I am so sorry about this

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    #Movember #AviationGin

    Published on 7 months ago


    1. BlueEyes27

      I think I need a sip of that gin! 👍🏻😃

    2. ATiNY_ GiftedPebble

      📝Somebody get this guy a manager & a movie deal ASAP! I think he could really be big in the far, far future... Or not; he's kinda long in the tooth. js

    3. Guy De Lorenzo

      Hey Ryan, I admire your content on your channel! I work at BBTV as a Content Partnership rep and I would love to discuss business opportunities with you at an available time. Email me at gdelorenzo@bbtv.com and we can connect at a convenient time for you!

    4. CrackKuh

      This ad should be in a DC film before the film starts in every Cinema.

    5. Chris Nielsen

      This mustache was edited off better than Henry Cavill’s mustache in Justice League.

    6. Ace Tsunami

      I geel this is a dis man of steel..... Since there was a mention the actor who played super man didn't shave and needed CGI

    7. Old School

      Sorry, not sorry

    8. Pando TM

      This is why you dont drink laughing man coffee

    9. Isaiah Connolly


    10. Mehrdad Parthian

      this was a nudge at Superman's mustache being removed in a weird way in DC's Batman vs Superman Movie !

    11. Evan Frost

      Deadpool pretending to be Ryan Reynolds selling gin while poking fun at DC comics 😅😅😅😅😅😅

    12. SPLENDID 21

      USsel: So we have two ads for you guys. Ryan: There’s three actually.

    13. Adwinner

      This is the only guy in the world that can convince me to watch an advert for entertainment

    14. vivek tiwari

      Big fan of Ryan Reynolds but I think he should be sued for mental harassment for sporting such a moustache......

    15. NikoLight

      Great editing. It AMAZING :D

    16. Ravage Gonza

      God level troll...

    17. Jonathan Murray

      7.1K people don't like Ryan's mustache. I think you should grow a beard as well just to see how many people thumb your beard down.

    18. derp derp


    19. Chris George


    20. W T

      The ad is too short. Gotta go pour a neat glass of Aviation Gin and keep watching.

    21. Taylor Price

      Jokes on you Ryan. Cavil might be Wolverine in mcu.

    22. dena81

      I hope this USsel career pays off for this guy. He could be something one day

    23. Anirudh Sharma

      When the ad on a video is longer than the video.

    24. Edlaurence Morales

      #sharesfromthepoorman 🔪💏😠🚽😈🔫😘💣🔨 tips na nakabalbas na lang wala ng asim #datibatapatoperobadoynaman 🔪💏😠🚽😈🔫😘💣🔨unlikely niyo kung anong match dito #mukhanigorilla 🔪💏😠🚽😈🔫😘💣🔨o mukha ni salagubang o mukha ni balakubak ang dami ng ibig sabihin mga pangit na kahulugan naku! lumayo ka nga para namang nakaulol iyang pagmumukha mo mukha ng mga nakakadiring insekto sa paligid ng buhangin buang ka ba alisin diyan

    25. booker dewitt

      what the fuck?

    26. Bobby Adams


    27. STORM

      Presenting..the invisible moustache man

    28. Ashley Southgate


    29. Lil Almond

      Im so confused. I remember watching this on youtube (not ad, going to his channel) but I certainly did it before nov 5th. what the...

    30. Darrien pennington


    31. Joseph Spades

      NO NOT THE muStache

    32. J

      I don't even know WTF that was but I can't stop laughing.

    33. Ace Q

      I cackled 😂

    34. joeflo ggg

      What's great about this is, Henry Cavill thought it was hilarious.

    35. Ken Fereday

      You're not sorry. But I appreciate the miserable attempt at an apology 🤗

    36. Trollnic de hedgehog


    37. BEN MAX

      Ja superman

    38. Mhao Yeager

      Take my watch time

    39. grace ridley

      wow what a cool lad

    40. Some One

      Man I’m fourteen so I can’t drink this but if I could I’m sure it’d be great

    41. RobinSue16

      LOVE Ryan Reynolds - ALWAYS SO FUNNY -great actor, beautiful man

    42. Supreme Uchiha

      that superman reference is GOLD

    43. Iss Mo

      go to youtube : why i'm watching this chose ryan reynolds ad go to ryan reynolds channel subscribe watch ryan videos ad pop up and you will see him again congratulation you are now in youtube premium for free

    44. native08

      I think you would've made a great actor in blade Trinity

    45. The Fire

      I would like to apologize for all the people who can’t spell advertisement

    46. Lester Delgado

      Men... you're amazing jajaaja do one of the witcher, make Cavill go mad

    47. Shailesh Dagar

      Is this Gordon Reynolds' audition tape for the role of Superman?

    48. Anita Perez Perez

      Lol I get it

    49. Lance Hoang

      Superman: aM i A jOkE t0 yOu??

    50. Visakh Vijayan

      It's not like we're trying to erase a moustache 😂😂😂

    51. Taintpuss McGooch

      Wtf lol

    52. Matthewjim

      This guy should become a actor

    53. Wayne Jamel

      That was actually really good at first. They put more work to make it look bad on purpose haha

    54. Austin Nelsbach

      Hey why do you have to be so intolerable, I wish I can see you more of a mean man

    55. Tometsam2

      This mustache is perfect ! I want it on Deadpool 3 !

    56. Zinniye

      Is this a TARGET ad???

    57. scatman noyb

      Oh I get it, Ginger Beer and Gin= Gin Gin Mule. kinda funny but he's as dry as the gin...

    58. Mike Duckworth


    59. David Miorgan

      I have the same copper cup made by the west bend aluminium company, west bend Wisconsin!

    60. VitriolVic


    61. Fabrizio Chavez

      Jsjsjsjs Supermán cgi xd

    62. Zoe Summers

      I'm so gay I'm a 7 on the Kinsey scale, but by the stars I'm in love Ryan Reynolds.

    63. Mark Hylton

      Oh no! you didn't! Just Savage!

    64. David Gilder

      WTF Ryan. I mean seriously! Who loses their mustache when taking a swig of Laughing Man Coffee??

    65. Marko

      Before watching this 17 seconds video I scroll down the comments and decide not to.

    66. meit mieto

      The mustache was fake!

    67. Sumukh

      This guy is so good he must be Canadian or something

      1. mahendra singh

        Or maybe owner of some American gin company

    68. Khronos Aion

      Steven Ogg should play headpool

    69. Wave

      "I wanted to". - osama

    70. Bren Stewart

      Hahhahhahahahha that was a good one

    71. Nathan Sylvester

      Ryan Reynolds is there anyway I can post this on Henry cavil’s page .

    72. Rob Roscob

      ↑ MOVEMBER ↑

    73. Imran Ayub


    74. Sean Boyle

      Must get a bottle of this aviation gin someday just for the sake it's Ryan Reynolds brand like lols 🤘👽

    75. Darrien pennington


    76. R J

      Hahaha. Canadians, not so nice after all.

    77. Anmol Sahdev

      Ahm! Ahm! Justice!! Ahm!! Ahm!! League...

    78. Campbell Cutler

      Oh good god how long are you going to keep beating the CGI moustache dead horse.

    79. Donny Donny

      Focking man boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂i weak 😂😂😂😂😂he does catch me off guard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂........

    80. BIG JUMBO

      Ни-чё се я поражён