Gray VS Esdeath (Fairy Tail VS Akame ga Kill!) | DEATH BATTLE!

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    1. Untitled Goose Name

      when are you guys gonna do erza vs emiya? there are some good analyses out there and i think i know who would win but you guys are the most thorough when it comes to these things

    2. javhon mason

      Noob saibot I think Shikamaru with his experience in shadows trapping someone it is and his knowledge but I steel think noob saibot would win

    3. Erin Krill

      I love fairy tale but esdeath is the best

    4. Mika Jougasaki

      Saten from Needless vs anyone with elemental powers

    5. allboutthatanxiety

      Could you guys put teresa from claymore in a battle. Would be interesting bc we never saw her full potensial in the anime

    6. Andrew Howell

      Erza vs Zoro remach!

    7. Bruhhman Dan

      Mephisto vs Dormammu

    8. Juliab Rivera

      I got idea for death battle luffy vs stretch Armstrong

    9. Kate Uchiha

      Nooooo gray

    10. Gyrre

      So is Erza going to get a rematch with Zolo?

    11. Dominque Rhames


    12. Gamer Boy

      Since Machchamp and the other guy is not out maybe do a sans vs ness or ghost rider vs sans and last option bill vs sans

    13. Aidan Hogios

      sponge bob vs mikey mouse

    14. Aidan Hogios

      joker vs joker batman vs prsona 5

    15. Aidan Hogios

      tails vs luigi part two

    16. Aidan Hogios

      rosalina vs silver

    17. Aidan Hogios

      foxy vs hero dragon quest vs fnaf

    18. Aidan Hogios

      king k rool vs black beard one piece vs dk country

    19. Cam Wilson

      Hellboy vs ghost Rider or Goku vs Naruto and Luffy vs Mr fantastic

    20. Ag Jr

      I was expecting this battle for a long while now, and I was expecting Gray to win. I'm so happy that Esdeath did instead.

    21. The Canadian Jew

      You guys should do Steven universe or garnet vs idk whoever

    22. msjr75

      Hey you guys need to do a March madness bracket style for all the champs for the ultimate death battle champion

    23. adonis chinchilla

      Nope gray would’ve won

    24. Isai Flores

      Naruto vs meliodas

    25. Erik Schneider

      alter was soll die scheiße... verpisst euch aus youtube

    26. Josiah Titus

      Perfect. General esdeath won.

    27. Gabby Jankowski

      Brooo Superman vs All Might

    28. Chayton Fuller

      Ok so hold on. Gray is literally a DEVIL SLAYER, she got her ice power from a DEMON, how the hell does Gray not win this.

      1. ViridianBlue

        Demon's Extract is just a name, she actually got her powers from a Danger Beast.

    29. Switchblade Ares

      Do azula from avatar vs dabi from my hero academia

    30. Mike Roux

      Spoiler alert: the one who controls ice wins❄❄❄❄❄

    31. Comentarios Infinitos

      Peste negra vs coronavirus

    32. Joel Robinson

      Oh f off death battle You literally said how gray consumes ice!? He could do the same to her time freeze ability And slayer magic grants complete immunity to the element!

      1. Jalen Sangester

        Joel Robinson can you eat while frozen in time?

    33. David dicas

      Five ( the umbrella academy) Vs Nightcrawler ( X-men)

    34. David dicas


    35. VM Constructions

      Falcon vs hawk man

    36. VM Constructions

      Martian manhunter vs vision


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="893">14:53</a> Congratulations...... and goodbye.

    38. Gamer Chicken

      You should do trinity 7

    39. Kayden Webb

      How bout Esdeath vs subzero

    40. Jhay Vince

      Wait i thought Gray can take over others ice power, right?

    41. Stay Hyped Scott

      Esdeath won as she should🔥

    42. Saints Nation

      This outcome doesn't make sense gray could easily beat esdeath smh

    43. Ryujin Slayer

      Can you do garou (monster) vs Kaido please

    44. ViridianBlue

      They kinda downplayed Esdeath's speed, but then again she won, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

    45. Convoluted Hip_Hop

      Nah,gray would win hands down. If gray can hold his own with natsu then he can win, and if that ice girl and natsu fought natsu would win in like 20 seconds

    46. Goatcha

      Gray is NOT on the same level as Erza.

    47. Ken Alf

      generator rex vs blue beetle?

    48. Alan Vance

      Does the ice consumption follow the same rules as natsu's fire consumption?

    49. demon6937

      Mahapadma is such an OP move

    50. My Girlfriend Forces Me To Do Gachas.

      Gray might of won if she didnt have the ice people army power already prepared

    51. Davyn Morfessis

      1st, it wasnt grey that covered fiore in ice, it was invel who lost to grey, second, grey doesnt need to eat ice to use devil slayer magic, he can do that whenever he wants, third, grey can only use static ice-make magic, there are many more reasons why this fight is inaccurate, but that's just a few that should have been looked into

    52. Armando Hernandez

      Tia Halibel from Bleach Vs Kisame Hoshigaki from Naruto Next please.

    53. Dondre Johnson

      Ima new comedian check out my insta @crispy.d.biscuit

    54. mathew metcalf

      This Devil Slayer Magic allows the user to produce the element of ice for various purposes.[4] The first known user, Silver Fullbuster, seems to be very proficient with it, as he was able to single-handedly freeze the entire Sun Village, its inhabitants, and the Eternal Flame which held the remaining spirit of the Fire Dragon Atlas Flame.[5] Like other Slayers, the user is able to consume external sources of ice, even ones formed from nothing, in order to replenish their strength and enhance their power, as well as having a tremendous resistance and immunity to the element of ice.[6]...... Enough said.

    55. Red Teddy Amazing Adventures

      Death Battle idea Myotismon V.S. Kaname (Digimon Adventure V.S. Vampire knight)

    56. Łicht Jeager

      isn't esdeath much faster than that?

    57. mathew metcalf

      I love esdeath, but ther noway she can beat gray... Sorry these death battles are so absurd and woke its sickening. Gray can manipulate, create, and destroy all ice. Not to mention he can absorb all forms of ice and use that power against his opponents. He also can eat ice to replenish his magic. So I'm very confused just because she's a chick that kills means she's the winner? I mean think about it esdeath greatest power is freezing everything which gray can absorb then use against her. I also want you to think of something very carefully and this will be my final point why esdeath stands no chance and you just made this for tons of subs with no actual logic. In fairy tail ther is a guy named zeref who created and that anime the first race of demons which came from the book of zeref which he created. Right you following? So now let's look at how esdeath got her powers from drinking the urn of demon blood. Which all has succumbed to breaking there pyche and eventually died esdeath's mind was already messed up so she took control and made the demon power her own, but The fact of the matter is. Grays demon slayer magic was created for the soul purpose of killing demons. Now explain to me how esdeath wins when none of her abilities can affect gray at all. He would absorb all her powers and or nullify them which she can't do. I will be happy to wait for an explanation. This is as bad as the power rangers megazord fight against the gundam epyon which epyon won but it took way to long. Epyon would've killed all megas in seconds with the zero system. But again I'm waiting.

    58. Joshua Walker

      Akame ya kill is the opposite of Fairy Tail. People died at any given point in Akame, no one dies in Fairy Tail.



    60. Ventrova

      Esdeath: " I have an icebox where my heart use to be"

    61. Daisy Ramon

      I want Grey vs Sub-zero!!

    62. Ashley Alberts

      This new animation is disturbing so please go back to the other animation stile

    63. Henry The unsc pilot

      Snowball fight in the beach

    64. lil cashout

      what about toshiro from bleach vs esdeath

    65. Isazi Sempi

      I don't know either character but I know fairytale has already taken like 2 L's. So I'm guessing Deathbattle is going to be making good with Fairytale fans

    66. Chris Wallace

      Yes bet won

    67. K P

      Spongebob? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a>

    68. Anwen Lokier

      Esdeath can blast a titan in one shot

    69. Kiva Basnight

      They should Baki vs Ohma

    70. Dark Brawls

      Tbh i did not expect Es do beat gray for some reason the fairy tail fan base would hit your head thankfully you still use your WHOLE arsenal for a match

    71. blane c

      They should do a madra vs frieza

    72. Blonde Thunder

      Why did you put two people on whole different levels what the hell the only reason why they put them together is because of the mark on their chest.

      1. Justin Alicea

        Because it is what the fans wanted.

    73. Peter Lervik

      I dislike that the Ice Shell took forever to happen. It happens instantly after its Cast.

    74. Patrick Milewski

      Isn't this the SECOND ice themed death battle you guys did.

    75. 2006thescotts

      So it looks like natsu is faster than Luffy now huh

    76. Temarius Burkhalter

      What is Luffy doing here 😂. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a>

    77. Percy Dillberg

      Austin Powers Vs James Bond

    78. Jellal Scarlet

      The Person Who Uses Ice Wins-

    79. Dominik Richie

      xenojiva from monster hunter and darkeater midir from dark souls would go hard

    80. Dillan Harris

      On one question if the time freeze is still ice magic why couldn't grey still eat it and why couldn't he just consume her ice magic and throw it back at her

      1. Justin Alicea

        As it is a time freeze, he cannot move. As he cannot move, he cannot consume. And even with his resistance, it is unlikely he can move, as another being who became nearly immune to Esdeath's ice could only resist the time stop for one second, even at near maximum power. Also, yes, Gray could throw Esdeath's ice back at her, so long as she isn't still using it. As Esdeath's power is much greater than Gray, it is unlikely that his special ability to control other's ice will help him win the struggle for control.