Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.
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    1. Brad Mondo

      Hope you’re all well 💙

      1. TheNdv0410

        Brad Mondo stay safe!! And thank you for making this quarantine more bearable. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🙏🙏🙏

      2. C r a z y K o o k I e

        I do not want to get the viris and I hope u don’t to

      3. Zahra Leake

        Brad Mondo live these vids I laugh do mych

      4. Lazaro Perez

        I have no idea what color my hair is it looks like a matte satin carbon fiber color

      5. Desiree Kp

        Im sick😭

    2. Elizabeth A

      Bet hairdresser will have lots of peoples hair to fix after quarantine 😂😂when they tried to cut their hair

    3. darkiindius

      ps: fan from france

    4. darkiindius

      please ship internationnaly :'(

    5. Stephanie Lavigne

      The victim c method really worked for me when I needed to lighten my jet black hair!

    6. Reallife Fuxked

      Hey brad quick question!! What toners besides wella t18 would you recommend?

    7. clown girl

      I need to pee real bad I dont wanna leave my bed 😩

    8. Jose santa cruz

      React to sarang bleaching her hair!

    9. Jeanette Morales

      I love your videos!!! I am not sure if you ever made a video about it but I wanted to know what you use on your skin. It looks so healthy and glowing❤️ You are always so on point on camera!

    10. Laura Power X

      He should extend this series to him FIXING the hair off you tubers that messed their hair up in these videos

    11. kyeara jones

      If someone (me) were to dye their hair blonde to red what products would you recommend?

    12. erika williams

      You should do like a bleach off. Lets see if there’s a difference between ‘4 shades’ compared to ‘5 shades’. Would be interesting to see if there is/isn’t a difference(:

    13. night kitty

      so i have a question. when i went to the beach (salt water) it pull out all my color i had my hair dyed red and pink and when i got out of the shower my hair on the ends and middle-ish was blonde and white. so my question is, is salt water ok to use to pull color?

    14. Meagan liberty

      I did it 3 years ago. I bleached my hair 6 times in 4 days. And let me tell you my hair was falling out and looked like ramen noodles for about a month until I felt safe enough to color it

    15. Faraday Stone

      I am a natural ginger with blonde highlights(again, natural) never dyed my hair except for some temporary purple and blue, none of which turned out very well because, obviously, red hair doesn't take dye very well. Without bleaching my hair, because I dont want to, what colour could I dye it that would come out well?

    16. Zaara Hassan

      Can we please talk about brad’s hair tho?like sis be on fleek even in quarantine

    17. Adrii_mc

      I loved your intro 🥰

    18. emma k

      I love you so much ❤️🥺🥺

    19. Leo Garcia

      How do you feel about the artic fox bleach please set ?

    20. Al Die

      i feel like i will never bleach my hair, just because I watch brads channel and am now scared of bleach :D my natural hair is like a level 7 blonde tho, so i don't really need to

    21. Anthothiyah Israel

      dont know why i liked this but great content, coronavirus (cardi b voice) #lionitetrust

    22. Karen Bunn

      Brad-I’m loving your hair color. Looks great!

    23. Leah Mostert

      Me, a natural red head who always kept complimented: lmao I'd never do that me, dying the tips of my hair blond to colour it: I-

    24. Phoebe Dancz

      "The perfect WAY to cure your boredom TODAY"

    25. Madisun Bessette


    26. Talkswith Linda

      here i am at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a>am for you brad and the memes

    27. ThePalatineHill

      this is weird for person who hates blond hair and prefers red edit: also why did i watch this? i don't care at all about hair change. yt why you recommend this to me?

    28. Mary C

      His hatred for T18 cracks me up 😂😂

    29. MissJosieJune

      I like how brad is open to people doing stuff like this at home, when he does these he doesn't go in with the mindset that it's gonna be terrible

    30. Samantha Godfrey

      T14 was always my go to 💁🏼‍♀️

    31. Gabbie Neff

      Where’s this man get his clothes ♥️

    32. mykenziebug1

      I have been watching you for the last two weeks XD quarantine led me to you! Lol

    33. Hayleigh Bishop-Sweeney

      Brad can we talk about how that lady is driving with no hands and looking in the camera almost the entire time 😂

    34. Kyle Murr

      Brad, make a video explaining different kinds of toner. Is it just for blonds. I'm a bit confused myself.

    35. Dalin Horn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="909">15:09</a> ==‘ Can we talk about how she drives with her both hands on her hair and eyes on camera, not the road? 😑😑😑👍🏼

    36. Payton Pellitteri

      Brad Mondo's reactions is the only thing keeping me sane during quarantine 😅😱😭💗

    37. animation noob

      Um ok

    38. Nye Robinson

      Brandy what a vibe

    39. Bubblegum Teeth

      The second girl: *takes her hands of the wheel and looks at the camera for like 7 seconds * The entire internet: * screeching *

    40. Kate M

      Am I crazy cause I think that like yellow top, red ends looks kinda cute?

    41. Kate M

      Is color remover any use for naturally slightly red hair?

    42. Kate M

      I understand that you normally youd want people to pay hairdresser's to do it properly. But with the quarentine, I think you should do a little, tips for home bleaching video. Who better to learn from!

    43. Abbie Gouge

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="905">15:05</a> Can we talk about how she's not holding the steering wheel?

    44. Vegan Atheist- Coral

      Don't drive & USsel

    45. skylpxs

      the second girl looks like avril lavigne tho

    46. Megan Eastman

      What if your going to natural red hair to platinum blonde? Someone who is a hair stylist reply

    47. Bethanie

      Some cars drive on autopilot js maybe she had that n that is y she did that but still dangerous lol

    48. Bethanie

      Brad how do u feel about mane club hair masks? I'm curious

    49. Brittny Cotton

      So I work at Sally’s. Just so you know brad, at my store at least, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND 40V FOR NONPROFESSIONALS, our customers just don’t listen to us. Lol. I’m actually a licensed stylist and my girls KNOW we do not recommend a 40V for non professionals. Lol

    50. ThatOneGirl

      🤣 "Why does her hair look good?"

    51. PurplePenguin _Playz

      Can you react to BTS's hair in 2020? You'll love it..

    52. HannaMagdalena

      Tbh the best colour remover to me is L'Oreals Efassor. I had bicoloured hair for almost ten years, one side always redish/pinkish, the other one always blueish/greenish. Even the last fuckin green undertone came off after two uses in a week. I went to my hair stylist for white hair and she was shooookethhh lmao my hair was completely blonde.

    53. HannaMagdalena

      Today you look like you just left "Caught In The Act".

    54. renee

      Omg I just ordered t18 from Sally’s and now I don’t want to use it! What else can I use?!?!

    55. Alexandra Farina

      Brad i just went blonde because of your videos and youre making blonde shampoo and conditioner??? WHEN

    56. Alina Is my name

      guys im scared for the way brandi is driving

    57. Justin Edwards

      Red head was hot as fuck with her end result. Dam.

    58. Veronika Luca

      You should watch Christal Lindy's red dye removing process

    59. Ari Kowalchuk


    60. Ted Rowland

      Limited time left Sir. Repent of your homosexuality while there is still time. The consequences are eternal.

    61. yorocco1

      Him: “Can we talk about how amazing her roots look?” Me: Can we talk about how she is blabbing into the camera with her arms LITERALLY IN...THE... AIR... while driving!!!??? WITAF!!!???

    62. gucci boi

      Me sat here with red hair planning on dying it blonde: 👁️👄👁️✏️📃

    63. Nadine Nooh

      Hahahahha i died when he said Please dont bleach your roots again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    64. Angie Marie Z

      You should go red

    65. Kai_Hogg_Music

      So what is the best way to bleach your hair from RED ❤️

    66. Mimie Chan

      He explains hair like some cuisine

    67. Mimie Chan

      I have never c a black girl doing this shit before I wonder why?

    68. Midnight Aqua

      I did this to my red/ black hair 😅😂

    69. OfficiallyEllxe

      I’m doing this soon but getting me mum too do it

    70. Hayleigh Humphreys

      Im watching this right after his how to dye your hair at home and i love his reactions to all of it

    71. Noodle Banana

      *reads the title* : oooooooh yes


      Can we just talk about how fricken A-M-A-Z-I-N-G your hair looks!!! Literally loving your bangs!!!

    73. Ms. Skittles

      I guess I got super lucky or I have a secret skill. Went from bright cherry red to porn star blonde beautifully, somehow. Couldn't pull off the blonde and went back to a red. Waste of time, but success!

    74. Ilka H

      PLEASE UPVOTE SO HE CAN SEE THIS Can you please give us tips or tutorials on how to MAINTAIN our haircolours now that we're quarantined and hair salons are shut down?! I have gone from Brunette to half blonde with a balayage about 3 months ago. Its starting to look hella yellow....... Id want to bleach it myself? To get it lighter again? Any tips or advice? And if I wanna make it more ash gray, how do I go about that?? Maybe also a quick tutorial on how to SAFELY FIX your own split ends. Make it a challenge with a hashtag in it so you can rate our (for many first) attempts at it? PLEASE HELP! Our hair needs care xD

    75. Erin C

      I live for these dramatic intros

    76. Natascha Hadden

      I have a few videos of myself he’d definitely gringe about with my hair 😹😹

    77. Person over There

      I did the vitamin C method and it got rid of my blue dye super easily and got me back to my natural blonde

    78. Beyoncé Baggins

      I feel like i'm going to be molested.

    79. TobbiDream

      I remember going blonde the first time at home I'm a natural strawberry blonde color I went to salmon it was weird and awkward for the first week cuz I waited to bleach again

    80. Mollymoo

      The Corona 2020 hairstyle and dyes!☠️