Hello, New Chateau Houghton! (Empty House Tour)

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    In times like these when I find myself feeling lost I like to manifest my future. Things like... How it will feel walking into my powder room. How it will look to watch my nieces run through a bright, fresh kitchen to go play in the pool. The sounds that will come from the room that will one day be my nursery. I hope this video is a fun, optimistic distraction from all the crazy stuff in our world right now. Abrazos y besos to you all. ❤️
    Cardigan: Naked Cashmere
    Black tank: Fashion Nova
    Jeans: Zara
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    1. All Things Adrienne

      How has everyone been doing lately? 💕

      1. Itszz Brenda

        I’ve been doing pretty good, hope you are too ❤️:)!!

      2. Laura Sosa

        Where is your massage chair from

      3. Prettylittle -juju

        I'm doing great..... I'm apart of the notification gang.....loyal subscriber so please over on my channel and subscribe.

      4. misha williams

        I'm doing great GOD is faithful, I love you ADRIENNE and your family , praying that you and Israel add to your 👪 be expecting!!!!!

      5. Joanne Vicioso

        Hi Adrienne!! Love you boo! I want to know the name brand of that handle held and light the Israel has the phone in while recording?

    2. Tabitha Kelly

      I want know what makeup she had on when she his that pool!!! not a lick of a smudge!!!

    3. Gailyn Julius

      You must please do a house tour when its all done

    4. saskhia claude

      I need to see this house when everything is done!

    5. Angel RedBottom

      It amazes me how talented people are broke and are living in the hood but Adrianne is living this good with little to no talent.

    6. Nappy Roots

      Omg I love the house and the vision, but where us mariah's room and the future rooms for when your babies grow up, maybe I missed that part

    7. Dominican Girl!

      *It's not I or me anymore! Beautiful people, beautiful home!*

    8. Eye On The Sky

      Your Bible and sage don’t go hand in hand Adrienne, if you actually read your Bible you would know you are nowhere near being a Proverbs 31 Woman. Don’t just have a Bible by your nightstand..open The Word, read it, apply it to your life and share The Gospel of Salvation and remission of Sins. Also Jesus says not to store up treasures on Earth..you are very worldly, you think you have Jesus but you are filled with lust of the flesh..it’s written all over you VANITY and that is a Sin..again if you actually read your Bible you would know this. Please..Get right with God..you don’t know what troubles come ahead and if you will be able to conceive or any trials that will test your Faith..Open up The Word, fast and spend time with God First.

    9. Isabella Ella

      Hi! how are you gonna see the projected screen In the daytime with so much light coming in? Or Is the house rule no TV In the daytime? :) thanks for the tour! Excited for you both to have kidsssssss!

    10. Nathali Acevedo

      Adrienne, I’m SO happy for you! This house screams your name! God bless you and your family 💛🙏🏽

    11. Alisa Russell

      Love love love it 😍

    12. Elizabeth vasquez

      Nice house 🙏

    13. Swantje

      This house is so much nicer and so amazing for a family while at the same time being so luxurious and architectural without being over the top or borderline cheap and tasteless!! Dream House tbh!!!

    14. Zanna L

      NOOOO YOUR OLD HOUSE WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG! Ugh everyone is doing farmhouse it’s so over done and basic. Your old house was a jaw dropping CHATEAU!!! This ain’t it but I’m glad your happy mama

    15. Zanna L

      NOOOO YOUR OLD HOUSE WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG! Ugh everyone is doing farmhouse it’s so over done and basic. Your old house was a jaw dropping CHATEAU!!! This ain’t it but I’m glad your happy mama

    16. uda wyma

      Love love love your home!

    17. Dolores

      Loving the house its beautiful , the pool, slide, and her messy bun is so cute!

    18. Beauty by Nature

      Adrienne, thanks for making my quarantine more tolerable! God bless!♥️👑🙏😊

    19. Enn Vee

      🌼A, you should start decorating the children's play room even if the babies are not here yet. Speak your pregnancies into existence!!🙌🏾❤

    20. MyraVanessa

      Love how she’s making plans for her future kids plus nieces and nephews 😃

    21. Hang with T

      NO pressure, but lets get that baby to put in that nursery. Lol. Best of luck to you and Israel.

    22. Naomi Kengere

      That room that she wants to tear the wall down for the wine cellar could be a mini bar with expensive/exquisite alcohol where they could have wine tastings..

      1. Naomi Kengere

        And also be a wine cella at the same time

    23. snow flake

      How much is this gonna cost

    24. Jewel Gardens

      Felicidades Adrienne. This house looks beautiful now, I can only imagine how Great it will turn out. Bendiciones!!

    25. Briana Mabry

      I absolutely love this house!!! I can’t wait to see the results 😍

    26. Jahqueen

      loved this. very well done video on a house tour with explanations and depth. thank you. you two are definitely an inspiration.

    27. Jessica Vazquez

      I LOVE the nursery inside the master bedroom, that is perfect. I am one of those super attached, paranoid moms. I literally cannot sleep without my daughter because I'm just paranoid (what if someone breaks in the house, or she wanders outside (because she CAN unlock the door)). Her bedroom is right across from ours, but it's still "too far." That would be the perfect compromise. It's a whole thing to move our daughter into her own bed so mommy & daddy can have some "quality time" for a few hours LOL.

    28. Carmen Rivera

      Love the video great job israel now Adrienne the house is beautiful already but the changes you want are freaking awesome can’t wait to see it ... god bless your home love from Jersey

    29. esther kuruvoli

      GOD Bless your beautiful home

    30. Ash

      Is there a reason why you have sage on top of the holy bible? Smudging is steeped in old magic and now very popular in new age practices. As a professing Christian, I highly doubt this is something you should do. Instead of dispelling “ negative energy or spirits” you’re actually inviting them. Be mindful of the practices that are based off of old age magic and do your research on the history of its practice. God forbids that his people be part or engage in those practices. This is really sad to see that instead of being the influence for the world and represent Jesus Christ, the world and it’s practices with crystals and mantras are based on witchcraft and are influencing YOU. I don’t say this with any hate because I have been a long time follower because I finally thought “ wow, someone who is representing Jesus to those who may not have heard about him”, but I don’t see that anymore. Whether you see this or not, I hope it reaches you well and may God bless your new home. ❤️

    31. Dwayne G Robinson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="425">7:05</a> I need that table... Who? Where? Please...

    32. Emily Salazar

      Your house is gorgeous! You are truly blessed!

    33. being Kit Schroeder

      My Palm Beach house had a nursery off the master, I loved it.

    34. O T

      I LOVE seeing Adrienne happy...lool it makes me happy

    35. Rain Bow

      You really seem humble ❤️💕

    36. Rain Bow

      Would love to see the powder room 👍🏻❤️❤️❤️

    37. KomplexiveMind

      Cute house Adrienne I can’t wait to see when it’s done

    38. Tiffani Linde

      Beautiful person

    39. Allie Campbell

      I have that cardigan and grey and black

    40. Vivian Hernandez

      Beautiful home bless you both. Be forever happy.

    41. Jen lyn

      Where is sonny and Lily’s room? Lol I wanted to see how their vibes would be lol

    42. Af Ra

      Praying to god I’ll be able to live in a mine this beautiful one day

    43. T M

      Noooo...keep the white marble, Adrienne!! It’s the most beautiful! The etching stains will patina over time and you won’t even notice! I have Carrara marble countertops and backspace and I love it so I know what it does over time, trust! Plus, with a French country decor and kitchen you NEED to have marble countertops. AND omg with brass finishes you MUST have marble, girl!! With the concrete wall, rustic and modern mix, you can go with quartz, but I think you’ll most happy with marble. Yeah, those drab beams outside gotta go!!

    44. T M

      PLEASE, tell me what the black wall color is!!! Love, LOVE, love the new home! The wood floors, the black wall color, the chandelier you’re keeping, ALL LOVE babe. Nothing more chic than a beautiful black wall. Hope you keep it! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 😘

    45. Rapheleta Curry

      Dud you say pool house?...or hookah lounge?🤔😂😂🤣🤣

    46. Rapheleta Curry

      I'm so happy for you! You deserve it all! You're a good person.

    47. Selena Philipos

      you can get married here :)

    48. Lolita Johnson

      I love the house! Do please share the after when it's done.

    49. Timmy Tim

      Your husband going broke or somethin. Why you downsizing.

    50. Taylor James

      Does anyone know where her jeans are from????

    51. xoAngelicaF

      A, I hope you have twins 2 girls or a boy & a girl🤍🤍

    52. Jen Esq

      Trick w marble staining is having baking soda around! I've gotten some nasty stains out. You can some baking soda over the stain and I personally put drops of water (online it will say mix baking soda w water which I'm still doing but if you put drops of water on the baking soda you caked on it will keep it very thick pasty which is what you want] - I always let it sit for a bit longer the better but not more than overnight and you just wipe if off when ready and the stain is gone! [yes best to avoid - I totally prefer any other stone for practical reasons but my hubby had alot of marble so I learned hard way to deal]


      She kinda looks like Jaclyn Hill!

    54. Afia Heming

      She inspires so much💗 A dream we gon achieve❤️

    55. Quinette Adaobi

      Wow!!! Congratulations dear.What a beautiful home.👍You are so funny “I wanna go with ouch.”

    56. Rosa Emilia

      Me encanta la nueva casa bendiciones para ustedes y que comienzan a tener nenes muy pronto

    57. Alyssa Graham

      Who looks that cute going swimming omg u cutie. That slide looks so fun

    58. Taisha Gomez

      Why is she the most beautiful person 😭

    59. paula jandira Machado

      Beauty house

    60. Its Alms

      I LOVED your old home, but I’m happy you’re happy with your new home & all of your plans for it 💛

    61. Sylvia Hercules

      Absolutely love this house! Do you happen to know what color are your hardwood floors?

    62. Vzp1946 Vzp1946

      Can I have your refrigerator please! Gift it to me @ lynett@4166@yahoo.com

    63. Fiizzaayy

      I prefered the other house, open plan and grand but this is more suited to their needs. Its still a lovely house though

    64. cj wins

      I love this house. Beautiful modern home!

    65. Perla Dominguez

      For the slide name it can be “Slick N Slide”

    66. SimplyDaniella

      Yooooo that slide is sick!! *Adding to the dream house list*

    67. Amy Avila

      The floors are my favorite couldn’t stop looking at it! I love how u thought of ur family ❤️

    68. Margaret Hall

      Love, love your new house. God bless your family.❤

    69. Nontobeko Mncwabe

      You are so blessed Adrienne😊 I'm happy for you❤️😘

    70. Noma Mlombo

      Such an inspiration, your so my fave!

    71. sophie coursault

      What an Incredible waste! Turning that place into some white marber house is going to bring so much coldness! And I'm not even talking about the ecologic impact of throwing all those nice materials away! Elegance does not mean coldness people! Sophie from Paris, France.

    72. Donna McKinney

      Congrats!!! AWESOME!!

    73. Enn Vee

      Adrienne, you should definitly have your team pitch a show to HGTV. You did a great job showing the home and including descriptive and meaningful commentary. You could host a show helping people decorate their home or design or something😊

    74. Chanille P

      Hello Mr and Mrs Houghton, hows the renovations going during the quarantine????

    75. Malcolm I.

      I remember her saying she'd hope to be living in her (former) house for the rest of her life. In life things change

    76. Nola Girl

      That big ‘ol house and you’ll find Adrienne hulled up in her little powder room taking insta photos all day long!

    77. Saran2701

      where did you get the cardigan? Love it!

    78. Tgore2

      basically your house is going to be completely different

    79. George Christodoulou

      Will you do another house tour when its finished?

    80. Lo Mo

      So beautiful, can’t wait to see the final product.