Hannah Brown’s Quickstep - Dancing with the Stars

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    Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten dance the Quickstep to “American Girl” by Elle King on Dancing with the Stars Show 8!
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. killerpie darts

      i just dont enjoy her dancing. it just comes off rigid and her facials are so phony that it just ruins the whole mood

    2. Cameron Foster

      Ten: however her arm at one point jumped the gun. Different choreography than usual which I liked. MUCH improvement on spins and leg and footwork.

    3. Ben K.

      This is my favorite dance that Hannah did on DWTS

    4. lesdance3237

      She really came alive in this one!!! Go Hannah!!

    5. L R

      Former pageant girl that grew up dancing and performing her WHOLE life is winning dancing with the stars.... Imagine my shock!!???? 🤭🤭🤭 #overit

    6. Iriskenia Fernandez

      I enjoyed the crap out of this!!

    7. Becky Guillory

      Hannah you are going to have a hard time going back to the real world. The judges told her she was out of step with the music. She should promote healthy relationships instead of the windmill theory.

    8. A Day in the Life of Autism, MS, & Other Stuff

      I always loved Alan...he has such a joyful face and happy laugh

    9. Thao Le

      Congrats on her People’s Choice Awards 2019 win.

    10. Cindy Medina

      Please let me know when you do it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤️😘😊❤️ I love you so much ❤️

    11. Cindy Medina


    12. Virginia Myers

      James Van Der Beek is good as well. 3 are competing - Hannah Ally and James.

    13. nettie Promotions

      here u go, scores clip @ ussel.info/video/video/z6S9doSHpJuDiGQ.html

    14. Sound of Jesus

      🏆 i bet Hannah wins in the end

    15. QUEEN

      Hanna brown is very much an American girl!

    16. Diane Stone

      She is the most amazing women and continues to grow each week.

    17. Marie Fuentes

      Sure wish they would of used TP music

    18. James Holston

      love Hannah brown love this show

    19. lenka777


    20. Limore Shakar

      Come on Len why 9 ???

    21. Frau W

      Something is different about the camera or the lighting. It’s not for the better, unfortunately.

    22. T'Town Tim

      support a sold out sack of shit, like FAt FAced Nixon, and get on DWTS... Yean Spicer... a traitor's NO. 1 Fluffer

    23. Al

      That quick step should have headed for the door....

      1. J S

        She was amazing. Here you are watching her, so you must have thought so too

    24. Anna F.W.

      "watches Spicer dance* ... Didn't look like he was doing it wrong... Wonder why everyone is mad... *Watches everyone else dance* oh now I get it

    25. Shayla

      All the support Hannah received last week from fans talking about how Carrie Ann was singling her out and harsh on her and at times treating her unfairly. Someone even made a comment on here also last week talking about her unfair treatment with hundreds of likes and numerous replies in support and agreement...only for Hannah to come back on the show Monday night and say how much she AGREED with Carrie Ann and her comments about her. Ok well ..it is her opinion and choice and how she feels. So all I can say for the rest of the season as far as Hannah is concerned...whatever will be will be! Best of luck to her.

    26. Brett Roquemore

      Wonder how many of the guys from this season has she done monkey double backflips on?

    27. Zahra

      🗣 YO WEST COAST! Just text in your votes when the show starts. You can vote 10 times for each couple. If you have access to your abc accts then log in and submit them quickly. Let’s come together and push JAMES, HANNAH, ALLY, LAUREN, and KEL to the finals. Every vote counts!🙏

    28. Keith Aldijaili

      i am from alabama to! southern girls just can't dance enough!

      1. J S

        She's a great dancer! Maybe you need to meet more girls, Keith?

    29. Krista Noble

      Check out a professional ballroom dancer's reaction to DWTS performances!: ussel.info/video/video/1n63paKg2op9i2g.html&feature=em-uploademail

    30. rain bow

      Her face is hard to watch

      1. Thien Le

        Just don't watch then. It is simple like that.

    31. Dan B

      The music is the worst!

    32. Gabbie Baker


    33. Krystal H


    34. Mike Wrenn

      How can people watch this crap?

    35. Alice Pahler

      She played the air guitar at the beginning and it reminded me of her date with Tyler when she did that. Sigh, the good old days.

    36. mlzanercik

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    37. Susan Smith

      The judges are rude to Sean spicer,,, America wants him to win and they don’t

    38. Susan Smith

      Sean spicer for the mirror ball 🏆💯

    39. Positive vibes only TV

      Dancing with the stars is my favorite show. Also, everyone JENNA JAMESON started a USsel channel go subscribe and check it out!🥰🥰🥰🥰💋✅❤️🧡🌟🌟💚🌹🌹🌹💋✅🌟💚🌹🌹💚🌟✅💋🥰🥰💚

    40. Kelly

      She’s so pretty! Such a great performance by both of them.

    41. squeallymaniac

      I'm sorry, but I don't see how this got multiple 10's

    42. hkatrina

      Hannah just go in a musical goddammit

    43. Stephanie Rodriquez

      Ugly pedoz and thin tran whores

    44. Bertha Hernandez

      😃 💃🏻🕺Hannah & Alan FUN Gorgeous Moves! Keepa Smiling. ImmaFan🎼🍂

    45. Michael J

      Wowza. That was GREAT!

    46. Melissa Mabe Dixon

      This made me so happy!!!!

    47. amanda lidey

      My faveeeeee!!!

    48. Bisma Khan

      She is a good dancer ill give her that but i hate how she brags about herself and she always has to bring up that she was homecoming queen like okay we get it!

    49. greimalkin

      Yeah, dance amazes me because if I tried to prance across the stage like that I would probably fall over.

    50. tramekn

      Awesome job!

    51. Blue Eyes

      Hannah and Alan are everything! and them hugging awww

    52. Alyce Sutherland

      good song

    53. Jefferson Cavalcanti

      Score 10/9/10, quase perfeito! 👏👏

    54. Curtis Tisberger

      Stupid shows for the stupid sheep to keep distracted

    55. rich ernest

      Fix was in Sailor/America loves you Spicer Bergeron!That one judge on the right thinks he is second coming of Dance fever.Get him in my paint store.Build bridges and jump off them.All the kindness.

    56. hhgkjg91

      Why is she always trending on USsel. When Others score higher then her lol. Politics

    57. Tai TEOFILO

      Hannah every time i watch your dance, I am always smiling, Am so proud of you girl. You’re such a fun and a joyful dancer, thank you to your amazing partner Allen for his great work..

    58. Dirlev Oscar

      Watch my parody, almost... ussel.info/video/video/movPe6aFvG6ieqM.html

    59. Addy Quin

      If Sean spicer wins this competition i will do everything in my power to get this tv show cancelled lmao

    60. John Doran

      I live Hannah but I hate Lauren Alaina 😣😣😣😣😣 she's a lowlife troll.

      1. squeallymaniac

        I'd say Lauren's a better person. More humble and real

    61. Jeremy G.

      Jesus christ! I've never seen anyone look like there walking on air with heels on!

    62. Teresa Marie

      She should win

    63. Gene Bersten

      Hannah deserves all 10s every week :)

    64. Molly Worthley

      I just love her! Awesome job, Hannah! ❤️

    65. Tiki80

      Also am I only to notice she has pads on? Lol before the package and before commercials the zoomed in on her and she shook her shoulders.. and well its obvious she's wearing some pads under that top

    66. Tiki80

      THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT ALL WEEK! but blind fans kept telling me off how hannahs perfect bla bla. No. all week she had that annoying pageant plastered smile on. And I agreed 100% w carrie anns comment last week. She had one fake smile expression in all of her dances. BUT HERE SHE FINALLY PERFORMING WITH HER FACE AS WELL! But also keeping up w musicality and teqnique. This was her best dance and alan did well with choreography.. finally

    67. Zenaida Neduasa

      Love it

    68. Richy Rich


    69. Jerrilyn Guerrero

      Rooting for you Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙏😬 #bachelornation

    70. Mole People

      I think the judges, mainly Kerry Anne, are so judgmental to poor Hannah. How can you make fun of her for smiling

    71. Iris

      This is definitely her best yet!

    72. lazubu20

      Hannah Brown is one of the main reasons I watch this thanks for not disappointing. Keep pushing. everybody hurts sometimes!

    73. Terry Shaffer

      She is good because she has been dancing all her life!

    74. Beverly Angermeier

      I love watching Alan and Hannah together there so cute together love them two❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    75. sona league

      wishing you all the happiness in the world hannah 💖💖💖

    76. laurie stewart

      Perfect dance should have been all 10's.

    77. James Kelvin


    78. Kimberley Rutter

      Clearly I disagree with a few of the comments because what the fuck was that song?

    79. Stacy C

      Best dance of the night 🙌🏼

    80. ally Garcia

      i dont watch dancing with the stars but between ally and hanna i can say ally has perfectly done a great performance comparing there moves i saw some mistakes on hanna but she does good also