Eat It or Yeet It #10 - DATE NIGHT!

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    It’s date night at the Eat It or Yeet It table, and Garrett’s whipped up some extra special treats for our favorite couples this Valentine’s Day!
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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. Olivia Sui


      1. Salty Studios

        do you only have 1 fit?

      2. jamierose11

        and so is the flu

      3. Bros Does

        So is a virus

      4. Waylon Tharpe

        what the frick

      5. Dana Zahabi

        That’s what Courtney said

    2. place holder

      Y'all forgot the best couple, shayne and damien!

    3. Ian Kuhl

      lov claudio

    4. cindiring awsome

      you should do a vid with dope or nope

    5. Itz Fate Hyper

      "It Smells Like Poop" Olivia: Its Good

    6. Red Panda Peep

      Garrett throughout the entire eat it or yeet it series: DONT BE SHY PUT SOME MORE!!!!!!!

    7. Emma Mac

      All asin girls brought their white BFs

      1. Emma Mac


    8. MyNameits You

      Why you copy lazarbeam

    9. Hana Hoffman

      Mari’s husband looks exactly like the Flash. (Grant Gustin)

    10. Sarah ZEVANS

      Courtney needs to stop making me question my sexuality.

    11. Bashir Ahamed

      I just want to see the day when Shayne and Courtney will also be with them

    12. Coty Carver

      It would be cool to see an All Twinkie episode. Think of all the things Garret could hide in that.

    13. DryBones271

      I've got some pretty good ideas for the next 2, for March's episode since St. Patrick's day is in March you could make all the foods Green, and for April, you could do Egg dish's since its Easter.? Also the Smosh fam that should be featured are: Matt Raub Sohinki Wes Joven Flitz Boze if you can trick her into coming back Courtney of course Sunny if he's still around Joe Tommy then Gus cuz he was featured in the other stuff.

    14. Nikolai Ivanovitch

      We need Courtney freakin miller

    15. Lingiune

      Olivia always wearing the same tracksuit

    16. Carlos Melo

      Mari husband looks like earth 2 Barry Allen.

    17. Chris Harmon

      Sarah needs to put Garett on spelling bikini wax for feeding Claudio worms.

    18. deeb tibi

      13:50 it looks like poop yh it looks good

    19. Kieanna Simpson

      Cortney should eat something she is only a weiter tho 😂😢

    20. Caleb Scott

      The only way they could kick shayne off this show was to only let people who’ve experienced some sort of love on

    21. Zigzang84

      Next you guys should have a normal cake, but mixed for 2 hours (meaning it’ll be IMPOSSIBLE to cut through)

    22. Chris Makin

      THIS IS AWESOME! My girlfriend and I watch your videos together all the time, thank you for being so awesome guys! Episode idea: Could you guys do an episode of JUST twinkies with different fillings? PLEAAAAASSSEEEE make Shane part of this! 😂

    23. Christine Burchill

      They should have Matt Raub be on one of these

    24. Dallas Halcomb

      Do chowman and Chile pepper spice

    25. katie kat


    26. Kyizin Maung

      Peter looks like Grant Gustin

    27. Hussein Moussa

      11:58 thats what she said😏

    28. It’s the Dude

      Wait what happend to joven

    29. Joe Dunn

      God damnit garrat

    30. Sonny Fox

      do it where the do not see the dish

    31. Ghostlyman057

      He totally should've filled the lavacake with VEGEMITE

    32. Elmo Games

      Sam looks like the guy from the truth or dare movie

    33. Spencer Scoffings

      Jeff is in Goldbergs.

    34. Syed Rahman

      Bro Claudia is so cute😄😄😄😄😊

    35. Freya Rogers

      what has Courtney done to her hair..

    36. Hansini Kumar

      Mari's husband Peter looks so much like Grant Gustin

    37. Mitch Harris

      For st. paddies day it should be all booze derived. Inject rum or JD into a twinkie. Make a brain hemorrhage shot. Etc. The "big bite" can be a "bartenders revenge" (squeeze out the rag you've been cleaning up al the various spilled liquor with into a shot glass.)

    38. Mystic.Elephant

      Great idea. Play uno but use the blank write-on card and write “eat it or yeet it”. Normal uno rules so whoever gets the card on them has to eat or yeet.

    39. Ainsley Czajka

      Is that Geoff from the goldbergs

    40. Kya Lazz

      They should’ve had Shourtney 👀👀👀Lmao jk

    41. Poppy Fliss-Mayberry

      Did you know that Olivia's boyfriend was in a movie called Blumhouse's Truth or Dare?

    42. Jayson Sinclair

      Olivia oh f*** baby that's to big My brain: that's what she said

    43. Michel_14


    44. Xbox Gamer

      **If Gordon Ramsay Was In Eat It Or Yeet It:** Eat It Or Yeet It #11 - *LAMB SAUCE!*

    45. Daniel Carelli

      Uhm....... "power worms" are for fishing...... O-o

    46. Bilboswaggings19

      Its bad looking good food or good looking bad food way too often, make some bad looking and awful food too

    47. Blitzcrank

      Mari’s husband looks like Barry Allen

    48. Gavin Sager

      Um for once I do actually feel bad for garret😭😭😭

    49. OCGD

      HOT DOG WATER YELLO pls make it happen

    50. Lord Of Deception

      0:16 lol you didn't censor it

    51. LameGaming

      "Looks like poo" Mari: yeah this doesn't look bad Me: Ye poo is the best looking thing in the world

    52. JoeyFucktwice

      Has Mari left Smosh? What happened to the Smosh games crew?

    53. Freezing Meteor

      Pete: "that looks like poop" Mari: "yeah, that doesn't look bad."

    54. Project-Ghost Phazed

      Olivia: oh f*** baby that's too big, come on Me: 😂😂😂

    55. Abbie Grace

      Mari’s husband is sooooooo hot 🥵

    56. Aox retard

      That guy that have clean face is from truth or dare

    57. Gavin Kutzer

      Shoulda been "Chew it or Spew It"

    58. CJNEON Variety

      Olivia goes "Oh f*ck baby that's too big." I half expected Ian or Shayne to pop up and yell "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID."

    59. CJNEON Variety

      We've met Mari's husband before?

    60. CJNEON Variety

      They are all so cute together.