Ed: "I Do Not Believe in Love" | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days



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    Can Ed and Rose's relationship survive broken trust?
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    1. The Cloud

      This guy probably is or was suicidal at some point. But the even sadder thing is that even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to hang himself.

    2. Mr Palmer

      Shes crazy asf, u can se her true face when she gets mad.

    3. Bethany Smith

      Where’s he at ?

    4. Angelica Magtibay

      Damn girl just leave him you dont deserve to be with that guy he’s creepy

    5. sum wer

      The comment section 🤣 this is show is comedy gold

    6. sum wer

      Putang ina nasan yung leeg nya

    7. Wavyy babyy

      Dude when he said “I do not believe in love” and his voice cracked 😭 awwww

    8. Grand Amour

      It was wrong of him to demand to know what happened to Prince's dad. It's none of his business. I get it. He doesn't want to be lied to. But he lied first and he needs to give her time. He can't just force everything out of her.

    9. huldr rrr

      Well this is depressing...

    10. Blaxican

      She would of left his ass later anyway 😂

    11. Jon Garrison

      i like how at @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a> there’s another guy doin the same thing😂

    12. jefeworx !

      She’s scary lol

    13. JonerysStan4life

      Wow self awareness is really everything

    14. maira martinez

      Wtf 🤣🤣🤣 they are so weird but no shaming or bullying here ❤️

    15. Aleksandrija Zaharova

      Where I can watch full episodes???

    16. K Andrew

      If looks could kill ....

    17. nataliii bongiii

      he looks like a toe

    18. Halie Zap

      Even if Im broke to death Im not gonna marry this neckless man lol

    19. Fuck u

      She’s sooooo young I-

    20. JISUSHIKA 3000

      He has issues and dumping them onto her. He should be kissing her feet, he knows what he looks like and his insecurity are reflecting. If he doesn't believe in love and is worry if she with him for money then why not quit ? stop wasting each others time. Sometimes is not worth fighting for something is obviously never gonna work.

    21. Jay Jay

      Hala ante paningkamot ug English hahaa

    22. Lovey Dovey

      The looks she gives him😭

    23. JOOR

      I'm from Philippines, avoid that kind of girl

    24. Kokane Khan

      I thought she would just say: NECKST.

    25. Anna Liisa Paalits

      A pug

    26. Elisa Sierra

      What season is this?

    27. Jean Junio

      Eds if you dont like rose just go away and find another girl that suit to you.....omg eds you are like a child oh my goodness.....so difficult to handle.

    28. Al Pulley

      This wont work, I dont think she is into neckrofilia.

    29. Apple Pie

      The way she looked at him while he was talking to her was killer.

    30. phooj ywg hlub

      Shes just upset because he's been using head n shoulders.

    31. Ben Simmons

      Can't believe how so many people think she's nice! She's fuckin awful

    32. P W

      Damn, if looks could kill...

    33. Story time With ally

      Y’all let me tell you when he was walking away I lost it he shaped like humpy dumpty💀💀💀

    34. wemdot o

      He reminds me of the thumb thumbs in spy kids 😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Brianna Zarce

      Stop forcing her to discuss about her past.u better to go back in ur country

    36. LamhaTheExplorer

      She didn't even want to stay at the same hotel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. Froilan Berino

      No neck ED is nothing but a douchebag.

    38. marme joseph

      I don’t trust Philippines woman Sorry ni know them well

    39. Uzi C

      Rose is prolly saying: Thank you but neckts

    40. Lord Princess

      He actually does try thought I appreciate the fact that he tries to be a gentleman but he’s just so clueless and overbearing

    41. Aaron W

      Can we talk about the fact this man has no neck

    42. powder puff

      Even if he had a neck....he'd still be hacket.

    43. angel conner

      Why he look like Lord Farquaad 🤣

    44. Nina Kern

      he actually has an attractive face but his physique just kinda doesn’t fit and his personality is annoying

    45. Nelo Wolf

      I keep seeing neck joke like isn't even cringe at best. Better memes have better punchlines than that.

    46. Sean Santamaria

      Danny Dorito

    47. bingbongboop

      Finds a beautiful woman - attacks her about her ex due to his own insecurities. Necks time shell pick a nicer dude, hopefully.

    48. DaniPlaysOnEasy -

      He realized he was making a mistake and he tried to fix it. I thought that was very appropriate. This guy gets more hate than he should. Hes inexperienced, self conscious, and a bad communicator. Hes not a bad guy.

    49. Shanoriya Robinson

      Lmfaoooo I thought she was going to slap the shit out of him

    50. Relyn Landagan

      i understand her . she's saying that the father of her son has a wife & a baby thats why they don't talk anymore . you shouldn't force a girl to explain what happened in the past because you don't know what she's been through .

    51. DOVAH NICK 111

      He knows he got her in trap

    52. Lillian Spehek

      sheesh when she started speaking tagalog i felt like it was my family yellin at me

    53. Tio Puerco

      dude needs to head up to Angeles City

    54. kawthar rizki

      how tall is he?

    55. Erik Ruiz Felix

      She has heart and he doesn’t even have a neck

    56. M Peter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> wow, the expression on that face! 😝

    57. Abby Rose

      Holy shit she can be terrifying but so pretty at the same time

    58. Iron Horse

      How do u choke him ??

    59. Gizelle Mattingly

      What does her past even matter?

      1. Harold BeaumontFinns

        She's shady af regardless of that

    60. sara Gutierrez

      Maybe if he didn't treat her like a hooker he wants to marry he would have a chance for her to like him.

    61. Gold mouth Sluggzzz

      Both can’t be trusted he lied about hight she lied to her 2boyfriends

    62. Sarah Martinez

      Idk but people talk shit about him ... but u know she’s using him too !!!....after she gets that green card she’s out

    63. G4RN1SH

      Another Asian girl with another no neck penguin. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    64. Jaylee & Naj

      So what happened she moved on to the necks?😭😭😭

    65. Beans And Greens

      He’s a mess

    66. Bella Morrison

      Where is his neck

    67. just kidding

      ay inatay pinoy man diay ni HAHAHAHAHA YAWAAA

    68. Виктория Платнер

      Is she drunk???? 🤦🏽‍♀️It seems like he annoys her and she tolerates him just because of money 🤦🏽‍♀️

    69. Tony Ramirez

      Scammmm lol

    70. Marcus Sanchez

      Looking like the grudge

    71. Patricia McKenzie

      Ed reminds me of Humpty Dumpty.

    72. Palalubong

      Go home Ed! Save your money, your pride and your safety. She hates you I can tell from the looks she gives you and the body chemistry around you. I made the same mistake 15 years ago and had twins with my wife. She subsequently left them when they were 4 years old. She went on and had 3 other kids with 3 different Filipino men. Most filipina woman are lovely, educated, loyal and Don’t rely on foreign men. I can see right through this girl. Get away fast as you can from this girl.

    73. Mike S

      Wow two super ugly people , lets hope they dont reproduce

    74. BlueperpGaming

      His head connected to his shoulders

    75. Jake Man

      He will say whatever he has to get her back to the hotel

    76. L Ol

      Sis sounds like a sim when she speaks English lol love rose

    77. SadEars A


    78. Simply EsvinPlayz

      This show is basically older men looking for younger women

      1. Harold BeaumontFinns

        your observations are insane my guy

    79. pure love

      Dude where did he got the guts to even mention this stuff. She should be ashamed of himself wtf

    80. Tawan hoebink

      Poor Ed he deserves better