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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. Ayen Arok

      Thank You, SeatGeek!

    2. Pizzais bae

      So fucking happy that Lena won and damn y’all really had us all up in our mf feels

    3. Shay Gissell


    4. Nashmia Chughtai

      awwww lena deserved it!!! im crying through the screen right now

    5. SweetLike Ari

      6:40-6:44 jc’s voice it’s so cute i love when he does that

    6. Bananas are Disgusting

      Favorite part is watching Jc shout kian out and him crying

    7. Reanna Martinez

      Get daisy Marquez in Szn 3 ! 😋

    8. Melissa Alicea

      If Taylor cries one more time is2g🙄

    9. lins sav

      i’m so proud of lena

    10. Brandon Lee

      Season three let’s get it, but make sure the challenges are fair, their already entertaining

    11. Brandon Lee

      Good job Lena but she looking like a whole pumpkin

    12. Daniella Volpe

      So why didn’t they just glue one of the pieces into each of the puzzles with 8 pieces to make it totally equal???

    13. 562debkat

      I feel exactly as Dom explained at the end about season 1 vs 2. This season was like a true reality show. I'm so glad Lena won. Taylor was good but so exhausting. She was way too much and it wasn't entertaining as a viewer. Spend that money wisely Lena. You did great!

    14. Holly Gavarra

      i reckon next season invite the eliminated cast back for the finale/announcement of who wins

    15. gokceee semizzz

      Taylor might be annoying and all but she never gave up even tho a lot of ppl wanted her out and kept voting for her, I hope she wins

      1. gokceee semizzz

        Nvm lol she lost

    16. shannon huang

      does anyone know the song playing when they announce the winners

    17. Itsduhmita

      I LOST it when kian started crying after JC shouted him out😭 nothing can ever break up their friendship

    18. Jose Garrido

      Tbh i see this going somewhere. This was dope

    19. Cassandra Orloski

      when’s MTV (or Netflix, etc) gonna give y’all a Tv series already

    20. bananananaO9

      I cant wait for season 3 😭😭😭

    21. bananananaO9

      Lena is a real one I wish I could be her friend irl not because shes rich but because shes a boss

    22. bananananaO9

      Fucking lena 🤣 starts counting all the dough shes giving is so cute lol

    23. Abby Romo

      Wow i just discovered this show this morning and saw the ENTIRE thing in one day!! Keep more seasons coming ❤ you guys did amazing!! Well executed 🙌 you guys are amazing

    24. Bianca Lanham


    25. Angely Aparicio

      i came to the comments half way into the video and someone made a comment saying who won. I hate this place

    26. Tristan Sheffield

      WHEN I TELL YOU I SCREAMED WHEN LENA WON. I hated Taylor the entire time but I’m proud she wasn’t a bitch in the end.

    27. Vix Tha Homegirl

      Who is the season 3 special guest ?

    28. Kassie

      i literally cried like a baby when jc called kian his partner in crime. i grew up watching these guys and just to see them accomplish and do such amazing things with their career makes me so happy and incredibly proud. i am so so so so proud of you guys 🥺🥺🥺

    29. Lia Yzabel


    30. Beth Ann

      You can tell how tired that Kian and Jc were because of how much they cry at the end 🤣

    31. Beth Ann

      Imagine... Harrison would’ve won lol

    32. Halah Belrcadi

      are you freaking kidding me?! the crying, the sharing wow just beautiful!!!!

    33. Beth Ann

      Taylor sucks but she had a good attitude about losing.

    34. Shelby Trevino

      Such a good series !!! Can’t wait for season 3! Reminds me of the challenge on MTV

    35. Shelby Trevino

      When Taylor cries 😭😭😭😭😭

    36. Destiny Wayne

      You know what? If Harrison couldnt win...Im glad Lena did. As long as Taylor didnt win I was fine

    37. Karina Vilhena

      Does anyone know the name of the song they play when they announce the winner??

    38. Eyelessend

      I’m new here but y the fck is the Taylor chick carrying that shit everywhere? 😂

    39. Valentina Becerra

      when kian and jc hugged at the end i literally started bawling my eyes out 🥺😭

    40. Jade Moore

      Ughhhhhhh I wanted Taylor to win she deserves it the most

    41. Erick Paul Sosa Daza

      Ok. I have to say this I did not like Lena at all during the show, but at the end I kind of like her for giving part of her money.

    42. Bernardo Portas

      Antonio Garza for S 3

    43. Brycburr

      So proud of manny for showing his true self in this series

    44. hannah lol

      dolan twins for season 3!!!!!!

    45. Itzmadisonn

      Omg they should do reality house beauty guru addition With only beauty gurus 🤨

    46. Hannah Swarbrick

      I don’t know why I couldn’t stand taylor

    47. B L ¡ S S

      Yo ive cried like 3 times watching this video

    48. Sheila Vo

      Yo I did not like Taylor but I low key thought she was gonna win 🥴

    49. Italia Roma

      Y'ALL MADE ME CRY!!😭😭😍❤😘😘 I love you guys lol keep up the great work & congrats on your success!🙌 Can't wait to see what other kind of amazing, dorky and wildly strange things you bring to the table.💃😊🙏👏👏👏💐💐🎉🎉🎉☝

    50. Misslill15


    51. Carly Kogut

      they should bring a couple fans into the house for season 3

    52. Ri Ta

      28:46 Kian ans JC I'm so proud of you, you did it, guys! I cried with you. You stepped up USsel game without USsel help just using your talent and amazing personalities!!! I watched this series twice and I could watch it again. So excited for season 3 and 4 and 5 and I don't know where it takes you, but I wish you all the best. You deserve it and you're fucking amazing!!!!

    53. KissMyCreative

      Season 2 was SO much better than season 1! Such a drastic change in so many ways which shows how much you guys care about making this a big thing and listening to your audience. Great job, guys! Can't wait for season 3! One of the best creator-made shows I've watched!

    54. takara starks

      So dramatic lol

    55. amber van der garde

      seeing taylor cry made me so emotional🥺❤️

    56. xLindsx

      Idea::::::Sason#3:::::::: Pin USsel Communities against each other! Communities, meaning: Vloggers, Gamers, ASMR content Creators, Mukbangers, Beauty Gurus, Drama Channels/Podcasters (they would [WILL] Bring the CONTENT),” React” channels, Comedy Creators (as in the “talented Lele pons), etc.... Everyone reading comments, please give a girl a LIKE !!! I’m confident in this idea & feel free to add any thoughts on it in the replies :) Kian & JC - This vast variety of USselrs WILL attract & bring a larger/more diverse audience to the series, meaning MORE growth for you & your channels! I have a vibe that if you guys see this, you’ll agree the idea is good, and more importantly, advanced you closer to where you want to be/ how you want to be seen. (There is a stipulation) - Using this means hiring me on the team as a producer.... I was previously a producer (have worked in every area of production and media , including PR)... You guys are getter better and now have the $$ backing. Not to mention talent (however I only know of you through these series). You clearly need more seasoned professionals to do what we gotta do so you can focus on hosting , we will make sure no mistakes happen & you guys just make sure to entertain. You guys have done great so far, but with more outside experience & finessing this third season will get you closer....if not to the level you want & we will be using season 3 as your pilot for other platforms ( Netflix anyone ?) Common boys, let’s do this!!! It’s what’s up 😉 Please comment and I can give info 🤞 Good luck either way!

    57. T C

      Ok what’s with the stuffed animal

    58. OMG Marc

      What sing is playing when they reveal the winner? Around 21:35

    59. Luie Smith

      Yeeeeesssss I didn't want Taylor to wins she's fucken annoying as shit

    60. Aimee Landry

      Although it would be very cool for you guys to actually make this into a real tv series, I do really like the relaxed USsel style and I don’t want that to be taken away... USsel is just so personal