression ratio, the supercharger is going te be inefficiënt right? becouse the combustion chamber compresses the air that mutch it cant really have any more air? or are you going to use low compression pistons to make it like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="601">10:1</a> ?

    7. 1423 171

      a standard Camaro SS has a SIGNIFICANTLY better weight to power ratio at 8lbs/hp and considering it's at 3685lbs yet gets triple the HP. and you can get a 2016 for around 25k. if you're willing to spend a little more I feel like it would be a much more fun car considering it's also a FM engine placement with excellent weight distribution and personally I'd like to have the extra grunt of a V8 if i was gonna daily a stick shift it's like easy mode

    8. Ali Rizvi

      what are your thoughts on the lotus elise, the one powered by toyota?

    9. Ali Rizvi

      i love how much you like your car and know what you want. i also had a meet your hero moment with the RS3. just bought a 2016 RS7.

    10. Clint Luethy

      My NA was Yellow and I really liked it. Yellow definitely looks good on Miata.

    11. megamanxu

      Say what u like, I like miatas looks

    12. Zero Hour

      k24 swap, N.A 300 bhp?

    13. Master Shake

      Congratulations on your new car. Always nice to get something that you want and deserve to have. I look forward to your future videos where you put this car through the paces and improvements.

    14. Vok250

      Dream car for me.

    15. Ranil Abeyasinghe

      It's a ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM.

    16. Stefan Weilhartner

      the black color looks good

    17. Paul D

      The Miata is that one kid in highschool that everyone likes.

    18. Alexander Ramsey

      You sold an s2k and bought a Miata?? What? What's the difference? What am I missing here

    19. scott wolforth

      Heres a crazy idea, dont let the s2000 get under 6000rpm?

    20. Ping Pang

      Miatas perform much better with castrol

    21. watthehelizawingclip

      The american version of professor brian cox👍

    22. ywanman Manen

      I tought it was Golf 3. Disapointed.

    23. ArcoZakus

      ( <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="838">13:58</a> ) I LOVE IT!

    24. Supa Donkey

      At the end cracked me up LOL. Can't wait this thing to be over.

    25. ahh01010

      @Engineering Explained I was also looking for a 2016 club, but I read there are numerous transmission failure for the 2016 model, and people had them replaced. Have your been replaced by the previous owner? I now have the 2017 sport trim, loving it... also black and it is being wrapped.

    26. lorenzo tint

      Very convincing Video. Did not think I would watch it all the way through

    27. Sebastian Tu

      Awesome! I love that there's a youtuber with my car now! Could you please please please tell us a great alignment spec for the miata? I've been struggling pretty hard to find some that I'm happy with.

    28. Cool and Quirky Cars

      Great choice! I hope it brings you many miles of smiles. Is there a one-stop shop you use for Miata mods, including horsepower bumps/ mods?

    29. Jac Flasche

      Good choice. S2000 is good but new Miata is even more fun. 2019 is the one to get though. I bet that one beats the stats of the s2000

    30. Berth'

      Mazda is better than Honda

    31. Travis Terrell

      The hardtops of the this later gen MX-5 look SOOO good.

    32. Easy Come Easy Go

      You were going 80mph😱. Are you one of those cov19 speeders they complain about, lol Family guy said it right when they made fun of the Miata 😂 But lets get back to the topic. Just tell us you didnt want to swing 60k for a used nsx, so u went with plan B. Im not a nsx fan, id rather have the supra ( but who am i kidding im not youtube rich, im laid off and broke. Thanks cov19 ). Its just a no brainer pick between the two. But its hard to justify 60k on a 30yr car Before mods i guess. But compared to the miata the nsx has more potential I say. And Definitly wins on the looks department.

    33. Sean Seidman

      Great video as always. I just bought an Miata RF! Have missed driving a miata since i sold my NA. I have raced both down-force and non down-force race cars, but i smile most in the Miata!

    34. Carlos Ayuso

      make it rotary engine

    35. PanikiMan

      Jaguar f-type, second hand, 28.000km, is it worthed? Maintenance is money pit? How about reliability?

    36. Therude lad

      Atleast get the NA or the NB miata cuz they look much better and they are problably lighter than this "new mx5" and i hate that it looks so tryhard edgy just like all new cars plus the newer miatas will problably doesnt have the driving feeling of the old miata plus THE OLD MIATA HAS POPUPS (atleast the na version) AND DOESNT LOOK SO TRYHARD EDGY PLUS ON TOP OF THAT ITS EVEN CHEAPER AND LIGHTER THAN THE NEW MIATA so a more practical buy would be the old miata due to its huge aftermarket and lower weight AND POPUP HEADLIGHTS!

    37. Greg S

      They should sell new wheels "precurbed" so you just don't have to worry about it. lmao

    38. adam toth

      I bought my budget dream car too. 87' mercedes benz 190e cosworth 2.3-16v

    39. Sam FR

      How do you even fit in that car?! I was planning to buy one but I had to cut off few inches of my legs!

    40. Vico Chen

      If you are gonna to buy a Mazda, Why not choose a rotary car like a rx8 or rx7?

    41. Niroc 64

      It has high compression, maybe try an e85 tune?

    42. devan singh

      I got mad respect for this guy and the knowledge he has and provides us with. Truly a legend on the USsel platform and always interesting. I just never understand why he buys the most boring cars imaginable 😂.. Tesla, then that underpowered Subaru, now this Miata. If he loves them, great, more power to him. They’re just such terrible choices for me personally. Again, this guy is awesome just never could get his choice in cars.

    43. Justin Reynolds

      How tall are you? I have always loved the idea of these but at 6'2 I am just not sure.. obviously I have never gone and sat in one.

    44. Kohan kye

      Enjoyed your videos for too long not to subscribe. Just did.

    45. Chuck Taylor

      Jade green. Hope the 2016 doesn't have direct injection.

    46. aIdaN D

      What about a 2007 z06?

    47. Zibby H

      I don't get why more people can't just ask their dad to buy them their dream cars smh. These millennials are so lazy

    48. Naeem Nizami

      U cant go wrong with a Mazda ❤❤❤

    49. Richard Chuck

      I love Yellow!!!!!!

    50. ozmo69

      I love yellow!

    51. BryByWire

      Damn probably could have fixed the steering with some repairs and a new set of tires, but okay lol

    52. jedifar

      I got my black 16 ND BBS Club because of this video!

    53. Brown Ryan

      Cdc and who ,are the corporations that created the virus ,fyi

    54. nick sanchez

      I honestly happy you got Mazda roadster aka miata. this is my dream car and I'm glad we have somebody who can clarify to the world that this car is better then what people think. I like honda and there s2000 and miata respectively , Long live the roadsters. these are last of dying breed.

    55. austin price

      Why does this guy look 25 and 40 at the same time

    56. X Y

      Fully agree with your choice! Love the car (even the color)...tbh was thinking of the same car to start my build as well! As long as the supercharger is a reliable option. BTW, why not go for a turbo instead? Thx

    57. jay bosher

      When he said "look at how much fun I'm having", I felt that

    58. Esteban Amador

      Well Jason, thank you man!!!! I thought that I had all my sport car troubles clear and man you remembered me the MX5. I watched your video about horsepower with the mx5 and I went in love of it but I forgot it, and you remembered me it again, so now I'm thinking between an MX5 and a Suzuki Swift Sport, well and the Jimny (I'm from Costa Rica, Latin America so we have all of them). Oh yeah, and I want to bulletproof my Powerstroke. What a nightmare when someone doesn't has money (like me 🤣🤣). Really nice MX5 and I love it in black color. Greetings to everyone, stay safe.

    59. Juan Pablo

      Awesome review! Congrats for your purchase. Question: Is this version with LSD? In case yes, would still recommend it if that option is not available in my location?

    60. Peter Pasalidis

      in the mechanic shop you showed your wanted car the honda nsx. in the back ground on the the 1st level was (looks like ) a pontiac (white) , could you tell me the name of that model?

    61. Ryan Perry

      Brilliant video and some gems for us new guys

    62. Marcelo Alcantara

      How does it compare to a BMW Z4?

    63. TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid

      RlP Project Integra 😭

    64. SteveR

      Love your logic.

    65. Omar Khamis

      You can tell J is smiling the entire video, it only needed some mouthwatering effects and have the video in black and white and mute

    66. rubberducky1100

      Miata is always the answer

    67. Jim Nesta

      I'm wondering why he got rid of the Honda S2000 and then got this, two similar cars.

    68. AirsoftAfterHours

      Thank you for everything that you do, you are a good man.

    69. sebastian Sm

      China eat bat

    70. Jon Cooper

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a> got um

    71. Robert Brown

      What jacks are those that he uses?

    72. Thel Phon

      i knew it’s a miata

    73. Remi Ramos

      That center cap placement! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="768">12:48</a>

    74. Andrew Guyther

      I don’t watch all of EE’s videos but you really seem like a top notch person and I’m glad that you’re putting out quality content. Thanks for all that you do!

    75. Marko Mravak

      You just reflash the S2K to engage VTEC @4500RPM. That MX-5 looks great

    76. Sayton Dette

      Just curious, why wouldn't someone go with a lotus with this thinking?

    77. maxrx7

      What a geek! One of the few that make a boring car even more so, damn

    78. TelemoreDew


    79. Logan wright

      I’m a teenager and I 100% approve of miatas 😂