Hoarder's Home Gets Major Clean Up After Decades

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    A California homeowner has hoarded for more than 40 years, with trash stacking up as high as the ceiling of the house. The owner, who does not want to be identified, moved into the two-bedroom condo in Lawndale, four decades ago. It's believed he didn't clean the place once in all that time. Neighbors have been complaining for years. The final straw came when the homeowner was overcome by fumes from the filth. He passed out on the floor and had to be carried away by paramedics.

    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Inside Edition

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      1. SniTch Mobile

        Hell NO

      2. XNDUIW

        That is supppppppppppppppper dirty

      3. Bats

        george master Probably in a hospital or nursing home because the reporter said he was diabetic

      4. Prixor

        Bilbo_SwaggensBT- Clans Entrepreneur Inside edition liking a comment? Impossible

      5. george master

        What happened to the homeowner? In a rehab? Jail? On the street? Update, please! Thanks 😊

    2. Lil Yoda

      this is what my mom sees when she enters my room...

    3. Just pony

      looks like something you see in the walking dead or fallout or some type of end of the world home

    4. Cragonos Kritirea

      So I guess this is what my mom sees when I don’t wash that one fork in the sink...

    5. The one and only jazz The autobot

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> I wonder why they blurred out that part because I have one in my grandads and the other part is covered up

    6. Travis Smith

      One week later its rented out as is to someone for $1600down and a $500 deposit lol

    7. Sissy Ray Self

      Dis-GUS- ting!! No.. just No. I can't. Beyond gross.

    8. Roblox Ratzzz


    9. Moo

      Bertram’s room be like

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    11. Emily Tang

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> I am not going to bed tonight.

      1. Bats

        Emily Tang Why not

    12. Jose Roman

      It looks like it be better to simply burn the whole building to ground and build a new in its place.

    13. Marie Martin

      There's hoarding then there's this

    14. Whut Now!

      Live there again?!? U crazy

    15. Jamie Spenser Thompson

      Oddly heather poster is totally clean.

    16. Георгий Мелех

      Во, засрались! И эти засранцы, учат русских, что баня - это плохо. А духи, чтоб вонь перебить - хорошо)))

    17. M.A. M.R.


    18. Robotsnake20

      How much is it to clean under my bed?

    19. Luiz Cubez

      welcome to the inside edition headquarters folks

    20. ميمي الشاوي

      Helllllll no i will rather sleep outside in the cold winter than sleep in this house 🤢

    21. Aiden Naalden

      When a mom enters their sons room and thinks it looks like this but actually boys call this tidy and who cares iff their bugs everyone needs a friend

    22. Patrick Williams

      Imagine the smell

    23. Back Woods

      People dying every day Inside Edition: Hoarded House Boi

    24. Chrisgamer130

      I’m gonna have nightmares tonight

    25. Joe M

      HOW??!!! WHY??!!!!!!!!

    26. Owen Chua

      Is there a part 2 of this?

    27. Lovely Del Rey

      burn the whole house down

      1. Cathy Puppies

        Amiya Josiah AJR

    28. Kendra Felion

      Instead of saying finding the needle in the haystack I will now say, finding the birth certificate in a hoarders house

    29. Peter Vang

      The living looks different from mine

    30. Genevieve Musngi

      How... Bruh how can you get a house THAT dirty? It would be sooo satisfying to look at in the end

    31. The street she belong Ong

      I thought silverfish come from caves or stronghold

    32. blohshamp

      the stains on the wallsss

    33. Quentin Ratliff

      I have my parents basement filled with arts and crafts with straws and tape and newspaper. I have a city out of it. I keep open paths for my parents to get around the basement.

    34. ariana.editzz

      And my mom said I have a messy room

    35. Come here Coward

      Ok but how did they find the birth certificate?😂😂

    36. Jennie Ma Cruz

      There going to need a lot of rumbas

    37. Woodall Sports

      Team up with mark rober and prank someone when they try to steel some of your bait items


      The only thing he chucked out was his hygiene. I can tell

    39. not smart

      The spider tho ....

    40. Mu Me

      *I’m concerned how they lived*

    41. Happy Tay Tay


    42. Cassie Stoddard

      Thought my house looked nasty. 😳

    43. Elijah Lahde

      I would have just burn the house down

    44. Blood Beryl

      Hoarders should be executed without trial

    45. Fun With Owen

      Ew that so gross🤮

    46. Beast Boy Roblox

      Hen I missed the trash can in my room Me: pick up and throw away My mom:

    47. Rafiq Ally

      Wheres the after part?

    48. Crawford Clark

      This looks like my room

    49. Brian the Boy genius:gamer and vloger

      Wow on the realese of my birthday

    50. prancer1000

      Burn it down!

    51. Studio Shen


    52. bing bong


    53. Juan Carlos Salinas

      The type of person that calls the house cleaning lady and asks for their $65 first time special

    54. Colin Martin

      Ok is it just me or does the guy look at the girl with the blurred out part for to long

    55. samantha alamo

      I am allergic to dustmites, I could never😐

    56. A is for America

      The time capsule aspect of this is really cool. (Not the overwhelming piles of garbage and stink)

    57. dreamii parsley

      They should come cleanup my room

    58. Riley 1237

      Mom: honey clean you're room! Me: mom it is clean Mom: ok it better My room:

    59. DodgeDakota2008

      OMG! How does he manage to get around that house! That’s absolutely disgusting!

    60. Fzyon Zarzuela Fernandez


    61. CyberspacedLoner

      arent there assisted living homes for the mentally ill in America ?!

    62. russell flores

      Mr. Piggy in the House. Lol

    63. LuigiChamp Number 1

      And that's what your house or apartment will look like if you don't clean it up you will have no choice but to move out leave everything behind

    64. Army truth

      So that person was hoarding longer than I been alive

    65. FrenxyRose

      Since AUGEST?

    66. Razor

      this is the type of room that trashtalker on cod has

    67. molly woodrich

      What my room looks like 😂

    68. Jay Torres

      He didn't have a female in 40 years?!?! If he did that house would be a lot cleaner!!

    69. Sávio Corrêa


    70. rodri

      Lisa Guerrero would’ve interview the trash

    71. 😂Rocket League😂

      Do you wish to keep anything? Guy: you know what my birth certificate is in there. Keep that

    72. Legodog890

      Why you using a moving truck y'all be a garbage truck

    73. Legodog890

      Hey thats a nice table can I have it I can clean it..... With fire

    74. Kiara Lanphear

      bro some of that trash is 3 years younger than my mom i- my mom is 43

    75. Jack Anderson

      You should do a test for if the impossible whopper has really no beef

    76. Eugene P

      Just torch it. It’s unsaveable

    77. Christian I

      *its cause of that damn phone* reply if i get over 10 likes :)

      1. Oscar Lakhdar

        @Christian I aight 😂👍

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        Oscar Lakhdar ik you were lmap i was just saying 😂😂

      3. Oscar Lakhdar

        @Christian I lol i was just joking haha. i probably have comments with a lot of likes without me knowing too

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        Oscar Lakhdar i only said that because my comment got 300 likes on a video from like 2017 and i didn’t know

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        you have 0 likes btw

    78. SharpLyrics

      Bruh why would they clean that house, now it looks even worser

    79. xxhalogamer22xx

      That house needs to be burned down

    80. NeitherPython80 _

      Reminds me of Trevors house.