Honest Trailers | Zombieland

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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Screen Junkies

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      1. Geoff Carter

        Staring Jessie eisenerd

      2. pumpkin91ful

        Screen,you have predicted the title of Carnage,dude !my compliment

      3. Min Mei

        Could You please put subs in spanish or at least in English. I would be very grateful.

      4. Screen Junkies

        @gnarlin More will be annoucned after the initial screening event!

      5. gnarlin

        I don't live in the USA. How and when can I see Never surrender?

    2. jm gee

      True story - I am deathly allergic to Twinkies. Im sure its the preservatives. Also, Emma Stone looks like Lily Allen ~

    3. Will Berryman

      Loved the movie and your reveiw

    4. Lorrie

      Why does Jessie Eisenberg play every character the same way? Lex Luthor, Mark Zuckerberg etc are nothing alike yet he plays all of them like they’re the same character

    5. Siddhesh kakade

      Zombieland series 🤔 Take my money.

    6. syed Junaid Humail

      Do Zombie Land Double Tap

    7. AJ Sam

      Do for Zombieland Double Tap

    8. Weldon

      Emma so goddamn fine in this movie

    9. Shenari Dias

      Zombie apocalypse...things are pretty good...roads are clear🙄

    10. Games Gear n' Thrash

      Say: (In the best Heath Ledger you got) How about a magic trick? I am going to make this pencil ..... disappear!.......tadaaaaa

    11. Macky Mendenilla

      Amber alert lol.

    12. Prathit

      Do the double tap honest trailer already!!!

    13. Ben Polens

      Do zombie land 2

    14. Nick Latino

      I really like the zombieland movies

    15. José Mário Silva Júnior

      The sad thing is these honest trailers and the Ryan's pitch meetings made me so skeptical about movies.... Almost couldn't enjoy double tap

    16. Cameron Blanchard

      🔥🔥🔥 I learned a great deal from watching <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> 💟🎥❣ 👇 👇🔥

    17. Warrior Girl

      The grocery store shelves are better-stocked in this movie's apocalypse than they are right now during coronavirus.

    18. Krish Tandon

      Movie-80 mins Honest Trailer-4 mins

    19. Ethan Jackels

      Do zombieland 2

    20. booker dewitt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> 6 underground

    21. Rimuru Tempest

      Ah 2009, back when WoW didn’t shoot itself in the foot.

    22. Chris Grey

      How about a honest trailer for zombieland double tap.

    23. Nj Palapal

      Please do the Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse

    24. Eric Wong ee wai

      Make the 1 the Martyrs I dare U

    25. Gustiyan Mahardika

      do honest trailer for the accounting

    26. Bona Fide

      Please do Zombieland 2: Double Tap!!

    27. makeanewchronoplz

      You forgot the part where he only wanted to Twinkie because him and his infant son loved them. The same infant son who was ripped form his hands and tore apart and eaten in front of his very eyes.

    28. Larry Copes

      there is already a blues brothers 200 of zombies it's called return of the living dead 3

    29. J Howard

      With everything coming out about Amber Heard makes her sequence terrifying!!!

    30. Mika Voss

      I like how it says bring your movie collection together but it still do not have the rights to some movies so i have a few movies missing in movies anywhere.

    31. Allan Logsdon

      Luther vs joker? I thought Jessie was both characters in batman V superman....

    32. alex unger

      It's this movie which made me fall in love with Emma Stone. Her eyes were especially alluring.

    33. Luke Taylor

      Do zombieland 2 please

    34. Goovanni Dominguez

      Double Tap! Double Tap! Double Tap! Double Tap!

    35. Andrew Grabowski

      Can you guys do an honest trailer for the animated 2005 movie Hoodwinked? It’s an awesome movie!

    36. Abobakr Mostafa

      Do zombieland double tap please

    37. Daniel Stegink

      Do double tap!

    38. the G-girl

      Giant bangs every actress was required to have .... 🤟 Catch!

    39. BarnCatTV

      "Oh, this Twinkie thing, it ain't over."

    40. Sufyan Ahmed

      Please up and walle

    41. multitudeofidols

      Negan has since joined the Whisperers - a group that wears walker skin to walk among them and weaponise them for survival. Not so boring now, huh?

    42. Dragon Artist

      Please do "Zombieland Double Tap" :D

    43. Charys Newman

      Ok so Americans know that the UK flag is also red white and blue right?

      1. Charys Newman

        @Peggie Johnson my point it that he differentiated between the UK and America by using the flags colours yet we have the same 😂

      2. Peggie Johnson

        Yes we do. So are many others. Your point?

    44. Mike C

      Do ROADHOUSE!!!! Do it!!!

    45. LiteracyLabyrinth

      You gotta do new Joker movie.

    46. Erisson Contreras


    47. Caleb Oliver

      Terminator. Dark. Fate.

    48. Ryan Cannon

      Can you do Train to Busan?

    49. Crystal Angel

      Is Brians World a reference to Between the Lions??

    50. JanTube

      Zombieland is one of my favorite movies

    51. QqQ

      this was the only movie I ever liked Woody Harrelson.

    52. Avijit Singh

      Cums the louder dumber Moroccan version ?? That's porn 🤣

    53. Bijon Mathew

      say" I am Grooot".

    54. Mia Larsson

      “Woody Harrelson as the state of Florida.” 🤣🤣🤣

    55. busiek1

      Do The walking dead season 7-9 please!!!!!!!

    56. TheTooginator

      I love Honest Trailers, so this is just an observation: I think the writer is a little germaphobic.

    57. Nicusor Hutanu


    58. loganrollo

      "zombie genre got its Blues Brothers 2000"?

    59. John Ivan Taro

      Do a Brightburn Honest Trailer.

    60. LaMarkius Cox

      The Hangover Trilogy and Kazaam

    61. Ian Loynds

      You say one Twinkie a year is enough but you don't know how long it's been since he had one.

    62. Mark xkx

      Too many ads in these things

    63. The _Wanderer

      I just want to know that song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a>

    64. Yadev K

      This came out 2009. How time flew...

    65. Kyle Ashley

      You do know lampooning a comedy is a sure sign of talentless writing, right?

    66. BurntFaceMan

      double tap wasn't actually that bad. I enjoyed it as a brainless fun movie.

    67. Peter R

      why not just hard code some commercials in the Galaxy Quest doc and show it on your channel?

    68. Hessed3712

      Walking Dead is still on?!

    69. BJPE

      I googled "is jesse eisenberg actually Like That" for shits and giggles and google made me feel bad

      1. Jackalope

        was the answer yes? xD

    70. Jack Salman Kanji

      Please do Aladdin!

    71. Michael Powell

      Cracked up at "The State of Florida"

    72. Wanderlust Visuals

      Zombie land 2 was so good 💪🏽🔥🔥

    73. Richard Neale

      Do Serenity and Last Samurai. Lets do the golden classics :) Thanks

    74. Jackson Crook

      I meet Bill Murray once, it was the greatest thing of my life.

    75. Brianna Machcinski

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> when Woody Harrison is out of twinkeis

    76. Brianna Machcinski

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a> Twinkie Twinkie Twinkie Twinkie.

    77. Étienne Robelin

      Netflix's Daredevil! It so deserves it!

    78. Shape Shifter

      When are you gonna do The Honest Cornetto Trilogy Trailer?

    79. Poly Steve

      The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!! Now.