Gordon Struggles To Eat A GIANT Sandwich | Kitchen Nightmares

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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. The Hound

      I swear I've seen one of his burgers on worth it... You can't fit that in your mouth either... Gordon is full of shit

    2. J Shepard

      1:44 No way!

    3. Talal Mirza

      I'm not evil spirited or anything.. BUT i would love an owner or head chef to be named Karen so Gordan Ramsey can scream at her. Do it for the memes 😂

    4. Mr BUbBleS

      He’s such a drama queen

    5. Justin.X

      It's boomer

    6. Kamil Wilczak

      At 0:38. Gordan ramsy has become a viliger making her noise

    7. H3nkkap

      That sandwich was *bummer*

    8. Geozrobo

      Me :mmm looks nice Gordon: " this is revolting" Me: yea omg that looks horrible

    9. Razbionic

      I know what else is to big cookie dough

    10. Akuma Chrisenth

      Me, watching this show while eating reheated spaghetti from a week ago: The steak is undercooked and that flan is terrible.

    11. Leon Henning

      Why is there a pirate in the kitchen?

    12. Yonathan Aaron

      what is the full episode called

    13. Birdy

      I was expecting another "finally... Some good f*cking food"

    14. Jesus Of Nazareth The Only True Living God

      Disgusting, and the workers are making the food without gloves. Yuck, germs germs germs.

    15. kirbysup channel

      0:20 Ok bomer

    16. Jose Garza

      Who TF they feeding, Scooby fuckin Doo?

    17. humza raza

      This guys so dramatic just eaat the sandwich

    18. appledroplarry

      Why take the sandwich apart? The flavors should compliment each other. Gordon is full of shit on this one.

    19. Voltspear

      Big bay fucking shit, my fucking bomb bay doors have opened

    20. nyxzus

      "If you serve good food the people will come"..... ....."Well, we continue to serve good food, but the people don't come". *HMMMMMNNNN*

    21. M4RK_D0NUHT

      Ok BOOMER its baulmer

    22. Foamlab USA

      I struggle to look at her giant hair

    23. axell ramirez

      00:37 ok, boomer

    24. Awesomeness

      Ok Boomer!

    25. TheSimba86

      "served wiff" LOL

    26. MrDanielII

      "This is perfect", just like the trump phone call. Make him eat all of it like he was at the dinner table at home when he was five years old.

    27. MrDanielII

      That's a stupid restaurant for ya. Most restaurants give you too big of portions so you either stuff your self or commonly ask for a box later. It costs more than buying the same food at the store plus you pay tax and a gratuity afterword. Better off to eat at home!

    28. Alphasun

      *sits in same restaurant* Mmm this is realllly good Gorden: THIS IS DISGUSTING Me: *spits out food* DISGUSTING

    29. Carl Mickey Angelo Alamban

      Love how the description is just a frown. It's hilarious.

    30. Daniel Carville

      I'm surprised she didn't 86 it

    31. Seth Skinn

      ok baulmer

    32. morgan yamaso

      sick of seeing this fucking btitish twat deconstruct every fucking thing then pick at it like some anorexic person

    33. Reggie Williams

      Hey ant just called to called the new bring

    34. Ian Rey Tarded

      the *menu* is like the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records

    35. akpinar okkes

      He did like the Crabs tho

    36. SlighT-in-tha-MinD

      Ok boomer

    37. Snapdragon DC

      Whos here after The WORLD CLASS ad

    38. sue

      you should try red lakes casino food, it's next level omg

    39. Warren

      It cracks me up to see Chef Ramsay learning to pronounce *HON*

    40. XDaRkModzX

      I would’ve just ate it sideways 😂

    41. SuperSuper Driver

      This is an idiot sandwich

    42. Rump Wrangler

      Well suck me sideways and call me susan, he actually likes something!!

    43. Mister Random

      We had a situation like this before

    44. NickEvershedMusic

      ‘Serve good food and the people will cum’

    45. Ahmed Mahmood

      He is dead wrong "that is one tender and juicy piece of elk."

    46. Random cat With 0 subscribers

      Does anybody also thinks kitchen nightmares is addictive ??

    47. D J

      Take a big bite Gordon , English pussy can’t eat a sandwich ?

    48. That Guy

      I am so hungry rn

    49. Tabbai Nourdine

      sadly they didn't have THE LAMB SAUCE

    50. TWD TWD


    51. Aayush Chimankar

      86 lady Me: ah shit! here we go again

    52. Tom

      i take a big shit in my favourite hat once a year just to signify that money does not equal happyness

    53. mj224223

      I was hoping he was at least going to tell them he liked the crab 🤣

    54. Throden Day

      A “half-way” like by Ramsey is still an A. Lol that’s hard to pull off

    55. Julian Martinez

      what a vagine, idve taken that ho down real quicc also steady chasin each bite w that spear piccol smd fags

    56. Rigel

      Yeah I'll only start pronouncing it "ball-mer" when Americans learn to spell colour correctly 😂

    57. PSan

      Is "Bawlmer" Ramsey : "Walmart"

    58. TheLady521

      Lady, if it were 'perfect', Gordon wouldn't be there. Stop kidding yourself please. Unbelievable. I'm going to request help. I don't NEED any help, but I'm going to ask for it.😑

    59. pfpublius

      The biggest lesson to be learned from Gordon's shows is that people who think they know everything typically fail precisely because they don't.

    60. eddiestobart007

      It looks good until he deconstructs it