How We Domesticated Cats (Twice)

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    A 9,500 year old burial in Cyprus represents some of the oldest known evidence of human/cat companionships anywhere in the world. But when did this close relationship between humans and cats start? And how did humans help cats take over the world?
    Big thanks to these paleoartists for allowing us to use their wonderful illustrations:
    Julio Lacerda (who illustrated the Cyprus grave site):
    Ceri Thomas (who illustrated Felis silvestris lybica):
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Bongo Cat


    2. Bongo Cat


    3. CallMeCar

      Yeah, dogs are great and all, but are they on some of the most recognisable historic artefacts ever like Egyptian writing?

    4. WhopChop

      O:40 Watch as the North American hipster naps with his feline companion

    5. Norse Perspective

      I once brought in a feral cat .... key word once .

    6. Ufi Anjasari

      I was late for work because of this vid

    7. Assa


    8. primovid

      "For thousands of years they stayed close to human dwellings for food, but weren't necessarily close to the people themselves." In other words, they were same as modern cats.

    9. Chandler Langford

      It’s cute to think that we’re domesticated cats🤣🤣🤣 they just tolerate us because we feed them. Go a day without feeding them and see what happens. 🤣🤣🤣

    10. Graal Otonami

      I would argue that Cats are tamed, not domesticated. They can usually survive and thrive without humans.

    11. Tikus Keriting

      Are you sure? I'm pretty sure we are their staff

    12. History Egg

      Nice one Cyprus Finallt someone recognises us

    13. Babayaga Yagababa

      It's humans that have been cattificated

    14. Black Opal

      My cat has never peed on my laundry. ….. she peed on my face on night while I was sleeping, but that's beside the point. Never on my laundry. ty

    15. Dan Spencer

      Plot twist. The pet human was buried with it's cat master

    16. Zim Rivas

      Sorry but I wouldn’t call shitting in a box and scratching up furniture domesticated

    17. Finesse

      Here we are... reunited... at 3am... see you guys tomorrow

    18. Justin Sander

      Having always kept cats, and knowing a lot about their day to day behavior I believe that cats domesticated themselves at least partially. Meaning that they moved in with humans on their own and since they were friendly to us & were catching pests we let them. This is supported by any person who has had a stray cat do this exact same thing or had a cat who was part of a group of cats get tired of its companions and move out, then into a neighbors house. Then again every cat owner already suspects as much. If you want to do some ground breaking research on cats take a deep look into how they are slowly evolving opposable thumbs.

    19. kage3587

      7:24 - 7:33 could also be said of another group of living organisms originating in Africa

    20. Justin L

      Sylvester? Felix Sylvestereus

    21. Jordan Rios

      I’m no closer to understanding how they were domesticated

    22. Sam Bhutia

      Only if animals could complain about humans

    23. Johnny Stob

      “Ancient kitties” That is all. It made me giggle.

    24. Liam Featherstone

      There not domestic now they roam about killing little animal picking up worms and fleas then they climb up on sides eating your food there horrible

    25. dpooleraps

      My cat is currently watching this with me and it’s 5am

    26. JakulaithWolff

      Cats: -_- (purrrrrr...)

    27. sweet angel

      “We carried them to places they otherwise might never have seen” “so they should be more thankful for us” Did they really asked to be moved?

    28. Nekore Legaia

      Someone watches Scishow

    29. Anthony Isgro

      "Blah blah blah........ and Steve." Hahaha!!! 7:39

    30. Ronald Kennedy

      can't go wrong with a cat video,meow can you?watch super troopers "say meow" scene.hilarious.

    31. JTConner- Salovich

      Why does the narrator sound like on the verge of a panic attack

    32. Robert Burns

      Cats are wild animals. The difference between a cat and a dog is if you were 6 in tall the dog would still lick your face.

    33. Le DiceThrower

      This video remind me how much I love cats

    34. Tee pom

      I love my cat

    35. TTM'sLionGaming u tubeCh4nNeL

      i live in cyprus as well and at the dumpsters right next to my house theres like around 20 cats and kittens there

    36. Vintage Vinny DIY

      I love this...take a wild animal . domesticate it... then when bit gos back to the wild you call it feral

    37. Pete Smith

      Cats weren't really ever domesticated you moron.

    38. Brian M

      Very interesting. Here in Istanbul the cat is king.......and Queen ! They're everywhere. The people feed the street cats and even bring them to the vet if necessary. One thing I've seen in many cities around Europe are mice and rats, never seen one in Istanbul. There's a great movie about Istanbul cats called Kedi. Watch it if you can. It's great! 🐱😊

    39. Ihrab Mustafar

      "Treating us with a little more respect" 😂😂 *you wish* 😂

    40. Septiyanto Nugroho

      They're not domesticated, we're chosen by them,,

    41. Jordan Mottram

      I've been to Cyprus 4 times, trust me there is a lot of cats ..

    42. Bork Kills One Leg Man

      Cats: this African sever sucks Humans: ayo you want some free dlc expansions?

    43. Mr Cartoon

      Interesting fact: cats are never truly tame and if they were bigger they would have eaten you already.

    44. Action Jackson

      Every now and then you get something in your mentions that you didnt even know you wanted.😍

    45. Boop Beep

      Wrong. Genetic splicing is real. If it weren't why are cats and rabbits able to breed? Why do cats have the same eyes and hiss box as snakes? Why do goats and octopi have horizontal reptilian eyes? They all share the same piece of dna somewhere down the line and cats were domesticated because they are spliced with human genetics.

    46. Alex Young

      It should be recaptioned: How cats domesticate humans

    47. Rai

      Do one on parrot domestication

    48. Lawrence Rodriguez

      There's also cat island in Japan.

    49. Zachary McCosh

      I got an ad for cat food when I clicked on the video

    50. 57pixels

      Remember in Europe when the cat was seen as a bad luck, around 1347... You know what happened next

    51. Saitama Hero

      i came here after Jorge masdival comment on Conor lol how

    52. Aaron Villalobos

      Slow down

    53. LightningPo

      So if a wild kitten was fostered by a domestic mama and its kittens, how would the wild kittens behaviour vary as it grows up, would it even vary?

    54. rubjellyonme

      there is not a single animal that fits your definition of domestication. genetics is far from permanent and even pigs in the wild grow feral

    55. That Thing

      I had a outside cat. He was like a dog, he liked water, followed me wherever I go and would sleep with me on the bed. That fella was the best cat I have ever owned.

    56. Jaryd Weyer

      An 8 month old cat, yet they say it’s 9 thousands years ago? Who told you the cat was 8 months! The cat?

    57. Gisselle Leyva

      Um they domesticated themselves

    58. Dante's Inferno

      I don't think we domesticated them. It's more like they domesticated us. When you adopt a cat you don't expect it to warn you about people at the door or help you walk around the house if you're blind. When you adopt a cat you expect it to lay down all day while you put meals in its bowl. At least, that's how my girlfriend thinks about her cat lol. The dude is 6 months old at this point.

    59. bingobangoist

      The cats saw australopithecus and thought "man this guy needs a break" let's domesticate and selectively breed them into caring slaves for the future...(my cat overlord made me write this...)