Everything Wrong With The Shining in Murderous Minutes or More



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    The Shining rules. But since the sequel is coming soon we did our duty and went looking for sins. Found some. I bet you're surprised.
    Thursday: Holiday sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Besties Playz

      Don’t you dare ruin it

    2. Justin Burrows

      Anybody else see Leonardo DiCaprio in Jack Nicholson

    3. mr. game and watch

      So, I have prepared my will and I am ready to stand by my opinion. I prefer the shining in its book form compared to its movie form. I do enjoy both an awful lot, though.

    4. Roland Brouwer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="691">11:31</a> 😂

    5. Gene Quist

      I think the thing with Dick and using the phone instead of communicating telepathically is that different people have different shining abilities and levels of sensitivity. Canonically Danny is many times more sensitive to the shine. It's possible that Dick is able to pick up the signal, but unable to transmit over that distance. Like a powerful radar, it can pick up a strong transmission but not necessarily send one back. Plus Danny was pretty much hysterical so even if Dick could transmit that far, it might be a better bet to try and get a hold of his parents as they can communicate in an adult way.

    6. Mymanslippy

      This is my first impression of the movie and I still think it’s great

    7. André Verdi Caldeira

      why didn't HAL say "I'm sorry Jeremy. I'm afraid I can't do that.

    8. Abbey Weersing

      To all the people who say "I love horror films they don't scare me at all" you clearly don't "love" them as you think you do. The whole point of horror is to give you an immense feeling of tension and an incredible feeling of relief when the movie is over (for the most part). If you do not feel the tension, you do not feel the relief therefore the whole point of the genre is pointlesss.

    9. Blake Sutton

      really stretching with this one

    10. Bauhaus Weimar

      I think it is impossible to say, in this case, if the scenes are really sinns or deliberately - just in this case 😎

    11. Bowsette Koopa

      The bar bathroom looks like it could be in Target.

    12. icess overstreet

      Shelly Duvall was actually ruined by this movie, she went insane. It's always so sad to think about when the movie was so brilliant.

    13. Depressed Darek

      Everyone says "Heres Johnny" But no one asks "Hows Johnny" :(

    14. Kyle W.

      The movie was good, but I agree with Stephen King. The movie focuses too much on Jack going insane, rather than Danny and the Shining.

    15. Carson Wheat

      Are we going to ignore that wendy cuts Jack's hand and that causes him to limp?

    16. Owen Wigg

      The furry scene really creeped me out for some reason. idk why though

    17. Tony

      When Halloran shows Wendy and Danny the freezer, the background hallway changes while they're standing in the freezer doorway. GO CHECK IT OUT!

    18. Connor Carruthers

      I despise this movie soooooooooooooo much!!! I absolutely looooovvvvvveee the book!!! Kubrick fu€ked this movie up sooooooooo much! Kubrick fu€ked up all the characters in this, and removed all of the genuinely scary moments in the novel, and replaced them with your generic jumpscares. I can’t even put it into words how much I despise this movie!

    19. Bulldog Empire

      Nothing is wrong with the shining

    20. SulaHopey

      Could've also [un]-sinned Kubrick for the Guiness Book Record for most number of re-takes of that iconic stair scene. I mean congrats, but it also led to a nervous breakdown for actress Duvall... Her hair fell out & everything! That's also why that scene is so emotionally powerful, Duvall really WAS at her wits end!

    21. Disappointment Department

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="349">5:49</a> I think that's the point. The film is supposed to convey the fact that they lose the sense of time and reality.

    22. UnBread Kibbles

      forgot to sin the helicopter shadow at the beggining

    23. Tabeen Tariq

      Who was lighting up all the candles in the movie?

    24. Onyxx300

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="949">15:49</a> UwU spooky

    25. Samuel Harris

      Not even a Kubrick can survive

    26. Peculiar Pineapple


    27. Gurdim Eikenskjaldi

      woah, whether one takes the video seriously or more ironically, a lot of the alleged "sins" make no sense :D

    28. Jack Garrison

      Jack Nicholson actually Made up The Line Here's Johnny

    29. Jack Garrison

      R.I.P Scat Man Cruvers

    30. Jack Garrison

      R.I.P Stanley Kubrick

    31. Jack Garrison

      In real Life Stanley Kubrick Terrified Shelley Devale in this Movie

    32. littlelord

      And what t f is a movie with nothing wrong in it?????

    33. Jessica Evans

      Starting with -5 sins? No logo sin? Get busy Jeremy! You've got an abstract quota to meet!

    34. Dat Boi

      I cannot be the only one who finds this guys voice annoying

    35. Bandito Dorito

      I hate you the shinning is amazing

    36. Lonely Carl

      ahw after 2 minutes I understand this is a comedy channel haha ... only Stadler makes you concurrent !

    37. Big Boi

      No you got it wrong this movie has 0 sins

    38. Sss

      Does anyone else think that this movie was way ahead of its time? It doesn't even feel like an 80's movie

    39. strangebrew420

      The floor pattern changes because the hotel is alive

    40. Danny 666

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> have you met hanibel lector’s physiatrist

    41. Ivy Magaña

      I was today years old when I realized the ghost girls aren't twins

    42. zarasbazaar

      The hotel affected Grady and Jack because they also had the shining.

    43. Potato Chimps

      "Entirely too much Kool-Aid for people who are not in a cult." Brilliant.

    44. Phat Cat

      am I wrong to assume that had Dick called Danny "Doc", like is asked by cinemasins, there would be a sin for him guessing the right nickname in a scene of nicknames?

    45. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

      3 canisters of kook aid is a bit much I will agree

    46. Cheryl DeFatta

      Okay, dude, you talk way tooooo fast for anyone to understand. Slow the hell down, videos would be much better and your humor might work.

    47. devmentor live

      They don't ever go into it in the movie (probably cut scenes) but the "research" book at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="388">6:28</a> was a scrapbook put together by Grady.

    48. William Don

      I’ve seen a lot of these and he references “ex-machina” quite often. Can someone explain it please and thank you. ??????

    49. Nature and Physics

      These are all deliberate 'errors' in the film to elicit exactly this presenter's reaction.

    50. Hannah Tobin

      the book and the mini series does such a better job showing how jack slowly slips into insanity, the movie just makes him so over the top from the very beginning

    51. Lau Ra

      This is the first time I watch this movie without getting scared. By the way, some parts I couldn´t watch, so I watched now, here. he he

    52. Ava van

      I just realized that the cabin fever aspect of the shining is incredible relevant for 2020!

    53. Samuel Black

      Could Jack have stolen the money from Wendy?

    54. JeroenK

      i grew up in the 80s and we didnt have rear seatbelts, so thats not a sin :p

    55. Practical

      The scary part is that I live in Colorado, and I've been to the REAL Stanley hotel before. It was a good stay lol.

      1. Abbey Weersing

        i have too but i didn't stay, just had an afternoon there

    56. Amy Chapman

      Honey..... I'm home.

    57. S. R.

      Still a classic! Ding!

    58. Braden Hogan

      Kubrick refused to fly by that point in his life. He was not present for the helicopter shots

    59. Renegade Master

      You don't understand drink mix dude. Kool-Aid doesn't last. I only know because of Summer camp. Also, actual grocery shopping.

    60. Daniel Hernandez

      Wendy is from fort worth. Might explain the southern twang he refers to lol

    61. Yanis Kaps

      I Love How This is One of These Movies, that Even Cinemasins Doesn't Like to Sin!

    62. Tyson Goldsmith

      It’s a good movie leave it alone

    63. Jenny Lewis

      It's only a film ie entertainment. TWAT get a Life!

    64. YOUR GOD

      How hard is it to get into the kool-aid cult? Asking for a friend

    65. King of Reviews

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="415">6:55</a> that's the point! Grady and Torrance are reincarnations of previous winter caretakers that went mad and slaughtered their families, considering the Jack looking guy in the ending picture.

    66. King of Reviews

      Before watching the video, I'm 110% sure that he will sin the black guy who says "The Shining". Edit: told u

    67. Jacey King

      I'm more of a Comedy or Action/Thriller type gal. My dad was obsessed with horror movies and always had one playing on the tv when I was growing up, but, well, they scared me. I didn't like things that terrified me or gave me nightmares. And I still don't. My little brother is always trying to get me to watch hack-and-slash movies with him, and I just can't stand them. But for some reason (maybe it was from seeing "Here's Johnny!" parodied so much) I started having a desire to see the Shining, so I finally watched it. And now it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the setup, the story, the cinematography (I mean, that shot of Jack looking over the maze and Danny and Wendy running through it? Done on film without digital tools? Crazy!), the acting, the music. It does such a good job of building up the terror in isolation, with no way out, until finally crap hits the fan. It may be different from the book, and Nicholson's Jack may be a bit crazy from the get-go, but I still think the haunting presence is so chilling, and so much better from having constant screaming, jump-scares, weird demonic things, just the generic stuff you find in other horror films. On a side note, there are two other horror films that I DO like, the first Scream (I think I mainly liked that one because I found it funny in parts), and The Thing, which also has the scary, cold, isolation thing going for it. Only it's an alien taking over people's bodies instead of ghosts. And some pretty neat practical effects.

    68. Unboxingwithpikachu

      The real maze is really small in real life because I went there

    69. TheBMan

      I love jacks acting in this movie and they missed his best bat line....”.words of wisdom loyd ...(jiggles eyebrow) wooooorda ic wiisdom!”

      1. TheBMan

        His best bar line not bat*

    70. Thera Catal

      They’re not twins. Look it up.

    71. Stephanie Logan

      Yep, rewatching.. and I still choose to overlook the sins of the Overlook. Thank you, ladies & germs. Don't forget to tip your server.. by slapping them on the ass after they've brought your _6th_ drinky-drinky and calling them *"dollface"* yeah, we chicks _love_ being "put in our place". Go ahead, fellas.. try it, you'll like it. And see how long it takes until you find that very hand stuffed up your ass.

    72. Paula G Whyte

      No, you can't sin The Shining! That was a stretch! There were so many things that were put in and taken out in the background to keep the audience off balance on a sub conscience level, moving carpet patterns and furniture, light fixtures and locks. It's brilliant.

    73. McKenzie Baker

      Take this whole video back.... TAKE IT BACK RIGHT NOW

    74. M B

      This made me laugh! But there are endless inconsistencies in this movie on purpose to disorientate, unease and creep out the viewer and it sure works! And Kubrick was so relentlessly deliberate with the details in this movie that I bet he wanted those helicopter blades..

    75. Sofie Pallisgaard

      Funny of you to assume there is something wrong with The Shining

    76. |\|1rV3x5u5

      Is this a different video? I feel like CinemaSins uploaded this before

    77. Abigail Grace Johnson

      him: lets remove 5 sins before it even starts also him: adds 5 sins within the first munute

    78. Ethan Wolfe

      I'll forgive the here's johnny sin since he took one away for his acting in this movie. Nicholson killed it in this movie

    79. DDOOM

      You can’t sin the overlook hotel headmaze because there’s no real hotel

    80. Sasha Lintner

      Fun fact, my uncle was one of the 4 finalists in the audition to play Danny.

      1. Ethereal Matter

        I met Danny and the Twins at a horror convention. The bartender gave me a mulligan. I ordered a beer turned around and the twins were standing there! I dropped my beer, looked all sad for a second, and the bartender gave me another beer for free. He said, "It happens"! That's cool about your uncle though