Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really


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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Dan Treadmere

      It’s just 13 mins of “that’s so cool”

    2. Svetlana Aleksandrova

      Hi, Jenna! When I saw this video I immediately thought of you! You must do it! It can only be repeated by you!!! instagram.com/p/B4IIZGiArNh/?

    3. Sam’s Subliminals

      i thought she said ‘ i hydro dipped a pair of cocks-‘ ....

    4. Cassidy S'Miles

      Woah yeah yeah yeah

    5. Justin Steeke

      Video idea, making random items glow in the dark

    6. Sweetheart Cosplays

      Try Plastidip- it might stick to the rubber better

    7. étanhC ttonK

      I wish she’d open an Etsy shop or something I want a pair crafted from her hands

    8. Josh Junon

      you should replace all the bulbs in your house with black light bulbs and do highlighter string painting

    9. Seth Pavo

      I work in the paint department in Home Depot and almost never sell any of those things she bought. Minus the blue marking paint but it’s still really funny.

    10. Bobby Jo

      draw bee's on the mediocre ones. bzzzzzdflsnmg.. Make them GLOWO


      Jenna trying to do work. Julianne epepepepep

    12. bicboi4tres2uno

      Jenna, wearing rainbow crocs: “yeah I could use more rainbow crocs”

    13. beany Thompson

      This intro is spooky idk why

    14. Heather ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Couldn't you just spray the paint directly on the crocs... and basically get the same result? lol

    15. Kristy Littlejohn

      I have the same AC/DC sweater 😂😂

    16. seeriu ciihy

      Julien: Can you spray me Glow In The Dark? Everyone: has to be an Aries

    17. Lolita

      9:20 me when I was little shushing my sibling after I hit them DONT CRY DONT CRY 😂 DONT TELL MOM

    18. Kimberlee Nealon

      what if jenna saran wrapped julien and spray painted him glow in the dark

    19. imnotartisticatall

      Sand the crocs first, then dip them once, then SEAL it uppp

      1. seeriu ciihy

        Hi were u just went to good look skin center to day

    20. Maranda Crawford

      Paint pouring crocs/shoes needs to be a video

    21. dagan middleton

      now i just want glow in the dark paintings to hang on your wall

    22. dana delano

      jenna u need clear sealant (setting) spray :(

    23. Misty Gomez

      Who's gonna tell her she needed to spray it with a setting spray

    24. Vanukas Mestari

      Spray paint all of your christmas ornaments glow in the dark and dont tell julien. PRANKS.

    25. Teeny_ Tamoe

      Petition to get Jenna a new pair of hydro dip crocs

    26. Meme Queen The Maimer

      Either spray with translucent setting spray or with spray able glue dipshit?! I love you please don't block me bbbbbbbb

    27. livinlavida1

      The aerosols:/ the environment:(

    28. UFOz NoJoke

      Who pays for this house?

    29. Alena Galindo

      You should try to paint those paintings that have secret glow in the dark pictures in them without checking progress

    30. Rebecca Staub

      Have you seen the new trend? Gluing fake eyelashes on your eyebrows???

    31. Austin S.

      Jenna I heard you say you want to quote "glow in the dark". Please make an entire outfit/ use glow in the dark body paint and make a video PLEASE

    32. iRose

      They look like landscape paintings

    33. Jesse Worden

      Oi ive waited all week its Wednesday. Ik she says Wednesday/thursday but its been a week from this video and i want more content

    34. ismael arellano

      Hi were u just went to good look skin center to day

    35. Naelynn Torres


    36. Danelle Septhon

      you should try to paint portraits of your dogs. put them on stools and hope they don’t move. marbles at least should be easy

    37. Colton Rentmeister

      or try using some paint sealer after youre done!

    38. Colton Rentmeister

      try using paint primer??

    39. Easy Kitchen 2.0

      10:11 awesome.

    40. Lily Pientka

      Jenna, you really need to change your profile picture 😅😂

    41. Mia L.

      Spray paint fake plants!

    42. Kristen Halliburton


    43. Glori Ellis

      Marbles is dead??? Please tell me it's a lie I read it in some post of Instagram

    44. Lewis Unsworth

      Meme review 5 pllsslssssssassa!!!!

    45. Lana Daisy

      jenna, i too enjoy sitting like a gremlin

    46. Skylynn Sanchez

      Does anyone else go back and watch Jenna's videos from like 2013, and remember when she was a whole different kind of hot mess... No that's just me. Okay

    47. Lavinia

      Two words setting spray

    48. Elektron

      The first ones look like you walked through a dumpster. Trash shoes. I’m here for it honestly.

    49. Karol Palmer

      Just saw a video of acrylic pour on Converse and I gotta see your monster of a creation. Love your shit, beach.

    50. Tara4753

      Someone. Please, dinkfam, help me find this sweatshirt she’s wearing!!

    51. Zoe Rose

      Are we just going to gloss over the little gem at 0:45?😂😂😂

    52. Ana Soulliere

      it might be the material of the crocs? maybe the paint cant adhere to it properly?

    53. Bakugou Katsuki

      what brand of leggings are those 😂 i want a pair

    54. Karen

      i still cant beleive she didnt reference the "they are my crocs" vine

    55. Graffiti Feathers

      Just one more time jennaaaaaa I believe in youuu Ya gotta go get a setting spray 😊

    56. Jessica Reshawn Fields-Francis

      ussel.info/video/video/zpSpmKBtrJismnU.html Please watch this... its funny yet informative.

    57. Ельмер

      Jenna, make your hair glow in the dark ✨

    58. david garcia

      Sand them!

    59. Giada R

      Maybe the surface is too smooth? Like a nail, you gotta file it? Just a guess

    60. Antoinette Chaton

      Try using those slip on Van's shoes and drying them under a uv/black light