GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V

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    GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Dasu D7

      Afternoon ahgases! ^o^

      1. Ojm Zombie

        Afternoon Dasu!!! ^^

      2. Rsl Double b


    2. Dasu D7

      Afternoon ahgases! ^o^

    3. Dasu D7

      Afternoon ahgases! ^o^

    4. Dasu D7

      Afternoon ahgases! ^o^

    5. Dasu D7

      Afternoon ahgases! ^o^

    6. Dasu D7

      Afternoon ahgases! ^o^

    7. K E L L Y 7 For7

      seven six nine

    8. Dasu D7

      seven six nine

    9. Far Biebs

      768 326 ~

    10. Ot7 _SoarHigh

      Reply with got7 memes / inside jokes only. I will start Dandelonie, dandelon dandeliyon dandelion

      1. Ojm Zombie


      2. Ot7 _SoarHigh

        @Far Biebs park man loll

      3. Far Biebs

        park you? lol

    11. Pau Lo

      767 164 ~ 100m yo spin spin !!

    12. cheese kimbap

      the best song i hear after being kpopers 8 years ago

    13. Bei Linyi

      Aghafammm... Lets try make 90M for this month... We can do it if we want.. :) fightinggg

      1. Bei Linyi

        @K E L L Y 7 For7 yeahhh

      2. K E L L Y 7 For7

        WE CAN DO IT

      3. Bei Linyi

        @Ahgaseloves GOT7 fighting

      4. Bei Linyi

        @Jasmine Sarah fighting

      5. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        Oh yeah yeah yeah

    14. letsirk Tuan

      Seven six six-80

      1. Ahgaseloves GOT7


    15. Michedmaa A


    16. Dann 037

      Los amo muchoooooooo

    17. D. Tikah7

      Spinning With You :) Ahgase Fightinggg!!

    18. TWICE GOT7

      I watch this at least once a day everyday, thats the least we can do for their hard work guys c:

    19. Ojm Zombie

      Good morning Ahgafam!!! Have a great day!!!! I will be here, silently until school finished. ^^ Love you all!!

      1. Jasmine Sarah

        Olga Good morning dear^^

      2. letsirk Tuan

        Good morning olga :)

    20. Ika Katili

      make it 100M!!

      1. letsirk Tuan

        Soon... We will :)

    21. Pechpimol Maneerat

      This song deserved more then 100M, raise it high IGOT7...!!

    22. Roh vru

      Oh yeah yeah yeah ~ Spinning with you all ^^

      1. Jasmine Sarah

        With you Veena!!!

      2. letsirk Tuan

        Oh yes im with you ... :)

    23. KS. pulpo :’

      Good morning You calling my name!! ^^

      1. Ojm Zombie

        Morning koro!! ^^

      2. Roh vru

        Morning Koro ^^

      3. bambam skrt skrt into my heart

        Good morning!!

      4. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        Morning kororo ^^

    24. bessy cruz

      Latidos del corazón

    25. Di Wang

      GOT7 can do every concepts perfectly

    26. Seam Yuki

      Come on, watch mv GOT7 Others Make their mvs to be 100 viewers

      1. letsirk Tuan

        Yes yes to that :)

    27. Di Wang


    28. helen im


    29. Ana Karina 1.5

      Last spin here. My bed is calling my name xD Good night birdies! ^^ See you later!

      1. letsirk Tuan

        Good night ana!! .. Have a sweet got7dreams.. :))

      2. Ojm Zombie

        Goodnight Ana!!!! Sweets dreams!

      3. Roh vru

        Goodnight Ana ^_^ Sleep well ~


        Good night ana

      5. Ana Karina 1.5

        @Ahgaseloves GOT7 thanks Miso! ^^ You too! ^^

    30. liaisonforest hcts

      Ok I'm new but I'm wondering how this song (YCMN) didn't won SOTY 2k19🤔 like this song is a bop

      1. Jasmine Sarah

        Welcome to the nest!! You Calling My Name won Best performance Daesang last year..!!

      2. Ojm Zombie

        Welcome to the nest!!!!

      3. KS. pulpo :’

        Welcome to the nest!!

      4. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        Don't know , but it won deasang for performance of the year ^^ welcome to the nest

      5. Ana Karina 1.5

        Welcome to the nest ! ^^

    31. King Bambam

      Let's keep spinning, Fam. And please don't forget to take care of your health, too. And if you're also on twitter, please don't forget to always tag @GOT7Official to help our boys stay in BBS50 top 10.

      1. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        As you say king ;)

    32. Angel M

      got7's hips don't lie

    33. Ahgaseloves GOT7

      756,417 ..... chuchuuchuuu

      1. Roh vru

        Chuchuchuuuu ^_^

      2. Ana Karina 1.5


    34. liaisonforest hcts

      Damn!! I'm not a fan (I'm planning 2 Stan very soon) but this song is just stuck in my head like- I love this freakin song..!!🖤

      1. letsirk Tuan

        "Welcome to the nest." ... I'm sure you will stan them :) .. welcome baby bird !!

      2. Ojm Zombie

        Thanks!!! ^^

      3. Ana Karina 1.5

        Oh you came! Thanks for coming! ^^

      4. lets get it

        U should try(^^)

    35. Rsl Double b

      Seven five five I need you in my life ~~

      1. Roh vru

        Fighting ^_^

      2. Ana Karina 1.5

        Love love serenade..

      3. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        I want you for my whole life~~

    36. Pornpana Umpaivit

      I'm here with you~ with you~ Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah~~ Woah~~ >_

      1. Roh vru

        With you my friend ^^

      2. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @Ahgaseloves GOT7 >____^

      3. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        With you^^

    37. annyeonghaseyo en iyi Jackson wang gözlüğü imnida

      Oh yeah yeah yeah good morning^^

      1. Ana Karina 1.5

        Morning ^^

      2. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        Good Morning ^^

    38. Ahga Blink

      2019 music industry was saved by this song

    39. Roh vru

      Goooood Morning!! ^_^ Have a lovely Tuesday y'all ~

      1. KS. pulpo :’

        Good morning ^^

      2. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        Have a nice day ^^

      3. Pornpana Umpaivit

        Good Morning my friend! Have a Happy Day too!! >_^

      4. Ana Karina .2

        Morning Veena ! ^^ Have a good day! ^^

    40. Jana Billie

      Perfectt i sweaarrrrrrr

    41. Ahgaseloves GOT7

      750- two nine four....wohooo fighting ahgases !

      1. Ana Karina .2

        Fighting!! ^^

    42. Ana Karina .2

      Same memories, our littles habits that are similar ... Oh when you call my name └(^•^)」

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah~~ Hora de dormir Ana!! :P

      2. Ana Karina .2

        @Ahgaseloves GOT7 oh yes I know :D... She knows that I will fall asleep in any moment.. I'm not a master pro Ahga-zombie like her xD

      3. Roh vru

        Fighting ^_^

      4. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        @Ana Karina .2 Ana don't forget she is reading you ;)

      5. Ana Karina .2

        @Ahgaseloves GOT7hahaha i'm taking the opportunity to stay late xD

    43. Grace Cleverisa

      Good Morning Ahgafam ^^

      1. KS. pulpo :’

        Good morning grace ^o^

      2. Pornpana Umpaivit

        Good Morning Grace! Have a Happy Day & Night! ^_^

      3. Roh vru

        Morning ^^

      4. Ana Karina .2

        @Grace Cleverisa thank you Grace ^^ You too stay healthy ^^ Good luck with ur classes!

      5. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        @Grace Cleverisa great .. fighting ^^

    44. shae shae


    45. letsirk Tuan

      Seven four eight-80

      1. letsirk Tuan

        @Roh vru thanks guys...

      2. Roh vru

        Fighting ^^

      3. Ana Karina .2

        With you

    46. Ahgase Once

      spin spin lets keep spinning

    47. Ana Karina .2

      Seven four five,943 We don't stop yeah , never stop yeah

      1. Ana Karina .2

        @letsirk Tuan oh yeah yeah yeah

      2. letsirk Tuan

        @Ana Karina .2 yes we will never stop :)

      3. Ana Karina .2

        @Ahgaseloves GOT7 yeah? I haven't been there :'( ... I have been listening to JJProject songs... I will go to say hi to her ^^

      4. Ahgaseloves GOT7

        @Ana Karina .2 Shan come here ? She was in hold

      5. Ana Karina .2

        @Ahgaseloves GOT7 hey , Miso! ^^

    48. 26 crash

      They don't show off too much like BTS, neither they have head weight

      1. 26 crash

        @fluffywoo I just replied it to someone, can you pls checkout 😄

      2. 26 crash

        @lets get it it mean to act like a no one is better that them

      3. fluffywoo

        I’m dumb so can you explain what head weight is?

      4. lets get it

        What is head weight?

      5. letsirk Tuan

        I actually agree with you... :)

    49. Ahgaselove G7


    50. riszy muay

      100M!!! Go!!! ♡

    51. 811_sunshine

      Team XieXie and TeamIceChoco in the house ! Spinning with you guys day and night! Green hearts !!

    52. Pornpana Umpaivit

      Don't forget to stop by to give love to NBTM & AURA from DINGO too Ahgafam!! Thank You! ^_^

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @Roh vru Fighting! ^_^

      2. Roh vru


      3. Ana Karina .2

        @Pornpana Umpaivit Fighting ^^

      4. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @Ahgaselove G7 Fighting! >_^

      5. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @Ana Karina .2 Muchas Gracias Amiga! >_^

    53. Ana Karina 1.5

      Seven four three,943 The promise of eternity ...

      1. Ahgaselove G7

        Are still within me ~~

    54. got7 ahgase

      Current goal : 85M Next goal : 90M Attendance check: Like if you're here

    55. conny

      ahgases keep spinning!

      1. Ana Karina 1.5

        Fighting! ^^

    56. letsirk Tuan

      Seven four three-80

      1. letsirk Tuan

        @Ana Karina 1.5 :)

      2. Ana Karina 1.5


    57. Sierra I

      This song is a masterpiece.

      1. Ana Karina 1.5

        Oh yeah yeah yeah :D

    58. Jesica Duran

      I'am not tired of GOT7

    59. cris pea

      STILL MY JAM!!!!

    60. Aghase Fighting Maha

      Morning Got7 & igot7

      1. Ana Karina 1.5

        Morning Maha ^^

    61. Aghase Fighting Maha

      seven four three

    62. letsirk Tuan

      Seven forty one-80

    63. Lajah Murray

      This was my #1 kpop song of 2019 and I'm still not over it. I love it so much!!! 😍😍😍

    64. Ahgaselove G7

      741,080 .. keep spinning

      1. Ana Karina 1.5

        With you! ^^

    65. Ririsible 0296

      This comment is for Jinyoung, my bias, I am sorry for being wrecked by Got6. You still cute though.

      1. Jasmine Sarah

        This is what every Ahgase mind says I suppose!!! Haha!!

    66. GOT7 MTBB_9397


    67. Elaizha Carias

      NBTM -> YCMN -> Girls Girls Girls Ahgases, you know what to do!! *green hearts*

    68. Danisse Lorine Salsona

      Road to 100 M

    69. • raven •

      when you really love "not by the moon" but cannot get over this piece of art........

      1. Ahgaselove G7

        Same girl same :)

    70. Ahgaselove G7

      The moment you call my name ...I finally found meaning ~~~ oh yeah yeah yeah

      1. Ana Karina 1.5

        Oh yeah yeah yeah

      2. Unknown Lia

        Ahgaselove G7 Going to sleep after this spin :)

      3. Ahgaselove G7

        @Unknown Lia and I thought you went to sleep

      4. Unknown Lia

        Please come back , please give me one more chance

    71. letsirk Tuan

      Seven three seven-80

      1. letsirk Tuan

        @Ana Karina 1.5 hello ana.. fighting friend!! :)

      2. letsirk Tuan

        @Unknown Lia oh yeah yeah yeah :)

      3. Ana Karina 1.5

        Hi Kristel ^^

      4. Unknown Lia

        With you

    72. سولدار

      على كثر ماكنت كيبوبيه ماقد شفت فرقة مثاليه وفاندوم مثالي مثل قوتسفن والاقاسي عكس باقي الفاندومات شكلي بصير ااقاسي وبقوه عشان قررت ادعم قوتسفن

      1. bambam skrt skrt into my heart

        يا عمري خجلتييينا..... اذا بدك تتعرفي عليهم و تحتاجي مساعدة فيكي تساليني

    73. Unknown Lia

      My last spin here . need to spin at mubeat Good night all See u tmr

      1. letsirk Tuan

        Good night lia :)

      2. Ana Karina 1.5

        @Unknown Lia I always have luck in Mubeat .. always 5sec or almost always .. I suffer with idol champ T.T

      3. Joo Marlia

        @Unknown Lia please stay safe

      4. Unknown Lia

        @Joo Marlia thanks so much Have a great day

      5. Unknown Lia

        @Ana Karina .2 good luck with that I had all 30 sec ads

    74. Ahgaselove G7

      735,639...Anneyongaseo Ahgase ! Fighting

      1. Unknown Lia

        With you

      2. Ana Karina 1.5

        Hello Annyeonghaseyo!!! * Insert Jackson's voice *

    75. iGOT SEVEN

      20m more for 100m!!! we can do this! fighting ahgases!!!!!

      1. Unknown Lia

        Keep fighting with you

    76. Janisha Dima

      20million left to reach 100million

      1. Unknown Lia

        Keep spinning with you everyday

    77. Di Wang

      want to see the concert of GOT7

    78. Di Wang

      I like the minimal things in this music video

    79. Di Wang

      sooooooo sexy